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Found 87 results

  1. Hi I am new to this forum, coming from benzobuddies forum. I was on an AD wellbutrin for 7 years and then a P Doc took me off cold turkey and I wound up in a psych hospital for 10 days December 2012, I was reinstated on Wellbutrin in the hospital and upon leaving I found a new P Doc immediately. He diagnosed me with Bipolar ll. He kept me on the Wellbutrin and added Lamictal and 40 mg Valium for insomnia. I became tolerant after 3-4 months to the Valim and I started a micro taper off the 40 mg valium 1/2013. I am currently at 1.5 mg as of 10/01/2014. Withdrawl symptoms were not to severe with the micro taper until 3mg valium. Now down at 1.5 mg withdrawl symptoms are pretty intense ,insomnia, anxiety, feeling poorly. My P doc didn't want me to come off of the valium because he thought it helped with keeping my bipolar stable. He agreed to help me with the taper if I wanted to get off. I just wanted to get off because I was tolerant and didn't want to stay on a benzo any longer. I also recently decided I would like to decrease my AD dose after I am off the benzo, but I'm not certain I can completely taper off because of my bipolar. I discussed this with my P Doc and he said he would consider this after I'm stable on my valium taper. I was reading thru some posts here and noticed that tapering the AD first might have been better then tapering the benzo according to many here. I started my benzo taper first because I wasn't going to taper down my AD at the advice of my P doc.. I have decided that I would like to taper down my Wellbutrin at least to a lower dose but I assume I should wait till I am off the benzo at this point? If I do taper down my Wellbutrin will it be harder now that I am tapering off the benzo first Also I need some advice about getting off the 6mg of Doxepin (Silenor), I have been taking for insomna the past year, it is no longer helping with my insomnia. Since it is such a low dose do I need to taper off this slowly or can I just jump off. Thanks
  2. Long story short, my primary doctor had some sort of medication plan for me, then due to a family emergency moved upstate and left her practice. Now I'm stuck dealing with several doctors who have either given me medication that had harmful side effects (100mg of Trazodone on top of my other medication spiked my blood pressure so high it nearly killed me), or doctors who want to completely take me off of the medication I'm currently on (no tapering) and switch me directly over onto something in a completely different drug class. It seems the best course of action would be to just taper off of my medication and see where I stand psychologically after that. Due to my line of work I know enough about medication to know that what they want me to do at this point is dangerous, but I'm positive this forum knows more than me, and at this point I'm not sure where else to turn. My insurance isn't leaving me with many options unless I want to pay a ton of money out of pocket just for a doctor to give me advice. Here's where I'm at right now: I'm currently on 450 mg of Wellbutrin XL once daily and 1 mg of Xanax three times daily due to some psychological problems apparently due to PTSD. I've been on this medication for four years. The Xanax I won't discuss here, I just thought that would be important from a drug interaction standpoint. I figure tapering off of the Wellbutrin FIRST would be the best option, however I can't get any doctor to change any of my current medication. They're "afraid to mess around with it." To be more specific: I take a 300 mg tablet AND a 150 mg tablet every morning. I'm figuring, not being able to get a script for a different release type of Wellbutrin, two differing dosages of pills could at least help, I've just been on it for so long I'm not sure about the time frame in which to drop the dosage. Any help would be greatly appreciated, this has been going on for months now. (Also, apologies for posting this in the wrong sub-forum. Was in a rush and didn't notice support right above this)
  3. My question is this: How can I wean myself off of Venlafaxine without getting dizzy/vertigo spells and horrible nightmares? Hello, this is my first time on this site, and I've come for advice, if possible. My doctor recently suggested I change from 150 mg of Venlafaxine(generic Effexor) to Bupropion(HCL SR 150) I decided to wean myself off quickly from the Venlafaxine, (it's been two days) so basically just stopped taking it, and started the other one. I started experiencing intense dizziness and vertigo. I also started having horrible nightmares. I thought it was the Bupropion that was causing it, but now I suspect it was quitting the Venlafaxine cold turkey that caused it, 'cause I took a Venlafaxine today to just see if the vertigo would go away, and within an hour of taking it, the vertigo was gone! My question is this: How can I wean myself off of Venlafaxine without getting dizzy/vertigo spells and horrible nightmares?
