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Found 87 results

  1. Hi all. I am in desperate need of help but so tired and untrusting and out of hope. I stopped Cymbalta 2 months ago. I'm on nothing now. I was taking Lamictal at 50mg as well but stopped that too because of the rashes I was getting. Most of the physical withdrawals are gone, but now I'm experiencing anger (at nothing in particular) and extreme depression. I'm not quite sure how to get through it other than going back on a medication....which I don't really want to do since they've screwed me up physically. I swear I've tried everything but TMS...and my insurance doesn't cover that. I'm 3000 miles away from home. I have no close friends out here. My Dad is suffering of stage 4 cancer back home. I'm obligated to be here for another 7 months. I just don't know what to do anymore. I have no confidence, no real hope, no energy. I exercise almost every day but it's not helping anymore. I have chronic pain and am suppose to get a spinal fusion. I don't know if I could handle that though since I'm still depressed even while I'm exercising. Should I go on Prozac to take the edge off....so I can at least get through the next 7 months? I don't even know if that would work though. Last time I was on Prozac it was just as good as being on nothing at all. I've tried amino acids. they don't seem to work either. St. John's Wort gave me rashes. I honestly don't think my life is worth very much. I don't and haven't had a significant other in some time. The last one I had beat me up emotionally all the time. It was just like my inner critic turned to a separate human being. I have friends, but they aren't that close and would probably run away if they knew how big my pain was. I am so sick of this part of me that keeps coming back every time I try to live off antidepressants. I hate this part of me. Why can't I be just like everyone else and be grateful for what I have? How the hell do you get out from under the darkness that wants to kill you?
  2. Hi, all. Signed up because I was reading some good, detailed advice on the forums by others who are trying to taper off Cymbalta/duloxetine (as I am) and thought I might want to ask questions at some point, and either way could do with somewhere to track progress and perhaps give something back in the way of tracking another experience of coming off this stuff. I began Cymbalta 6 years ago for both pain and depression reduction related to a new diagnosis of autoimmune rheumatoid arthritis. I wanted to avoid going on stronger arthritis medications, so needed something else to take the edge off the pain, and Cymbalta filled that gap. 60mg has been my dose for that period. Doubtless this medication was helpful when I needed it, and there have been times I've thought I'd maybe just stay on it forever, but recently I've come to suspect that this medication and not the arthritis might be behind my feelings of being exhausted all the time, my increasingly terrible attention span/ability to focus, and the cravings for alcohol that I'd never had a problem with previously. I've tried to reduce Cymbalta a couple of times in the past by alternating between 60mg and 30mg tablets (my doctor's suggestion), but when I tried to take it down to 30mg/everyday I couldn't maintain it there. Physical pain was too bad, and I caved and went back up to the full dose on both occasions. I'm feeling willing now to have a stab at tapering off more slowly if that is going to work better. I've recently gone on the stronger arthritis medication, so swapping one for the other is my plan. Fun, fun! My present box of the stuff is a generic capsule (the box says Coperin though) with the mini-tablets inside. Each 60mg capsule contains 12 mini-tablets (so 5mg each) and advice on here says to cut back 10% at a time, so tonight I'll be removing ONE mini-tablet. I haven't decided yet how long I need to take this new dose for. I was thinking 2 weeks, maybe 3? These mini-tablets look like they're going to make it easy for me to taper down to about 40mg by cutting back 1 mini-tablet with each dose reduction. (All of these doses will be close to 10% of the previous dose.) From there I guess I'm going to be switching to the branded version and counting little beads. I've peeked inside those capsules before and it was pretty nightmarish (I actually *mushed* one of the beads accidentally when trying to count them!) so I'm really glad of the mini-tablets being sufficient for the next little while!
