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  1. I have been on various SSRIs over the last 20 years. I've no doubt they helped me through some very difficult times. Recently I have been trying to discontinue Lexapro. I was on 30mg per day for at least 5 years when my insurance company suddenly decided 30 mg was not medically necessary. They refused to fill my prescription until the dosage was lowered to 20 mg. I tried to taper for a couple of weeks and then ran out completely before the next refill. I went "cold turkey" for about 10 days. I wasn't feeling too bad so I decided this was a good time to quit. About 3 weeks into this process, I was hit was terrible withdrawal symptoms - "brain zaps", diarrhea, debilitating anxiety and general discomfort. On the up side, I haven't felt so clear headed in many years and am thoroughly enjoying feeling my emotions once again. But I've had to add 10 mg back into my daily regimen to prevent the physical symptoms. Now, about 6 weeks into this crazy, unplanned process, I am starting to feel depressed and chronically anxious. Long story - not finished yet by any means. I joined this forum to find out what other people are doing, have done to be free of mind numbing SSRIs.
  2. Hi friends. I am writing to you in sheer desperation and panic. I hope that someone can help me alleviate withdrawal symptoms. A little background. I am 33. At the age of 17, I had a pretty significant episode of depression. I was prescribed Prozac and sent on my way. At some point (my memory evades me) I was switched to Celexa. I became suicidal and made an attempt on my life at the age of 20. After about a year, I recovered and stopped taking all meds with no withdrawal symptoms to note. At the age of 24, I began feeling dizzy, having racing thoughts and eye pain. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and prescribed 20 mg Lexapro. The treatment worked well and I felt much better. Although, I will note that I feel like my memory and cognition have suffered drastically while on it! I have been taking Lexapro for the past 9 years. When I got pregnant with my first child, I decided to stop treatment. I cut my dose back to 10 mg and had horrific withdrawal. I was very nauseous, had brain zaps and terrible anxiety. I also have a strange eye pain?! After 13 days I couldn't handle it anymore and went back to my 20 mg. A few years later I attempted to stop again. The withdrawl symptoms were too much. I caved. I hate being a slave to this medication. I am terribly sick if I miss a single dose! Over the past year, I've gradually cut back my dose from 20mg to 15mg to 10 mg. I have withdrawal symptoms each time that typically get better within 2 weeks. At this point, my anxiety symptoms and irritability are very high! But, I can't help but wonder if they are true anxiety symptoms or are being caused by the Lexapro? My Family Doctor has no concept that withdrawing from SSRIs can cause big problems. In fact, he basically told me I was imagining the brain zaps and other issues. I'm so frustrated! It's nice to know I'm not the only one feeling this way. I'm determined to get off of this stuff. I'm terrified that I've potentially already caused irreversible damage. 5 days ago I tapered from 10 to 5 mg. I'm struggling. I read about the liquid. I'm wondering if that might be the answer?!
  3. 2 AM here and for me to risk losing another sleeping night, it says of how much dire my life has become. My real name is Vitor, 23 Y/O, Male and middle-class Brazilian. Ever since the age of 17 I've been suffering from undying stress due to a troublesome relationship, ever since I've contemplated the voyage of the magical healing that psychiatric meds would proportionate, people say with age comes regret for what should have been, mine has arrived with no preemptive sign. Since 2013 I've started my first psychiatric treatment, 10mg of Escitalopram (Exodus, a medication that - so far - is only available national-wide), my mood went from downhill to upwards jolly, my med also diagnosed what could have been ADHD and suggested me to start a parallel treatment with Ritalin LA 20mg (which later was increased to 30mg and much later reduced to 10mg). Past almost a year into the beginning of the treatment, and my doctor saw no use for me to carry on with SSRIs, instructing then to stop aburptly, so far I've exited the road symptomless, or with ones that I couldn't notice at such time, since my troublesome affective relationship went from bad to worst every single day. 2014's dawn and i've lost touch with my girlfriend, the shock basically made me rush into my old med once again, had a terrible reaction that - if not by my current state - would have been the worst time of my life. The experience already made me wary of the dangers underlying such meds. Worst would come when my Health Insurance retracted my membership, on the basis that my monthly automatic payments were not being made due to an error, with no prior warning from any part. Universal Healthcare here is a mess, and when trying to make an appointment, on 2014, I'm still yet to hear any previews from any part. I was basically lost at that point. Forced into Cold Turkey from both meds, which would have been bad, have I not associated with the recent loss of my girlfriend. I can't remember that much about the symptoms. 2015 I've found another psychiatrist who basically reinstated me into both meds, but things started to spiral down from here, on July I've lost my job and had to head out to my parents, with the second "withdrawal" I started to be wary of the first underlying condition: Brain Fogs. I've basically grown and lived in my own imagination, for the first time in my life, trying to visualize thoughts was an out of reach task, something I did naturally taken away from me. I basically gave up on writing and drawing for some time. And after it, symptom after symptom came after me, the bad sinus, the erratic emotional swings, hyperarousal, hyperthermia, akethesia. All except for the Brain Zaps. The constance of intake and withdrawals basically spinned my head, and I can't say whether or not I'm into a dead end. I tried reintroducing Escitalopram probably 2 more times (both 7,5 mg), but the sleepiness was so crippling that I've basically gave up trying. 2016 and here I am, symptoms I've never had any notice until now, my mind totally blank, impossible to sleep with the burning skin and lightheadedness. I don't feel fatigue that much, but I'm panicking almost all of the time. Coming here was a struggle, admiting that I'm sick was a blow to my morale and self-steem, and trying to tell yourself you're fine is the worst. My ability to feel joy have been dulled, but I think I'm slowly turning back to enjoy games, the hardest blow is the brain fog and cognitive impairment, not being able to contextualize and love being imaginative. I've read so many terrifying stories, but at the same time, I think embracing the first community that would accept my phase is absolutely necessary. My family is clueless of my symptoms, so were and are most of my friends, which I've lost so many. I'll definitely miss my 20's, if I ever remember them. Sorry for such sloppy and grieving carthasis, and thank you to anyone who took your time reading.
