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  1. Hello, my name is Mike. I am a 52 yo man who was first put on psych meds over 12 years ago. I'm sure my story is similar to many of yours: go to the family doc depressed, get a scrip for an antidepressant, get worse, get sent to a psychiatrist, get put on more meds, get worse, go inpatient.... It goes on and on. I have been hospitalized 5 times in the past 12 years and at my worst I was taking 6 meds daily (14 pills). I have been on 24 different meds and nothing has worked. For the past year my pdoc has been pushing ECT. I am diagnosed Bipolar II, GAD, and OCD. About a year ago I started reading on the internet about iatrogenisis on mental patients and decided with the help of my pdoc to start whittling down some of these meds. It has taken all that time but I am now down to two meds, both low dose (geodon and Luvox) and I am tapering both of those now. Geodon will be last to go because it has been the only one that has had a positive effect, it will be hard to quit I think. It has been tough but I am feeling better, more stable than in years and I've even lost a bunch of weight that the meds put on. I happily stumbled across this site today and hope to get and give help to others who are in a similar situation.
  2. Hello everyone. I'm very, very grateful to have found this site before I found my way back to a secluded ledge at the Grand Canyon I found four years ago with my now ex-wife. The ledge had no appeal then, but has come up repeatedly during rough periods. I just found this site and I just came to understand just how extensive and pervasive my WD symptoms have become. They did not really start to become that active until 5 months ago. Now they rage. I have to laugh and cry at the same time because currently I am living in a travel trailer and I have no idea where my next stop or step is going to be. 5 months ago I sold my condo, closed my art business, ended an engagement, bought a travel trailer, and have been staying with a friend in rural VA. Now I'm in Phoenix, AZ. Several times in the last 3 months I have tried to start over by making decisions and implementing a plan of action for work and living arrangements and have been unable to follow through with even the beginnings of restabalizing my life situation. Once I start to initiate changes to my situation, violently intense emotions begin to arise and my ability to think clearly falls away. I abandon the plan and fall back. Strangely, in the midst of this pattern, I have been in some intense therapy sessions, uncovered and addressed some deep wounded issues from my past that I'm sure were being masked by the meds. I had a 7 week period recently during the therapy where every day was filled with almost nonstop continuous waves of shame, sadness, and some rage (all I believe being old repressed and masked emotions but probably way more intense from WD or is it the sum total of repressed emotions finally getting out). It's like I'm split at times with two completely different personalities with two completely different agendas. I just read the posts about neuro emotions and realized I have been experiencing them intensely. They have been running my life since I become abstinent. There is a lot of intense healing going on inside me physically and emotionally, and I didn't realize just how deep it goes. I am not the same person anymore and it frightens and excites me at the same time. It's like a spiritual journey through hell. I feel at times very peaceful and supported by the universe and at times like a want to die. I will stop there and ask for the wisdom of the forum for what I have posted. I am a sponge for your help now. Thank you!! Mark
  3. Hi I'm on fluoxetine 40 mg for the last 6.5 months. and my psychiatrist prescribed me trazadone for sleep. I was taking 12.5 mg a night occasionally 25 mg for nearly 5 weeks. She told me that it wasn't addictive and could stop it when I wanted. Well I did and two days later I broke out in hives and itching then over an 8 day span anxiety and depression built. Which is where I am now. Can I reinstate the trazadone at 12.5 and stabilize? She also wants me to start abilify 2 mg
  4. I've gone from 40mg to 30mg then to 20mg of fluoxetine over a few months after taking antidepressants (citalopram then fluoxetine) for 4 years. Since being on 20mg I've started to feel evening dread in my stomach, lethargy and lack of appetite in the evenings. This is exactly how I was about 6 years ago before depression became bad.