  3. Hello everybody! And thank you for this forum I have just discovered. I am reading it through but in the meantime I explain my story to you. So, I am Italian leaving in Spain, I am almost 33 and during one of the treatments I I followed to cure my vulvodynia I unfortunately had to take antidepressants (1 year and a half of Laroxyl up to 15 drops I think) and another year and a half of Cymbalta (up to 90mg). None of these antidepressants cured me, they only relieved some symptoms and moreover I began to have side effects, so I decided to quit them at the end of 2014. My neurologist told me to drop from 90 mg to 0 mg of Cymbalta in approx. 6 weeks. I experienced at the beginning a sort of vertigo which slowly went away, together with low mood. I also began having ringing which never went away. After about one month from the suspension, in February 2015 I began feeling inner tremors and shakes, I was feeling always tense and nervous, from when I woke up to when I went to bed. I went to another neurologist explaining my symptons and she referred it as chemical imbalances due to this suspension and she put me on a month on bromazepam, and I was back to normal. I suspended it and I felt the same symptoms again, so we decided to start Lyrica which could help both my anxiety and my chronic pain. Lyrica helped, as the inner tremor and shakes went away, but they returned at the end of November 2015. Desperate I went back to bromazepam and I was a little better, but then I decided I want to get rid of both Lyrica and anxyolitics, so I began to take them away little by little. At some point I felt normal meds free but only for a week as I began to have jaw problems because of my bruxism, and few weeks ago I was diagnosed with disc luxation because of stress/anxiety, so my system activated again with shakes and inner tremors and ever since never deactivated. I began feeling again from the morning to the night inner tremors and shakes, together with ringings and sense of huge tension and stress and this still occurs until now. I know I won't kill or hurt myself but there are times I have thoughts I want my life to be over as I suffer too much and don't have a pause or ever feel relaxed. I forgot to tell i have mutation of Factor V of Leiden and mutation of gene MHTFR. All my doctors (neurologist, psychiatrist, family doctor, cardioligist) refer my symptons as anxiety and that this is my personality and when questioned why I began to felt that way I never felt before, they say that I probably always had anxiety but until that moment my anxiety was blocked by those drugs. They said that antidepressants don't harm the brain ( I did a MRI and that was ok) and that it's not WD as my body already deintoxicated from these substances long ago. I have to say, I am an anxious person and tend to worry about things but I never felt this way. I went on therapy for some years and did improve in many things so I can't explain how I feel now. I don't refer it as something psychological - of course there are some stressors which trigger me and of course I feel stress and anxiety from time to time but not that long and that high- but rather as something physical. Almost nothing except anxyolitics help me, I tried meditation, yoga, mindfulness, relaxing herbs, 5htp, relaxation techniques but I have no relieve. What do you think I suffer from your experience? Anxiety or WD? What is your advice? Is it bad to resist again these symptoms and should i go back to meds or should I give time for my body to heal? And how? It's been 1 year and a half already and it's been a hell... Do you know doctors I can refer to? What should I do? Are there supplements that help our body healing? Thanks a lot for your help, Regards, xxx
  4. Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum. So I was on Abilify back in May for 3 weeks and then I went off of it. Everything went down hill so I went back on it for 3 more weeks then went off of it. It's been a month since my last dose. I wake up every morning crying for no reason. And feeling depressed for no reason. Is there anything I can do to help the healing process? I'm feeling really hopeless. PS I was on 2mg
  5. irishrai

    Irishrai: struggling

    So I am struggling with 24/7 explosive anger. EVERYTHING is pissing me off. I am on Quetiapine 25 mg once a day and Lamotrigine and 2 twice a day. Useless. Went to emergency last night to try and get help as my Dr is on holiday as is my psychiatrist but they just said take half a Quetiapine in the morning. I tried it and it knocks me out. I told them it would but of course they don't believe me. ( it's only my body, what would I know!!!). i also take Black Cohosh So I am dealing with this on my own and don't know what to do. I don't know how much more I can take of this anger. I am not an angry person by nature ( I am Irish and most things are dealt with a "**** it" attitude). I have 3 kids of 5 ys , 7 ys and 20 ys and it is not a healthy environment for them. Especially the younger ones. On top of all this I cannot bear being around my husband but I don't know if it is because of this anger or we have come to the end of our marriage. This is just adding to everything. He works away from home for 14 days and is home for 7. Plus we/I are/am in the process of packing up the house to sell it.