  4. Hi everyone! I stumbled across this forum when googling 'getting off Pristiq' and found the tapering pristiq post. Browsing around the last couple hours has been very helpful and calming. I'm happy to have found somewhere with people possibly experiencing similar situations like I am and to also get some support/help outside of my doctors. I've dealt with depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder II for years and years. Ever since I was a kid. As a kid I used negative coping mechanisms to counter what I was feeling but as I got older it stopped 'helping' my feelings and began to make them worse. I first saw a psychiatrist in 2008 and was prescribed lexapro. I took it for a week and then threw the rest out. I said I could keep doing it without meds or any help (but with some counseling help of course. I can't do that alone) 2010 at 21 years old I was diagnosed with papillary carcinoma (thyroid cancer) and had surgery/treatment for that. Since losing all functioning thyroid cells, I have to take Synthroid for-ev-er. These last years I've been able to really understand my body and know the difference between a depressive episode or if my thyroid levels are not optimal. And it's been a long bumpy road. This year though has been one of the worst I've experienced mentally and it led me to seek out counseling help and when I still wasn't having any improvement with CBT decided to finally try meds. My psychologist suggested a family medicine doc and I ran to her. First was prescribed lexapro and took it for a month. It made me incredibly groggy and foggy brained during the day, even with taking it at night. So my doc abruptly stopped that and had me start Pristiq 50mg that same day. I had a week of rockiness mainly with emotions and agitation. Trouble sleeping. Upset stomach. But most subsided by week 2. By the time the 4th week of being on pristiq rolled around I noticed my anxiety was getting way out of control and gradually getting worse. I had my first panic attack in YEARS after one month on pristiq. Follow up with my doc and she adds on Buspar and suggests I see a new doctor (my bad for seeing a family medicine to manage meds when I should have seen a psychiatrist first. But anywho...) Finally get in with a good psych but by now it's been 3 months on pristiq. First evaluation and everything, she tells me that Pristiq (or effexor) would be one of the last meds she would prescribe me just based on my personal symptoms/issues. So I left that appointment feeling great and accomplished! Finally going to get on track... I go back to her the next week for the medication plan and she tells me to half my 50mg pristiq pills and come back the next week. She added trazadone 75mg at night for sleep (which really has been helping in that area for me) and kept buspar the same (15mg twice daily and as needed). Holy Toledo, by day three of the half dose I was ready to crawl out of my skin. Was shaky, headaches, upset stomach, very anxious and emotional (my poor boyfriend), almost chill like body aches. I was so ready to be off pristiq I was scared to call the doc and tell her how I was feeling, so I stuck it out. Saw her last week for the follow up and told her how I was doing, she decided to keep me at the half dose of pristiq for 2 more weeks then come back (I see her next week). She mentioned possibly trying Zoloft but will have a more concrete plan when I see her next. I feel pretty defeated right now. I'm on almost 3 weeks now on the half dose of pristiq and just all around feeling poopy. Emotionally and physically. My mood has gotten way worse, depression symptoms are very strong right now and having trouble even working. I'm so glad I came across the post I did today, because I am going to call and see if she'll call in the 25mg pristiq. After reading that halving the extended release pills isn't recommended MAYBE getting the 25mg will help for now. So that's my shortened/long story. I would love to be referenced to some posts that might help since I haven't totally learned my way around yet, or even just some encouragement! Just keep telling myself this is only temporary right now
  5. First of all, thanks for your wonderful site. I found a lot of info on here that really helps me. I am currently laying on my bed at my mums house and I don't know what to do. So i've started an account, maybe you guys can cheer me up. (I am crying while I am writing this) I am in a horrible state at the moment. I lost a lot of weight and muscle, I am feeling numb in my head and I am scared of everything. Scared of my own thoughts, my body, all pills and the future. It all started when in 2010 (I was 19 at the time) I was diagnosed with something, I don't even know what really, nobody told me. At that time I just dropped out of high school, was depressed and anxious. (I think i've been anxious most of my life) I even had thoughts about ending my life, but I never really wanted to. The doctor put me on Lexapro 10 mg and the next day after my first pill I had more energy and calmness, it was great. It didn't do anything about the anxiety but I just took them because I thought they helped me. I went on with my life for several years. I had a job and I had a few good friends and I was quite oke with it. My life didn't progress whatsoever but I could function and even had some great times. Over the years I became more anxious, stopped seeing friends more and more and stayed in my tiny apartment. This was the only place where I could really relax. I also started to have lots of pains and aches, I was sweating a lot more and I gained a lot of weight. In the beginning of 2015 I had more stress because my mind would not shut up. When I was finished with a days work I was still think about everything that happened that day and what I did wrong. It was like the whole day repeated in my head. Soon this over thinking of things was getting out of hand and my stress level rose. At the peak of it all, the tiredness, the stress, and the anxiety (Ive developed more and more anxiety for stupid things, like even going to work at one point made me anxious) I stopped Lexapro within four days. My Psych wanted me to go to venlafaxine but I never did. I stopped lexapro in November 2015. After stopping lexapro I had a few good weeks when suddenly everything hit me. Panic, insomnia, sweating, intrusive thoughts, restlessness, extra stress and tiredness. I became ashamed of myself and I was so in doubt with myself. This al cleared after a few weeks and I had a few great days where my mind was calm, I could sleep, I could laugh with friends and go out of the house without any anxiety. This window was even better than I could remember being it in all these years. After that I had a few **** days and a few good ones until now, May 2016. I've had al sorts of things happen to me. I've been using benzo's to get some sleep but most of the days I hardly get any. My mind is sometimes very blank and sometimes hyper, Ive had episodes of extreme suicidal tendencies, hot flushes, cold flushes, aches, pains, muscles weakness, depressive episodes, numbness, lots of severe panics, self doubt and shame. I hardly can go to work and go out of the house. What is happening to me? Currently ive been om Ativan 1,0 off and on, sometimes for a week at a time to sleep, sometimes only a few days per week since march 1st. I went to the doctor and he wanted me to reinstate Lexapro, but when I did that last night (5mg) I got super hyper and anxious, almost manic. I jumped around in my bed didn't sleep at all. This morning I took 1mg of lexapro but I got a bit hyper after taking it, that is now subsiding. Ive lost complete control over myself and I am scared for thing to come. For instance every night I am scared to go to bed. What if I don't sleep? Ive looked up info on the internet to the extremes and that isn't helping. After the ativan works out, I get a massive panicy intrusive thoughts shakiness. Or maybe it is just me, not the ativan. What should I do now? Carry on with reinstating lexapro? Stop the Ativan? Stop everything and see if i can do without all the pills? I am so tired now that I nearly don't want to go through this anymore. I am losing my social life, my job and everything. I used to have a lot of passions and enjoyed life. When do i get to my old self again? Who is my old self? Thanks for reading, Steve.
