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  1. I started at 60mg of Cymbalta which was 12 pellets inside the capsule. I started to reduce every 14 days for two reasons: Insurance was running out and so was my patience with the meds. Everything was going great until I got down to 4 pellets and now i am miserable. I have severe pressure headaches, brain zaps, nausea, vertigo, panic attacks, agitation, mania, etc. I don't know how much to add back to stabilize or do I just suffer it out and stay at 4 till it settles? Trying not to panic......because I know this will pass. But yesterday, I actually thought, "Maybe it is just a brain tumor and not the meds!"
  2. In-depth article about how genetics informs how you process drugs, and also how it affects drug interactions, and the genetic tests used to determine if you will likely react badly to a drug or not. It's written by a forensic medical examiner. I've only skimmed it but seems well worth a read through. https://www.madinamerica.com/2017/01/cyp-testing-prevent-dangerous-adverse-drug-reactions/ CYP Testing to Help Prevent Dangerous Adverse Drug Reactions By Selma Eikelenboom-Schieveld, MD January 24, 2017 Readers of this website might be aware that antidepressants can cause suicide, other violent behavior and even homicide. These can be side effects or adverse drug reactions from the medication taken. Not only can antidepressants cause these side effects, but basically every psychoactive medication can put patients at risk. Few people may know that there are DNA tests that can identify individuals who might be prone to these adverse drug reactions.1 To understand what kind of information such a test would provide, it might be helpful to explain the science behind these DNA tests. In general, human cells contain 23 pairs of chromosomes. The father donates half of the chromosomes; the other half comes from the mother. Every chromosome contains many genes. A gene is the part of the DNA that codes for proteins, and proteins cause hereditary characteristics to be expressed. A gene can have two forms, called alleles. If someone inherits the same allele from the father and the mother, the person is called homozygous for that trait; if they are different, the person is heterozygous. Medication needs to be metabolized to be expelled from the body. This is done by certain proteins called enzymes. Most medications that interact with brain chemistry are metabolized by an enzyme system called Cytochrome P450 (also known as CYP450 or P450). There are many different P450 enzymes, and they are divided into families and subfamilies. Cytochrome P450 family names are denoted by an Arabic number (e.g., CYP2), the subfamily by a Roman uppercase letter (e.g., CYP2D), and the individual enzymes by another Arabic number (e.g., CYP2D6). The alleles are indicated with an asterisk and a number, separated by a forward slash. More at above link...
  3. Ok so I was taking Cymbalta 60mg, Suboxone 16mg, and Klonopin and Xanax(off and on) for nearly 7 years.. Over that time I became severely depressed. I wanted off all of it.. about 6 months ago I started eliminating them one at a time.. first i did the klonopin and xanax because it was off and on and thought i wasnt very dependent on it but it ended me in a hospital for 7 days. Then within a week of that i was in rehab for a month to come off of the suboxone.. 4 months ago I came home doing better and was able to stop the Cymbalta with only minor issues(brain zaps for a couple of weeks) it seemed.. Maybe because in rehab I was given Gabapentin .. i thought it was helping me. I seemed to be doing ok for the last couple of months, just some depression and anxiety but not that bad. Now im pretty sure Ive become dependent on the gabapentin .. i was taking 1200mg a day and started feeling terrible.. very strange symptoms .. i almost feel like im coming off benzos again. So I went down to 900mg and things got a lot worse.. I had no idea this medication could do anything like that. I went through hell the first time i stopped benzodiazapines many years ago.. interdose withdrawals, panic attacks, severe nerve pain, you name it.. I feel like the same is happening with the gabapentin.. the longer i stay on it the worse it gets so how can i taper off it? I'm really just lost, I'm sure Ive done a number on myself coming off so many meds so fast but I felt like I was going to die on them and wanted off.. I felt better by far before the cycle of going from med to med started years ago. should i try to dose back up to 1200mg and do the 10% taper? I was only on the gabapentin for about 5 months and im sure its been masking some of the effects from stopping everything else. If its anything like benzos were, I couldn't taper at all. I had severe interdose withdrawals, and my tolerance went up very fast once I became dependent on them having worse and worse side effects over time.. trying to taper when my tolerance seems to be going up rapidly seems impossible.. Im waking up to panic attacks now, having flu like symptoms, severe pain all over, i feel out of breath and super fatigued all the time. None of which was happening even just a couple of months ago. I just want to be free of it but i dont know if i can handle another benzo like withdrawal. Sorry if this indroduction is a mess but im really scatter brained at the moment..