  6. LisaM271970

    LisaM271970 Introduction

    I've been on anti-depressants for 18 years. Currently on 60 mg of Cymbalta. 5 years ago, tried to taper off Cymbalta, it was a disaster. I had resigned to take it forever since I was afraid to stop and the withdrawal and my doctor convinced me I need it. I've worked up to trying again and realize that the taper must be much more gradual and prolonged. I was just about to push purchase on $200+ of supplements to help start my taper when I found this website. I'm planning on seeing my doctor on the 19th to let him know I'm starting this taper off of Cymbalta, I'm not expecting him to be supportive of this. My plan is the decrease by 5% every time last decrease feels ok. I admit that in the end I may need an anti-depressant but it won't be this one.
  7. Hello, I'm new here. My dilemma is that I have been put on so many meds( klonopin, neurotin, Cymbalta, Lamictal, remeron). Each one added due to nausea which was thought to be caused by GAD. Still nauseous and have lowered my Klonopin from 4mg to 0mg in one week then reinstated to ..325 a week later, that was 6 months ago. Then 3months ago went down on Cymbalta 60mg to 30 mg. Still struggling with severe nausea and some anxiety. Don't know what is causing the nausea. Could it be the Lamictal? or the Cymbalta? Or whatever.
  8. I was prescribed Lyrica and Cymbalta for what a lazy rheumatologist decided was fibromyalgia - that is as an off-label pain mediator. I managed to get through the initial side effects - which were fairly innocuous: I'd take the capsule at 10pm and wake at 2am with diarrhoea every night for just over a week. That was it - no other effects and no pain reduction ... ever. Sacked the lazy rheumy and coasted for some years. Then gathered myself again and found a bright energetic interested researching rheumy and an equally good integrative physician. While waiting for my first rheumy appointment I weaned off Lyrica. Have some liver damage partially due to medications but also possibly due to a big dose of Epstein-Barr at 20yo with hepatitis. Energetic rheumy found ... Ta da! ... Psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and other enthesites - with fibro as a secondary artefact of having had significant joint pain since teen years. Hmmm She is a researcher so I agreed to start a clinical trial of secukinumab which is not currently licensed for use in Australia. During the trial I wasn't allowed to change my drug regime so I've been sitting on it for 12mths. Sadly, I am one of the unlucky small percentage of people that are not helped by secukinumab, so I've been released from the trial after only one year - relief and sadness all at once! BUT now's my chance to have a go at weaning off Cymbalta which I plan to do with the help of both the rheumy and integrative physician. I have a lot of concerns as I am still in considerable pain, use buprenorphine patches which ease the muscular pain but without something to reduce the inflammation in my entheses I'm in trouble. During all this I've worked part time with small children then full time when they grew up. I recently requested a medical assessment for work and have recently reduced to half hours which has provided some relief from fatigue. So I have some obvious problems with the concept of weaning - I'm still in considerable pain, I need to look at other biologic drugs to sort out my joints, I'm still working ... I'm keen but also concerned that I'll end up in a mess and I've just climbed out of the last one by reducing my hours. I can afford to leave work on medical grounds as I have income protection but again - am I ready. So lots of questions and lots of friends needed. Jamtin Dx: Psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, other enthesites, fibromyalgia, Sjögren's syndrome, peri-glaucoma, hypertension Rx: meloxicam, Cymbalta, melatonin, diazepam, telmisartin, buprenorphine, med cann
  9. Hello, just over a year ago my psychiatrist lowered my Cymbalta dose from 60mg to 40mg. 2 days later, I was in severe withdrawals. She put me up to 50mg, but I didn't stabilize. Besides the physical symptoms (eye pain, dizziness, muscle pain and joint pain all over my body, and many more), I had the worst fear of my life. It was like everything around me looked like a nightmare. I also had insomnia and a high heart rate. I began having suicidal thoughts. In the hospital, they raised me back to my original dose of 60 mg and said I would stabilize in about a month's time...but that didn't happen. I switched psychiatrists, and the new one wanted to increase my dose to 90mg; she thought that was the only way I could get past this. At first I felt better...for maybe 10 days or so. Then the anxiety went through the roof. I couldn't sleep, when I finally could fall asleep late into the night, myoclonic jerks kept waking me up. I had muscle spasms/twitching/shuddering all through the day, too, all over my body. My heart rate was dangerously high. I was hospitalized again. They put me on Seroquel for sleep, and Neurontin to bring down the anxiety symptoms. It took me 3 months to come down off the Cymbalta, 1 mg per day, by opening the capsules and counting the beads. When I got down to about 10mg or so, I started getting brain zaps, very strong ones that would sometimes go through my whole body and out my fingers & toes. Most of the brain zaps branched forward into my cheeks. I had a lot of pain behind my ears, behind my jawbone. My depression and anxiety got bad. I had crying spells and deep sadness. The insomnia and myoclonic jerks got worse. The longer I was off the Cymbalta, the worse I was getting. About a month off, I was hospitalized once more. They increased my Seroquel and Neurontin, and put me on Lexapro. 