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Found 86 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I am new to the site as a member, but have read quite a bit so far! I am based in Texas, have been around the block a few times with meds. Currently taking lamictal and Wellbutrin and from what I can gather going through a withdrawal from Abilify. Thanks for reading!
  2. Hello and thank you in advance for any help and support you can give me. I'm struggling, but I'll try to make it brief. I am 44 yrs old.I was diagnosed Bipolar II in June 2015 after an extremely stressful few years that led to a breakdown. It's been almost two years and I have tried 9 different drugs in various cocktails. (Lamictal, Wellbutrin, Lithium, Zoloft, Seroquel, Gabapentin, Klonopin, one that starts with an A that I can't remember, and another that I can't remember at all.) I told my pdoc from the outset that I am very, very sensitive to all medications. Most of the medications didn't work due to awful side effects or the medication just not metabolizing like it does in people that it helps. So, in a nutshell, there has been no improvement in the two years since I started meds. I feel...different, but in no way better. For over a year now, I have been suffering with this horrible, horrible, horrible feeling where everyday, on and off all day, I will get a wave of high anxiety that lasts anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes, and that is followed by a very brief wave of almost euphoria that lasts about 15 seconds and then I feel just "normal" anxiety/depression until the next wave. This is a terrifying and exhausting way to live and it seems to be cyclical which makes me think it's the medication. I have an extremely difficult time waking up in the morning (Seroquel) and can't even get out of bed no matter hard I try before 10a.m. I'm groggy and not even functional for a good hour or two. Around 1 in the afternoon, the first waves begin to hit. They are more mild at that time. Then it peaks around 6-8p.m. and then is more mild again until I go to bed. My symptoms are also affected by my menstrual cycle. A few days before my period I am usually hypomanic and the week after my period is a nightmare of depression/anxiety and derealization. (The derealization is the WORST.) In March 2017, I started a low carbohydrate diet to feel physically healthier. I think this is relevant because holistic therapy often supports a low carbohydrate, whole foods approach. My pdoc doesn't think it has any effect, but I feel physically healthier, so I want to stick with it. As you can see in my signature, I know that I am tapering too quickly. I know it's counterproductive, but I am just SO SO desperate to make the daily waves stop. It is exhausting and terrifying and I just can't take it anymore. I feel like these meds are poison in my veins. I am less functional now than I ever was. I have tapered off the Gabapentin and lowered the Lamictal on May 10th. I have felt no different. Not better. Not worse. Last evening, I decreased the Seroquel from 300 to 275 and today I feel pretty awful. Anxious, racing thoughts, and derealization (not altogether here). I have used the Klonopin on and off over the last two years, taking it I'd say an average of a few times a months .5 - 1mg/day. Usually preventative for things I know will cause anxiety or if I'm having a difficult time falling asleep. I'm just not sure where to go from here. The Seroquel is going to be the hardest, I know. When my pdoc prescribed it, I had horrible side effects within 1 week, she stopped it, and I went off the rails, so she put me back on it at a lower dose and upped it slowly. But the more I research, the more I feel like it's the meds causing most of my problems. I tried to keep this organized. If you got this far, thank you for sticking with me. I just need someone to shake me and talk some sense into me. Lol.
  3. It's been really helpful to hear about others' experiences with tapering off Lamictal. I've done it in the past but was just guessing at the time as to what to do. If I remember right, I decreased by 25mg every few weeks. My experience with tapering off was that I felt nauseous, my eyes hurt in a weird way (kind of like a burning but way in the back of my eyes), my neck and shoulders felt very tight, and I felt like I was getting hives up my neck and into my hair on the back of my head. I didn't actually have hives,it just felt that way, hot and itchy. If I ever forget to take my medication for a few days, which is rare but can happen if I get out of my morning routine for a few days, I always end up remembering by day 3 because I have all of the above symptoms by then. The hives sensation is the one that always makes me think, "Ooooohhhh, that's why I felt like poo!" I take the medication again and all is fine by the next day. Thanks again for all your insights, hopefully they'll help this attempt at tapering go a bit less painfully!
  4. Hey all! My name is Cat (she/he pronouns) and I'm 20 years old. I've been on medication for depression and anxiety since I was 13 (7 years, what the heck). I've tried a wide range of medications since then, but I only put about the last year in my signature, There's been a lot less switching around in those years, which I'm grateful for! Recently, my psychiatrist was going to switch me to latuda from abilify. He told me to quit taking my 5 mg dose for a week, then start the new drug. That week (last week) was absolutely hellish. I had tried to come off of abilify before due to the large amount of weight gain it's caused me, but with bad results. I didn't ask my doctor about tapering this time, though - I figured he knew what he was doing and didn't really self-advocate. Horrible depressive symptoms, brain fry, fatigue, and confusion followed me stopping abilify, and they persisted even after my psychiatrist told me to go back on 2.5 mg. Yesterday he told me to start taking 5 again, and I've been feeling a little better (less like I want to die). This entire process has solidified some doubts about medication I'd been having. I'm a psychology undergraduate student in college and the more I learn about medication, the more I realize how guess-and-check the process is and how the studies don't tend to measure real-world results. I'm thinking about trying to come off some of my medications because even though they are "working" in the sense that I'm not suicidal, having panic attacks daily, and I can function fairly well, it's been so long since I haven't been a cocktail that I'm not even sure how my mood would be like not on 4 different drugs... I don't like taking and depending on this many pills. So yeah, I'm going to look around the forums and see what I can do to learn and help myself make an informed decision
  5. Sunita21

    Sunita21: Anxiety!