  4. Thank you for your help! I can't believe how awful my symptoms are just trying to get off Cymbalta. Not even my pharmacist was of help. It helped a bit to open capsules and remove some beads. I realized I needed to be more accurate so I found a compounding pharmacy which was willing to take my capsules and make 15 & 3 mg capsules (they could not make 2 mg) to try out. When I got them home last night I opened a 3 mg capsule to see how it compares to the amount I had been removing. I noted that the beads had been crushed, weighed and redistributed into capsules. I thought the beads aren't supposed to be crushed. Is this cause for concern? Should I go back to the compounding pharmacist? Appreciate your feedback!
  5. CuppaTea

    CuppaTea: Cymbalta

    Hi, I've been struggling with generalised anxiety and depression and have tried a few SSRIs and SNRIs to manage. First I tried sertraline, but as the dosage increased so did my anxiety, so we switched to escitalopram and I had similar results. Not much if any change in depression and my anxiety worsened with dose. Both gave me headaches, upset stomach, and escitalopram made me feel sensitive to bright light. Along with these I was taking propanolol to help with shaking hands from anxiety, this helped me get on with work (I work in a lab as a researcher so shaking hands made it difficult to get consistent results!). I gave up on medicine for a while and then went back for help after being unable to control my panic attacks. My psychiatrist put me back on propanolol and then started effexor xr. Unfortunately I couldn't tolerate this and woke up the first night sweating and had to vomit. I was on it for less than a week. We moved on to try cymbalta. I tolerated this ok, struggled with diarrhea and nausea but this lessened with time, and gradually increased to 30mg, and then to 40mg. I've been on this for 5/6 months now. However, I don't feel like myself anymore. I'm forgetful, and I just don't really care much anymore. Instead of wanting to do my best on my work, I just do it and move on making careless errors and mistakes. I'm still struggling with nausea and diarrhea so we've decided to come off it as it's not really helping. My psychiatrist suggested going down to 20mg (was at 40) for one week. Then to stop taking it. I voiced concern that this would be too fast and she suggested one week at 20mg, and then one week at half a capsule (10mg) before stopping. This is what I started, but after starting on 10mg I've been getting dizzy, headaches, and brain zaps. I don't feel like me. I had an appointment with my psychiatrist today who recommened I go back up to 20mg until side effects subside, and if they do not in a few days to go to 30mg. And then we'll try to taper from there. From many of the things I've read 40mg is not a very large dose, and I wasn't on it long so I'm left feeling frustrated with coming off it. I'm also left feeling afraid to try any different medications, it seems as if I do not tolerate them well and the side effects are worse than the depression and anxiety!
  6. I am withdrawing from Duloxetine 30mg and my doctor has taken me down to 20mg every other day and 10mg of Brintellix every other day. I am not sleeping at all and my head feels foggy all the time. Since I have been on Duloxetine I have had feelings of depression, anxiety, tired all the time and did not realise all this time that Duloxetine is obviously not right for me. I have been on Duloxetine for 1 year.
  7. MichaelWiseley

    Michael: What to taper first?

    Hello,my name is Michael.I would First like to thank everyone for having me.I hope this group can help with my tapering off of psych meds.I know to go slow and 1 at a time.I take Xanax 3mg,Cymbalta 60mg,and Depakote 1000mg daily.Which drug would be recommended to taper first.Any help or feedback is greatly appreciated
  8. If you or a loved one had a child with a birth defect after taking antidepressants during pregnancy and you are willing to be interviewed about your experience, PM me and we'll talk. I am a free-lance writer specializing in medical harm.
  9. Hi, I'm Mario from Italy, I'm 38 years old. I stopped taking cymbalta from 15 days. I made a dosage reduction, but I think I went too fast and I'm having a lot of problems. Anxiety, crying, nervousness. This afternoon I'll go to the doctor and I think I'll take the drug again and then try again in a bit 'of time. I think I will need your help ... Exscuse me for my english...
  10. KD0105

    KD0105: Cymbalta

    Thanks! My 60mg cymbalta has the 12 bigger beads. Some say I need to get the caplets with the hundreds of tiny beads. What is the consensus here? I have been on 11 of the 12 beads for 2 months now and am pretty stable. I am thinking of going to 10 of 12 beads for the next cut. If I feel too awful, I can always go back to the 11/12? Is this okay strategy? I realize that when I get down further, I will have to get the ones with the tiny beads so my cuts are not so large percentage wise. Thanks for being here for us!!!