  5. It has been years since I took medications, I was 16 when I took them in 2009, and went through a few different brands. I have copied some of my introduction story to make things easier for me. http://survivingantidepressants.org/index.php?/topic/5232-%E2%98%BC-hello-charliebrown-script-free/#entry67166 Starting with Fluoxetine 10mg for 1 month. Then Venlafaxine for 1 month at 75mg then, 3 months at 150mg. 1 month of Clonazepam 0.5mg as I was tapered off Venlafaxine and onto Sertraline 50mg. Then I took Sertraline 100mg for 4 months. Still experiencing panic attacks, agoraphobia and paranoia. I went to the hospital during a panic attack and was given Lorazepam 1mg for 1 week. This is when my psychiatrist added Risperidone on top of the Sertraline. Risperidone started at 0.25mg for 3 days, then 0.5mg for one week, raised to 1.0mg for one week. After two weeks I had a check-up I told the Dr. I wasn't feeling anything and I believe he may have misinterpreted that as "no effects" but when I said it I meant that I felt no emotions. My dose was raised to 1.5mg daily. After 3 days of 1.5mg I began experiencing Akathisia with no relief of anxiety. With no options in perceived sight I took all of the remaining Risperidone. Approx forty 0.5mg pills. My Parents caught me and called 911. At the hospital I was given charcoal and passed out, waking hours later. After being discharged I continued to take Sertraline as prescribed for 2 months. With no reduction in my anxiety and my emotions being basically non existant I decided to "take the good with the bad" and feel some kind of emotion. Over the next month and a half I slowly weaned myself off Sertraline. Popping open the capsule and throwing away 3-5 tiny XR beads a day. So that's my age, meds and taper strategy. How long it took to regain all my emotions and bodily functions is a hard one to answer. It took about 6 months before I felt much of anything. Then the bad emotions came back, sadness, anger. Slowly over the next two years I had many days that were blank and void of anything, days full of sadness, but also days where a light would shine and I would be happy. Feelings were coming back in waves and leaving again. I joined this website in late 2013 and at that point I had some emotional range, a libido but no sexual pleasure. So i guess it took about 3 years off medications to regain a good emotional range and my youthful lust. I'm finally writing this success story because in the past year the lack of sexual pleasure and anhedonia are not a problem for me anymore. The feelings slowly came back in waves, sometimes weak, but getting stronger and stronger. Now I feel great when I hug someone or see a friend smile. Sometimes the feelings can even be overwhelming. Like my heart is ready to burst. I don't know what else to add except, it's been almost 7 years since I took medications and I am a whole new person! Don't give up hope! Things are constantly changing, even if you don't notice. I didn't notice the change until it was right in my face!
  6. I'm new on this site. I was referred to this site from someone on benzo buddies. I am 15 months free of them. I am looking to taper off of Prozac now. I need help with how to taper off of Prozac safely and not rapidly. I then will taper off of gabapentin. I am in a very fragile state right now. Please be gentle.
  7. I was misdiagnosed with major depression, and prescribed Prozac 20mg. I actually have Bipolar 1 disorder. Six days into taking Prozac that night I began having horrible thoughts [mod note: deleted graphic violent thoughts]. I knew these thoughts were horribly wrong! But I couldn't make them stop, I had to check into a psychiatric facility for fear I would hurt someone or myself. It's been a little over a year now since that occurred, but I am a highly sensitive person, and I still struggle with accepting what happened to me. I feel I was robbed of some of my innocence that I can't get back now.
  8. Ok due to my divorce and a lot of pain watching my ex tear my daughters through way to much info to hurt me I became "depressed" my Doc prescribed me Prozac Sept. 2016 it upped to 40 mg by Jan. 2017. I HAVE NOT BEEN MYSELF SINCE THE PRESCRIPTION!!! So I decided to Coldturkey 8 days ago!!! OMG! I've never researched a thing about CT off Prozac. I'm a 22 year recovering Opiate addict so I'm familiar to Opiate WD... This!!! Prozac withdrawal Coldturkey is unmanageable! So Day 1 I quit Norco, Prozac, and adderall. I'm tired of taking pills. I'm not the same person I used to be! Ok within 48 hours vomiting comes for 2 days almost non stop! Day 3 I'm rushed to ER to get fluids for dehydration. I was released and sent home. Still throwing up. Day 4 still throwing up. But extremely tired and sleepy, days 5 and 6 sleepy and tired feel like I'm dying. Cannot eat. - Today = Day 9... nothing tastes right but I'm starving, food goes right thru me and I have not slept in 2 days! I'm freezing cold in 90 degree weather! - But my head is clear, I'm calm, feel smart, my Precious GF notices a miraculous difference she can feel. But I'm literally wore out tired. And cannot sleep! And the freezing cold thing is miserable. My legs hurt. I cannot get comfortable anywhere. -- WHY!!!! ??? Is Prozac withdrawal harder, worse and longer than Opiate, or Amphetamines???? I don't get it!! This is the worse medication that I've ever experienced. And it never helped me! It made me worse with cloudy judgement and Chemical Imbalance! -- I want it over is it possible????