    Hello All, First, I am FRIGHTENED!!!! I've been on SSRI's and Mood Stabilizer (Lamictal) with intermittent Benzo (however, I'm an addict~and I always end up abusing those) for 27 years. I've been diagnosed w depression, anxiety, and "soft" bipolar. This year has been sheer Hell and I've changed meds 5x. I was about to go on a 6th med~when I decided that I'd had ENOUGH! And so, I weaned for 3 weeks and then cold turkeyed for a week~at a drs. suggestion~I added back lexapro for about a week and now am off everything. I am ANXIOUS round the clock~even in my sleep. The sad thing is-my life is pretty nice!!!! And I can't enjoy a bloody moment of it. Any SUGGESTIONS are welcome! Sunita
  6. Introduction. 61 years old, male. I take Cymbalta, Buproprion and Lamictal. I will continue with Buproprion and Lamictal after Cymbalta tapering is complete. Before I started Cymbalta I tried several SSRI's. They made me feel better but have terrible side effects including shaking hands, erectile dysfunction even with Viagra and the other one, and they poop out. On advice of Shrink I switched to Cymbalta and after 15 years on it now I must taper. It has never pooped out, but the erectile dysfunction can last for several months until it decides to cooperate, usually while dreaming at night. Since having to get out of bed to disrobe ruins the moment, I started to sleep in the nude in order to be ready for action upon waking. Even then it is an uncertain proposition. I am divorced twice, do not want a relationship. and even if I did it would still be sexually unsatisfying (for me). A relationship with Rosey Palm and her five sisters is difficult enough. After taking 60 mg for years I reduced to 30 milligrams by simply taking one generic capsule rather than 2. I did not know about the severe symptoms associated with Cymbalta withdrawal. When I first reduced, after about a week I became nauseous and vomited multiple times per day, often for minutes at a stretch to the point I had trouble taking a breath. The symptoms lasted about a month. I thought I might have pancreatic cancer and my doctor scheduled me for a GI scope exam. It was normal. The doctor did not know I was quitting Cymbalta. I have now been taking 30 mg/day consistently now for about 6 months. During that time I came to realize my sickness was due to Cymbalta withdrawal. It was this website that made me realize it plus the fact I remembered the shrink did tell me to be very careful when I discontinue the Cymbalta and he rolled his eyes but gave no further details. Before I reduced to one pill per day my symptoms became absolutely intolerable. I visited Rosey less and less often, my hand shaking became so severe I cannot write by hand because it is so completely illegible it looks like a young child's scribbling. Using the keyboard is difficult because my hands miss the key I intend to press, and using the mouse requires my left hand to apply pressure on my right hand to keep it from jerking around so much. I also had to adjust the mouse settings to better allow for shaking. My legs also became week above the knees, and I was unable to control them. I could not walk down a straight hallway without crashing into the walls. Sometimes I could barely crawl. I would fall often and crash into furniture and the walls every time I went from one room to another. I had to keep my arms and hands ready to save myself from harm, but I was still falling, even over a pair of socks on the floor. I could not live that way anymore and I was able to associate it with Cymbalta because my hands started to shake, much more mildly than they do now, as soon as soon as I started the SSRIs. After reducing to one pill (30 mg) per day, I still have those symptoms but to a much lesser degree. I am now sure it is the Cymbalta that was and is responsible for it all. This site recommends 10% per month. I bought #4 gel caps and a filling machine. I filled ten capsules with nine 30 mg pills. Unfortunately my hands shake so severely that many of the beads went flying off. I suspect about 20% reduction is what resulted with no adverse effects. I took those ten pills once per day until gone. Because of the problem with my shaking hands, I decided to figure out a better method of reducing. I have. I went to a store that sells cloth and sewing supplies. For a couple of bucks I purchased some very sharp dress-maker needles with an end I could firmly grip. I also got a pin cushion. The pin is so sharp it is easy to puncture the 30 mg capsule, after I stabilize my right hand. For several days I let the pin penetrate the capsule at one end and pushed it through to penetrate the other end and come out that side. It now looked like a hot dog on a stick through both ends of the hot-dog. The pin allowed me to hold the capsule steady while I twisted the two sides of the capsule into a container until they separated. There was a lot of loss and ruined capsules. I went back to the store and purchased a nifty device used to retrieve thread from under the business end of a sewing machine, the part that goes up-and-down and holds the sewing needle. The device was pointed at one end, and tapered up to the handle. I already had a hobby puncturing tool that had a larger diameter at the sharp end than the pin, but more narrow than the nifty sewing device. Because the pin puncture was so small, no beads would come out of it. With the hobby tool, I was able to enlarge the pin hole but alas still no beads came out. But the sewing device tapered up to a very large diameter and I can easily create a hole big enough to let a single bead at a time come out of the hole when I give a slight squeeze to the capsule. I learned quickly how not to make the entire capsule to crack open, which is why I enlarge the hole in successive steps. I squeeze each capsule such that the bead escapes to the top of my cell phone that has black glass on it. The beads are easily identified. I have a rubber protector on the phone which contains the beads on the glass. For a little over a week I removed 20 beads from each capsule before taking it. I close up the hole with Burt's Bees chapped lip stick. It works great and is non-toxic. After over 3 weeks at a 10% taper, this morning I removed 40 beads which is contrary to advice given on this side. If I become sick again I know what to do at the first sign of nausea or other symptom. I want off Cymbalta as soon as possible so I am being more aggressive than perhaps I should in the hope I am one of those who can. If not, I will go slower. Good luck. My method of removing a counted number of beads really works, and I doubt a few beads more or less would matter much, at least not to me.
