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  1. Please i need help. I am on cymbalta generic and have tapered down to approx 10 mgs from 90 using bead method. I also take a very low dose of ativan. I had tapered off the ativan in july 2016 and went back on much lower dose 4 months ago. I also take zyprexa at approx. 3.75 mgs. I have been trying to taper all three meds because i have fatty liver disease and need yo get off this junk before it turns into cirrhosis. So i made a cut last week and about 4 days ago i started to get severe anxiety. I was doing fine up until then but it seems like every time i get to a certain point with the zyorex
  2. I was put on 120 mg of Duloxetine to help me with my Fibromyalgia. It worked wonderfully. Back in November I was working out and burning 600 calories at the gym each day. Then I caught a cold. If I don’t take my Duloxetine before 10am I am unable to sleep that night. My body does not tolerate sleeping meds. So I don’t take Duloxetine after 10 am. I tried to take it daily but kept missing doses due to feeling miserable and not being able to wake up. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as well and sleep about 16-20 hours a day. I also suffer from Meniere’s Disease - bi-lateral hearing loss, dizzines
  3. (Moved from: Tips for tapering off Cymbalta Reading through this thread has been moderately terrifying. I've been taking 90mg for 11 years. I've tried various ways of tapering ... and nothing has worked. My pharmacy recently changed brands, and I've been having horrid side effects (similar to withdrawal symptoms). I'm super sensitive to any changes, and had resigned myself to being "addicted" for the rest of my life. I will definitely be following up with my physician on this particular taper method. Thank you!
  4. Salutations. I'll get right down to it. Apologies, this'll be long. I'm trying to get off of Cymbalta 60mg after a repeat of my experiences on it the first time. That's right, this is my second time on the drug after an extended absence of being drug-free. I guess I'll start with that. In both cases of being on Cymbalta, the first 3 months were pretty great in terms of energy and general emotions. Not in terms of side effects, but will get to that later. Then, after those 3 months, comes the slow progression of what I call the period of "nothing" - no positive or nega
  5. I'm a 54 year old female that has been on Cymbalta for about 7 years. I started at 120 mgs. and that was lowered to 90 mgs. because it raised my blood pressure. I stayed on 90 mgs. for quite a while. Last fall I stupidly stopped taking this drug because I didn't think it was working. I didn't know the dangers of cold turkey. I reinstated it 2 months after being off it. I'm now on 60 mgs. I take 30 mgs. 2 x a day. I've been back on it for 4 months trying to reinstate past the 2-3 week reinstatement time frame. I feel that the Cymbalta is no longer working. I have a lot of anxiety and feeling na
  6. Hi, Some quick info about me and why I'm here. I haven't taken any meds for about 20 years (did take Prozac in the past) for my M.E and Fibromyalgia. Have been in a lot of pain lately and had to take something so my doc suggested 30mg of Duloxetine (which I now know is Cymbala... ) Day 2 approx 95% of my pain reduced and has levelled off there, this is the first time in 20 years I've had very little pain and I have to say it's amazing. But, and here's the but... I don't like taking meds and this is only a short term solution while I get some of my other health problems sorted so that my pa
  7. Hi everyone. In July I finished a 1-year slow taper of Cymbalta. I was prescribed it for depression and chronic pain. I decided after being on antidepressants for more than 25 years, and dealing with horrendous side effects, that I wanted to go off of them. I initially tapered per doctor’s orders, stepping down in 10-mg increments every 2 weeks from 60 mg to 30 mg, which was too rapid. Then I found advice to do no more than 10% reductions a minimum of 2 weeks at a time. That’s what I did for a year. I dealt with bad withdrawal during the taper. Brain zaps, anxiety, sweating, cogni
  8. Hi everyone, I'm in a pretty desperate state. Over the past couple of months, I very slowly tapered off 60mg (1x a day) of Cymbalta, 5-10 beads at a time. I felt great during the taper. Then a few days after my last dose, I began to experience diarrhea and anxiety. I waited ten days to see if the withdrawal symptoms would improve, but the anxiety became so severe that in order to function at my new job, I decided to go back on the Cymbalta at 20mg/day. A few hours after taking that first dose, my symptoms went away. But in less than 24 hours, they were back. So I decide
