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Found 91 results

  1. I am in serious need of help. I don't know where to turn. I have to apologize if I am on the wrong thread but my post is out of desperation. I started taking fluoxetine capsules in 2011 to treat my OCD and was on for about 2 years. Throughout the 2 years I was in a difficult place and must admit that I misused the drug, sometimes taking more than I should have. I discontinued use cold turkey because I got pregnant in 2013. In 2014, about 6 months after the birth of my daughter, I was prescribed the same dosage for PPD (no more OCD) and discontinued again cold turkey after about 3 months. In 2015 I was prescribed again fr depression and only took 1 pill before deciding I no longer wanted to take this medication. Here I am about 9 months later and I am having depression, anxiety and headaches as well as extreme fatigue. Is this a result of discontinutation or simply the return of the PPDor depression? wouould it be beneficial to begin taking the medication again and slowly be tapered off? or is that just going to bring me right back to where I am today?
  2. I took my last pill 4 days ago with the intention of quitting cold Turkey. Really hoping I can make it!! Going through the whole vertigo/brain zap phase right now...no fun. One day at a time.
  3. Hey everyone.... I've had GAD and panic attacks for as long as I can remember. I've just dealt with it and called it a day. Work triggered more stress so I finally said something to my doc. My sleep hasn't been in the greatest. She put me on 10mg of Escitalopram/Lexapro. I started it on a Monday morning and on my way to work I had the worst head burning feeling of my life. I had to pull over. It was one big wave and stopped after a few minutes. Silly me thought this was just some strange side effect and it would wear off. The burning would come and go in waves, by Wednesday my bp was increased to 145/92. I also have Chronic kidney disease stage 2, so it's ideal to keep bp low and records of it. This was not normal for me...I run around 125/80. Fast forward to Friday evening. I felt off all day. Every emotion heightened, everything burning. My head down to my arms. My heart rate was around 115. I get home, try to relax. Around midnight I have the worst panic attack I've ever had. I fainted at the top of the stairs, they took me by ambulance. They check my bp and it's 180/110. They wouldn't say anything, just gave me a sedative and dismissed me around 2am. At 7am that morning, I wake up to my head on fire again. Back to the hospital I go...new ER doc looked at me and said I was having an adverse reaction to the Escitalopram. I could continue taking it or stop it and find something else. Well, fast forward to eight weeks later. I stopped it cold turkey. I'm back to doing yoga and meditation but my blood pressure has yet to fully return to normal. The head burning has decreased to only when I get a little stressed and constant aches and pains. I pretty much feel like I'm starting over at square one at coping with anxiety and living with it. My body is taking a super long time to heal. I know I have a good ways ahead of.me still.
  4. PMuckyMuck


    Hello all, I am new here and just trying to see what could happen to me. I lost my mother several days ago and while with her in Florida, I ran out of my Escitalopram. Before I left town, I was waiting for my prescriptions and this one didn't show up. I go through express scripts because I am tricare and have no other choice. So.... the Escitalopram didn't arrive. I called the doctors office, the line is always busy or you leave a message. Well, no return calls and I had to head to Florida. I have been out since July 27th, contacted my doctor (haven't heard a thing yet) and so.... what can I expect? I don't even want to take this anymore. What signs should I be looking for? I am surely going to be down due to the loss of my mother, but I went off these before and went back on about a year later due to an unforseen incident. I don't feel like I'm coming out of my skin or over tired, just kinda normal, actually. Just thought I would throw this out there. Has anyone else just "stopped" this stuff? Thank you.