  7. Hey Guys, Name's Kittie. Go by SailorMew on here. I'm 22. Diagnosed with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and PTSD. Have some anxiety thrown in there as well but not enough for a full GAD diagnosis, but rather as more of a symptom of the other two diagnoses. I've been in and out of therapy since I was in 3rd grade, and on and off meds since I was 14. Finally found a mix that helped. Got put on Seroquel and Lamictal in April of 2016. As well as .25 of Xanax as needed for panic attacks. My ending doses before I started to taper were Lamictal 100mg 2x day morning and night Seroquel 100 1x day night Xanax .25 as needed I've been doing better. Hit a plateau. Found a new therapist to start Rapid Resolution Therapy with, high hopes for this one. Going to get my trauma figured out. The other day (2/22/2017) I actually missed my whole nighttime dose of medication because I fell asleep on the couch and then woke up and went directly to bed. The next morning I woke up at 7 am, which is unusual for me, fresh, energized and in a great mood. I've missed my meds before but I haven't felt that great in a while. I took my normal 100mg Lamictal that morning. Felt a little woozy but felt fine after taking the Lamictal. Had a great day. Forgot I could feel so much. Decided that my progress has plateaued with the meds and maybe its time to get off of them now, and learn to continue progress without meds, at least this one for now. I was initially put on it for sleep, in any case, and at such a low dosage it's mostly considered an antihistamine more than an antipsychotic. Although what I experienced that day could be considered maybe a hypomanic state, but since I'm not bipolar I don't have much worry over this. Personally, I just attribute it to the lack of zombie-inducing Seroquel in my system. (they say it's completely out within 48 hours, since I only take it every 24 hours and had missed a dose, it was already out IMO). Last night (2/23/2017) I decided to start my taper since I had already missed a dose. (good idea? bad? I don't know) I took 100 Lamictal as per usual. and 90mg of Seroquel. I used 1 50mg tablet and another 50mg tablet that I cut up to into quarters and only took 3 of 4 quarters. right before I took it I still felt kinda wired. once it set in sleep was normal. This morning (2/24/2017) I had the day off, so I slept in. woke up groggy, feeling kinda useless. definitely feeling the Seroquel back in my system. This sucks, I think to myself. Oh well. I read something that just the day before I would have gotten really emotional and inspired over, whereas today I was more like, hm, yeah, that's nice *apathy* towards. As the day goes on it starts wearing off a little more and I feel more lively. I take a nap around 6 pm and I wake up feeling a little more like the day before. Maybe I slept off the rest of it. Tonight I will take the same amount (90mg) before bed. Going to let this dose stabilize and then drop to 80mg. Just sharing my experience. Tips, tricks, and advice on tapering Seroquel welcome. Anyone on the same combination of meds and/or with the same disorders, your input is especially valuable! PS. I know it's ill advised to make decisions about your medication, while not on said mediation. I've taken that into account, considered it thoroughly withdrawal and side effects included, and I've consulted my close ones and gained support with this decision. I am currently trying to get in contact with my Psych, their office is hard to get a hold of (*cough* the secretary sucks *cough*) Generally though, she is more than supportive of whatever I choose to do with my medications. This is because I've been in the psych circuit for a long time, correctly self-diagnosed where professionals were constantly misdiagnosing me (as bipolar, ADHD, and a plethora of other things) (diagnosis confirmed while in DBT treatment), and because I've done my own extensive research on what works and doesn't work for my particular disorders. (Mostly everything I read points to Seroquel and Lamictal being the only effective meds. DBT is still the best therapy modality for it, in combination with trauma-focused approaches. I've found this to be true through personal experience) But I digress. Thanks!
  8. Hello everyone. I wanted to jump on here and hopefully gain some perspective on my situation. I started Lexapro 10 mg in Oct. 2012 for situational depression. As that situation resolved, I questioned whether I still needed to be on it and began tapering in April 2014. I went down to 7.5 mg for about a month, then discovered I was pregnant. I really wanted to wean off Lexapro for the duration of the pregnancy. Sadly I miscarried at 10 weeks. I was still on 7.5 mg for a little while. Felt I processed the miscarriage as much as I could, then went down to 5 mg for awhile. I was doing okay anxiety-wise, I thought. Went down to 2.5 and discovered I was expecting again! I was overly anxious the whole time, given the outcome of my last pregnancy. I stayed at 2.5 for pretty much the whole pregnancy, went down slowly from 2.5 as time grew closer to delivery. I got down to less than 1 mg with liquid, and then stopped right after I delivered. I was wholly unprepared for what happened next. Three days postpartum, I had an anxious/depressive meltdown, thinking things like, "I shouldn't have had this baby" (even though he was very much wanted), I've ruined my family's life, how am I going to handle caring for two kids instead of one, etc. I was trying to nurse every 2-3 hours, while fighting through unrelenting panic attacks. I would even wake up from sleep in the midst of an attack. It got so that I didn't want to sleep even if someone offered to watch my son because I was so afraid of the panic attacks. Wild mood swings, couldn't stop crying, suicidal thoughts, feeling hopeless, helpless, the whole nine yards. I felt like I was losing my mind and went to the ER. They were pretty much useless, just telling me to go all the way back up to 10 mg of lexapro and everything would eventually be okay. The panic attacks continued. On my husband's birthday, I woke up in the worst panic attack I'd ever had. I knew I couldn't go back to the ER, and checked myself in to a psych ward because I seriously felt like i was going nuts. They were useless as well, only giving me Vistaril and 10 mg Lexapro. My husband busted through h*** to get me out of there less than 24 hours later. The anxiety from there continued. I felt severe DP/DR, and could barely make myself a sandwich to eat. Changing my clothes and showering was a huge accomlishment. Continuing to feel desperate to get back to myself, I did arguably the worst thing I think I could have done: I checked into an inpatient treatment program for perinatal mood disorders. There they proceeded to pump me full of Lexapro, letting me stay at 5 mg for just one night. It was quickly ramped to 10, then 15, then 20, which I was discharged on a mere two weeks later. I was given Klonopin and Benadryl as needed for sleep. I was also advised to take Risperdal, which I adamantly refused. This was about 10 weeks ago. I have since come under the care of a reproductive psychiatrist who has continued me on Lexapro 15 mg, Buspar 10 mg, Lamictal 25 mg, and Vistaril for sleep. She tried augmenting the Lex with Wellbutrin when she wasn't seeing a "quick enough" response. It made my anxiety worse, and gave me a very frightening moment where I was in the midst of a crying fit, and then suddenly felt like laughing for no reason, so I discontinued it. I'm yards better than I was. However, I am having some problems now that I wasn't before and am hoping to taper back off the Lexapro, because I'm thinking (wondering) that I didn't so much have a new episode of depression. Rather I have a theory that while pregnant, the difficulties of coming off Lexapro were masked by my pregnancy hormones, and after delivery, when those dropped, and my body wasn't getting any Lexapro at all, I crashed and burned. You should've seen the look on my pdoc's face when i told her this theory...I though she was going to have a heart attack. Since reinstating lexapro, I've had racing thoughts (sometimes I can't even figure out what I'm thinking about), headaches, vision problems, increased anxiety, difficulty with word finding, lack of concentration (can't even read an easy chapter book with my 9 year old daughter), difficulty focusing on conversations, weight gain, obsessive thinking, songs looping in my head, random movie scenes popping into my head, suicidal thoughts, intrusive thoughts, brain fog, easily triggered by frightening things, etc. I feel like now, somehow, lexapro is too activating for me. I've wondered if I've slipped into hypomania or something. Women can sometimes be misdiagnosed with postpartum depression, when they've really converted to bipolar disorder. those women are at greatest risk for psychosis. I have no family history of bipolar, though my sister was misdiagnosed with it a few years ago. She's way more on that spectrum than I ever have been. So here is my conundrum: I don't want to go back to where i was after I delivered. I CAN'T go back there. however, I feel that with each pill I swallow, I'm giving myself a chemical lobotomy. I can't afford to lose any stability trying to care for my children. I know I can't ask for medical advice here, but I just have two questions: 1. Is my theory about having a really bad reaction to complete withdrawal totally unfounded, or could this have some merit? 2. Should I even think about tapering off Lexapro right now, feeling that it's too activating for me? I've tried to tell my doctor this many times and she feels that if it's helping even a little, it's worth continuing. I feel as though I have to continue the Lamictal for now. Needless to say, these last several months have been extremely traumatizing for my whole family. I just want to do right by everyone, and remember to include myself in that mix. Thanks for reading.