2-3 weeks after starting Lexapro, I started getting tinnitus. First, some pings in one ear when I woke up one day. Then I developed loud hissing/ringing in both ears, and ear pain and pressure. About 6 weeks later, a low, rumbly hum in one ear like a truck idling in the distance. Then about 6 weeks later, beeping tones in a morse code pattern in both ears. About 10 days later, this became louder, and I got several high pitched tones in my left ear. The "morse code" tones happened in response to white noise. As time went on, I began to hear this even when there was no white noise in the background. It turned into a kind of jangly, metallic morse code, worse in my right ear. Then about a month later, I got a high-pitched feedback typed sound in my left ear, like when you get a microphone too close to its stand. Through this all, I've had intermittent ear pain, and times of pressure in there. Sometimes I get popping open of my ear, and it hurts. If I press on my ear from the outside there is burning pain deep inside. I have been seen by 2 doctors at our family practice, an urgent care doctor, an ENT, and an allergist. 4 of them said "Eustachian tube dysfunction due to allergies", but the allergist tested me and all allergy tests came back negative. I've never had my ears in this state before, though. I am now 6 months off Cymbalta. I don't know if the evolving tinnitus is due to extended Cymbalta withdrawal or due to the Lexapro. I am not sure if I should try coming off the Lexapro...will be talking to my doctor about this, but I'm nervous as I don't really know what direction to go in...all choices come with risk. I still get myoclonic jerks, but much less. I still get some muscle twitching during the day, but less. I am on the Seroquel and Neurontin for sleep and for the anxiety symptoms.
  10. I have tapered successfully off clonazepam , 2 months benzo free, been on antidepressants over 3 decades, taking every one imaginable in those years. Prescriptions have been from Lupin pharmaceuticals mainly and last night I took new prescription of Duloxetine fro Activis pharmaceutical. I have been struggling for the past 7 hours with what feels like benzo withdrawal. Dizzy, dissociated, depersonalization, nausea, feels like I will vomit,dry mouth large pupils and no appetite. Doc said this manufacturer is more precise in dose than Lupin and I ASSUME the dose may be higher. I have contacted all pharmacies in my area with no luck I finding one that has Lupin as the manufacturer of Duloxetine any longer. Would it help if I took out 10% of the beads , threw them out and put remainder back in capsule so dose is 10% less? I am afraid to take it tonight but have no choice. Thank you!
  11. FREE LEGAL HELP Studies show that between 50% and 78% of Cymbalta users experience antidepressant withdrawal symptoms after discontinuing the drug. Yet the drug label misleadingly states that Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms occur in only 1% to 2% of cases. These findings have resulted in nearly three dozen Cymbalta lawsuits and a Cymbalta class action lawsuit against Eli Lilly and Co. for allegedly misleading consumers about the risk and severity of Cymbalta withdrawal side effects. If you attempted to stop taking Cymbalta and suffered withdrawal symptoms such as brain “zaps” (electric-like sensations in the body and brain), nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, vertigo, dizziness, hot and cold flashes, insomnia, nightmares or more, you may have a legal claim. Join a Free Cymbalta Class Action Lawsuit Investigation If you qualify, an attorney will contact you to discuss the details of your potential case at no charge to you. Due to the high volume of interest in filing a Cymbalta withdrawal lawsuit it may take 7 – 14 business days to receive a response from the attorneys handling these submissions. Please be patient. The law firm responsible for this investigation is reviewing every single submission that comes in. Go to: http://topclassactions.com/lawsuit-settlements/lawsuit-news/40648-cymbalta-withdrawal-side-effects-class-action-lawsuit-investigation/