  5. 2 AM here and for me to risk losing another sleeping night, it says of how much dire my life has become. My real name is Vitor, 23 Y/O, Male and middle-class Brazilian. Ever since the age of 17 I've been suffering from undying stress due to a troublesome relationship, ever since I've contemplated the voyage of the magical healing that psychiatric meds would proportionate, people say with age comes regret for what should have been, mine has arrived with no preemptive sign. Since 2013 I've started my first psychiatric treatment, 10mg of Escitalopram (Exodus, a medication that - so far - is only available national-wide), my mood went from downhill to upwards jolly, my med also diagnosed what could have been ADHD and suggested me to start a parallel treatment with Ritalin LA 20mg (which later was increased to 30mg and much later reduced to 10mg). Past almost a year into the beginning of the treatment, and my doctor saw no use for me to carry on with SSRIs, instructing then to stop aburptly, so far I've exited the road symptomless, or with ones that I couldn't notice at such time, since my troublesome affective relationship went from bad to worst every single day. 2014's dawn and i've lost touch with my girlfriend, the shock basically made me rush into my old med once again, had a terrible reaction that - if not by my current state - would have been the worst time of my life. The experience already made me wary of the dangers underlying such meds. Worst would come when my Health Insurance retracted my membership, on the basis that my monthly automatic payments were not being made due to an error, with no prior warning from any part. Universal Healthcare here is a mess, and when trying to make an appointment, on 2014, I'm still yet to hear any previews from any part. I was basically lost at that point. Forced into Cold Turkey from both meds, which would have been bad, have I not associated with the recent loss of my girlfriend. I can't remember that much about the symptoms. 2015 I've found another psychiatrist who basically reinstated me into both meds, but things started to spiral down from here, on July I've lost my job and had to head out to my parents, with the second "withdrawal" I started to be wary of the first underlying condition: Brain Fogs. I've basically grown and lived in my own imagination, for the first time in my life, trying to visualize thoughts was an out of reach task, something I did naturally taken away from me. I basically gave up on writing and drawing for some time. And after it, symptom after symptom came after me, the bad sinus, the erratic emotional swings, hyperarousal, hyperthermia, akethesia. All except for the Brain Zaps. The constance of intake and withdrawals basically spinned my head, and I can't say whether or not I'm into a dead end. I tried reintroducing Escitalopram probably 2 more times (both 7,5 mg), but the sleepiness was so crippling that I've basically gave up trying. 2016 and here I am, symptoms I've never had any notice until now, my mind totally blank, impossible to sleep with the burning skin and lightheadedness. I don't feel fatigue that much, but I'm panicking almost all of the time. Coming here was a struggle, admiting that I'm sick was a blow to my morale and self-steem, and trying to tell yourself you're fine is the worst. My ability to feel joy have been dulled, but I think I'm slowly turning back to enjoy games, the hardest blow is the brain fog and cognitive impairment, not being able to contextualize and love being imaginative. I've read so many terrifying stories, but at the same time, I think embracing the first community that would accept my phase is absolutely necessary. My family is clueless of my symptoms, so were and are most of my friends, which I've lost so many. I'll definitely miss my 20's, if I ever remember them. Sorry for such sloppy and grieving carthasis, and thank you to anyone who took your time reading.
  6. Hi guys, Like the title says, I have been on (for the most part) Zoloft & its generic equivalents for nearly 14 years now. Background: I had a reasonaby happy early childhood, but adolescence was a bit of a nightmare. Four years of full-on, awful bullying combined with an unhappy, abusive parent at home, and an eating disorder, seems to have left some sort of etch in my brain. I feel quite foolish about the fact that I can still tear up when thinking about that period in my life. It was 20 years ago! Crazy. Anyway, after those years life got better, but not brilliant. Somehow, I managed to carry on with no therapy, and very little understanding of how to take care of my mental health. I feel like things have really changed in the last 20 years - or perhaps I am more receptive to the concept of investing time & energy into my wellbeing and taking it seriously. A friend told me about Zoloft during a period that I was very down and had taken some personal leave from work. I went to my doctor and asked him about the medication. I was given a script for 50mg and after a couple of months that was increased to 100mg. Shortly after I started the higher dose of Zoloft, I read a book - the name escapes me - about SSRIs and how they are likely to cause extra-pyramidal symptoms such as you would see in the use of the older style of antipsychotic. So, stiff-walking, uncontrollable tics, tongue flicking out - lovely stuff like that. I was terrified. Because in fact, the medication did cause me to experience tics, although they seem to have eased off over the years. Sometimes I would lie in bed and feel a circle of tics going from one eye, to the other eye, to my shoulder, leg, other leg, and so on. I quit cold turkey not longer after, my first of many attempts. I had in fact been told about rebound depression, but astonishingly, each and every time it happened, I did not make the connection between the sudden, weeping/anxiety/agoraphobia and quitting cold turkey! My lack of awareness was just - wow. I really don't know what