  9. I have been on meds for about 16 years. I am nearly 36, live with my mum and is currently jobless. I do not recognize myself anymore. It feels as if this is one crazy nightmare. I used to be smart and the envy of my peers. Today, they are married, have jobs and seems happy. For a guy that is competitive, this is enough to make me think it's over. I started using fluoxetine when I started university. I felt great and in my first year I was a top achiever. After that, in a very subtle way I started to struggle academically. My goal was to get a PhD. I thought when I was 27 I would be done. However what followed after my fourth year was hell. I decided to get off my medication very gradually during my 6th year as this is what people tell you. Even getting off gradually did not help since my brain was already damaged. My original symptoms were in overdrive and now I could not get anything into my brain, spending hours to study or solve problems. I started making bad career choices. Without going into detail, I eventually got my Phd when I was 32. It can only be described as hell. I struggled to be interested in my work, I could not solve problems as quickly as my peers. My memory was severely impaired. My vision was weird. I told this to my psychiatrist who got angry with me and said that it is my disease. I could tell no-one, because nobody would understand. I started to focus only on getting my Phd. Although I wanted to be social and even have a girlfriend it was just to difficult. I had several panic attacks which I did not had before. I felt extremely frustrated. I wanted to be as smart as I used to be and all I got was that people moved ahead of me at rocket speed and I could not do much about it. I cried several times out of desperation. I wanted to tell people that I am not this person, but I had to keep it quite. Last year I made the choice to get off this poison for good. I did not tell my psychiatrist. I did it very slowly. Today I start to feel a bit more like me, but it feels nearly impossible to even attempt to get my life back. This morning I had to take an aptitude test during a job interview, and I struggled even with very simple questions. Probably I won't get the job, but what can I do? I tried my best, but is that now enough? I desperately need hope and a way to make up for all this lost time. It drives me crazy. I struggle to solve problems quickly, I cannot remember things, I feel lonely and lost, I cry a lot, I am unmotivated and I don't feel empathy anymore as I used to. From the outside I might seem like a loser, but I am not. I used to be very successful. I have lost all direction. I just trust and believe that God will make it better. I am scared. Probably I should not have done a PhD, because it turned out to steal a lot of time. Now I feel old and a failure, and it's not fair. Sometimes it seems logical to kill myself. I am totally messed up. Please, if there are someone that can just give me hope and support, please do. I still want to be able to live a normal life. Bless you.
  10. Hello Everyone, I am Pug and this is my story: I found this forum on 12-31-2014 and I wrote, but did not post, this about me piece on 01-12-2015: Greetings Everyone, First I would like to say that I have nothing but respect for the immense courage and strength of everyone who is sharing here, and it is a testament to the best of what makes us human, and is very powerful. Second, I think that the human body, mind, and spirit are incredibly resilient and capable of amazing displays of recovery and healing. I keep the above thoughts in mind as I wade through the haze of withdrawal this is my life currently. My suffering is nothing compared to so many of you here that I hesitate to even add my story. But, I figure that the more people that speak up and document what they are experiencing, the better the chance that this movement will continue to shed light on these very dangerous substances. A quick history to explain my situation: I started on Zoloft in the early 90's for anxiety and depression; by my primary care physician. He did not direct me to seek any counseling or psychiatric care, he just said to take the medication. My condition improved, whether due to the medication or due to time passing, but I did not question anything and dutifully stated on the medication. I was put on 50 mg and was cycled between 50 and 100 mg depending on how I was feeling. I did not understand that I could quit the medication and did not know I had other options. I felt alone with no one to talk to about my situation, so I was a good patient and took my medicine (if only the internet was around back then). I suffered all of the common side effects of Zoloft which made being on the medication as bad as being off of it. Fast forward 20 some years to March 2014 and I am still dutifully taking my medication, my health is poor; I am obese, sleep very poorly, suffer minimized libido, feel totally flat emotionally, and just accept that this is my lot in life. I get a new primary care physician and she suggests that I try coming off of the medication; (I was thought, "what? I can stop taking it? That is ok? ) She said I could taper or go cold turkey, so knowing no better I went cold turkey and that is when the rollercoaster of withdrawal and misery started. During the next 5 months I hung on although I had no idea what withdrawal was, thinking that maybe it was the return of my symptoms. During that 5 months I had several personal life changing events happen and by the August 2014 I was in bad shape and sure that depression and anxiety had returned full force. My primary care physician put me on Prozac 20 mg and things got even worse as the restart was absolute living hell. I have no idea how I managed to keep a job, care for myself, or stay alive because it was truly nasty. If not for family I would have been