  9. rocovering

    Rocovering - new member

    I am a 65 year old recovering female alcoholic with history of amphetamines, hallucinogenics, cocaine and cannabis. I have not used any of these substances for 34 years. In recovery, I went into a full-blown four week unrelenting panic attack in 1985 three years sober, and was put on pamelor for the first time for depression and was given ativan PRN for panic disorder. When prozac came out, I was switched to that in 1988 and was on prozac for 8-9 years. I got off prozac and was put on the newer SNRIs off and on for the next ten years, the usual ones, as each new brand arrived on the market.I had a round with wellbutrin in 2004. By that time, I was diagnosed as bipolar, not depressed, and started on topomax and then lamictal, taking the topomax on and off. I was on this combo until 2012 . By this time my ativan was long gone and I was given klonopin BID for breakthrough bipolar symptoms. I developed tinnitus and severe dystonic style muscle spasms in my hands and feet. I had these spasms hit me full body twice and the pain was unreal. I went to Lahey clinic regarding this and was placed on baclofen 10mg BID. I was sick of all this and this last spring was able to get off everything for the first time. Don't ask me how I detoxed as I have no idea, just kept the klonopin for PRN and with that in place went for it. HOWEVER, I was diagnosed with bone on bone arthritis simultaneously with fibro and I was off and running again. I went back on lamictal and klonopin and the.When I reported back to the fibro doc he was upset and me titrate 50 mg a week one week at a time for a total of three weeks. This was in November and when it was all done I flipped into all the detox symptoms. That was when I looked online and found out what was happening. He reluctantly put me back on 50 mg for one week and then gave me 25 mg pills til I see him Jan 17. I was supposed to drop from the 50 mg to 25 mg lyrica two days ago but was really frightened read somewhere about splitting the pills for a slower titration. I did that and yesterday was my second day on 37.5 mg gram. I still am feeling horrible, shaking, anxiety, crying spells, feeling crazy, all the garbage along with horrible nightmares along with anger and agitated too. Unfortunately, I will not have enough of the 25 mg pills to do a 10% titration and I doubt this doc will write another prescription for the lyrica. I also have to deal with getting off the tramadol next and he is the doc for this one. I am sure he will be uncooperative with this also. My psych nurse is willing to prescribe neurontin if it will help. I am still on 100 mg lamictal and 0.5 klonopin every day. I am still taking baclofen when my body says it needs it. Any and all suggestions and support would be a welcome relief. My husband is no support and my mother keeps calling via facetime from Florida three times a day to "chat" and I have to rally up as she is elderly. Just to add to the mix this week, I also have a funeral on Saturday as my brother-in-law died (too young) and this is an already unpleasant situation because of family dysfunction. I apologize for the long post but want you to know me straight up and need as much help as you can offer. I'm sure I've left some out.. Regards, Ro
  10. 1. It seems that some people, such as myself, can get 2 hours and then 1 hour for a total of about 3 hr sleep. Also a nap or two 2 each about 30 minutes is also possible. Can about 3.5 hr sleep cause more brain damage leading to less sleep creating a deadly cycle ? 2. I have a alerting problem during day too. I can't keep eyes open, too little cortisol. This can be more acute when I exercise - I fear falling on face when walking. I went for long walk, then sat in armless chair for hour with people, and constantly almost fell out of chair. Unfortunately exercise only induces nap of about 30 min. I use this at night at times exercising right before bed. Is this paradoxical (SP?) Response to exercise and poor daytime cortisol regulation unique ? 3. For 18 years I was on low dose ssri. Withdrew from last 5 mg cold turkey. No withdrawal for 6 weeks, then brain zaps , insomnia, deep depression, etc. All starting about Oct 1 2015. So I am 5 months into true withdrawal. Ssri took 6 weeks to bleed out bones, fat, etc. I had 2 reasons for withdrawing: worsening sleep disturbance and belief that although I was one of fortunate few to have ssri reduce depression for 18 yr, almost no one will have them work for 30, 40 or more years. Although Dr Shipko warns against withdrawing after 10 years what choice do I have if I might live another 30 years at which time the resultant untreatable depression may be unimaginable. I asked a psychiatrist do you really believe anti depressants will work for me for 30, 40-50 years total, he just showed a horrified look no response. What special advice does anyone have for those on ssris for decades, especially about insomnia??? Dr Shipkos suggestion for ssri withdrawal is scary. *** seems that some people, such as myself, can get 2 hours and then 1 hour for a total of about 3 hr sleep. Also a nap or two 2 each about 30 minutes is also possible. Can about 3.5 hr sleep cause more brain damage leading to less sleep creating a deadly cycle? Thanks
  11. Hi, I'm curious if any of the men who are withdrawing experience hot flashes and sweating. I have mainly chalked them up to menopausal symptoms that have been intensified by wd I know there is temperature dis-regulation during withdrawal but was curious if the sweating and hot flashes were symptoms for men as well. And when they occur, am or pm? I know some of this will sort itself out when I am finally of my meds but any feedback would be great. Thanks.