  11. Hi everybody, my name is Larch. First, I'm really grateful that a site like this exists! I have a question about Cymbalta, and possibly over-quick tapering. Here's a timeline of my relationship with Cymbalta. Late Nov 2016: Started Cymbalta at 30mg along with 2mg Klonopin and 3mg Lunesta for mild depression Dec 13: Cymbalta upped to 60mg Dec 22: Belatedly googled about the stuff that Cymbalta can do to you, panicked and cold-turkeyed Dec 24: Dizziness, headaches. Took 30mg, took another 30mg 4 hours later. Was feeling mostly ok by 6 hours later. Dec 25: Woke feeling fine. Took 30mg. Feeling fine 10hrs later. Hoping to take 30mg daily. From reading this forum and elsewhere, I understand that cutting my dose from 60mg to 30mg is not something one should do. What I'm desperately wishing for is that the fact I was on 60mg for only 10 days will enable me to do this, starting my slow taper at 30mg instead of 60mg. Based on a 10% per month reduction, that would add more than half a year to my existing month of Cymbalta taking, something I expect would increase the difficulty of my 30>0 taper drastically. So... was even 10 days on 60mg unforgivable?
  12. Hi there, I am 27. I have been on anti-depressants since I was 12. Originally put on to counter a bad side effect of a different medication, due to family history, just never have come off. Originally took Celexa, at some point got on Effexor and have now been on Cymbalta 60mg (took 90mg for about 6 months) for almost 9 years. I've been wanting to get off anti depressants for years, just has never seemed like the right time until now. I hadn't done any research into coming off Cymbalta until tonight and now I am so scared of coming off. I had no idea it was so difficult. I've requested to join the FB group and plan to follow the tapering advice of ~10%
  13. hello. first point to note: in 2001-2003 I was on effexor and weaning off that; counting beads, insomnia, paranoia, the shakes and brain zaps.... I still remember it all to this day. I swore I'd never go on an antidepressant again. wish I would have stuck to that. I'm a depressive personality to begin with, I'm hard on myself, a perfectionist. external life events get to me more than they should be allowed. I live in my head and it never sleeps. except when it's on an AD. well, even then I'm a mild version of myself (just dulled). So in May 2012, I began zoloft 1 month after the birth of my 2nd child. (my 1st was merely 19 months). a bit of it was baby blues/depression but the majority I believe was/is ocd. I had gotten it in my head I was in love with my ob doc (who had delivered both of my children and up until the day he delivered #2 I'd had none of these thoughts) and I was doing really stupid stuff (in addition to thinking about him all the time and dreaming of what I wished and hoped could be, I was driving past his house a few times a week, trying to learn which car was his in the doc parking lot - so I could leave an anonymous note on his car -I guess to satiate my desire but not really risk too much. but then I started thinking about doing things of risk (saying something at a next appointment, etc.) And that was enough, I needed to find a way to stop my brain. (there were a couple other things, family of origin issues and feeling overwhelmed with my almost 2 year old starting to need more consistent disciplining, etc.but those didn't... ?scare? me like the doc piece did. I couldn't stop my brain from ruminating on it all, so I did my research on Google like any normal person would- HA! and decided it was time to let some meds work on my brain. they worked. got off the doc crazy train (changed to a different ob in the office) and well, started living the somewhat dumbed down life of a person on ADs (and by that I mean, no emotion or thought or action or anything straying too far from the equilibrium line ADs create). obviously my person still had struggles over the last 3 years and life didn't magically become perfect but it was a bit more managable, I guess, or I just didn't care, maybe? I don't know. i tried to wean myself in the fall of 2013, unsuccessful due to withdraw symptoms being unbearable. talked with my (new) ob near the end of 2014 about weaning and agreed I should try again after winter blues were no longer a concern. why did I want to wean? 30 pounds!!! feeling like I should/could/wanted to handle life without this mind altering drug. a very hard thing for someone with ocd (I'm merely self diagnosed-never been treated for this by any means) to not be clear on "is this me or the drug thinking/feeling/saying this? " just want to be free of that barrier. let alone it just doesn't seem like being on a very effective drug like that can be great for organs/body/health in the long run. damn the fact that it does help to a degree. So, Feb. 2015 i went from 100mg a day down to 50mg a day. stayed there until March 25, then cut down to 25mg a day until May 7th - last pill!!!! I realize I could have cut 25mg in half or shaved.... but it got to a point where I just wanted to be done. bring on the withdraw let's face it and fight it and be done. I'm 3 weeks, 3 days with zoloft. 1 week out was horrible. paranoia, vertigo, brain zaps, confusion, insomnia, impatient, short fuse, the list goes on. 2 weeks out a smidge better but all the symptoms still there. 