  6. Hey guys I'm new and I'm so lost for answers as no doctor seems to help me. I started tapering off cipralex( canada) in November and finished up in April . i was only on 10 mg but I had previously quit celexa years ago cold turkey and it was a nightmare . THE first 6 weeks were a breeze and then it hit me. My hair started falling out as soon as I started tapering but has now subsided but the acne has hit me hard.. This happened last time with celexa and it was so bad I took 3 months off work. I wake up nauseas and vibrating with anxiety everyday . I couldn't go the bathroom at all, maybe twice a week. I already deal with pcos and ibs so it seems to have have magnified it. How long does this last?!?! I came off because I want to get pregnant but I have zero sex drive and want to cry every second . MY skin Is so oily and my hair it's disgusting . I would love to hear that this gets better ? I think the only plus to withdrawal is the 15 pounds I gained in 3 years is coming off. PLEASE HELP . IM DESPERATE
  7. Hello from the Southern Hemisphere. I made it to 50 years old without the need for Psychological help or medication. Life then became turbulent and threw me off balance. Initially I tried to just tough it out, harden up, as this had always worked for me in the past. After being dragged to the Doctor by a relative in June 2015, I was prescribed Lexam. I took one 20mg dose which knocked me off my perch. After a whole day of feeling the strange effects I refused to continue. The next 24 to 48 hours were very similar to a severe bout of influenza. I went on for another Month without medication, only to find my depressive symptoms got worse. At this point I had no choice but accept that I had something wrong with me that I could not fix alone. Weekly then monthly visits to a Psychologist over the ensuing 5 months, along with daily 20mg doses of Lexam proved to be Good Medicine for me. Although I had recovered, I chose to stay on the Lexam until June 2016. I had been given an indication from two separate doctors (GPs) that a half dosage for a week is sufficient time to ween myself off Lexam. I began this process on 18th June, with 10mg (roughly chopped 20mg tablets) on the morning of the 18th & 19th. 10mg on the evening of the 20th. Skipped the 21st, 5mg (roughly quartered 20mg tablet)on the morning of the 22nd. Continued the rough 5mg on morning of the 23rd, & 24th. That was the last time I took anything. I visited the Psychologist one last time on the morning of the 25th, to let him know what I have done. I visited the Doctor (GP) on the 27th and confirmed once again that a one week taper is ok. Today is the 2nd July 2016, 7 days without Lexam. The past week has seen dizziness progressively get worse. Similar to the sensation of standing up too quickly. Also mild flu like symptoms in my head, but without any nasal or lung congestion. By the 6th day I occasionally could hear my own pulse briefly with a blocked ear sensation. The only Depressive type symptom I have experienced is the onset of tears during a movie. (I have always been a sucker for a heart rendering story but this was a little more than usual). I found this forum this morning. It's astounding how out of touch some medical practitioners seem to be. I will continue my cold turkey approach for now, while closely monitoring the effects.
  8. Hey there, I just wanted to put my story here and see if anyone had encouraging words for me. I've been off of Lexapro since September 2010, and it has been one hell of a ride. I was only on for about 9 months, and now I'm about 22 months removed from the stuff. So, I endured really tough withdrawal for the first six months after the CT, and at that point my sleep began to improve and my depression/anxiety/DP/intrusive thoughts began to subside. Months 6 thru 12 also showed improvement, and by month 12 after my CT, I was feeling like I was on a trajectory to feeling 'normal'. Months 12 thru 17 were good, I was feeling confident and feeling like I was getting back to normal. However, I dipped into what seems like a bad wave in month 18 thru present. I am again dealing with depression/intrusive thoughts/bad anxiety/inability to relax/etc that feels like initial withdrawal. I was so excited to get back to my normal self in the window and so this wave has really brought me to my knees. Anyone have any words of encouragement for me? This will get better in time, right? Thanks.
  9. I was only on Lexapro for situatonal anxiety. I started mid May at 1.25mg and went gradually up to 7.5 mg in one month. I decided I didnt like it and started to come down the next month gradually as well until at the end of the month I was at 1.25 for a week and then 0. THe last 3 weeks after that have been HELLLLLL! Horrible. Tightness in head and lower back, cannot sleep well, nervous system wont calm down - that was the first 2 weeks. I thought it would get better! But week 4 started and the symptoms are even more bizarre- disconnected from my body, feel slightly detached and far away- head hurts. I am scared now as I read what people have gone though and the lasting effects. I am really petrified to go back on the stupid Lexapro now that I have waited to so long. I only have a general doctor and she knows nothing. I am very nervous..
  10. Hello all, I'm generally very private about my medical history and have never posted to a public forum before, and feel a little uncomfortable doing so, but I could really use some insight and reassurance BEFORE I see my health care provider tomorrow afternoon. Here is a brief background on my history: Bi Polar 1 and Bordereline Personality, Panic disorder, Past medical history: Paxil, Ativan, Lamictal, Ambilify, Probably something else I can't recall.. Current: Lithium, Trleptal, Xanax, Lexapro (Tappering), Wellbutrin I have tapered off Lexapro before only to shorty go back on it. I know that this is one of the more difficult ones to tapper off of, but this seems excessive. The tapering has been for 2 1/2 weeks. Wellbutrin was introduced as a substitute for the lexapro. As of the last 3 days, I am experiencing excruciating brain zaps, dizziness, fatigue, and a consistent and concerning muscle spasm on the right side of my face. My question is: Has anyone here been on both of these medications? Are these symptoms most likely the withdrawal from lexapro OR could this be the wellbutrin. How long did your lexapro withdrawal help for? Being that I cannot take any NSAIDS (no advil, alive etc.) is there anything you took to help alleviate this? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Hello, just over a year ago my psychiatrist lowered my Cymbalta dose from 60mg to 40mg. 2 days later, I was in severe withdrawals. She put me up to 50mg, but I didn't stabilize. Besides the physical symptoms (eye pain, dizziness, muscle pain and joint pain all over my body, and many more), I had the worst fear of my life. It was like everything around me looked like a nightmare. I also had insomnia and a high heart rate. I began having suicidal thoughts. In the hospital, they raised me back to my original dose of 60 mg and said I would stabilize in about a month's time...but that didn't happen. I switched psychiatrists, and the new one wanted to increase my dose to 90mg; she thought that was the only way I could get past this. At first I felt better...for maybe 10 days or so. Then the anxiety went through the roof. I couldn't sleep, when I finally could fall asleep late into the night, myoclonic jerks kept waking me up. I had muscle spasms/twitching/shuddering all through the day, too, all over my body. My heart rate was dangerously high. I was hospitalized again. They put me on Seroquel for sleep, and Neurontin to bring down the anxiety symptoms. It took me 3 months to come down off the Cymbalta, 1 mg per day, by opening the capsules and counting the beads. When I got down to about 10mg or so, I started getting brain zaps, very strong ones that would sometimes go through my whole body and out my fingers & toes. Most of the brain zaps branched forward into my cheeks. I had a lot of pain behind my ears, behind my jawbone. My depression and anxiety got bad. I had crying spells and deep sadness. The insomnia and myoclonic jerks got worse. The longer I was off the Cymbalta, the worse I was getting. About a month off, I was hospitalized once more. They increased my Seroquel and Neurontin, and put me on Lexapro. 2-3 weeks after starting Lexapro, I started getting tinnitus. First, some pings in one ear when I woke up one day. Then I developed loud hissing/ringing in both ears, and ear pain and pressure. About 6 weeks later, a low, rumbly hum in one ear like a truck idling in the distance. Then about 6 weeks later, beeping tones in a morse code pattern in both ears. About 10 days later, this became louder, and I got several high pitched tones in my left ear. The "morse code" tones happened in response to white noise. As time went on, I began to hear this even when there was no white noise in the background. It turned into a kind of jangly, metallic morse code, worse in my right ear. Then about a month later, I got a high-pitched feedback typed sound in my left ear, like when you get a microphone too close to its stand. Through this all, I've had intermittent ear pain, and times of pressure in there. Sometimes I get popping open of my ear, and it hurts. If I press on my ear from the outside there is burning pain deep inside. I have been seen by 2 doctors at our family practice, an urgent care doctor, an ENT, and an allergist. 4 of them said "Eustachian tube dysfunction due to allergies", but the allergist tested me and all allergy tests came back negative. I've never had my ears in this state before, though. I am now 6 months off Cymbalta. I don't know if the evolving tinnitus is due to extended Cymbalta withdrawal or due to the Lexapro. I am not sure if I should try coming off the Lexapro...will be talking to my doctor about this, but I'm nervous as I don't really know what direction to go in...all choices come with risk. I still get myoclonic jerks, but much less. I still get some muscle twitching during the day, but less. I am on the Seroquel and Neurontin for sleep and for the anxiety symptoms.