  4. I had an unfortunate childhood which left me with severe performance anxiety ( not the sexual kind) cuz fear of rejection - you know, the old story of "95%?! Why didn't you get a hundred?". I also grew up in Canada, England, Ireland, Canada, Ireland, England, USA - 8 schools and 10 houses between age 4 and 17. I was always the new kid that talked funny etc, etc. couldn't play the local sports and stuff. Not whining anymore, just the facts, ma'am. By the 80s I had given up and had settled for the relatively stressless job of driving a cab in a major city. Trust me, I enjoyed it and learned a huge amount of patience, and to this day driving is how I relax. But then the depression hit. Suicidal to say the least, but this time i didn't give up. Anyhow, in 1991 a doctor at a walk-in clinic in Toronto put me on prozac, 20mg. Well, everything the drug companies promised was for real, I responded in 3 days, not 3 weeks, and was fully myself, for 2 years, then the doc, following the Western idea of bigger, better, doubled the dose and almost instantly brought about "Prozac Poop-out." Fast track to the 2000s, by 2004 had had 2 total breakdowns, fortunately loved ones kept me out of the hospital. and I started on Celexa. Just for fun, the witch doctors added Zyprexa, and I instantly gained 70 lbs. Got off that, and they loaded me up with 4 mg of Risperidone and 300 mg of Wellbutrin. Didn't do a thing for my head, but major screw-ups to body. Went on disablilty for 10 years, and the absence of those levels of stress brought me back to functional, but unable to socialize or work. Grim. In 2013 I learned about possible effects of diet on my issues - I stopped eating sugar, processed foods including most wheat, and no food with more than 5 ingredients, and I had to recognize those. Amazing results - I dropped the 70 lbs, and have kept it off still, I only eat real food, like meat fish, veg, eggs, some dairy and lots of nuts. And beer. No other alcohol, but for me over the years it's been a beer or 2 that kept me going - I owe it my life, literally, and wow do doctors hate to hear that. Anyway, what happened next was wonderful - I'm an atheist, but I had a day that most people would call a miracle - a 5 second spell of sound, visuals and joy, and the depression and anxiety were gone. Like that. First, I weaned myself off the risperidone over almost a year, but that actually wasn't too bad. But now, with a new, younger and more open Fam. Doc., not a psychiatrist, I spent 8 months weaning off the citalopram, and theunpleasantness started. Terrible insomnia - on a good night I'll get 2 or 3 sessions of 60-90 min sleep. Constant headaches, such that I sometimes have to try to sleep sitting up cuz it hurts too much to put my head on a pillow, There's also the little 'can't ignore' itches and creepy-crawly feelings when trying to sleep. There's nearly uncontrollable rages, not just anger, my body's thermostat is out of whack - I can be freezing and overheating in different places at the same time. It's downright insane. But the depression and anxiety are still gone. Recent reading leads me to believe that the diet change is totally responsible. So here I am, struggling with citalopram withdrawal, and not looking forward to Wellbutrin withdrawal when it's time. By the way, I fired the psychiatrist when I asked her about weed for anxiety, and she came back with the schoolyard pusher leading to heroin addiction crap Harry Ansperger would have been proud of - not promoting weed here, just showing how incompetent this doctor is. So - pleased ta meet ya, my first chance to unload. "Evil" is spelled "drug company" for me forever.
  5. Hello all, I'm generally very private about my medical history and have never posted to a public forum before, and feel a little uncomfortable doing so, but I could really use some insight and reassurance BEFORE I see my health care provider tomorrow afternoon. Here is a brief background on my history: Bi Polar 1 and Bordereline Personality, Panic disorder, Past medical history: Paxil, Ativan, Lamictal, Ambilify, Probably something else I can't recall.. Current: Lithium, Trleptal, Xanax, Lexapro (Tappering), Wellbutrin I have tapered off Lexapro before only to shorty go back on it. I know that this is one of the more difficult ones to tapper off of, but this seems excessive. The tapering has been for 2 1/2 weeks. Wellbutrin was introduced as a substitute for the lexapro. As of the last 3 days, I am experiencing excruciating brain zaps, dizziness, fatigue, and a consistent and concerning muscle spasm on the right side of my face. My question is: Has anyone here been on both of these medications? Are these symptoms most likely the withdrawal from lexapro OR could this be the wellbutrin. How long did your lexapro withdrawal help for? Being that I cannot take any NSAIDS (no advil, alive etc.) is there anything you took to help alleviate this? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi last may I started seeing a psychiatrist because I was having some anger issues and I thought meds would help, the Dr put me on xanax 2x a day, buspar 2x a day, dispersal.5 1x a day, and celexa. They seemed to be helping me for a time but I started seeing a new Dr who took me off celexa and started wellbutrin and upped my risperdal to 2mg a day. I read an article on here by Jim24 from 2015 and how he said he felt was like taking the words I couldn't find right out of my mouth. I want off all my meds and am scared and wonder if I'll ever be my old self again?