3 weeks out and I do believe those symptoms I listed are alleviating - not gone by any means but the brain zaps don't stop me in my tracks now (and it occurs to me as I write this, maybe I'm just getting use to them, not that they are getting better?!?! no, I really think they are happening less and not as powerful). I think I can feel the light at the end of the tunnel... with those symptoms. however, the symptoms that have bothered me the most since 3 days post last pill are my rage and anger. I have practically no patience, super short fuse, and have yelled/talked from a place of anger more in the last 21 days than quite possibly the last 3 years. my babies are 3 and almost 5 and I hate the mother they have right now, she is not what they were living with - I wasn't the picture of patience and all things happy on ADs but it definitely took my edge off. so I just keep wondering, is this just a withdrawal symptom that will level off over time (if I'm not just creating horrible habits that will also need to be broken)... or is this ME. the me my family gets if I choose to refuse ADs? is it unrealistic to think my person can live a somewhat normal life without ADs? I've cried more in the last 3 weeks then I have in 3 years (just as I'm crying over things that don't really deserve tears now, there were definitely times tears should have been shed over those 3 years that I just didn't FEEL it. I've joined a gym determined to get some semblance of my figure back. and I love knowing a drug isn't rushing though my body/brain anymore. however, yelling/raging at my children, damaging my marriage and returning to a bit more serious ocd tendancies (finding it hard to eat off of metal utensils, paranoid of allergens/spores/the smell of outside, turning away from God and obsessing about overhauling my life - making drastic changes, moving far away, divorce, cutting out family who've continually hurt me, etc.) NONE of this is new since quiting zoloft, just while on zoloft I would think it briefly, not really feel much from my thought and let it go, until it pooped up again and repeat cycle. so does that mean zoloft living is better or I was in a muted state and not living!?!? lastly, I'm in touch with a counselor (employee assistance program)and I'll get 5 sessions, after that I can't afford counseling. but I have years of out patient, self-initiated counseling under my belt and am not confident 5 sessions will really help me determine what I need to know... is it just not possible for me to live comfortably and happily without ADs? so I have to resign to using when I then have to question based on everything I've just written above, what IS real? me on ADs,or everything I think, feel or want not on ADs?! thoughts?
  14. Hello all, I was on a benzodiazepine for one year and then was diagnosed as having depression. I was put on Prozac, and when that didn't work; put on cipralex. That was 15 years ago. We moved in 2008, and another doctor put me on Cymbalta for fibro pain. She now says it was for depression, even after I told her that I wasn't feeling depressed. I have withdrawn from the benzo, and am off now for 4 months. I want to come off of the Cymbalta next, however I am still very sick from the benzo withdrawal. I am hoping to learn all I can about coming off of Cymbalta and cipralex. Thank you everyone.
  15. I had been on cymbalta 60mg for a few months. My doctor took me down to 30mg for two weeks and stopped me. I have been in and out of the hospitals for 4 weeks now. I can not function . Am I past the point of reinstating
  16. I am new here and writing at this time on behalf of my son (53) who is in the very beginning stages of AD discontinuation. Diagnosis: Major Clinical Depression. He has been on numerous ADs in the past 10-15 years, but these last 6+ months it is 120 mg Cymbalta, 600 mg Lithium, 300 mg Wellbutrin. He also is on other meds for diabetes, hi blood pressure and cholesterol, feels like a walking pharmacy, and desperately wants to come of the ADs. He has been feeling absolutely terrible for a long time, and there have been many times when I feared for his life (has made an attempt before). The last psychiatrist simply pileed one med upon another whenever my son reports all the symptoms he is experiencing (hi anxiety, panic attacks, terrible fear, relentless depression, night sweats, brain zaps, etc.). He has been with the same CBT therapist for 10 years, and is currently also attending a NAMI support group. I also have told him about this site and hope that in time he will join himself (he isn’t much of a writer but otherwise very articulate about what he is feeling). After a long and arduous search I found a holistic clinic where he is currently receiving acupuncture, massage, chiropractic manipulations, nutrition and, most importantly, is seen by an M.D. who is managing the AD discontinuation, starting with Cymbalta in 20 mg slow increments (unfortunately, there is no 10 mg capsule). He was told by his pharmacist (confirmed by the M.D.) that if one opens the capsules (Cymbalta) then the formulation is destroyed and the med releases in different parts of the body incorrectly. This can be dangerous and can cause mood swings, which he has been experiencing. There is no way of knowing how successful the work at the clinic will be. Having gone this route myself, I know how slow and excruciating it is. BTW, MCD seems to be generational and runs in my family which, of course, had remained unrecognized until my adult life. Needless to say, he gets very discouraged. Amazingly, though, he is still able to soldier to work every day (as a digital matte painter at a major film studio) where he apreciates the “normalcy” of the day’s structure and interaction with colleagues. However, he is terrified of losing the job and never finding another. He is in an extremely vulnerable state, cries easily, gets terribly frustrated and hits himself. I guess this is a state that has been called neuro-emotions? I have yet to find any useful information about what would minimize these terrifying withdrawal effects. Cymbalta only being one (and possibly the worst), followed later by Lithium and Wellbutrin. Nevertheless, this website is very helpful and I thank the operators for keeping it going. Lastly, I apologize for this rambling post…..