doomed. I rode out the restart and after a couple months started to get a bit of relief. That lasted a few weeks and then out of the blue it all went bad and I either had a reaction to the Prozac or it pooped out, as I was immediately plunged back into start up symptoms that were complete hell. I called my new primary care physician but they could not see me for two weeks and I was advised to go to immediate care/emergency. My state of mind was very bad, so I just decided to quit once again cold turkey and forget the doctors. I am now 1.5 months out from stopping cold turkey and I am once again suffering. I found this forum a few weeks back and it has been a life saver, and I really mean that. Discovering my symptoms were not unusual: Insomnia, night terrors, waking up with suicidal thoughts, hot and cold body fluctuation, burning skin, tinnitus, brain zaps, anhedonia, mood swings, extreme fatigue, extreme agitation, hopelessness, lack of mental clarity, poor decision making, and lack of motivation just to name a few. Without this forum I would not know that it is the withdrawal from the medication that is causing all of this, and that I am not relapsing or going insane. What a tremendous benefit to know that I am still somewhere under all these symptoms, and that I can hope of recovery. I have been working hard to help myself, I am practicing mindfulness/meditation, started seeing a psychologist, stopped watching TV, avoid listening to the news or reading the newspaper, read uplifting stories and articles, eat healthy and exercise as much as I can; connect with family, and read the success stories here and elsewhere. It has all added up to helping me make it through the hell that is withdrawal, and that is hopefully leading to recovery. I have somehow managed to stay alive, keep a job, and for the most part appear to be a functioning human as far as most people know. I even sometimes have a little hope. I would not choose this for my worst enemy, that would be too cruel. I don't know any way to get out of this other than to just go through it. Thank you for listening.
  11. I'm a 31 yr old female. In November of last year I began tapering my off of Effexor. I have taken 225 mg for 10 yrs. I also stopped taking birth control. I decreased 25 mg every two weeks and this was under the supervision of my dr. My withdrawal symptoms were quite bad so I asked my dr to take Prozac as I had read it can relieve the withdrawal symptoms of Effexor. Unfortunately I had awful side effects from Prozac (dizziness, excessive sweating, nausea etc) so I weaned of off Prozac after a month. Over the next few weeks I had to stop working due to how sick I was. I developed severe acid reflux and heartburn, nausea, disoriented, gained a significant amount of weight, severe headaches, etc. I went to emerg and had a ct scan, bloodwork, etc. Everything was fine. I should mention I have hashimotos disease (an autoimmune disease) and had my thyroid levels checked and they are normal. I'm still feeling awful. When will I be feeling better?? I've started to take vitamin b, d, c, fish oil, probiotics, and have cut dairy out of my diet in an attempt to feel better but nothing yet. Is there anything else I can do to feel better??
  12. Hello. I have been on zyprexa and prozac for 2 years. I tried stopping twice and began to have severe insomnia. The last try was just stopping the zyprexa by itself and after a week of stopping 2.5 mg, the insomnia was so bad that I began taking again. I really want to be off of both medicines, but I'm struggling. My doctor told me that the dose that I'm taking is like taking tic tacs and its not doing too much. I was originally prescribed the medicine because I had a nervous breakdown and couldn't sleep or eat. The doctor feels I should be off of the medicine but she is not giving me much help with tapering. I'm scared that I will be on it forever and I don't want that. How do I taper from 2.5 mg successfully?
  13. Hey, I don't really know how to do this so bear with me! My name is Joanne, Jo is fine, it's already in my signature but I'll give you a brief rundown of my history as I introduce myself. This is my second tiime withdrawing from an antidepressant. I successfully got myself off of effexor a few years ago, I was on a high dose for several years. It was hard journey and a horrible experience but it was worth it in the end. I am about to start my withdrawal from Lyrica and Prozac, most likely starting with just reducing the Lyrica. I have done lots of research and have decided to attempt to combat my mental health issues through diet and supplementation, based on the research of Patrick Holford and others in the same field. I have always had problems surrounding food that have manifested in eating disorders at various stages in my life. I'm trying to build a new, healthier life and really need to detoxify and take back control of my body and start my defence from the ground up. I will be talking to my psychiatrist about this on June 1st, this is when I will start tapering and hopefully be put in touch with a nutritionist/dietician. I don't really have a support network at home and hoped that joining this community would aid in my recovery. Hope this finds you well or at very least well on your way - Jo
  14. ozzyz


    Need some advice. Was given 15 milligrams Zyprexa in the hospital for anxiety and depression. Been on 15 milligrams for one month. Stopped taking it because of restless legs and now my anxiety is back very high. Should I have tapered off after only being on 4 One month. Is this just my withdrawal or original anxiety returning. My doctor wasn't much help he basically just said that I could have anxiety again after stopping the medication but did not tell me that I needed to taper from it. Also taking Prozac for a past 5 weeks 20 milligrams a day. And two milligrams clonazepam.