  9. Hi folks, After 13 years on SSRIs and SNRIs I stopped taking them due to parkinsonism, and it turned out that they were causing the rapid cycling up and down high to low mood swings in my bipolar disorder as well as the ramp up into mania. I didn't taper off as I read that it only affects the short term withdrawal syndrome and not the long term, plus as soon as I dropped the dose I went into the full rage and needed to get it over and done with as soon as possible (2 weeks of the bad bit). I experienced a number of symptoms including The Rage, Tardive Akithisia, Depress
  10. Hello everybody, First of all, sorry for my poor English. I'll try to write short but correct sentences, so you can understand my case. I'm 21 years old and currently I'm studying Medicine. In 2013 I started psychological treatment for social anxiety (only psychotherapy, without medication). I'm positive that this helped me a lot, but the psychologist thought that I wasn't improving fast enough, so he prescribed me Escitalopram 5 mg/day. I didn't notice any improvement or adverse effect while taking this drug. The summer of 2014, before I started College, was the worst phase of my
  11. Hi Everyone! i have started a taper a few months ago from duloxetine 60mg and am now on 30mg. I've been on antidepressants for about 14 years almost straight through. I've tried different ones and always tapered down while starting another to taper up. I had awful withdrawals when I stopped Paxil and felt labile like I was hypomanic, crying and agitated. I soon started something else. I'm ready to try stopping. My liver tests are elevated, I'm overweight, and I'm always tired. I had night sweats on 60 mg of duloxetine and they are lessening with a lower dose. I also always had challenges
  12. I don't know what we would do without the Internet, I was looking for guidance and support and stumbled across this website. First let me say that I have been on and off SSRI's for 16 years....I had never suffered depression and only developed anxiety a few years ago but with education and forums such as this, I wonder if it wasn't withdrawal from the cocktail of SSRI's my dr. was trying at the time. Whatever it may be, I am 6 months off of Cymbalta and have good days and bad....the bad days feel endless. Here is a little history of how my life with medication began....I suffere
  13. I am on Cymbalta and Temazepam. I know conventional wisdom says Benzo taper first. I am in severe tolerance. I am afraid of total insomnia as I am in severe pain from cervical dystonia I believe caused by Cymbalta. Can I taper Cymbalta first?
  14. Having successfully weaned from gabapentin, I felt ready to begin tapering from duloxetine. Then I found this site, entered my meds & viewed the interaction between them and I feel rather worried and would like help knowing which to leave off first. The ones I'm concerned about are duloxetine, amitriptyline, and trazodone. I also take tizanidine. tia
  15. Hi, thank you for adding me. My friend recommended this site. I am on 30mg cymbalta/duloxetine, I have been on it over 5 years after developing CFS and associated anxiety and also back pain. It was really good initially and overall it helped me a lot. However, the last 2 years i have put on a lot of weight and it keeps going up despite really trying to cut down food and feeling like I am eating okay and should not be putting on this much weight. Also I feel it is not as useful as it was and I want to come off it. I have come down to 20 mg in last week and can feel symptoms esp in evening
  16. Hello, I'm new to this site (although I've read a lot of your content by now), and I'm so grateful I found it!! I've been suffering from anxiety disorder and depression since I was a kid, around 8 years old (I'm 30 years old now). I've been in countless treatments since then, too many to remember. I've been taking Cymbalta for about 8 years now, I've tried going off cold turkey and obviously failed miserably and had to be put back on Cymbalta 60mg. Currently I am taking 30mg. My doctor said I should try alternating days to try to taper off, and since reading your content I re
  17. magikpoet


    Hi everybody, I'm sorry I'm not feeling particularly loquacious today as I have a cold, so I'll just write a brief history of myself. I have suffered with Depression/anxiety since I was a teenager and am now in my 30s. My memory is like swiss cheese but I'll do my best to recall my medications. At 18 I was put on Aropax (paroxetine) with relatively good effect. I cant remember how long I was on for but I do remember getting brain zaps getting off. At some point I went on Lexapro and Pristiq, along with Seroquel (bloody awful drug!!). Seroquel gave me the most horrible nightmares! I thi
  18. Oneday77