  17. Hi all, My problem is my neurologist never warned me about possibilities of withdrawal symptoms, and took me cold-turkey off Deanxit and Cypralex, and later I went cold-turky from Cymbalta twice (of course had no idea about tapering etc). So here is my story in details: 03/2014 -03/2015 - 1 Deanxit pill and 10mg of Cipralex and Clonazepam 1mg daily. Prescribed for pain in the foot, when all other exams returned nothing. Neurologist diagnosis was "serotonergic dysfunction suspect". I was scheduled for operation (not related to this problem) and 4 days before operation my neurologist took me off Deanxit and Cipralex cold-turkey. I had mild withdrawal symptoms: flu-like symptoms, headache, eye pain, eye burning sensation and strong neck pain. Due to extremely strong neck pain neurologist prescribed me Cymbalta 30mg for one week and then 60mg after that. I was on 60mg of Cymbalta from 06/2015 to 09/2015. I wanted to stop taking Cymbalta and during one week I lowered my dose from 60mg to zero. I still didn't know about withdrawal problems, and my neurologist never mentioned it. After few days I got extreme brain zaps while moving my eyes. Immediately I got back to 60mg and 2 days later everything was OK. 2 weeks I was on 60mg and feeling stable, I started to lower my dose on 30mg. 3 weeks later extreme withdrawal symptoms started (abdominal crabs, diarrhea, vomiting, electric shock sensations while moving eyes, rapid eyes movement when my eyes are close, myoclonic jerks of all parts of the body, sensory overload). 10 days later (07th of November) I got back to my max dose (60mg) and 2 months later and I still have severe withdrawal symptoms: myoclonic jerks of arms and legs, muscle twitching, sometimes diarrhea, constant nausea, extreme problems while moving eyes (can't focus on anything, e.g. watching out of bus, everything moves too fast and triggers extreme discomfort in my braing), sometimes mild brain zaps, pain in my whole back(this is new symptom after reinstatement) and extreme sensory overload to the any kind of sound. In the meanwhile I have read everything online about withdrawal, seen all doctors in my area (no use) and I'm fully aware of my situation. Unfortunately, I didn't know all this before. Of course I want to take this poison out of my body/brain, but now I just want to stabilize so I can go to work again and at least try to have normal life and then start slow tapering. I'm taking every supplement I read it could help: Omega 3 fish-oil, calcium, magnesium, folic acid, zinc, vitamins (D, B1, B6, B12), antioxidants,Probiotics and taking baths in Epsom salt. Sorry for long intro, I don't know how is relevant to write everything. So, long story short, more than 2 months of reinstatement I have minimum improvement of my symptoms and don't know what to do. Has anyone else had similar situation, that can't stabilise even after more than 2 months of reinstatement? This whole time I'm taking 1mg of Clonazepam constantly. My doctor wants to prescribe me lowest dose (half pill of 25mg) of Seroquel and cut my Clonazepam to half (0.5 mg), saying it would help me to get of Cymbalta. Should I go with it or no? Once again sorry for long intro, and thanks in advance for help.
  18. Hello everyone, My name is Marie, age 50. I have been on antidepressants and Clonazepam since the age of 25. I quit drinking and using drugs at age 24 and fell into a depression a year later. I signed myself into a rehab for relapse prevention where I was medicated within a few days. I have been medicated every single day since, nonstop. I am feeling a lot of anger and sadness about how I, and countless others, have been treated/mistreated by the medical/psychiatric profession. I am currently tapering Cymbalta and Clonazepam, since September of 2015. I am using a scale and began at decreasing 5% weekly. That went ok until I made my last tiny decrease of Clonazepam simultaneously (Nov-Dec thereabouts) and hit a brick wall of withdrawals. I decided to hold off on the remaining taper of .125 mg Clonazepam until I'm done with Cymbalta. Maybe I'll try again before then, I don't know. I just want to be done with all of this but I know I need to be safe about it, too. I started tapering Cymbalta at 90 mg and am currently at 24.9 mg. After the last brick wall at 5%, I held for a few weeks then made 2.5% cuts working my way back up to 4% where I thought I was ok. I had decided a couple weeks ago to hold an extra week because I was having anger issues. Well, all kinds of stressors came up - infection in my gum above a front tooth which led to incompetent dentists. And antibiotics. And tooth removaI. I ended up with a C-Diff infection which caused me to experience hellacious withdrawals due to what I believe was malabsorbtion and majorly altered gut flora. It's common to experience emotional symptoms with this illness. The medicine for the C-Diff has a rare side effect of depression and anxiety and sure enough, I felt intense emotional pain, despair and panic. Up until my last dose, last night, I have been hiding in my bed under the covers. I am still shakey and unstable but it's not quite as intense as it has been. I am holding this dose again next week, and longer, if necessary. I am wondering if my underlying condition has overlapped with the withdrawals. That scares me. I have struggled with depression and anxiety all my life, even on the meds. I caved to the meds when I was told I wouldn't ever feel better without them. Honestly, I think I had hormonal imbalances and I think my thyroid and adrenals were a big problem back then just as they are now and have been all along. I am being treated for my thyroid but not the rest. Oh, and there's menopause to join the party... I went through a horrible depression in 2011 that lasted nearly 2 years. I tried switching to Pristique and within 10 days, began