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Found 2 results

  1. Hello community, Thank you all for this wonderful resource! I have been reading this website since long before I made the decision to start Viibryd, and it is a wealth of information. Because I was recently diagnosed with posterior subcapsular cataracts that were likely either caused or exacerbated by the Viibryd, and because the benefits are not enough to justify continuing this damage to my eyes, I have decided to start planning the weaning off process. I would like advice about rate and timing since I need to try to do this faster than would normally be recommended
  2. I have had both numerous allergies and sensitivities, and sometimes paradoxical reactions to meds, since long before withdrawals (some since birth but increased throughout my life). I am not in acute withdrawal now, but believe my numerous withdrawals from various meds have increased my tendencies to get reactions to food, environmental, and chemicals/medications, although they were already increasing throughout my life and are severe enough that they're well-acknowledged by doctors. I have had cataracts for many years, and they are now well past the stage where surgery is called for. I ha
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