  7. Hello, I'm new to this forum and I'm in a difficult spot right now as I've just weaned off of Paroxetine 40 mg after roughly 15 years to go onto Bupropion 300mg+. I've had experiences crashing quite badly 'twice' after trying to wean off of Paroxetine - once having to stay in bed for 2 weeks. I'm not trying to stop antidepressants this time because it's not the right time in my life, I just want to try something that doesn't give me as much sexual side effects and Bupropion seems to be the one recommended for that... I'm just scared right now because of tapering paroxetine / side effect of Bupropion: I've issues of memory loss and I lose my temper a lot easier than I used to as I got angry at my boss last week which wasn't my usual reaction to that kind of issue she raised, I also got angry at the yoga teachers because their choreography is too difficult... I am also afraid of a breakdown before Bupropion starts kicking in and that my Doctor would not give me quickly enough the high dose I probably need since I was on a high dose of Paroxetine. Therefore, I'm loading up on benzos and try to get as much help as I can get my hands on... Does anybody with a similar experience have some words of support? Right now, I'm just 'toughing it out', hoping that everything will work out once the new med gets in my brain...
  8. Hi everyone, I am a 39-year old male. I've been taking bupropion or wellbutrin on and off since I was 26. In college, I was diagnosed with ADD and depression and tried a variety of drugs until the mix of ritalin and wellbutrin worked well (around 26, like I said). I say on and off, because I'm in the habit of frustrating psychiatrists by quitting cold turkey. This usually happens when things are going well in my life, and lasts until I hit a bump in the road. About two years ago, I had a bit of a breakthrough with cognitive behavioral therapy and meditation, though I stayed on the bupropion - 300mg, SR. I'd stopped taking the ritalin around three years ago, after experiencing regular episodes of tachycardia, on top of being fed up with the "speediness." I'm joining this forum and writing this post because I'd like to break this cycle and quit this thing for good. 1.) I'm concerned about the long-term effects 2.) I'm fairly certain I'm mature enough to get along without it, at least mentally. And I don't enjoy the edginess it makes me feel. 3.) Which leaves fear of the physical side-effects of withdrawal as the only reason to stay on the thing, which is a pretty sh*tty reason to take a mysterious substance with unknown long-term consequences every damn day of your life. I stopped again two weeks ago, when my refills ran out. I'm doing ok with the fatigue and my mood is actually better (less anxiety), but the mental fog has been an embarrassing issue at work. In fact the mental fog is my number one concern. It's not all day - there are ebbs and flows to my concentration. But when it's bad, it's bad. To put a finer point on it: I work in a creative field. I've been at my current job for just over six months, and it's a high-powered dream job. I'm doing well - just got a raise and some more responsibility, but I've never been optimal. By stopping the bupropion, I feel like I'm trading anxiety and edginess for spaciness. When my mental fog is bad, it doesn't seem to affect the higher-level creative aspects of my work, but my ability to tackle the linear, administrative, and social side of work suffers immensely (remembering who said what at which meeting, doing quick arithmetic, making small talk). I can also be little bit uncoordinated, and maybe stumble over my words a bit. It all sounds a little like your classic "absent-minded professor" stereotype, except when it's happening, it feels like there's something physically wrong in my brain. Like low-blood sugar or some other deficiency. As I'm writing this, I'm realizing this feeling I'm describing is the reason I was prescribed anti-depressants in the first place years ago. (emotional frustration at these severe ebbs in concentration) I asked my last psychiatrist over and over again what caused this base condition: no good answer, just that bupropion empirically seems to "fix" it. A blood test a year and a half ago showed everything ok but a vitamin D deficiency and I've been supplementing ever since. I didn't expect to write so much, and I guess I don't have a clear question for anyone. But if anyone would like to share, I'd love to hear similar experiences. Please don't beat me up too bad for going cold-turkey.