  12. NearlyMedlessKate


    Hi, I'm Kate. Hope I'm welcome here. I have successfully withdrawn from antidepressants and recently from an antipsychotic but am in Lamictal hell. I have a long history with the mental health system since the age of 5 - court ordered due to sexual trauma. I'm 37 and have had 25 years of therapy. I went to weekly therapy for 7 years from age 5 to age 12 when I refused to keep going and was sent to a group home. I think therapy did MUCH MUCH MUCH more harm than good to me as a child. I went back to therapy in 2002 and was in therapy continuously until October of 2015. I found I was dreading going and would become anxious the day before because I did not want to go talk about my problems without any therapist ever giving me any kind of insight or advice and so I quit. It was far more upsetting than helpful. I am so much happier since I stopped focusing on my problems and am doing other things to care for myself like diet (organic vegan for 4.5 years), exercise (for about the last 8 months I've been walking, practicing yoga, and swimming) and supplements (zinc, B-complex, and high dose DHA/EPA). Dx have included - Post-partum Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder, DDNOS, Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, ADHD, C-PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder. The PTSD and mild BPD are the only two that sort of make any sense. I do not and never have had DID despite doctors and therapists trying to bring out my "alters" for years. I believe the mania Dx as Bipolar is solely due to antidepressant use. I have been officially disabled since 2002 but I believe this is due to the meds rather than severe illness. Instead of being offered help with my abusive situation, I was heavily medicated when I went to my PCP (who is actually an OB-Gyn) complaining of depression and extreme spousal abuse (actual pummeling and threats with guns). I also believe I was funneled onto the disability system by my psychologist who told me I would definitely be approved because his brother was an ALJ and he'd make sure it was approved. I was approved the first time in 7 months. I didn't realize until recently when starting to put the pieces together that my life fell apart after I was medicated wth Effexor and had a severe mania with psychosis which led to two major suicide attempts in two months. This was before the black box warning for young people. I was only 23. I have made four major suicide attempts while on antidepressants. This led to a complete breakdown after which my young daughter was taken from me. My current diagnosis is Bipolar 1 which I do not believe I have since I have only ever been manic when taking an antidepressant. I have been off antidepressants completely since August '15 and have not experienced either a mania or depression since that time. I don't think I would qualify for any Dx at this point were I to be honest with my doctor about my symptom reduction since going off meds. When I stopped going to therapy and refused my psychiatrist's admonitions to continue, her response was "You don't listen to anyone!" which I heard in Cartman's voice from Southpark "Respect my authoritay!" After that I declined to tell her I've been tapering from my meds. It is not her decision and I no longer care about being a good compliant patient. My husband goes in with me to every appointment since I was experiencing memory loss due to the Latuda, so he has witnessed my psychiatrist basically dismissing my desires and telling me what my treatment will be. It was his idea for me to try going off meds to see what happened. We now have a script we use with the psychiatrist when we go in and know exactly what we will tell her to make her think I am still on meds and compliant. I will tell her after I am off the Lamictal and sure I am going to be able to stay off. At this point, that is looking like some time next year. I am trying not to rush getting off Lamictal but I want the rest of my life back. I feel like the last 15 years have been stolen from me. I want to go back to work and do something with my life. I used to hold onto my identity as mentally ill because it made my fucked up life seem like it was not my fault. Now I know it was neither my fault that the trauma happened, nor my fault how I reacted to it, nor my fault for treatment providers putting me on drugs that drastically changed my behaviour, nor my fault in any kind of genetic or biological way. I can recognize where I've made truly awful decisions when I was younger but I have matured and my life does not even resemble anything like what it was then. I have incredible support in doing this from my husband, my mother, and my best friend who all wholeheartedly agree with my assessment that this is medication induced. I went for ten years without treatment entirely as a teen and young adult until I cracked under abuse and then was treated as if I was the one with the problem. No one ever addressed my husband's abuse. I have recently been emboldened in my decision to quit psychiatry by websites like Mad in America and Beyond Meds. Let's do this! (Sorry if this was too much information...) Here is my med history: Meds as a child: Elavil - 1991 - took for two months, quit cold turkey, no withdrawal Lithium 1992 - took for 28 days, gained 49 pounds, withdrew cold turkey, no negative effects Prozac 1992 - made me extremely aggressive, taken off after a few days Thorazine 1992 - injection used nearly daily during ~8 month hospitalization for behaviour control (basically way too smart for my own good and got into trouble out of boredom) There must have been more drugs as I remember taking a boatload of them, but I was too drugged to remember, or may not have been told what I was being given. To my parents credit, they never kept me on the drugs once I was released. I was drug and therapy free for ten years. Meds as an adult: Paxil - '00 - six weeks for PPD, didn't work Wellbutrin '01 - three weeks to try to quit smoking, withdrew due to agitation, no withdrawal Amitryptaline - late '01-'02, low dose no effect Trazodone '2002 - no effect Effexor - '02_'05 - became severely manic until put on Topamax, transitioned to Lexapro Lexapro - '05-'15 - multiple depressions and manias during treatment, withdrawal uncomplicated over three weeks Buspar '02-'03 - little effect, no withdrawal Xanax & Klonopin - '02-'16 Developed extreme sensitivity, can no longer take, Took 2-3 mg a day at my highest Concerta - '05-'07 no withdrawal, supposedly had ADHD during college Straterra - '05 no effect Depokote - '06 gained over 20 lbs in two weeks, quit Topamax - '03 (and '10-'13) caused partial complex seizures above 100 mg Suboxone - '10 - seven weeks while inpatient used as antidepressant, not for drug/alcohol treatment, quit once out of hospital, no withdrawal Latuda - '14-'16 (only with zofran due to vomiting) withdrew in early April 2016 after developing delusions and hallucinations (I'm not schizophrenic) along with parkinsonism, akathesia, and mild respiratory dyskinesia Withdrawal experienced with: Seroquel - '06 -'09 Withdrew cold turkey, became manic for 8 months (while taking Lexapro) and '09-'12 withdrew over a few weeks, became somewhat manic for about 8 months before becoming severely depressed for two years, while taking Lexapro) Gabapentin - '01-'15 Experienced Gabapetin withdrawal syndrome twice with emergency medical treatment twice before successfully withdrawing over three months in late 2015 Lamictal - '05-'12 withdrew too quickly over about two months, had to restart -- '12-'16, currently withdrawing at 1 mg/day Currently only on Lamictal and hope to complete withdrawal within 6 months. I have tried doing step reductions and found that I got really angry and agitated for days after a 10 mg reduction, but as my husband is a chemist and able to weigh the pills to within a mg, so we tried a gradual taper by 1 mg a day and that worked so well that we tried to increase the taper to 1.5 mg a day and I became extremely irritable and snappy so we are currently holding for a few days at this dose and will try 1 mg a day again early next week. If anyone is still reading at this point, you're a real trooper!