  15. Hello I have now been off meds for 8 months and feel ready to post an introduction. I took 20mg of Prozac a day for about 25 years. My memory is hazy but I believe they were prescribed because I went to my doctor with constant fatigue that I couldn't shake off. He told me it was depression and that's where it started. I don't believe I suffered with depression, anxiety or panic attacks until I was on Prozac but I certainly have done since. I decided to try to get off the meds last year as I was generally feeling unwell and unhappy and an acupuncturist who was treating me told me I would never feel well until I had completely changed my diet, removed my coil and stopped taking medication. I did research on this site and others. I read some of Kelly Brogan's work on the gut brain connection. I cut out alcohol, sugar, gluten and all processed foods from my diet for 4 months before I began my taper. My GP told me not to follow the 10% a month taper as it wouldn't work for me and would be frustrating, but to do 10% a week and stop tapering at any point that it didn't feel right. I believe I didn't really start to feel the effects of withdrawal until a month or 2 after I had finished tapering; I believe the Fluoxetine was still in my body months after I stopped taking it. Since then my withdrawal symptoms have constantly changed and I have been left feeling very lost. I have a list of symptoms as long as my arm, but I have absolutely no idea which are caused by withdrawal, which are underlying conditions that the meds might have been hiding and which may be psychosomatic. Many symptoms were with me but less severe before I stopped taking the meds and a few symptoms (the fatigue) were in evidence all those years ago before I was started on the meds. I think (hope) I am over the worst of the black depression that hit me a few months ago and left me unable to relate in any way to other human beings or 'normal' life. Happiness of any sort was just a completely foreign concept and I was filled with terrible anger or total despair most of the time. I just sat it out for a few months at home on my own, telling myself that it would pass and one day I would wake up and not think about dying. I am now able to talk to other people a little and aim for a bit more in my life than just survival. In the last few months my physical symptoms have been getting worse and I am now in pain constantly and battling exhaustion. I do sleep well at night (as long as I don't drink alcohol or eat sugar) and for that I am immensely grateful. I suffer with shoulder, arm and hand pain, pins and needles in my arms and hands that wakes me up at night, back pain that is steadily worsening. I still feel very angry much of the time. I believe this is a result of 2 things. Firstly the physical pain making day to day chores hard for me to do and secondly the complete lack of any support to help me deal with coming off these meds. My doctor told me the only support out there is her as my GP. She has done blood tests and tells me I am fine and there is nothing wrong with me except possible carpel tunnel. I have done the mindfulness course as advised. I am now on the waiting list for counselling as I told her, no I do not feel much better now. Just some of my symptoms that I now have are the following: Brain fog and poor memory, lack of concentration Constant arm, hand and back pain Dizziness and lightheadedness Fatigue, total lack of energy and muscle fatigue when I try to exercise A constant fight not to fall asleep in the daytime A very low basal temperature, inability to keep warm IBS, food intolerances Alcohol and sugar cravings Zero libido Discomfort in my sinuses, drippy nose Gum disease Anger issues Confusion and feelings of not knowing who I am Anxiety, inability to deal with any sort of pressure Despondency I believe I have leaky gut and Candida, I think I have some sort of issue with my adrenals and hypothyroidism. My doctor is asking whether I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and CFS. My doctor has told me that Prozac will suppress the symptoms of both so I am now worried that having stopped taking it I will just continue to feel worse. I am now on a low dose of Levothyroxine which I don't think has made me feel any different, but I amy stop taking it as I don't want to poison my body with more drugs if there is any chance of getting better. I have read what other people have been going through who were on other meds and I am immensely glad I was only ever prescribed Prozac and that my dose was never increased. Feeling very confused and not sure how to go forward. Sitting alone on my hill. Shiva