  9. After 25 years on more than 20 different drugs to treat major depressive disorder, I have decided enough is enough. I've had 15 rounds of ECT, with no improvement. As a 'last resort' , my psychiatrist put me on Riluzole, which is used mainly to treat ALS. A side effect is lessening of depression. Apparently it works on the glutamate system in the brain, and not the typical neurotransmitters. I feel I have had some success with this medication. I no longer live in a deep, dark pit of despair. I do need to mention that over the last year (while being on Riluzole), I have expanded my spiritual life, started to exercise, and am eating better. I am also a recovering alcoholic (2 years sober). I feel that I'm at the point where I can start to get off some of these other meds. I've cut my Vyvanse down to 10 mg/day for the last two weeks, and now will be going to every other day for at least two weeks. I'm experiencing bad headaches, but I'm hoping they will go away soon. I chose Vyvanse first because of the side effects I've been having - irregular heart beats, high resting pulse rate, tics, and the need for high blood pressure meds that I never used to need. A couple of years ago I tried to taper off the Venlafaxine (Effexor), and that was a disaster. I had to go back on it. I guess I'm asking for guidance in going off everything except the Riluzole at this point. Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Thanks, juliew
  10. Hello everyone, 36 year old male, suffering from depression since 2010 brought on by a death in the family-someone I was terribly attached to. Since then, lost a lot of interest in the things in life that used to make me happy. Contracted severe OCD as well; would make the sign of the cross and touch table surfaces upto 8 times anytime an intrusive thought came into my head, and would hum prayers under my breath which became (at times) embarassingly noticeable to those around me. In 2012 things got better; I left a depressing, dead-end job and decided to take time off work to do my MBA in Spain (I live in Dubai btw). Didn't have much time to be depressed doing my MBA since it took so much of my time and I felt I was doing something worthwhile, but I had a massive hit in self-esteem when I lived there. I felt pretty alienated and lost in a foreign land with a foreign language and developed social phobia as a result. My sex drive also suffered as a result. At the end of 2013 I moved back to Dubai to find a job. It wasn't until April 2014 that I finally got a job offer, but with a company and a prospective manager I had serious doubts about. As a result, I visited a pyschiatrist and mentioned that I need a coping mechanism for the next one year (the period I assumed I would have my hands cuffed to this job after 2 years of wonderful independence). I was prescribed citalopram (Celexa) for mood stabilisation, and clonazepam for social anxiety. Citalopram worked fairly well for me; I noticed I was a lot calmer, less prone to mood swings, less prone to depressive thoughts and behaviour. However in September 2014, I got this wonderful brainwave to go off Citalopram cold turkey. Yes, I know It was almost close to what I would expect a heroin withdrawal to be like, with the emphasis on mental vs. physical symptoms. For 2 weeks I suffered, and my actions during those weeks came back to bite me 2 months later. In the meantime, the doctor prescribed me to go back on Citalopram. It helped immensely; I was back under my normal, subdued, antidepressant greyish cloud. In November 2014, I visited him again and told him the sexual side effects (yes, we're finally getting to why I am on this board ) were not great. Even to the extent that Cialis couldn't counter it! I had read a lot about Bupropion (Wellbutrin) being able to counter the sexual side effects of anti-depressants, so I asked him to prescribe it for me. He did, but I have only recently started taking them (4 days ago as a matter of fact). Later that same month (November 2014), I was called into a meeting with my bosses, and told that they had decided to terminate my contract. As I suspected back when i first took this job, my direct line manager turned be a boorish, arrogant, bossy tw*t, and our showdowns which intensified during my unfortunate cold turkey phase had led to him plotting to remove me from my position, because he couldn't try and forcefeed me the daily bullsh*t he was giving. I, unfortunately, played into their hands. Nevertheless, not working for that company has been brilliant. However, it's now February 2014 and I am still unemployed. I feel like the situation and the antidepressants have completely robbed me of my sexuality. I have developed OCD in terms of unwanted sexual thoughts. My loving and understanding girlfriend and I haven't made love since November last year. I've started tapering off the Citalopram since December, and have recently added Bupropion to the equation, hoping that I can get my sex drive back, heck even get a solid and firm erection and have a reasonable fantasy about a woman and masturbate. Incidentally, during my cold turkey phase, I did get some of my sex drive back. By the end of this month, I plan to get completely off Citalopram and give Bupropion a real go. But I'm really, really worried about PSSD.....not least because my sex drive was anyway suffering for the past few years, and I have history of using 'disco' stimulants in the past.
  11. I'm taking the following: 10mg celexa for 2 years 75mg Bupropion for 1 year I want to taper off of both and am so pleased to have this forum for reference! Thank You! My dosages are low so please advise if I can do it faster or differently: Celexa - going to do the liquid solution of 20ml and take half each day for 1st month, take 1 quarter each day 2nd month. I know you don't suggest alternating days so what shall I do after the 2nd month? My concern is the solution going bad as it will take 4 days to get through 1 10mg pill by the 2nd month. Bupropion - Going to cut into quarters, reducing 1 quarter every 3 weeks until completely off Thank you for your help!
  12. I'm on 3 150mg pills of bupropion HCL XL, and would like to eventually stop taking it. I know it's best to go very slow, but I'm still a bit nervous. I've tapered off citalopram and gabapention previously, but the bupropion is a bigger dose and I worry about withdrawal.
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