  13. I am new to the site and actually have never used an online site for anything before so I hope I can figure it out:). I am down to 50mg lamictal from 200 and it's tough. Then I'm going to see if my psychiatrist will prescribe liquid abilify to get off that, I'm only on 2mg.
  14. Hello, I have been on antidepressants for the last 10 years. 3 years ago I cold turkeyed celexa. I have been in severe withdrawal since with many mental symptoms. At the time, my Dr tried a few different meds because he thought I was bipolar, which I now knew was a joke. He tried serowuel lithium, trazedone and lamictal. All thr othrrs i had a severe reaction right away besides lamictal 50 mg. Lamictal felt like a sugar pill to me. I know it is obviously affecting my brain and body and i want to be totally med free. The one thing i am scared of that it is hindering my healing from the withdrawal of antidepressants. I have become obsessive on it. I would like to start tapering and have bought syringes and cylinders. I dont know where to begin. I am on 50 mg 2 tablets of 25 mg of lamitrogine so i didnt know if they were water soluable or if i would have to crush and measure them? Also i am pretty scared to disrupt my body even more, it is very sensitive still to anything. But i do feel the need to come off because i am paranoid that it could ve hindering me. Any advice or suggestions about how to taper and if anyone else took lamictal in cold turkey and didnt feel affected? Thank you!
  15. I have been on 23 psychiatric medications over 20 years, some more than once, and endured many uncomfortable side effects as a result (ended up in the ER once where I was approached with disdain and told I should have just stopped taking the medication and “rode it out” at home). The few times I havd tried to stop to say I felt horrible would be an understatement (ended up in the ER here too where I was just provided with the very medications I was trying to stop taking). The longest I lasted off of medication was 3 months before going right back on them to alleviate what I was feeling. It did not occurr to me that what I was feeling might be “discontinuation ayndrome” or “protracted withdrawal”. I just assumed I was unable to function without medications and doctors did not say otherwise. The few times I went off of medications there were minimal instructions, no talk of what to expect or how to alleviate what occurred…even when I asked I recieved vague ambiguous answers. Two months ago I decided, “enough is enough”, after experiencing unpleasant side effects on 100mg of lamictal. I had started at 25mg in the beginning of April 2016 and was up to 100mg by the end of May 2016. So in July I began tapering. At the time I started a new job and my insurance hadn’t kicked in. I could not afford my doctor’s fees, but I knew it was the lamictal causing me to feel ill and was very uncomfortable, so I went about it myself. I tapered for one month and experienced some withdrawal, but nothing horrendous and was off of it entirely for 3 weeks with little trouble. Last week I began to feel worse than I have ever felt. My brain is in a fog…I can’t remember things and keep zoning out. I feel deeply lost in my head…almost as if I were zapped with electricity. I am highly emotional and agitated. I just want to be alone. Everything annoys me…lights, sounds, people. Having crying jags, quick mood swings, a slight tremor, and weakness in my extremities, paranoia, hopelessness, absolute terror (keep waking up sweating and terrified), heart palpitations, slight cough amd flu-like feeling, restlessness, stomach issues,just want to sleep, weird sensations, the list goes on. I’m not sure of how I can continue to work like this. I sit in my office and either cry or nap, then pull it together when I have to interact with someone. I am not sure of how to determine if this is just mee off of medication and I really do need to be on medication or if this is me experiencing “withdrawal”. My insurance only covers “typical psychiatrists” who will probably suggest the next med. I would love to see a holistic psychiatrist because they would look ay my whole being…test my hormones, genetics, etc among various other things that typical psychiatrists don’t take into account, including reccomend supplements/diet changes to ease withdrawal. However, the cheapest I have found so far asks $650 for consultation and $450 each visit after. I do not work in a field that is lucrative and I can't afford this. So basically now I feel like it’s just another experiment on my body to contend with only I have no guidance. I am reading about supplements and started taking ashgawanda, but without fancy testing how do I even know what to supplement??? There are so many options (5-htp, SAMe, l-tryptophan, licorice, gaba, st. John’s wort, vit b, vit d, ltheazine, fish oil to name just a few I have read about) and I don’t want to keep toying around with my body. Basically I feel lost and angry and just needed to vent. I joined Kelly Brogan’s Vital Mind Reset program yesterday so I am hoping that helps somehow. I am so jittery and unfocused I can’t seem to get started. I just wish I had a little more guidance. I hate our psych system with a passion today. I’m scared that this will last forever and wish I could afford the treatment I need.