  12. I am a minor. I've made a lot of good progress in weekly psychotherapy and meds. I am on 10mg of Lexapro, and have been for roughly three months. However I think my psychiatrist will be more likely to diagnose me as a paranoid schizophrenic than take me off the lexapro if I ask for it. I don't take much and haven't been taking it long, but I don't want to take it, in fear of these horrible withdrawals and the fact I want to feel better without drugs. If I can't persuade my psych I may end up just slowly tapering on my own.... Thank you very much for having me.
  13. Hello everyone! I am glad to join a forum where we can share our very unique experiences with tapering off. I have been tapering off escitalopram for only 6 days now and I could feel a considerable change in my mood from day 2. I went from 10 mg of escitalopram per day, to a 10-7.5-10 dosage recommended by my psychiatrist and I have been feeling very irritable. Specially at night. I was wondering if someone has experienced w/d symptoms this early. My fiancé is a physician (ophthalmologist) and insists it's too early for me to feel a change (still, he supports and comforts me). But I am very sensitive to any substance. I just want some empathy and any advice on how to cope. I feel like I'm not myself and I wonder if this (easily upset, slightly anxious and anti social) is how I am going to feel for the next 8 months (which is how long my tapering off will take). I am trying to practice modern dance at least twice a week to boost my serotonin levels naturally and it feels good up to now. But every night I am this cranky b****! Has anyone felt the same? Before you suggest slower tapering, take into account that Escitalopram is not sold in liquid form or in lower dosages than 10mg in Mexico. All the best.
  14. Hello everyone, I was diagnosed with Anxiety disorder, agoraphobia, claustrophobia, and severe depression, few years ago. I was on Nexito (Escitalopram) and Rivotril (Clonazepam) for almost 3 years. I went off the above medications 4 months ago, i.e., in January 2016. Withdrawals started after a month. My shrink prescribed me with Stablon (Tianeptine) 12.5mg twice a day, to fight the withdrawals. Three weeks into the new drug, and I started experiencing the following symptoms. Head ache/stuffy head Muscle ache Weakness Joint pain Dry mouth Dizziness Anxiety Suicidal Thought Mood swings Loss of taste I immediately contacted my shrink and he put me back to Nexito and Rivotril. Upon asking whether the above symptoms were the side effect of Tianeptine, he simply avoided the question by claiming Tianeptine to a very mild drug. It has been 4 days now, I'm off Tianeptine, and I am feeling much better. Not completely though. My main concern here is the loss of taste. Been 4 days and I cannot taste food at all. Even if I am not eating anything, there is this greasy metallic feel that persists. I went to an ENT yesterday and he concluded it as a reaction to Acidity, and prescribed me with general antacids, lactic acid bacillus capsules, and mouthwash. Since I do not know why it happened and what exactly it is, I am concerned whether I am on the right line of treatment. If anyone out here can help me on this, I'd be grateful. Thank you!
  15. cheery

    Cheery Here

    Hello! I am SO grateful to have found this site. What a wonderful place and great form of support! I had never taken antidepressants but was prescribed escitalopram after a tragedy I experienced. I started last August and had terrible side effects. So lethargic, jaw clenching, hair loss, tooth pain, swallowing issues to name a few. I believe now I tapered far too quickly. On the advice of a friend I simply cut the pills in half during a two week period and was done. I had some brain zaps and dizziness for the first few weeks and then felt fine. After about two months I started experiencing new symptoms each day. Started with weakness in one arm that got to the point my wrist would just flop over. Then horrible ear pain. Then numbness, tingling, burning, twitching, muscle aches, joint pain all over. Electric shocks through my body were horrible also. Tender spots on my scalp really freaked me out. I had NO idea until I found this site these were withdrawal symptoms. I thought something was terribly wrong with me. I had gone to the doctor and had every test and they were all perfect. He said I was stressed which I am not. I just returned from vacation so very relaxed. The symptoms have started to subside thank goodness but now 6 months out I am having terrible sinus pain and sinus headaches that have lasted for days. My sinuses will also get inflamed when irritated but certain things but it is never consistent. Sometimes it's food, sometimes perfume, sometimes the cold weather. This is all so depressing. I just want to feel normal again. I have literally tried every over the counter drug for my sinus headaches and nothing works. I have bought a million supplements and nothing seems to help either. Some bring my nerve symptoms right back to the forefront. It is still mind-blowing to me that a drug I was on for such a short period of time could do all this. Has anyone else had these sinus headaches and found something that has helped reduce the pain? How long should I expect all this to last? Thanks for your responses and reading my story.