having severe panic attacks. So, I went back to Cymbalta. Then, my life blew further apart, I moved us halfway across the country, eventually met a wonderful man, and began what I thought would be smooth sailing. Not so much. I began feeling lousy and decided to get rid of all the rx drugs in my life. I suspect the Cymbalta had been giving me side effects and/or stopped working but I didn't notice it back then because I was taking either Provigil or Nuvigil for most of the time I've been on it. I stopped taking Nuvigil a year ago and began noticing lack of affect, no ability to feel joy, and brain fog. And, zero motivation or interest in anything. Absolutely none. I have a lot of fear right now. Fear I won't recover, fear I'll lose it and do something stupid, fear of depression, fear of anxiety, fear of growing old, fear of doctors, fear of death, fear of being on meds, fear of being off meds, fear of never feeling joy again, fear of brain damage, and the list goes on. I can literally feel my brain trying to right itself after being traumatized these past few weeks. My thoughts are all over the place from the past to the future to random scary weirdness, it's overwhelming. Thank you all for being here, it helps so much. Sorry for the disjointed rambling.
  19. To make this short and sweet, I got put on these drugs by my doctor that was treating me for Lyme Disease as a way to help me feel better through the symptoms and problems of Lyme disease. And of course I believe that this actually made all the problems MUCH worse. Cut to now, I'm ive been on: 1 mg of Klonopin a day, split into 2/0.5mg doses. 450 mgs of Lyrica a day, all at once before bed for sleep. 100 mgs of Tramadol a day, split into 2/50mg doses. 60 mgs of cymbalta a day taken all at once in the morning. Basically before doing my research into the proper speed to taper, I was trying to drop klonopin first and basically had it down to 1/4 of a 0.5mg tablet. But I was feeling terrible as you might imagine because I was tapered down to that from the full amount over just 8 weeks. I though it may have just been lyme disease and feeling bad, but nope...So basically I went back up to the 1mg total again for now as to not completely fall apart mentally and physically. It was making me a nervous anxious wreck, and drained me of all energy, willpower, physical stamina, or physical strength. So now I'm here asking how I should go about getting rid of these medications and in which order please. I want them all gone at some point, but I would just like to get moving on whichever one I SHOULD knock out first etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Jeremy
  20. Mammoth


    Hi Everyone, Here's my story... I was diagnosed with depression shortly after the birth of my 4th child 13 years ago. I tried talk therapy for a year or so as I did not want to be put on medication. Eventually, though, I was still low enough emotionally that I consented to see a psychiatrist. Of course, I was put on medication - Cymbalta, I believe 60 mg. I now know that seeing a psychiatrist = prescription. Full stop. Wish I had stayed with my original instinct and stayed away from the psychiatrist/medicine. Anyway, the Cymbalta seemed to help me at first and my mood lifted. (Side note - many people in my life have no idea that I suffer from depression. I am high functioning and seem to always "soldier on" no matter how bad I am feeling internally. Self-contempt is probably my dominant struggle and it is not uncommon for me to wish I could end my own life, though I have never attempted to do so.) A year or so later, I was at a low point again and discovered that a family member had success with Wellbutrin, so we decided to add it. I started at 150 mg. I cannot recall my initial thoughts or perceptions about whether it helped. After 3 years of talk therapy (plus 2 years of meds), I had a period of stability and felt ready to discontinue talking with my counselor. I was up and down emotionally after that, but did not return to the counselor. I found yoga in that season which taught me about meditation and the breath and found some relief there. At one point, I had felt well for a season and told my dr that I wanted to get off Cymbalta. He advised me according to the package instructions to quickly bump down, alternating days and then stop within a week. Big mistake! The blackness of my depression returned with a vengeance. I went back to 60 mg of Cymbalta immediately. About 4 years ago, I learned about the MTHFR gene mutation and how taking methyfolate could help with depression. My doctor agreed to put me on Deplin 15 mg. I later did a 23andme genetic test and found that I did not have the mutation and discontinued the Deplin. I had an additional season of feeling well and talked to my dr again about getting off Cymbalta. This time, we used a compounding pharmacy to make capsule doses so that I could bump down more gradually. I went from 60 mg to 45 mg to 30 mg to 15 mg without incident. I don't remember exactly how long I stayed at each dose, but it was roughly from June - August that we attempted this taper. However, once I got to 15 mg, all my depression symptoms returned. This year, I have experienced another very low season beginning in June. I've been experiencing insomnia and lethargy as well as a loss of interest in social activities. About 6 weeks ago, my doctor suggested I up my dosage of Cymbalta to 90 mg. Although I did not really want to do so, I agreed since I was so miserable. I still feel miserable and don't see any real improvement. Throughout the past 13 years, I have attempted to change my diet and exercise significantly, moving toward less processed foods, lifting weights for a season, eliminating sugar (except for alcohol - see below) and yoga. It's interesting, though, that I have felt at times like maybe I have