  16. Hi everyone! I was on Paxil Progress since 2011. I was on SSRIs from 1999-2011-approx 12 years. My final years were on Prozac. I came off COMPLETELY during a quick taper in September of 2011. I suffered -headaches -vertigo -sound sensitivity -light sensitivity -brain fog -extreme exhaustion -insomnia -heart palpitations -suidical depression -extreme anxiety -extreme OCD -allergies -IBS -food allergies -Dangerous Rage -hysterical crying multiple times a day -complete feeling of doom, misery and hopelessness -Fear -Nightmares/Night terrors -Apathy -anhedonia -memory problems Okay. So those were SOME of my symptoms! There was a **** ton more and I don't remember them all lol however I will say this---my physical symptoms have never FULLY went away---cause I have adrenal/thyroid problems caused by this w/d. I am treating that with acupuncture and homeopathy and they ARE and HAVE gotten better! What I want to say I FULLY recovered from is ALL the excruciating mental symptoms. Every single one is gone! This is coming from someone who had depression and OCD PRIOR to drugs. I am EVEN better now then I was before the drugs! I am 100% mentally and emotionally better. My last wave was in July of 2014. So I would have to say I believe I am out of the woods now. I just feel at ease, at peace and happy. I am loving my life now! I have everything to live for and I am SO grateful for the experience of being on drugs/going through the withdrawal (where I contemplated suicide multiple times) to where I am now! I have a HUGE appreciation for life due to this experience. I want you to feel better and excited about the life your gonna live once your withdrawal is done! And even right now, appreciate and accept where you are. I want you to believe in yourself. I NEVER thought I was going to recover. Believe me, if I can, anyone can! God bless! You will make it to the other side.
  17. I have been taking antidepressants for 11 years. 9 years on paxil then 2 on prozac. I take a really low dose about 2.5 mg for 2 years. Because I'm hypersensitive to the side affects It actually helped me though.but I quit taking it 7.5 weeks ago and been through hell. Every side affect possible to the max. In depressed, anxiety, emotionally numb, don't feel like myself, strange thoughts, it's to the point not sure what I should do? I'm misserable.. Go back on or try to grind though and stay off..
  18. I started tapering from Prozac, 40 mg and Elavil 40 mg in Oct. 2015. I did not know if I could do it. One of my motivations was 3 years of chronic pelvic pain which started while I was on medication. Then all through 2016 I got sick. I spent 2016 in bed, mostly too tired to do very much and the withdrawal from the drugs was one of mostly forgetting to take the medications as I felt sick and had pains and distress, malaise, flu like symptoms In Nov. 2015 I got very dizzy. In Jan. 2016 I noticed that I had electric zaps up and down my spine and inner trembling. I became so weak in August of 2016, I could barely do anything. It felt like I had infections but I never had fever. By Dec. 2016 I had severe pelvic and groin pain. I could barely sit in Jan and Feb 2017. During all this time I felt ill, but not depressed. Today, I started to feel clinical depression coming on. I have seen a neurologist who discounted my symptoms of neuropathy. I notice that anything can trip the inner trembling and inner electric zap feelings on. In the past and recently there were no explanations of gynecological pain (all tests normal) or abdominal pain ( had 2 colonoscopies). I could put up with all the symptoms - but now 17 months after I started - I am really depressed. My nervous system seems to be hyper and reacts to everything with very subtle neuropathic symptoms which the neurologist discounted. I thought about reinstating prozac but I am scared. I was on antidepressants for 20 years and could not discontinue any of them before. This is the first time I made it - but I think I have peripheral neuropathy and I may not be able to reinstate to any antidepressants. I am still seeing my psych doc thinking that I should go back. But would it be safe?
  19. Currently taking 40 mg Prozac (fluoxetine), approx 1.5 mg Ativan, and 600 mg Gabapentin for nerve pain. The gabapentin is new (2-3 mos) after a year of awful nerve pain in feet. I am convinced it is related to 12+ years of Klonopin/Ativan (either intra-dose withdrawal or just exhausted receptors, because it would subside with extra Ativan). Basically always low and tired, with intermittent awful anxiety and despair. Can will myself to do things but get exhausted. Foot pain flares up occasionally. Need Ativan to sleep and have weird spacey dreamy sleep. Also being treated for adrenal exhaustion: basically, no cortisol at all. Low serotonin, GABA, dopamine, very high epinephrine. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was first prescribed Klonopin in 2001 for anxiety and IBS symptoms, which were causing me to lose weight. I also needed it for sleep in unfamiliar or stressful situations. I didn't take it regularly until around 2004 (0.5 mg and never increased), and twice switched to Ativan, back and forth. I disliked the nightmares I often got from Klonopin, but found the same issue with Ativan. I was diagnosed with major depression in 2011, and given different AD's like Pristiq, Abilify, Wellbutrin, and Prozac. The Prozac is the one I tolerated best so I have stayed on it except for about a year in 2015 when I tapered off it because I didn't feel any better. Wanted to use acupuncture and diet for mood swings. But I felt worse without it and was weepy and overwhelmed. Back on Prozac in 2016, doc went straight to 40 mg. She wanted to try other things for sleep but I didn't want to add something new when I knew I couldn't stop Ativan. Foot nerve pain finally diagnosed and treated with gabapentin, no one mentioned that this is even more GABA receptor confusion. I'm exhausted and don't know how to make changes without major symptoms and crises.