  16. I wonder about the importance to taper very slowly after taking escitalopram 5 mg for 10 days and before that Zoloft during 52 days between 25 mg-50 mg-37,5mg (a total of 62 days on 2 different SSRIs). I went from 5 mg escitalopram to 2,5 mg 3 days ago. I feel a little "lost" and tired but also better and don´t know if it can be dangerous/bad tapering fast even if I haven´t been long on the meds. I'm quitting the SSRI since I feel they don´t work this time. I was on Zoloft for 18 years, feeling good. I decided to finish after seeing a webbinar this summer about the dangers with a/d. Started again after 5 months due to stress in a new and horrible job. Thought it was going to be a piece of cake like before but, No. A night mare! This time I've felt worse with highly increased anxiety every day so I want to get off them and be drug free before I see a psychiatrist on Tuesday. Due to the increased anxiety I have been forced to take 0,5 mg of Lorazepam daily for a 1 month. Which I hate :-(
  17. Hello All, This is my first post here. Firstly, thank you so much for the existence of this forum and support available which is severely lacking in mainstream health care services. I am currently trying to taper from Escitalopram / Lexapro as I feel that SSRI medications do not help me and cause additional problems to my existing anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia. In October 2014, I reduced my medication from 10mg to 5mg of Escitalopram / Lexapro as a result of not being able to get to my GP as a result of the severity of my agoraphobia and not being able to get a GP to do a home visit. I had limited medication remaining so figured the best course of action was to take some rather than be left with none. I have continued at 5mg since and my GP advises the usual method of tapering, which I consider to be far too rapid. I have requested liquid Escitalopram / Lexapro, which my GP advises is not necessary. I disagree as I have experienced prolonged withdrawal in the past (see my signature for details) I am willing to make my own liquid as per instructions here. My main concerns are, that since I reduced from 10mg - 5mg (50% decrease out of necessity not choice) I have been suffering from many side effects including severe fatigue, dizziness, mild depersonalisation and derealisation, lack of motivation, nightmares, insomnia, hypersomnia, anxiety, agitation, irritation, quick temper, feelings of hopelessness, skin rash, now subsided which I believed to be Keratosis Pilaris, confused thinking and speech and overall difficulty in functioning. I am usually a vibrant and positive person with lots of energy and creative thinking. I am finding it really distressing to wake up every day feeling the way that I do and wanted advice on whether my experience is normal and how to manage / overcome my symptoms naturally. I want me back and I am prepared to struggle and experience hardship on the road to get there as long as my struggles are in the right direction towards recovery. I would also be grateful for advice on whether to continue on 5mg or whether I have jeopardized my withdrawal by tapering by 50% initially? Should I reinstate my original dose of 10mg and taper by 10% to give me the best chance of successful withdrawal or continue as I am on 5mg? I appreciate that everyone here has their own struggles to battle, so all replies and advice / tips would be very gratefully received and welcomed. Thank you so much in advance. Wishing everyone here good health and success in their efforts. Tilly x
  18. Hello Everyone, This is my first post. My oh my, where to start. I guess from the beginning. I'm a 24 year old male. A year and a half ago, while still in college, I would smoke weed almost everyday. I had only started smoking about a year before that, so I would consider my experience with it slightly amateurish. I'm a normal kid, but I'm definitely shy, more than the average, introverted I guess. I'm also very sensitive. I don't like to be shy, I just care too much about what others think. I think this is why I turned to weed. It gave me happiness I guess you can say. I never had any serious problem with weed until February of 2015. Someone that I went to elementary school with committed suicide. He wasn't a friend but I knew who he was and when I heard the news, it really stunned me, I got really sad. Anyways, I carried on with my normal life and smoked a big blunt with a friend that night. I got really high, too high. All of a sudden I felt a big shift in my consciousness, something clicked in my brain. Everything felt very dull. Thoughts going through my head such as significance of life, purpose of anything, thoughts that I never thought about in my whole life, and anxiety that felt like a 20 lb weight on my chest. I thought to myself could this happen to me what happened to the kid who committed suicide. For the first time in my life I felt depressed. I didn't know what to do, I felt like I was on a different planet, everything just seemed really peculiar. The next morning was a Saturday, and all I could think is I need to see a psychiatrist, of course had to wait till Monday to make any calls. I just felt like crying because I didn't know what to do with myself. I was so mentally unstable. Let me fast forward a little. I finally got to a psychiatrist, after already meeting with a psychologist who recommended this psychiatrist. I told her all about how I was feeling and She prescribed me 10mg of escitalopram and 2.5mg of abilify because I was having racing thoughts. The escitalopram made me really tired, but it did help with the depression/anxiety. The abilify made me feel really weird. I got off of the abilify within a couple of months. By the summer of 2015 I got up to 20mg of escitalopram, going from 10 to 15 to 20. I guess you could say my depression and anxiety was pretty much gone by then, but I was always out of energy and I was already gaining weight. In September of 2015, now I've been on the lexapro for 7 months, I decided I really want to get off this drug. I would tell the psychiatrist that I just don't feel myself on it. The depression was gone, but I wouldn't laugh as much, couldn't cry, just felt very flat, and felt what some people call brain fog. I just don't want medication to help me function. I want my body/brain to heal itself naturally with time/diet/exercise/yoga/therapy/ anything that will help. I drop down to 15mg from 20 without telling my shrink. After about a week, I started feeling depressed. I talked about it with my psychologist( i was going to therapy weekly). Eventually telling my shrink, she recommended i go back to 20, but I didn't want to and after a couple of weeks, the depression subsided. I stayed at 15 for a couple months and i was feeling fine and still encouraged to get off this drug. I told my shrink I want to do this, so she gave me a taper schedule: go from 15 to 10 for 6 weeks, then 5 for 6 weeks, and then i can just stop. I had already been reading up on tapering and how difficult it is so i knew this would probably be too fast, but i dropped down to 10 anyways. Everything was fine i didn't feel any withdrawals. After those 6 weeks, i figured 10 to 5 is just too fast, so I dropped to 7.5mg instead. Again, everything was fine except for some dizzy spells i got once a day that would last about 10 minutes. I took some motion sickness medicine daily after feeling those withdrawals and the dizziness subsided. After those 6 weeks i dropped to 5mg. After about a week, I started feeling depressed. I couldn't handle the feeling, i had to stay strong because i'm an accountant and i have to work long hours sometimes. I called my shrink and she says "I think you were doing better at a higher dose and you should go back to 10mg". I just couldn't keep going backwards, so i just went back up to 7.5mg and i stayed there for about a month. After researching more, I found the 10% rule. I called the shrink and had her call in a prescription of the liquid form of lexapro. I dropped down to 6.75mg, i felt a little melancholic for the first week of dropping but i've leveled out, been going to the gym everyday, doing hard cardio. This is where I am now as of March 18, 2016. I plan to drop another 10% on April 1st. This has already felt like a really long road. If i continue with 10% reduction per month, I won't reach zero for a year and a half. Will it really take that long to get off of this drug??? that's longer than I've been on it. I'll never go on an SSRI ever again. I think this is a very pre-mature antidepressant and should only be prescribed to people who have a chronic illness that can only be fixed with medication. I never felt right while on this, and it feels close to impossible to get off of it. It's very easy to understand how people get stuck on these drugs for several years, to decades, or possibly indefinitely. To wrap this up, I'm on 6.75mg, following the 10% rule, Exercising daily, I still don't feel like myself before I ever took lexapro, but hopefully I will go back to myself When I reach zero. I haven't lost any of the weight that I've gained so that's even more the reason why I want to reach zero. I'm tired of the lack of energy, flatness, weird dreams, weight gain, etc. I'm sorry this is so long, but I wanted to give the whole story. For anyone who read till the end, Thank You!