to say about it. I found a Youtube video about getting off SSRIs - https://youtu.be/vCTDw_cRWt4. The girl in the video directs people to this forum (in her replies, not in the video itself) which is how I started reading about tapering. I have come to terms w/ the fact that antidepressants are a powerful medication and we have take their effect seriously. I guess the brain takes a while to adapt to having a large amount of circulating seratonin, and if we stop the medication suddenly, thus dropping off the levels of seratonin, the brain will go through a period where it is physically adapted to the higher level but only operating on the lower level. So, depression follows. I realise also that I have been on antidepressants for a long time! It's amazing how long it has been. So, just started the first taper - 90mg. Will update as I go ... I am hoping to be a success story to inspire others one of these days
  7. Maybe I shouldn't be relaying such personal info on a public forum while using my real name, but here goes. . . Nice to meet you. I'm Austin. I am currently withdrawing from Effexor. Cold turkey. I've felt more real feelings —actual happiness and sadness, if you can believe it; I'd honestly forgot what it felt like to want to cry or smile— in the last few days than I can remember feeling for at least a year. I am not too thrilled about my prospects, but at the same time, I feel better than I have in years. The other day, I finished One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest for like the ninth or tenth time. I cried at this: "You have to laugh at the things that hurt you just to keep yourself in balance." It never stuck out to me previously, but that hit me right in the feels this time and I am glad it did, because it's true. So true. I'm currently withdrawing mostly because of insurance hassles and things falling through, but now that it's been almost a week, I think I've decided that I'd like to stay off of it. Pardon my indiscretion, but it's a little like smoking pot, except music isn't as fun, because it mostly just makes me want to cry. Definitely has all the wooziness and munchiness of a strong couple of tokes (but without the more fun aspects). It was a long train of events that led me to get on the pills in the first place, which I'll spare you here, but I have been in institution three times over the last 18 or so months. It's been an interesting couple of years and I've found myself here, recently dumped by the (former) love of my life and now living in a new city, under my mother's roof again without a job. I'm 34. To say that I've recently been suicidal is like saying the day is bright and the night is dark. I'm still here. Broken down and bruised. But here. It is a HUGE DEAL to go off Effexor cold turkey. As I've said, I'm six days in, dizzy and nauseous as ever, up and down emotionally. I'm lucky in that I have people around me that are like, "What do you need from me?" and it's okay if I tell them to go away or whatever. Nobody gets offended. I've read on other forums that vitamins are supposed to help with the dizziness, so I'm currently doubling doses of B Complex and a regular multi, along with a 1400mg omega three. It seems to help a little bit and keeps my appetite under control (before I started on the vitamins, I was hungry and eating round the clock). Going off wasn't my choice. It's pretty unfair that someone can just say "NO" when it's something I was dependent upon. I like to use the analogy that if it were insulin or blood pressure meds, there would be outrage if I were to just be denied of it. So, let me backtrack and explain how I ended up going cold turkey—— I moved out of state. My old doc wrote me a three month supply to give me enough time to get in sign up for new insurance and get established with a new doc. Thing is Medi-Cal, is slow to get me into the system, so I'm still not established with a new doc (which should have been just fine, with my ninety days worth of medication) and yet they tell me they won't honor an out of state prescription. Friendly, eh? So, I finally get in to see a general practitioner, who writes me a new prescription, which is rejected by the insurance because the dosage was deemed too high, so they needed to get a secondary authorization from my new doc. The doc has not yet responded, so they will not clear the prescription. Feeling really low these last couple of days. I think I'm on the downside of the withdrawal because the wooziness and dizzy spells aren't nearly as strong as they were a couple days ago. I should be pleased about this, but all I can think about is how going off the Effexor is equal to throwing down my shield on the battlefield and trying to continue fighting without it. I've been continuing to take the 20mg tablets of Abilify (aripiprazole)‎ for two reasons: maybe taking them is having a placebo effect (or that's what I tell myself) and I don't know if I would experience double withdrawal if I stopped. I was on 30mg tablets, but my old doc wanted to try and taper me off of it because she was concerned that it was disrupting my sleep———— In any case, I have an entire bottle of the 30mg tablets and just got my 30 day 20mg tablet supply refilled yesterday. I've been googling what the effects of overdose would be. I certainly have enough to overdose, I'm just not sure it would be lethal (can't find anything definitive). Kind of scared. I mean, why am I looking that up? In to see the new therapist on Thursday. I have a question for my other anti-depressant takers: do you have any experience with Deplin (l methylfolate)? My old doc ran a test on me and discovered it was a supplement that I was lacking in, so prescribed that for me. From what I understand, it helps your body metabolize the anti-depressant more efficiently (and presumably, work better). 'Course, that's out the window now, too. So here I am. Been reading this forum for a few days now, but couldn't sleep, so decided to dive in.