  16. Hi all. I am in desperate need of help but so tired and untrusting and out of hope. I stopped Cymbalta 2 months ago. I'm on nothing now. I was taking Lamictal at 50mg as well but stopped that too because of the rashes I was getting. Most of the physical withdrawals are gone, but now I'm experiencing anger (at nothing in particular) and extreme depression. I'm not quite sure how to get through it other than going back on a medication....which I don't really want to do since they've screwed me up physically. I swear I've tried everything but TMS...and my insurance doesn't cover that. I'm 3000 miles away from home. I have no close friends out here. My Dad is suffering of stage 4 cancer back home. I'm obligated to be here for another 7 months. I just don't know what to do anymore. I have no confidence, no real hope, no energy. I exercise almost every day but it's not helping anymore. I have chronic pain and am suppose to get a spinal fusion. I don't know if I could handle that though since I'm still depressed even while I'm exercising. Should I go on Prozac to take the edge off....so I can at least get through the next 7 months? I don't even know if that would work though. Last time I was on Prozac it was just as good as being on nothing at all. I've tried amino acids. they don't seem to work either. St. John's Wort gave me rashes. I honestly don't think my life is worth very much. I don't and haven't had a significant other in some time. The last one I had beat me up emotionally all the time. It was just like my inner critic turned to a separate human being. I have friends, but they aren't that close and would probably run away if they knew how big my pain was. I am so sick of this part of me that keeps coming back every time I try to live off antidepressants. I hate this part of me. Why can't I be just like everyone else and be grateful for what I have? How the hell do you get out from under the darkness that wants to kill you?
  17. Hi I am new to this forum, coming from benzobuddies forum. I was on an AD wellbutrin for 7 years and then a P Doc took me off cold turkey and I wound up in a psych hospital for 10 days December 2012, I was reinstated on Wellbutrin in the hospital and upon leaving I found a new P Doc immediately. He diagnosed me with Bipolar ll. He kept me on the Wellbutrin and added Lamictal and 40 mg Valium for insomnia. I became tolerant after 3-4 months to the Valim and I started a micro taper off the 40 mg valium 1/2013. I am currently at 1.5 mg as of 10/01/2014. Withdrawl symptoms were not to severe with the micro taper until 3mg valium. Now down at 1.5 mg withdrawl symptoms are pretty intense ,insomnia, anxiety, feeling poorly. My P doc didn't want me to come off of the valium because he thought it helped with keeping my bipolar stable. He agreed to help me with the taper if I wanted to get off. I just wanted to get off because I was tolerant and didn't want to stay on a benzo any longer. I also recently decided I would like to decrease my AD dose after I am off the benzo, but I'm not certain I can completely taper off because of my bipolar. I discussed this with my P Doc and he said he would consider this after I'm stable on my valium taper. I was reading thru some posts here and noticed that tapering the AD first might have been better then tapering the benzo according to many here. I started my benzo taper first because I wasn't going to taper down my AD at the advice of my P doc.. I have decided that I would like to taper down my Wellbutrin at least to a lower dose but I assume I should wait till I am off the benzo at this point? If I do taper down my Wellbutrin will it be harder now that I am tapering off the benzo first Also I need some advice about getting off the 6mg of Doxepin (Silenor), I have been taking for insomna the past year, it is no longer helping with my insomnia. Since it is such a low dose do I need to taper off this slowly or can I just jump off. Thanks
  18. I am new to this site I took Paxil for 13 years and Lamotrigine for 3 years. At 31 months out I am still having bad symptoms like tinnitus, brain fog, agoraphobia and a few others. Unfortunately I cold turkey because at the time I had no knowledge of tapering from anyone. Is this a normal pattern? Sure would like feedback. Thanks
  19. Hello there, I'm, itching to start a withdrawl but keep changing my mind on which one.. - mirtazapine (45mg) will probably be the easiest from past experience and makes me fat - but does help me sleep and potentially buffers the sexual side effects of venlafaxine - venlafaxine (112.5mg ER) is nasty stuff and I want to see if I have a proper libido left! Feel it caps my emotions a lot. Scared of reducing it though after cymbalta experience in 2007 - lamotrigine (300mg) on this high dose is really slowing me down, starting to compromise my immune system and I reckon doesn't help libido. since going up to this dose alcohol even ocasionally in small amounts is nasty. Like the idea of getting it down somewhat. I came off it back in 2011 OK but that was from a possibly sub-therapeutic almost placebo dose of 150mg not the monster 300mg I'm now on. Feels like poison at this level. My suspicion is that the earlier stages of the reduction of this - perhaps the opppoisite of AD's - will be the hardest? Is it best to start with the easiest? Is lamotrigine best kept on while reducing AD's due its GABA/glutamate effects? How about focusing on one for a bit, then another, then returning to the first? I am planning a slow taper. Just generally feel they don't do much apart from the side effects, my body is still trying to present the deep trauma that needs facing and I still need to work on taming the mind. They seem redundant and I am learning to trust in other tools and my body but scared of the withdrawl effects..I am having a lot of life changes so won't do it just yet but want to be prepared. Try not to let my anger at psychiatry and pharma and fear compromise my nervous system further but that can be hard Thanks! Here's my history: ----------------------- Current: Venlafaxine 112.5mg; Lamotrigine 300mg; Mirtazapine 45mg restarted Lamotrigine/Mirtazapine in 2012, bumped up Lasmotrigine and then very reluctantly added Venlafaxine in 2013 and further bumped up Lamotrigine in 2014. Got a new psychiatrist since who is less med focused! Reduced Vn to 75mg in 2013; brief experiment a year later reducing venlafaxine to 37.5mg, ended up going back to 112.5mg! (bit hasty). This year dropped Lamotrigine to 250mg under psychiatrist's advice (he suggested to 225mg) - nasty stuff, too quick! A time of personal change so decided to put back up rather than tough it out - maybe too hasty but I have the fear! Impatient to start getting off them - libido, weight gain, tiredness, capping of mood yet not really helping with depression. Though I have a lot of life changes at the moment so more that i want to get prepared so I can hit the ground running. Recently started seeing highly recommended acupuncturist with experience of med WD to boost my system, take omega 3 (recently started fermented cod liver oil in addition to EPA/DHA) and restarted vit D., try to follow guidelines in Mood Cure book (keep meaning to give gluten free diet a proper go), do good therapy on psychological issues, work part-time etc Previous meds: 2006 Citalopram quickly switched to Duoloxetine; 2007 off Duloxetine with continual tiny taper over six months (sexual side effects), bad WD's in the end, lasted a couple of months off and was then tried on... 2008: Mirtazapine up to 45mg (off 2010) + Lamotrigine up to 150mg 2009-2010 came off mirtazapine in 6 tapers of 7.5mg, no big issues, felt better for it. 2011 - came off lamotrigine over a few months, tapers of 25mg a time - little bit of depression returning. summer 2012 big crash after lots of life changes over the last year! Feel like my nervous system is severely sensitised even with (or due to!!) the meds. Diagnoses: reactive depression, bipolar depression, borderline traits - according to which professional you speak to!