an eating disorder when I haven't been able to stick with the changes I want to make and have used food for emotional comfort. I will also add that in these years, after being a teetotaler until my 30's, my alcohol use has increased significantly. When I first found that I enjoyed the occasional drink (probably 12 years ago), I would have a glass of wine or a margarita with my husband or with friends when out to dinner. Little by little in the past 2 years, I have started to wonder what is wrong with me - it's as if I have no off switch. If I have one glass of wine, I am more likely than not to finish the whole bottle. This summer, I have experienced loss of memory after an evening of finishing a bottle of wine. I've started to wonder whether I'm an alcoholic. Then I googled Cymbalta and alcohol and found a lot of anecdotes about others experiencing similar problems with having no off switch! Astounding! I don't want to put all the blame on Cymbalta, but I have to realize that at the least, it's working against me. I wonder if my food issues are similarly driven. In short, I am more convinced that ever that I want to get off Cymbalta. I think I need to find a functional medicine doc who can help me with this. I welcome anyone's input or feedback. I've been reading this site and others and have seen the tapering recommendations. Is there any hope for me in being successful getting off Cymbalta?
  21. Hi all. I am in desperate need of help but so tired and untrusting and out of hope. I stopped Cymbalta 2 months ago. I'm on nothing now. I was taking Lamictal at 50mg as well but stopped that too because of the rashes I was getting. Most of the physical withdrawals are gone, but now I'm experiencing anger (at nothing in particular) and extreme depression. I'm not quite sure how to get through it other than going back on a medication....which I don't really want to do since they've screwed me up physically. I swear I've tried everything but TMS...and my insurance doesn't cover that. I'm 3000 miles away from home. I have no close friends out here. My Dad is suffering of stage 4 cancer back home. I'm obligated to be here for another 7 months. I just don't know what to do anymore. I have no confidence, no real hope, no energy. I exercise almost every day but it's not helping anymore. I have chronic pain and am suppose to get a spinal fusion. I don't know if I could handle that though since I'm still depressed even while I'm exercising. Should I go on Prozac to take the edge off....so I can at least get through the next 7 months? I don't even know if that would work though. Last time I was on Prozac it was just as good as being on nothing at all. I've tried amino acids. they don't seem to work either. St. John's Wort gave me rashes. I honestly don't think my life is worth very much. I don't and haven't had a significant other in some time. The last one I had beat me up emotionally all the time. It was just like my inner critic turned to a separate human being. I have friends, but they aren't that close and would probably run away if they knew how big my pain was. I am so sick of this part of me that keeps coming back every time I try to live off antidepressants. I hate this part of me. Why can't I be just like everyone else and be grateful for what I have? How the hell do you get out from under the darkness that wants to kill you?
  22. Hi, all. Signed up because I was reading some good, detailed advice on the forums by others who are trying to taper off Cymbalta/duloxetine (as I am) and thought I might want to ask questions at some point, and either way could do with somewhere to track progress and perhaps give something back in the way of tracking another experience of coming off this stuff. I began Cymbalta 6 years ago for both pain and depression reduction related to a new diagnosis of autoimmune rheumatoid arthritis. I wanted to avoid going on stronger arthritis medications, so needed something else to take the edge off the pain, and Cymbalta filled that gap. 60mg has been my dose for that period. Doubtless this medication was helpful when I needed it, and there have been times I've thought I'd maybe just stay on it forever, but recently I've come to suspect that this medication and not the arthritis might be behind my feelings of being exhausted all the time, my increasingly terrible attention span/ability to focus, and the cravings for alcohol that I'd never had a problem with previously. I've tried to reduce Cymbalta a couple of times in the past by alternating between 60mg and 30mg tablets (my doctor's suggestion), but when I tried to take it down to 30mg/everyday I couldn't maintain it there. Physical pain was too bad, and I caved and went back up to the full dose on both occasions. I'm feeling willing now to have a stab at tapering off more slowly if that is going to work better. I've recently gone on the stronger arthritis medication, so swapping one for the other is my plan. Fun, fun! My present box of the stuff is a generic capsule (the box says Coperin though) with the mini-tablets inside. Each 60mg capsule contains 12 mini-tablets (so 5mg each) and advice on here says to cut back 10% at a time, so tonight I'll be removing ONE mini-tablet. I haven't decided yet how long I need to take this new dose for. I was thinking 2 weeks, maybe 3? These mini-tablets look like they're going to make it easy for me to taper down to about 40mg by cutting back 1 mini-tablet with each dose reduction. (All of these doses will be close to 10% of the previous dose.) From there I guess I'm going to be switching to the branded version and counting little beads. I've peeked inside those capsules before and it was pretty nightmarish (I actually *mushed* one of the beads accidentally when trying to count them!) so I'm really glad of the mini-tablets being sufficient for the next little while!