  8. I've been on Lexapro for about 5yrs now. I started at a 10mg does, but eventually moved to 20mg about 4yrs ago and have been there ever since. I tried to cut it off and just quit 2yrs ago, but was overwhelmed by the dizzy spells, mood swings, and fatigue. So I went back to my normal dose after about two weeks. Overall, I just don't like how the drug makes me feel. I feel numb to the world, I don't "feel" anything when I am on it. Obviously there was a time in my life where that was better than the alternative, otherwise I would've never started; but I am hoping that I am past that now and would like to move on. I am still taking Wellbutrin 150mg right now as I know that cutting both at the same time would be a "really" bad idea. Unfortunately, I do not have any medical providers that I feel really understand what I am going through at all. My psychiatrist was just there to fill scripts and didn't talk to me about any of the problems that I was having emotionally, just physiologically. My psychologist at the time (and subsequent providers) really just feel like a waste of time. I never felt better talking to any of these people, and they never really seemed to understand me or my problems. My general practitioner is someone that does not believe in anti depressants so never wanted to have anything to do with "that" part of my life. He let the other people deal with that. Basically I find myself in a horrible situation where I don't have any sort of trusted medical provider in my life, so I'm trying to do this by myself, suck it up, and get it done and over with. I have been off of my 20mg dose for about two weeks now. The first week was full of the typical dizzy spells and lethargy, but week two is incredibly more intense than I remember and I have found some new symptoms as well. In addition to those first symptoms which have intensified, I also find myself in a very unstable mood scenario. I snap at things with my kids or with my wife that I would normally not snap at, I find myself VERY easily agitated, and I have myself in a couple of completely uncontrollable situations where my body just went to sleep. I was sitting there, I felt it happening, and there was nothing I could do about it. Lastly, I have started having these feelings in my head that almost feel like a spark is happening between one side of my brain and the other...or like my brain is "flinching". It is a very hard things to describe. I can hear it happening as well...it is like someone is brushing a cloth over my brain and I can hear that quick rubbing noise. All of these symptoms are so much worse than last time I tried this, which helps me remember why I went back on. I try to explain these things to my wife, but she doesn't understand it. If I wasn't me, I wouldn't understand it either. Most of the posts I have seen on here advise against what I am trying to do to get off of this drug (and I completely understand why). But is there anyone that has ever done this successfully? If so, how, and how long did it take for these symptoms to start lessening? Thank you very much to anyone that answers and takes the time to read this.
  9. Hi All I have been taking SSRI for the last 4 years, last 2 years I tool Sertraline 20mg. I really wanted to stop them ! 3 months ago, I went to a water fasting retreat, and at the advice of the instructor I stopped them cold turkey. Big mistake ! The first 2 months were great ! I felt good, alive, and happy that there are no withdrawal symptoms. But last month the withdrawal started kicking. I had severe insomnia, few days of rage, depression and feeling of anxiety in the solar plexus coming and going. I didn't know what to do, so decided to see if I can handle it without going back to medications. I am quite self aware, went to quite a few body\mind treatments, started doing body exercises, started taking Omega 3, and tried to do good things for myself. These things help, but the symptoms persist, and it is hard. The situation now is that I have: Severe insomnia, quite sensitive emotionally, mild depression sometimes, the anxiety in the solar plexus comes in the evenings, weak memory, and I worry\think a lot about the situation - how long will it persist, and what should I do. My day-to-day functioning is OK for now. and sometimes I also feel happy. My question to you in this amazing forum is what should I do now ? Should I go back to taking Sertraline and start tapering it off very slowly ? to what dosage should I return ? Or, if I already did the stupid cold turkey withdrawal, and am already 1 month into the withdrawal symptoms, maybe I should just hang on the best I can until the finish ?