  12. NOTE Also see 2009: FDA hears testimony about Cymbalta discontinuation syndrome Study finds some Cymbalta withdrawal "severe and persistant" Doctor is shocked at severe Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms Tips for tapering off Cymbalta (duloxetine) This is a press release seeking leads for lawyers http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/1532756 To send an inquiry, see http://injury-law.freeadvice.com/injury-law/drug-toxic_chemicals/cymbalta-lawsuits.htm It is not clear what firm, if any, is pursuing these lawsuits. Patients Suffering Withdrawal Symptoms from Major Antidepressant Drug Suspect Manufacturer Hid Risk of Side Effect Consumers who have suffered from withdrawal of Eli Lilly & Company's anti-depressant Cymbalta have reason to believe the drug manufacturer was aware of the risk of side effects but failed to disclose information to the general public. SAUSALITO, CA, October 18, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Patients using the anti-depressant drug, Cymbalta, have reported a number of physical and emotional side effects suffered after attempting to stop use of the drug. The drug's manufacturer, Eli Lilly & Company, has come under fire for failing to disclose the risks of Cymbalta withdrawal and promoting use of the drug while downplaying its side effects. Free Advice has released new articles covering Cymbalta withdrawal to provide consumers with more information on what symptoms to expect and how injured patients can pursue legal action. FDA Finds Evidence of Cymbalta Side Effects The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has investigated Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms, and released the results of an agency study that found: - Clinical studies of abrupt discontinuation of Cymbalta show that withdrawal occurred in 44 to 50% of patients - Of patients suffering withdrawal symptoms, 10% of those were severe - Half of the patients who reported Cymbalta withdrawal had not resolved the side effects at the end of the two week study Patients in the FDA study displayed a wide array of physical and emotional side effects as a result of abrupt discontinuation of Cymbalta use, including: - Suicidal thoughts - Tremors - Nausea - Appetite changes and weight gain - Insomnia - Full body shaking - Tunnel vision The FDA's study also pointed out that there had been "a serious breakdown at both the FDA and the manufacturer, Eli Lilly and Company, in providing adequate warnings and instructions about how to manage [the side effects]," which suggests that Eli Lilly was aware of the potential side effects from Cymbalta withdrawal and provided neither the FDA nor the American public with adequate warning of the risks. .... Eli Lilly's History of Misleading Cymbalta Advertisements According to patients who have suffered Cymbalta withdrawal, Eli Lilly mislead consumers with a series of aggressive advertisements that highlighted the positive effects of Cymbalta and downplayed, or ignored, the potential risks of withdrawal side effects. As more patients come forward with complaints of withdrawal symptoms, Eli Lilly's recent history of unlawful promotion of the drug could suggest the company was aware of Cymbalta's risks and failed to disclose them to consumers. Eli Lilly was fined in 2007 and 2009 by the FDA for unlawfully promoting Cymbalta through mailings that gave false statements that overstated the effect of the drug and downplaying clinical studies that revealed risks of Cymbalta withdrawal. Further, the company has been accused of selectively publishing study results that over-exaggerate the effect of Cymbalta and hide the risks. Misleading Claims About Cymbalta Side Effects Could Lead to Lawsuits Citing the history of Eli Lilly's fines by the FDA and the suspicion that the company provided misleading study results, patients claim that the company has established a pattern of falsified advertising to press Cymbalta on patients without adequate warning of the risks. Attorneys preparing legal action against the company claim that Eli Lilly was aware of the moderate to severe side effects associated with Cymbalta withdrawal, promoted use of the drug without warning of these risks, and caused patients who used the drug unaware of the consequences significant injury. By arguing that Eli Lilly Company was aware of Cymbalta side effects and downplayed them to promote use of the drug, patients and their attorneys will look to hold the drug manufacturer liable for medical bills and pain & suffering damages. For more information, click here for Free Advice's latest article about Cymbalta lawsuits. As more patients come forward, experienced lawyers are offering consultations with people who have suffered moderate to severe side effects from Cymbalta withdrawal. Typical symptoms last for several weeks after ceasing the use of Cymbalta, or are so severe as to prevent the patient from being able to stop use of the drug. If you or a loved one has suffered from Cymbalta withdrawal, click here for a FREE case evaluation by an experienced attorney. --- Press release service and press release distribution provided by http://www.24-7pressrelease.com
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