  23. Hello everybody! And thank you for this forum I have just discovered. I am reading it through but in the meantime I explain my story to you. So, I am Italian leaving in Spain, I am almost 33 and during one of the treatments I I followed to cure my vulvodynia I unfortunately had to take antidepressants (1 year and a half of Laroxyl up to 15 drops I think) and another year and a half of Cymbalta (up to 90mg). None of these antidepressants cured me, they only relieved some symptoms and moreover I began to have side effects, so I decided to quit them at the end of 2014. My neurologist told me to drop from 90 mg to 0 mg of Cymbalta in approx. 6 weeks. I experienced at the beginning a sort of vertigo which slowly went away, together with low mood. I also began having ringing which never went away. After about one month from the suspension, in February 2015 I began feeling inner tremors and shakes, I was feeling always tense and nervous, from when I woke up to when I went to bed. I went to another neurologist explaining my symptons and she referred it as chemical imbalances due to this suspension and she put me on a month on bromazepam, and I was back to normal. I suspended it and I felt the same symptoms again, so we decided to start Lyrica which could help both my anxiety and my chronic pain. Lyrica helped, as the inner tremor and shakes went away, but they returned at the end of November 2015. Desperate I went back to bromazepam and I was a little better, but then I decided I want to get rid of both Lyrica and anxyolitics, so I began to take them away little by little. At some point I felt normal meds free but only for a week as I began to have jaw problems because of my bruxism, and few weeks ago I was diagnosed with disc luxation because of stress/anxiety, so my system activated again with shakes and inner tremors and ever since never deactivated. I began feeling again from the morning to the night inner tremors and shakes, together with ringings and sense of huge tension and stress and this still occurs until now. I know I won't kill or hurt myself but there are times I have thoughts I want my life to be over as I suffer too much and don't have a pause or ever feel relaxed. I forgot to tell i have mutation of Factor V of Leiden and mutation of gene MHTFR. All my doctors (neurologist, psychiatrist, family doctor, cardioligist) refer my symptons as anxiety and that this is my personality and when questioned why I began to felt that way I never felt before, they say that I probably always had anxiety but until that moment my anxiety was blocked by those drugs. They said that antidepressants don't harm the brain ( I did a MRI and that was ok) and that it's not WD as my body already deintoxicated from these substances long ago. I have to say, I am an anxious person and tend to worry about things but I never felt this way. I went on therapy for some years and did improve in many things so I can't explain how I feel now. I don't refer it as something psychological - of course there are some stressors which trigger me and of course I feel stress and anxiety from time to time but not that long and that high- but rather as something physical. Almost nothing except anxyolitics help me, I tried meditation, yoga, mindfulness, relaxing herbs, 5htp, relaxation techniques but I have no relieve. What do you think I suffer from your experience? Anxiety or WD? What is your advice? Is it bad to resist again these symptoms and should i go back to meds or should I give time for my body to heal? And how? It's been 1 year and a half already and it's been a hell... Do you know doctors I can refer to? What should I do? Are there supplements that help our body healing? Thanks a lot for your help, Regards, xxx
  24. Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum. So I was on Abilify back in May for 3 weeks and then I went off of it. Everything went down hill so I went back on it for 3 more weeks then went off of it. It's been a month since my last dose. I wake up every morning crying for no reason. And feeling depressed for no reason. Is there anything I can do to help the healing process? I'm feeling really hopeless. PS I was on 2mg
  25. I f have been on Pristiq now for over four years, 2 x 100mq a day. I am finding i am suffering from serious mood swings, (and i am talking serious!!!). MY whole life I have been a very calm rational person butthese days I can seem to go clean off at something or sombody for very little reason. Has anyone heard if this is a long term side effect of the drug?
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