  10. Hello everyone! First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Thomas. My native language is not english (I'm hungarian) so sorry if I misspell stuff....but I'll try my best. I decided to write here because it seems that this is the only place where I can get some good advice from experts. I really need it right now. I am quite new on this forum but I rad quite a lot of good info here (and other places too) in the past months. But I am tired and frustrated of just reading and researching and trying to figure out things by myself. It would be immensely helpful if you could hear my specific situation. So here is my story I hope I can remember the details as much as possible. My first treatment with these crazy meds started like 2.5 half years ago. Because I was quite depressed I've been prescribed a combination of an SSRI and benzo in relatively low dose for the sake of “prevention” (whatever that meant) First it was Sertaline (I think it was the standard 50 mg dose) with Lorazepam in low dose. I can still remember the first dose of the benzo (I almost passed out on the street). Anyway I took these two for a short time(two or three months) but the side effects were so bad (after my doc raised the Seltraline to 100mg I got the serotonin syndrome) that I got scared and just stopped taking them without asking my doc. It was a very quick taper and as I can remember I became relatively well quite soon. Of course back then I did not have any knowledge about these medications but know I think that that period was too short to really have a long term harm on me.... I think we can say that this period does not really “count” into my preset situation. Anyway time went on I was quite well for a good time. I mean of course I was still fighting depression to some degree, but now I know for sure that all this was because of problems I had in my life negative thinking, low self-esteem, etc....) and nothing that I had to take medications for. Anyway after like almost a year because I had a very bad period one of my best friends suggested me to contact that doctor again (huge mistake). He made another “cocktail” of meds for me. Now an SNRI, a benzo, and a sleeping pill. It was 75mg Effexor XR with 1mg of Rivotril (divided in two doses) and 10mg of Ambien for sleep. Of couse I had some relief...mainly that I could sleep again. So I took this crazy combo for around 6 months. Then another doc made an adjustment to this so the effexor was raised to 150mg, I had to stop the Ambien and take another 1mg of Rivotril instead of Ambien. So I took this combo for another 6 months. Things were not going well as you could imagine. Then I had to go to another doctor who finally said me that I was over-medicated and instructed me that we should change to less powerful meds, which seemed like a good idea but the way he told me to do it was so inappropriate and wrong that it is still making me more and more angry as a read more about tapering and prolonged withdrawal symptoms. First he basically said to stop cold turkey the benzo. This was hard but not that crazy. But then he told me to stop the effexor cold turkey (150mg). That was absolutely crazy as I'm sure you know. After two crazy days he told me to start taking 20mg of Lexapro. This turned to be a good move because my withdrawal symptoms eased very quickly. I took lexapro for like a good 1-1.5 moths. But during this time I was experiencing more and more the memory and cognitive problems that were not new but more severe. So really then I started researching on the internet and finding that the long time use of these meds cause this. I became very angry again and decided to stop as soon as possible, so I made a fast taper from Lexapro and I was done. It was very hard but what I did was that I started to use a little bit of Ambien during the day to combat the withdrawal symptoms. I did this for a week maybe. Now I know that this was quite risky but it surprisingly helped me. I am one of those people that when I take even a little of Ambien it makes me super fearless, motivated, happy, agile, funny(even crazy). I think you heard about this. So this was in August. Since then I am recovering slowly. There were some better days, short periods but mostly I am suffering from most of the symptoms related to the prolonged withdrawal syndrome. I tried and still try some supplements out of desperation. Some of them seem to work. I tried to figure out what to fix and how to help fix (neurotransmitter levels, receptors, etc). Anyway as you can see in my case it is very hard because it seems to me that everything was affected directly (GABA even with two pills) Okay now about my experiment with supplements. I know the ones generally considered to help, I know how they work. I tried a lot of stuff in different combinations. My main problems of concern was the anxiety, numbness, apathy, low motivation, insomnia, and the cognitive and mental problems. I tried 5 htp, passionflower, GABA. These did not seem to have any effect. My thinking is that I maybe with these I can stimulate the production of