  19. Hello everyone, I'm LemonBerry and I'll tell my story here and will also try to help others hopefully. Also I'm from The Netherlands so sorry if I make mistakes in the sentences or that some medicine has a different name here. It all started when I was 16 and got sick, my heart was beating 180 and I was diagnosed with 'supraventricular tachycardia'. Though this was quickly fixed by a surgery except I kept thinking after the surgery I was going to die of heartattacks and what not. So for over 4 months I struggled with anxiety and atleast one day a week I was at the emergency department because I really thought I was having a heartattack. After a while the docter decided to prescribe me Venlafaxine.I don't remember the dose anymore, it's too long ago. This didn't work out quite well, I woke up in the middle of the night from nightmares with a tingling tongue and ******. Also I was extremely angry sometimes. The docter decided this wasn't the right medicine for me. So they put me on Sertraline, 50MG. In 2014 I ended in the hospital twice. First time was when they increased the dose of Sertraline to 100mg (which they did because they thought I was depressed). I was having my school final (loads of stress probably) I was twitching on one side of my body. The hospital said they couldnt find anything wrong with my body but it could be a side effect of the Sertraline. In the end atleast I still got my diploma when I re-did my final. A few months later I was a weekend alone and also ended in the hospital because I couldn't stop thinking I was having a heart attack. In the end it was also because I had alot of stress about deciding wether I want to continue studying or find job. After this was figured out and everything was taking the right turn I decided to quit Sertraline. Everything was going well the only withdrawal symptom I had was the 'electric shocks' (not sure how to describe it). At the start of 2015 things were quite alright except the fact I was quite down being not able to find a job and broke up with my boyfriend. I went to a person to talk to every week but this didn't really have much effect. Things were clearing up though because I found a really nice job so I decided to stop going to the psychologist since I didn't have much time as I'd be working fulltime from now on. Things were going great till people got fired left and right, my manager was leaving and everything got really busy. This was were the anxiety started comming back. First all I thought about was work 24/7 after that when I felt something like a little bit of a sore throat I thought I had the worst things. I started going to the docter almost every week. They said it was stress (which it was) and I should try to relax a bit more. But having problems with anxiety you don't even believe the docter anymore. Then my legs started to cramp up and I started googling my symptoms. NEVER google your symptoms, this only makes things worse. I started to think I actually had the worst things like MS or ALS. This was when the docter decided to rpescribe me antidepressants again, This time Escitalopram, 10MG. I did not react well to this. I was feeling super happy and super horny right after the first day I took it. After I took it my whole skin was turning red and I had difficulty breathing. Yet the docters at the emergency place told me to keep taking it since you can't just quit antidepressants. Plus people find it harder to believe you since you have anxiety problem. After 2 days I couldnt take it anymore, this was also in the weekend so I couldnt contact my own docter but the emergency docter agreed I took half of it. So I took 5MG and called my own docter right away monday. She didn't really know what to do since on one side Escitalopram is known for bad side effects in the beginning but on the other side these were quite severe. So she called a psychiatrist, which I could see and talk to the next day. The next day he told me to quit the Escitalopram as it seemed to make manic. Also being super horny doesn't really fir the image of anti depressants as it seems most do the opposit. Also since I was dealing with great anxiety still he advised me to take sertraline as I took it before and take some more intensive therapy for my anxiety. I thought this was a good idea since I don't remember having very bad side effects from Setraline. Even on 12,5MG the 3 days were horrible. I couldnt eat a thing and I barely slept. Also I was having a weird feeling in my ****** again. So I quit this aswell perhaps without the approval of my docter but I was done with all the medication. and my therapy starts the 8th of september. This is where the whole meberassing thing starts. After a few days of quitting Sertraline, I didn't sleep anymore and so I was having extreme anxiety of never being able to sleep again and dieing of lack of sleep. So I took 5mg of Oxazepam in the morning to calm down but I collapsed/fainted an hour later. Perhaps because of lack of sleep or worrying so much or the combination of it. So we (me and my mother) went to the emergency room again, the docter told me to take the other half of the Oxazepam and a Temazepam to sleep. I slept like a rose that night atleast so the worry of never being able to sleep again was gone. The day after I went to the docter and she advised me to take the Temazepam for a week so I could get a nice sleep rythm. When I got home I realized my ****** was feeling weird so I started googling thinks about anti depressants and the ******. This was also not a good idea. Like I said before googling things makes things worse and I get to the point I believe I have it. So I found an article about the relation between PGAD and SSRI's AKA the medicine I took the past 2 weeks. So I completely broke down. Atleast I took the courage to go to my mom and talk about it and asked her if she'd never stop believing me. Which she atleast agreed to do. When I got home I decided to take a look at my ****** and noticed it was white. So my rationality pulled me back to the earth and I realized I might just have an infection from all the stress. So I called the docter and she prescribed me some kind of cream. I have been using the cream for a week now but don't really notice an improvement. My lower abdomen and back also hurt like hell. They also tested if I had Cystitits, which I did not. So Now I'm scared I have PGAD which is an insult to people that do have it if I don't and if I just have a stupid infection. Yesterday I felt a weird feeling in my ear and got super dizzy. I nearly fainted and got super workedup. I started googling (again, why do I even do that) about extreme low blood pressure and found things about Septic Shock and was convinved I was going to die from that. But here I am, still alive the next day. Worrying about PGAD again instead since the cream doesn't have much effect and the stupid cramps in my abdomen are unbearable. So this is my story thus far. If anyone has any questions I'd be happy to answer them if I can. Any advice is also very welcome. I really really really do hope it gets better with this stupid anxiety. Atleast I have a supporting mom and a loving boyfriend (we got back together again). But wanting the anxiety to go away and being done with everythign is appereantly not enough to solve it. I also have NO intention to suicide or whatsoever. It's more the opposit, that I'm paranoid of death. Also sorry about the censoring and everything and I don't know if I put it in the right forum but it's certainly not meant sexual in any way.