  20. Hi there, I am new here. Been on different anti-depressants since 1995. Recently had been on Prestiq 100 mg and Abilify 10 mg. Due to procrastination, finances and major stress, depression and an addiction I ran out of the Abilify and only had 4 Prestiq left before I finally made a Dr appointment and paid 150.00 cash self-pay to see my long-time Dr. Due to very low income and no insurance he switched me from Prestiq to Prozac 40 mg which is much cheaper (Fluoxetine). First Prozac was 1/12/17...he said it will help but not prevent all the Prestiq withdrawals. I still feel the loss of the Prestiq with dizziness, brain zaps, major fatigue, unstable, confused and fearful. Is this normal? How long will it last? If you have been on Prozac did it work for you and are there any side effects like fatigue, weight gain, anxiety, etc)? Next month (Feb 2017) I am hoping to have health insurance again and can switch meds if need be but wanna give this Prozac a chance to work (how long does it take to start working?). Thanks for any feedback you can offer!
  21. I started fluoxetine after several life events that have made me anxious around people and without confidence. (I used to be the life of the party and never wavered in making decisions or doubted my ability). After 7 months, I felt I was in a place to stop taking it. Took a month to get my appointment with my doctor. She told me to take the 10mg every other day for two weeks and then I'm done. That was all. I was told by friends and family to look up withdrawn symptoms because it can be difficult. I did a cursory look and didn't see much to worry about. A week in and I have migraines, short temper, agitation, diarrhea, and sleep problems. After some reading on this site I made a liquid that I will begin daily tomorrow morning at 7.5mg since I've been doing a week of every other day 10mg, hoping to reduce the WD symptoms. I really hope this is the right decision. Let me know if I should change it up. Thanks. Thanks so much for this site.
  22. I have been on 40 mg. fluoxetine for past 5 years as treatment for Major Depression and Social Anxiety. June 2016 I began a slow tapering using liquid solution of fluoxetine. Additionally I reduced my nightly dose of Imiprimine and I am successful and holding at 10mg. Dec. 4 2016 I took 16.8mg=4.2ml of the liquid fluoxetine. Dec. 5 I made the decision since I was at such a low dose I could stop. All was well until Dec. 17, at 13 days of no dose, my stomach began having painful cramping, bloating, gas, cold sweats, faint feeling, nausea, fatigue, husband says maybe a stomach bug? Pain and bloating went away on Dec. 21 but nausea and fatigue still with me as of today 12/24. Could this be a virus or very likely discontinuation? I am tempted to try a small dose of Fluoxetine to get some kind of normal back for a few weeks. ​Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated. I would like to get better quickly to enjoy the holidays.