neurotransmitters. What seems to help the most is L-tryptophan (I take it with 2mg of Melatonin) I take it before sleep and it seems to really help. It takes some time to fall asleep but I this way I can sleep a good 7-8-9 hours sometimes even with almost no wake ups. Another thing that I take is the “king” omega-3 Because of my extra low motivation I was thinking that maybe that has to do something with my dopamine. So after a research I ended up that I need to try Gingko Biloba, Rhodiola. They also rave about these restoring mental functions such as memory and concentration which I desperately want. I started Gingko a week ago it does not seem to help yet, hopefully will. Then I also took Rhodiola for two days but it was weird (some reports already warned me about this) A quite new discovery for me is the effectiveness of Valerian Root. It seems to help with the anxiety. I discovered it in an interesting way. The story is that when I was not taking the tryptophan some weeks ago I almost could not sleep at all, and my appetite almost gone entirely. Then out of frustration I started taking a little Ambien again(just 0.25mg) Of course all the amazing effects kicked in which I enjoyed(and did not want to sleep because I was feeling so good) but I knew I did not want to get it for long so after a week I stopped. But I was thinking: why is that ambien affects me so positively?? If only I could find a natural solution that does the same..... So after researching I came to the conclusion that I need to find something that has that effect on the GABA-A receptors as Zolpidem(Ambien) does. The only solution seemed to be benzos but in the gaba-a antagonist list I found two herbs too: kava and valerian. I also read a very good article with illustrations about how valerian binds almost the same way to the gaba-a receptor as benzos do(with only a little difference of which sub receptor they bind to) I was so thrilled!! I went to buy Valerian immediately and even taking 100mg seemed to help me very quickly. Now I take that three times a day. Yesterday I found some very helpful articles that Alto wrote. It seemed to explain a lot of things that I could not find answers for or I was confused about. But still I became puzzled about some things and even more confused..... so it would be helpful if you could explain some things also concerning my situation. It would be tremendously helpful for me.... The article called "Introduction to psychiatric drug withdrawal syndrome" http://beyondmeds.com/2012/05/17/introwithdrawalsyndrome/ This was a very helpful summary for me about what does withdrawal mean and it gave me hope and I wish I have found this sooner.... but still I will post some questions from this one later... Another article is this http://beyondmeds.co.../gabaglutamate/ Most of the article seems clear and logical to me but there are some concerns and questions about how this applies to my situation I am thinking that first I need to know If I am doing something wrong in my recovery....so that way I can adjust things....stop doing things, taking things.....so please guys this is why I need your help now!! My first question is concerning this: (I would be very glad if Alto too could give some advice here “Noradrenergics — buproprion or Wellbutrin; mirtazapine or Remeron; SNRIs such as Cymbalta, Serzone, Effexor; and St. John’s Wort, rhodiola — and stimulate “fight or flight” activation, as will most SSRIs. Drugs and substances that are stimulating should be avoided.” Actually before I rad this article yesterday I had a St. John Worth tea twice and it seemed to help....a lot actually. But basically you say that I should avoid it along with Rhodiola? But even if it seems to help me positively? What about the other supplements? “My guess is: The first phase of withdrawal, the acute phase, is the initial shock of withdrawal, with the most defined symptoms, such as brain zaps and nausea. The second phase is when the serotononergic receptors are repopulating, with waves of depression and anxiety. The third phase is when glutamatergic disinhibition and autonomic instability take over. Often the autonomic instability causes hypersensitivity to drugs and certain supplements. Out of control, the glutamatergic system sends signals to the adrenals, which produce the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline.” I am trying to figure out what phase of withdrawal I am now. I cannot decide if it's the second or the third. It is not clear to me what the third is but maybe I am in that phase. I might not be hypersensitive to supplements but maybe the Ambien experiement shows that I am to psych drugs (when a small dose made me feel extra good maybe even paradoxical) This might be a sign that I am already in the third phase? Is that a good thing in my situation? So this is about it for now. I am immensely thankful for people like you... Thank You in advance for your help!! Thomas