  20. . My name is Kim. I'm new to the forum. I am trying to get off of escutalopram. I have been taking it since July of 2014. I currently take 10mg. I take two 5 mg. pills a day. I tried to lower my side awhile ago but I got terrible withdrawals--severe anxiety and headache. I cut it down 25%. After withdrawal effect I went back to regular dose. My psychiatrist is no help. He told me to just cut it in half. No way! He is clueless. I wonder what some of you have to say.
  21. reindeer17

    Reindeer17....My Story

    Hello all and thank you for taking the time to read this post My antidepressant experience started in 2014 after my father's passing. It was shocking, unexpected and I was devastated. I found out my father had an illness that he did not seek treatment for and as I did not live close to him, he told me nothing about it. We were extremely close and after not being able to contact him for a day and a half we sent the police to his house as he lived in a remote area. They had to break down the door and he was rushed to the hospital. I took the first plane out the next morning. He was on life support, never regained consciousness and died right before my eyes after an hour of getting there. The days following were awful and after making the trip to pick out the urn for his ashes I had a massive panic attack. I couldn't catch my breath, had extreme chest pain and thought I was going to die. After a trip to the clinic, I was initally put on Paxil and ativan. The first ativan seemed to help some, however subsequent pills did nothing. After flying back home and seeing my GP he switched me to Cipralex 10mg. It took about 3 weeks to kick in and after it did, I was grateful for the way it made me feel. It pulled me out of the deep dark pit of depression I was in and gave me my life back. It also took away the anxiety I was experiencing. For weeks I had felt like an elephant was standing on my chest. I had a few side effects during this time, however the one that persisted made me taper off after approx. 5 months. I was lethargic all day long. Didn't want to get out of bed as I was so tired. My doctor suggested cutting my pills in half for 2 weeks and being finished after that. I thought I was fine. I felt good. Had brain zaps for a few weeks but after that I was fine. 3 months later I started having ear pain. I tried over the counter ear drops and when they didn't work I went to the clinic. They said I didn't seem to have an ear infection but gave me antibiotics in case. They didn't work and it got worse. The pain started radiating down my neck. I was given 3 more antibiotic prescriptions and they did nothing. The ear pain persisted although the interior of my ear looked fine. It was on and off for a few months and then strange things started happening. I woke up one morning and my pinky was numb and tingly....then days later my index finger. Then the top part of my foot and up my leg. My calf was so tight one day I thought I had a blood clot. The numbness/tingling would move around. My doctor said it was stress but I wasn't stressed at all. I thought I had some virus from the antibiotics weakening my immune system. I was on high dose of probiotics and tried a million things from the health food store. The ear pain went away but the other symptoms persisted. Burning skin, twitching, skin crawling, head pain, tender scalp. I went back to my doctor and had a battery of tests. All came back perfect. I never get sick other than a cold, have never had a history of anxiety or strees until my father passed and am not one to complain. All this was driving me mad!! I started to get this pain my shoulder and I thought it was a pinched nerve and then I had this tingly/wormy feeling in my temples. I had had enough and went back to the doctor. I was put on ativan, then valium and back on cipralex but it was the generic escitalopram this time. The first 3 weeks were hell. My symptoms went through the roof!! My body was like a firework. My ear pain came back and it had been gone for months at this point. I powered through and after 4 months things calmed down but I weaned off as I had a ton of side effects this time as well as the lethargy again. Once again my symptoms flared but have slowly gotten better. Up until I started these meds I was super healthy. I eat healthy, work out all the time and maybe get a cold once a year. Is it possible all the weird symptoms I experienced were delayed withdrawal or were somehow caused by the drugs weakening my stress response?? I am still so confused by all of this and it has been SO long since I have felt normal. It just sucks. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. It is much appreciated
  22. Hello to everybody. Ive been followin this forum for years, yet i never took the time to join you guys and share my story. Im a 20 y.o male, i had suffered tremendus depression and panic disorder in my late teens, something i suspect was caused either by a concussion i had or by b12 depletion which i recently found out as a potencial cause. The depression and anxiety was ancompanied by extreme brain fog, weak memory, inability to express myself and derealization. At age of 17 i decided to see a psychiatrist as it was the last thing i could try to figure out what was going on with my life. Consequently, i was prescribed an ssri (escitalopram) promised to help me control my issues and enjoy my life. Believing the above was probably the biggest mistake i've done in my life. After only the first pill, i started to experience too many side effects, especially sexual. Lack of apetite, anxiety and insomnia was some of the rest. I kept taking the drug for 8 more days though, due to my doctors advice that the side effects will subside if i keep taking it. I stoped the drug at day 9, scared that i will have to sacrifice my sex life for a 6-9 moth period that was sceduled to take it. Of course, little did i know that the side effects would not subside but also become worse, to the point of sexual death. Penile shrinkage, genital numbness, complete loss of libido and sexual pleasure, erectile dysfunction and reduced sperm count were the wonderful gift that ssris left me as a return for welcoming them into my body.The only thing that got better was the anorgasmia that i had while taking the medicine. In fact, there was a time when i had an one-minute extremely strong orgasm accompanied by almost no semen of course. As a result of the above, i ended up a semi-retarded, impotent, suicidal 18 year old. My old motivation and zest for life were completely gone. The idea of sex turned from intriguing and pleasurable to painful and depressing. I came to the conclusion that i would either accept my messed up state, or end my miserable life. I chose the first, and i beleive it tunred out to be the right deceision. I first got off the internet and the obsession i had with searching ways to combat this and give myself some hope. I started going out, i focused on my studies a little more, i started working out and having a better diet, i reduced smoking to almost nothing, i even got a part time job. As a result of the above, my whole life took another direction. I started thinking optimistic, my mood got gradually better, my thoughts got clearer and pssd seemed to get better.On a perfect day, i would be 60-65% to normal (40%size, 35% sensation,60%libido, 65%pleasure, 60%erections, 100%orgasm, 50% semen volume. I also discovered that 100mg sildenafil did wonders everytime i took it. Erections were like 90-120% good. Unless i took it everyday and i developed tolerance. I had to take it maximum 2 times a month to work. Of course i didnt regain my old confidence in sexual terms, but i was able to have a sex οccasionaly and sometimes it was pleasurable. A steady relationship with a girl i really liked was out of the question of course, due to the anxiety and the pressure it would create for me. Things wer going "good" until one day recently, i had sex with a girl who pushed me to continue after i orgasmed. I managed to orgasm for the 2nd time as well, but i had a big crash afterwards. My overall pssd state returned to 20% with libido, size and semen volume going even lower. Im on the day 10 now of no masturbating-sex and i see some minor improvement. That last incident really got me depressed and dissapointed. The supplements/drugs i have used during my whole journey are : Buspar(gave me extreme dizziness), inositol, aderall, detox supplements, maca, sildenafil. Only sildenafil worked. Im planning on using tribulus when i start to workout again. Anyway im sorry for the long post, that's all about me. I really like this forum and i hope i can use my experiences to help others who strugle. Im sorry for any language errors. Thank you all in advance for taking the time to read my post.
