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Found 2 results

  1. Hi! I just joined this site. I'm currently on my 9th out of 25 radiation treatments for stage 2b breast cancer. I've completed a double mascetomy, 4 bi-weekly treatments of A/C Chemo treatments, 12 weekly treatments of Taxo (Chemotherapy) and am now going through radiation treatment. Afterwards, I will be on AI, a type of hormone blockers for estrogen/progesterone positive, HER2-, breast cancer. I started on 10 mg of lexapro while going through chemotherapy. I don't want to be on this forever. I would like some advise for anyone else that is in my situation. I know my brain is starting
  2. Wondering if anyone tapering slowly off an SSRI -- especially fluoxetine -- has been told they are at high risk for breast cancer and should take Tamoxifen for disease prevention? I've read that fluoxetine compromises Tamoxifen metabolism and makes the drug less effective. Have also read about drugs similar to Tamoxifen -- such as Raloxifene -- and aromatase inhibitors, which aid in BC prevention but aren't contraindicated with SSRIs. Problem comes in if Tamoxifen, due to its side-effect profile vs. alternatives, is doctor's recommendation for me. Any experience or insight appreciate
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