  11. Hi, I COLD TURKEY'D off of Cymbalta about a year ago, per doctors orders. I was on it for 15 years. I also have been taking Klonopin for 15 years. (2MG TWICE A DAY) I also have been taking Restoril 30 MG for about 15 years. After I CT'd off of the Cymbalta, I was at the doctor with symptoms. She gave me Xanax 2MG TWICE A DAY PRN ( I have taken this for about a year) Then, when came back, she gave me Valium 10 MG twice a day (I have taken this for about a year) The next time I went to the doctor, I was very sick. I am very weak, I can hardly walk, and I have severe depression and anxiety. She told me that if these meds were not working we would wean off of them. She had me start with the Klonopin, and she D/C'd it. I got sicker. She also cut the Xanax in half. So, Now I am taking 2MG once a day, PRN and Valium 10 MG twice a day. NO Klonopin. The plan was the next time I see her to come off the rest of the Xanax and then getting off of the Valium. I feel so sick, I am really weak and I can hardly eat, my head hurts, my whole body hurts. I am in pain all the time. Then, the depression and anxiety are worse than I have ever experienced. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  12. It was suggested I do this by a moderator (I believe), so here I am introducing myself. For the past ~2 months, I've been in a roller-coaster ride of a relationship with a girl that I love very much. During this period my anxiety has skyrocketed, and some mild/moderate depression has resurfaced as well. I have tried Paxil, Prozac, and Zoloft in the past, but never for more than 2-3 weeks max. With those 3 SSRI's, I had total anorgasma. I had been AD-free for 10+ years. I did online research about AD's that didn't cause sexual side-effects (being in this new relationship, I didn't want to deal with that, if possible). I started taking Mirtazapine as that seemed to be the best option for my desires. Anyway, I've only been on Mirtazpine for 19 days total. I took half a 30mg tablet for the first 6 nights, then took the whole 30mg tablet for 13 nights in a row. I decided I wanted to stop. I've stopped cold turkey now, and it's been about 48 hours since my last dose. So far I haven't noticed anything odd. I cried earlier a bit, but I think that's situational stuff due to this relationship (it may be at its end). I'll update this if my cold turkey technique fails me. Edit: Oh, I just wanted to add that Holy Basil seems to be excellent for anxiety. I can't say for sure it's a placebo effect, but the first night I took it, I had the most relaxing, wonderful night with my girlfriend that I had in memory. I've used it since and I feel like I've been able to control my racing thoughts sooooo much better than I had before. Could be the remaining Mirtazpine in my body, but I suppose it's worth a try for others that have experienced intense anxiety.
  13. Hi everyone. Just a quick note to say this website is amazing! It's great to have such support out there. Ok so I've had depression for a year now and have been on Lexapro for that amount of time. I've recently decided to go cold turkey completely off it as I don't like the side effects I get from it. I also don't have the patience to wean off it. My questions are 1) Have any members gone cold turkey off lexapro, and 2) After how many days did you start to feel the effects of the withdrawal? Thanks very much for any replies, everythinglive.
  14. Hi All, 8 years ago my husband was transferred to England and within a year here, I was put on Citalopram for depression and anxiety. This makes a lot of sense having come from a very close knit family with quite a bit of support. I found it extremely difficult to make friends in London and stayed on the anti-depressants, changing and changing until I found one that ‘worked’ for me until I got pregnant 3 years ago. I went cold turkey from Fluoxitine at that point and the only reason I can think that I didn’t notice withdrawal symptoms was because I was pregnant and felt like hell anyway. Just before I got pregnant I was diagnosed by a doc in my home country with adrenal fatigue syndrome. Something I could hardly treat through my difficult pregnancy. My daughter was a colic and reflux baby and every day was an absolute nightmare for the first months after her birth. My family, for various reasons, could not come to help me. It’s not surprise that I was diagnosed with postnatal depression. Little did I know at the time that the PND had everything to do with very little sleep and adrenal fatigue that had worsened causing depression. I went back on anti-depression medication and went through 4 different types of drugs until Venlafaxine and Propanalol, and high dosages of it, finally made me numb and I could function if I had a list telling me what needed to be done. Up until 11 days ago, I had been trying to reduce the medication by 1 pill a couple of days a week. I went cold turkey from the AD meds by accident. I ran out of my meds and thought I’d get my prescription (repeat prescription) filled the next day. To cut a long story short, I was only able to get my prescription the following Wednesday by which time I was as sick as a dog and realised that I had been going through withdrawal. Since I wanted to wean off the drugs anyway