  23. frederike01


    Hello everyone! Ok it's a long story but i'll give it a shot! my name is Frederike. Oh and my english might be not THAT good, but...i'll try my best! =) . When i was very jong (about 12 years old) i started to develop anxiety combined with OCD. At that age it wasnt very harmfull yet but it got worse when i got older. I went to a psychologist at 13/14 but that didnt really help. so i stopped going. But my anxiety didnt left me so i went. The psychiatrist prescribed me fluvoxamine when i was 15 years old. I also started to experience 24/7 derealisation. The meds. didnt really work i think but i thought maybe it would be worse without them and i dindt know how hard it was to get off back then so i kept taking them. my anxiety OCD en derealisation didnt disapeare or get any better. i try'd to stop several times but the next day after lowering my dose my derealisation would become so bad i couldnt stop if i wanted to continue to function. and the docters told me: well, then keep taking them. So i took the pills for many years and after taking them for about 8 years my anxiety and derealisation slowely worsened.3 years ago all of a sudden i felt really bad and anxious i had to stop working. I went to my dokter and firt we desided to higher my dose. i was on 125 mg fluoxetine. But that dindnt work at all. It made me feel even worse. so i decided to lower my medication (with my dokter)and maybe switch to some other meds. i was on 175 mg. fluoxetine at that moment.I decided i didnt want to switch but i wanted to stop taking the meds. because they never really worked and i wanted to solve my problems for real.i wanted to know wich part of my problem was really mine and witch part maybe the meds. i knew i would never get better if i would start trying some other meds. i was afraid i would even get sicker. So i went from 175 to 0 in about 5 weeks. Even though i felt so so bad i kept on lowering because my docter told me : after quitting the withdrawal will last for only 3 weeks.Then they will disapear.Wel that was the breaking point. i went totally insane,experienced continue panic and anxiety OCD and derealisation at the worsed levvel.my symtomes had NEVER been this severe.So i went into a mental hospital. They gave me paroxetine. i was ok with it bacause i wanted to "ficks" this way to fast lowering of my medication, and dicided to take it and then slowely taper off when i was back home. In the end I was on 50 mg. paroxetine and 1,5 mg lorazepam. but it never really covered up the mess quitting fluoxetine made.Only a little.At that time i didnt know paroxetine is the worst drugg (SSRI) to get of but I found out soon enough. I found a good therapist (not a psichiatrist) and dicided to slowely taper off meanwhile fixing myself with therapy. All this time i could not work or function. every single step i took on lowering was a hell. I am on 0,5 mg lorazepam now and 3,5 mg. fluoxetine. When i was on 14 mg paroxetine i couldnt get any lower. even lowering 0,2 made me feel to terrible. so i siwtched to fluoxetine because it would be easyer to get off. the switching was hell. then i started lowering from 14. every week i took off 2 mg. until i was on 4. ( i did this again in a clinic).i thought it would be way to quick for me but i felt no extra withdrawal symptomes. wich i almost couldnt believe. Then after going home ( at 4 mg.) i broke down again. obviously the withdrawal started wayyy later.So here i am, feeling worsed then ever. Not knowing when this hell will stop and whether i will still be alive by then. Starting new medication is no option at all because whatever psychiatric drug i put into my body, my body just cant take it.So this my story in short thermes. right now i'm on 0,5 mg lorazepam and 3,5 mg fluoxetine. Hope to speak to you soon!
  24. i am experiencing horrific symptoms as a result of a rapid withdrawal from 30mg prozac. it is my understanding that symptoms that have begun during withdrawal can remain with us for ever. it is also my understanding that the acute withdrawal phase can last for 2 months (give or take). In my situation, while in withdrawal, i reinstated prozac (under MDs guidance; 20 mg). She said that normalization should occur in about 2 weeks (and it's been two weeks). however, after this period of time, little has changed. another doctor said that it likely would take the amount of time that is normally required for prozac to reach a therapeutic dose for me to fully arrest withdrawal (about 6 weeks). emotional lability as a result of withdrawal has ended (with regard to being "depressed"). i still have other symptomes (buring pain, waking at 3:00 am, impotence, etc). my gut feeling is that i've probably arrested acute withdrawal, and that my symptoms are going to be a little more lasting. has anyone else experienced arresting withdrawal who can offer some feedback on this? thanks.
  25. Hi all. Please help woth some advice. I took a total of 16 20mg pills of Prozac in the course of 1 month for some moderate anxiety - thinking it is an innocent happy pill (10mg/day,then several days with 20mg,then 10 every other day). The first 2 weeks - my symptoms were increased anxiety, up to a level I have never experienced. Then complete insomnia followed. I was so agitated that I could not do a Lego toy/watch a movie. Then a period of apathy followed, with no anxiety. I was still driving/talking to people,eating etc. I am now 2 months after stopping the Prozac. First month: I have experienced muscle twitches ( ocular, jerking while trying to fall asleep, biting my tongue, lower jaw tremor ). Anxiety returned very intense. Depressive feelings - never had them. Emotional instability. Insomnia - 2-3 hours per night. Light head, hard to concentrate. Hard to take care of myself - shopping etc. Started cognitive behavioral therapy. Yoga. Meditation. Month 2: Muscle issues have diminished. Some sleep is back - but agitated. Obsessive reading about my issue occupies most of my time. Emotional instability remains. Anxiety. Depression. Trouble to concentrate. Still hard to take care of myself. Cannot work. Lost ability to meditate. Food appetite is affected. I am terrifed that I have ruined my health and life doing a stupid test with a pill I never needed. Where to now? Thanks, Adrian

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