  23. I discovered this web page by serendipity today. Like I was just supposed to find it by some divine purpose. I've been feeling "funny". Like my head is in a cloud and I have dizziness when I turn my head from a stationary position. I was searching the internet thinking this might be a sinus infection that hasn't really gone away. But now I'm realizing that it's probably withdrawal symptoms, thanks to this website. It's worse at various times, maybe depending on caffeine, sleep, anxious feelings and other factors. I'll be paying close attention to see what makes it worse or better. The back story: I started taking antidepressants when I was 17. I'm now 32 (almost 33). I started with Zoloft, changed to Prozac, and finished on Lexapro. I have increased and decreased my doses over the years (with the guidance and approval of my psychs), sometimes doubling or halving my dose without any kind of taper and without really having any issues with that. This year, I decided to get off of them altogether. In hindsight, I realize I've been taking them way too long, much longer than I needed to. And I might not have even needed them in the first place. I probably just needed really good therapy to help with my issues rather than putting a band-aid (plaster) on my symptoms. I think it was April when I started my taper of Lexapro (escitalopram) under the guidance and approval of my psych, and I tapered kind of fast I think compared to what I've been reading here. I went from 40mg to 30, 30 to 20, 20 to 15, 15 to 10, 10 to 5, and then I sometimes halved the 5 if I could or I took it once ever other day and then once every three days and then stopped. So I went from April to the beginning of September with my taper, practically going from 5mg to 0 in one step. Maybe 3 weeks have passed, and I'm noticing this dizzy, cloudy feeling and sometimes a palpitation thing with my heart, but I'm not sure if it's real or what. I pray that my symptoms don't worsen and that other ones don't pop up. I made an appointment with my GP for three days from now. At the time I made the appointment, I thought it was for a possible sinus infection. Now I'm going to share with him what I've learned here. I might ask for him to do the EKG thing on my heart or whatever it is to monitor any weirdness. I've also moved up my next appointment with my psychiatrist to ask about this. My question is this... Has anyone had withdrawal symptoms, gone back onto the medication, and then tapered off again but much more slowly? And did you have success? Did you reduce or eliminate your withdrawal syndrome? Or do you know someone that has done this? I appreciate anyone taking time to read this and comment.
  24. Hi everyone. I'm here hoping to get some feedback about the various symptoms I've been having since coming off of Lexapro. First, I believe my taper was too fast after having been on the drug for about 7 years. I am very sensitive to medications and often need a smaller dose than what would be effective for the average person. Before I was even finished the taper off of Lexapro, I started experiencing dizziness or vertigo. It was the type of dizziness where I felt like I was weak, lightheaded, or about to pass out. It was more of a field of vision thing, with my eyes moving on their own, the world tilting, that sort of thing. This went on for several weeks and I treated it with over the counter meclizine twice a day. It seems to have resolved, as I haven't had the dizziness for the past couple days. Previously, it was all day every day. Hopefully, that symptom is done with. I have gastrointestinal issues to begin with, but I feel they have been made worse since stopping the Lexapro. My issues with acid seem worse and more frequent. I was recently diagnosed with IBS-C, but that has been going on for a long time. I am frequently nauseated. I seem much more sensitive to stress (I was already under a lot of stress before going off the Lexapro). This has been compounded by the fact that I have felt unwell the majority of the time since May. I've now developed breathing issues. My nose will feel like it's swollen inside and I can't get enough air. I also have sensations in my chest that make me feel like I can't breathe in enough. Breathing in through my mouth seems to lessen the feeling of heaviness. This is very distressing and anxiety-provoking. I've never had the "chest" type of panic - it has always been the gastro type for me, meaning when I was anxious or having a panic attack, it would go right to my gut. I didn't get the cardiac symptoms some other panic sufferers get. Therefore, I don't believe these symptoms to be anxiety-related, though they do cause me a great deal of anxiety. I do have allergies for which I am being treated. But this has never been part of my sypmtom set for allergies, either. Has anyone else has these experiences? I am seeing a GI doc next week and an ENT tomorrow. I'm at my wit's end with these symptoms and constantly feeling badly. It's making it hard to function.
  25. Hi I'm Lauren, I'm 24, and have been on and off meds since I was 18. I was put on 5mg of lexapro at 18, with strattera 70mg for ADD. I was on both for about 2 years, strattera did nothing for me. And I tapered off lexapro slowly after two years with no problems except brain zaps for a few weeks. Depression never came back. I had a baby when I was 21, and came down with post partum depression and was put on Wellbutrin for 2 months. It made me feel crazy, very up and down and much more depressed so I tapered off quite fast, and was fine afterwards. Suffered no real withdrawal. I was then put on adderall xr 10mg twice a day for ADD the end of 2012, it helped my anxiety and my focus immensely, but I then became allergic and stopped December 2013; I was then started on concerta 30mg for about a week, but it made me feel like a zombie, and also became allergic..so my doctor switched me to Vyvanse 30mg, and after 2 months, I am now on vyvanse 50mg and lexapro 10mg. In January this year, I was put back on escitalopram (lexapro) , due to depression and anxiety returning from home issues. I was then upped to 10mg lexapro (actually escitalopram) and began feeling better... Than I felt nothing after about 2 months, and two weeks ago decided I didnt want to be on antidepressants anymore, and started (by myself) alternating my dosages. Huge mistake. I did 5 mg one day, 10mg the next, then 5mg... For only about 5 days. I began to feel VERY depressed and teary and spoke to a friend who uses this site and she told me alternating was very wrong. So deep in depression last week (Wednesday) I drank beer and liquor. Ended up getting too drunk and blacking out very quickly. Quicker than usual. I became erratic, and bumped my head a few times and woke up with a bruise on my head.... Since then, Ive been back on 10mg every day. But have been having headaches since Wednesday, dizziness, listless, depressed, No energy or motivation, and not feeling like myself... Not wanting to converse, I feel out of it, unable to smile.. But this alternates. Two days ago I felt like myself again, and then this comes back. I feel as if Ive been hungover for a week. I am also still on vyvanse, and some days since then, my add meds work and sometimes dont. Today I took my meds like normal, and my vyvanse felt stronger than usual... I just want to feel like myself again. I dont know if this is from drinking with my meds, bumping my head or alternating my dosages for 5 days. Please help. I was fine when it was just me and the vyvanse.
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