and I’d already been through 6 days I decided not to refill my prescription. I had the typical symptoms which others who have had withdrawal from Effexors have reported. I stupidly thought that a few days without my medication (as I couldn’t get the prescription) would just leave me feeling down. I had no idea I would be so sick. My husband is NEVER off work for any reason but he had to stay home with me as I could hardly walk. I was so dizzy I was vomiting; my muscles ached; I was weak and my head felt like my brain was being shaken inside my head like an egg in a yolk. I suffered headaches, cold sweats and muscle tenseness. All I wanted to do was sleep but when I did I had horrific nightmares. I still have a bit of lingering dizziness but it is getting better every day. It took 9 days for most of the symptoms to ease. The physical symptoms I mean. I am struggling horribly with tearful episodes and lack of patience. I’m having angry outbursts that are uncharacteristic. On the meds, I was numb and couldn’t seem to feel anything, let alone anger. Off them I feel like a nervous breakdown waiting to happen BUT for the first time in 3 years I am able to feel. On the anti-depressants I felt numb, unmotivated, exhausted, my memory was shot, my quality of sleep was really low and when I did sleep I had nightmares or very busy dreams. My weight sky-rocketed and I also found that while I was mostly numb to emotions; good and bad; I was a prime candidate for anxiety attacks which I had to take propanalol (beta blockers) for. I naively thought that I’d go off the meds and would suddenly feel better. I did not realise that my adrenal glands have still not recovered and that the lingering effects of the drugs would make me feel so exhausted and lacklustre. I have since started taking adrenal fatigue supplements in the hope the hopes that they help. I guess I still have a lot of work to day in getting my health back on track. The biggest areas in which I would hope to see improvements in is my energy levels, sleep quality and memory. I’d also like to see my weight reduced. I know that I’m going to have good days and bad days and I guess that’s what I’m doing here. I’m hoping to find drug free ways to cope and lead a normal life.
  15. Eskimoknow

    Eskimoknow: Cold Turkey

    Hello. While I was doing some research on my meds, I found this site. I quit all of my meds and cigarettes cold turkey 5 days ago. I was taking 40mg of Prozac, 200mg of Lamotrigine, 20mg Lexipro, 150mg of Trazodone as needed and I just started taking 1mg of Risperidone twice daily. I started taking the Risperidone about 15 days before I stopped it with the rest of my meds. I've been taking the other meds in different forms and milligrams for years now. I've been seeing therapists since I turned 12. I got on my first prescription when I was about 14 or 15. After taking all of these meds for all of these years and not feeling any different I figure, what's the point? I'm on the verge of being homeless and can't afford my meds anyway. I was just wondering how quitting everything cold turkey has worked out for anyone else. I have been monitoring my moods and documenting my thoughts.
  16. SourCherry

    SourCherry: Pristiq

    I have been taking Pristiq now for over two years. I stumbled accross forums on the topic and was shocked to see side effects I was experiencing, and had not made the connection to Pristiq. I never had a weight problem before I started taking it, but I am constantly hungry! Lack of motivation, I had no clue this was associated to Pristiq!! I thought I was just changing into a hermit! It was all I could do to go to visit my sisters! I never had a problem before I started this medicine. I guess I didn't associate lack of motivation because it didn't happen right away. At first I was full of energy! Felt great! But as time went on I put on a lot of weight and had to talk myself into the simplest tasks! After a year of being on Pristiq, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I have read that this has happened to other Pristiq users. However, my father has high blood pressure so this may just be hereditary. I decided to taper off!! I have read the horror stories of withdrawal and it scared me. However, I want off of this medicine! So Monday I took my 50mg dose and decided to take one every third day. Today is the third day, and although I am dizzy, it isn't anything that I can't tolerate. I decided to take one if the withdrawal gets bad enough. I know that cold turkey is not recommended but I figure if it isn't keeping me from working or doing my everyday things it was ok?! I will keep you all posted about the process for me. I know everyone is different so I would never recommend this method to anyone!!!!! I was just wondering if anyone else went this route? What kind of withdrawal symptoms you had? How did you taper off? Just stories about your experiece being on Prisitiq, the side effects you had while on it, and what made you decide to quit taking it and regain your life back:)
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