    I am a mother of 2. I have been on anti-depressants for 10 years, first 8 on Cipralex and changed to Cymbalta 2 years ago. Now that my life situation is more stable and my kids a little older( 6 and 10), I have Decided to start and stay in therapynand also see a Naturopath to help me. I never thought Cymbalta would be so horrible to taper: horrible migraines that won't go away with Advil, caffeine, water or rest, nausea, diZziness, brain Zaps, pain in my arm, tiredness. My doctor has no clue about any of the withdrawal effects. I am going extremely slow As I have to work and take care of my ki
  19. Greetings and Salutations I have been a longtime lurker and reader of this site and after years of reading and finally getting off of all Psych Drugs I am finally clean and Drug Free. I would like to thank the people on this site for sharing there stories ( which is not easy) and posting them for others to learn from, get support and a place to vent and lets you know you are not alone. Why post and why now? From time to time I come back to this website to stalk and have seen posts lately that when people get better they stop posting and don’t come back , well I am doing the opposite
  20. Hi, I need to keep this short because I have chronic fatigue & can't concentrate for long. I've been off & on (mostly on) medication for 25 years. I've just come to the conclusion that my Bipolar 2 Dx may be incorrect in that, I think my hypomanic symptoms may be caused by antidepressants. I never had those symptoms before I started taking them. I guess I'll never know for sure :-( I've just been reading about how long term use can turn depression into a chronic disease (if it wasn't already) and about the symptoms of Tardive Dysphoria. Sounds like me. I've been t
  21. Introduction. 61 years old, male. I take Cymbalta, Buproprion and Lamictal. I will continue with Buproprion and Lamictal after Cymbalta tapering is complete. Before I started Cymbalta I tried several SSRI's. They made me feel better but have terrible side effects including shaking hands, erectile dysfunction even with Viagra and the other one, and they poop out. On advice of Shrink I switched to Cymbalta and after 15 years on it now I must taper. It has never pooped out, but the erectile dysfunction can last for several months until it decides to cooperate, usually while dreaming at nigh
  22. I started at 60mg of Cymbalta which was 12 pellets inside the capsule. I started to reduce every 14 days for two reasons: Insurance was running out and so was my patience with the meds. Everything was going great until I got down to 4 pellets and now i am miserable. I have severe pressure headaches, brain zaps, nausea, vertigo, panic attacks, agitation, mania, etc. I don't know how much to add back to stabilize or do I just suffer it out and stay at 4 till it settles? Trying not to panic......because I know this will pass. But yesterday, I actually thought, "Maybe it is just a brain t
  23. Ok so I was taking Cymbalta 60mg, Suboxone 16mg, and Klonopin and Xanax(off and on) for nearly 7 years.. Over that time I became severely depressed. I wanted off all of it.. about 6 months ago I started eliminating them one at a time.. first i did the klonopin and xanax because it was off and on and thought i wasnt very dependent on it but it ended me in a hospital for 7 days. Then within a week of that i was in rehab for a month to come off of the suboxone.. 4 months ago I came home doing better and was able to stop the Cymbalta with only minor issues(brain zaps for a couple of weeks) it
  24. Thank you for your help! I can't believe how awful my symptoms are just trying to get off Cymbalta. Not even my pharmacist was of help. It helped a bit to open capsules and remove some beads. I realized I needed to be more accurate so I found a compounding pharmacy which was willing to take my capsules and make 15 & 3 mg capsules (they could not make 2 mg) to try out. When I got them home last night I opened a 3 mg capsule to see how it compares to the amount I had been removing. I noted that the beads had been crushed, weighed and redistributed into capsules. I thought the beads aren't su
  25. Hi, I've been struggling with generalised anxiety and depression and have tried a few SSRIs and SNRIs to manage. First I tried sertraline, but as the dosage increased so did my anxiety, so we switched to escitalopram and I had similar results. Not much if any change in depression and my anxiety worsened with dose. Both gave me headaches, upset stomach, and escitalopram made me feel sensitive to bright light. Along with these I was taking propanolol to help with shaking hands from anxiety, this helped me get on with work (I work in a lab as a researcher so shaking hands made it difficu
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