  20. Hi I have been on psych meds for 20 years and the oldest one I am still on is lithium for 14 years. I thought it was longer but then realised that is less which is good I guess. Though still a long time. I am just taking the first step in this process, which is gathering my support team around me. I have to wait to see what my psychiatrist is going to say on Tuesday but I am going in there prepared for a "no" and if that happens, I will be changing to a new psych. I'll give mine a go but I don't think she will come on board. This is all so scary. These drugs have been both, at times a support, at times a crutch but also really negative. I shake and jerk all the time, which is a huge reason as to why I want to reduce or come off my meds. I am looking forward to getting to know you . Cali
  21. lucky12

    lucky12 Brain zaps

    I now have this close to a month and it's driving me crazy. I'm on Paxil 20mg Anafranil 150mg Lamictal 200mg Seroquel 75mg at night. Have not started to taper off of from any medication which is the most disturbing part of this situation. I started to have these incredibly uncomfortable brainzaps. It starts after a few hours from waking up and gets worse the whole day. When I move my eyes and change the direction I am looking, it gets triggered to the peak of this "volt" "electrical shock" and I can not even function at one point. I am afraid to move my eyes and to look somewhere else. I am afraid of any kind of movements. Nothing but sleep seems to help. I am missing my life, got a lot of work to do this week but I simply can't participate in life with this incredibly disturbing feeling. I've waited and waited for almost a month for it to pass on it's own. And my research always ends up with the same thing: "ssri withdrawal" or "tapering off drugs". See the point here is I am NOT withdrawing from anything. Not even tapering off. I am desperate for some help. Went to the neurology department of a hospital but I was feeling well during the EEG MRI and other tests. Everything turned out to be fine. I also sweat A LOT to the point that I get completely wet as a result of a minimum effort movement like climbing the stairs to the 2nd floor. And this is totally new for me too. Any kind of answer, help, suggestion would be very much appreciated. Best regards.
  22. In 2007 I was put on meds at 19 for depression. Then they decided I was bi-polar, the bi-polar where you are just really depressed. So from 2007 until November 2012 I was on a cocktail of meds. Three meds at a time. I was on abilify, wellbutrin, sequel ( only for two weeks because it made me extremely tired) Lamictal, Depakote, Effexor and so on. So what would happen is my psychiatrist would prescibe meds and I would feel better and didn't want to take them so I would stop or miss a lot of days. When I would go to see him I lied and said I was taking them and they didn't do anything so he would prescribe a different medication. It was always three at a time and I would stop or skip days of taking the medications. So this went on for 5 years. So in I believe July 2012 I was prescribed Effexor and was also on Lamictal and something else. So I was missing days as usual for months and in mid November 2012 I woke up and had this really weird detached feeling like I was in a dream, things weren't real. So I freaked out. I had been trying to get a hold of my psychiatrist and had learned within two weeks he unexpectedly retired and fled the country and no one could communicate with him. A few days later I stop the Effexor, Lamictal and whatever that drug was cold turkey. I didn't know what to do. Oh I forgot to mention, my leg went totally numb in August 2012. In early December 2012 I got double vision. So my family doctor sent me in for a MRI. I had an appointment in Cleveland on December 23rd 2012 and they diagnosed me with multiple sclerosis. So I thought "this feeling" I had was caused by my ms. So in January 2013 I was put on zoloft, Lamictal and abilify. Later that summer 2013, I had a breakdown bc of being diagnosed with ms and was hospitalized. They changed my meds to abilify, zoloft and depokote, because I had been on them before. Then from that time to now I have switched meds. Zoloft was a constant and I tried, Topamax, and the invega and abilify shot. So for the past year, I have been on latuda 40mg and zoloft 200mg. I have started weening off. My doctor just started me on 20mg of Latuda to ween off. I am starting with Latuda and then zoloft. So I thought for years this feeling was due to my ms, but I am learning more and more it's most likely due to the on going meds I have been on. Hence why I am finally weening off and stopping! Can someone please give me any advice or info, thank you for any help. I was wondering if you think my derealization/ depersonalization is from the meds?? Will it go away after weening off these meds for good? Do you think it will take years to heal and get rid of this horrible dr/ dp? Is there anything else I can do to help myself go back to normal and get rid of this feeling for good? I will still be taking my ms medication which is Tecfidera. Please and input would be much appreciated, Thank You
  23. Hi, I'm a 22yo autistic woman with PTSD and possible bipolar disorder. I was put on Lamotrigine 100mg in 2014 in response to a "hypomanic" episode (unclear whether this was correctly diagnosed) whilst taking Venlafaxine and Mirtazapine (for severe depression). The psychiatrist I saw recently was concerned that Lamotrigine was causing cognitive side effects such as inability to remember words and told me to withdraw it by 50mg per week (i.e. take 50mg for a week, and then reduce to nothing). I reduced to 50mg on one Monday, had symptoms such as nausea, instability, dizziness, vomiting and mood swings which were pretty much as expected. The next Monday those symptoms had pretty much gone so I went ahead with reducing to 0mg as planned. Since then (5 days) I've been having more of the same, plus some escalations in my autism manifestation (shut downs/dissociation and sensory processing difficulties in particular) which is fairly standard when I'm ill or under stress. Basically I've now done online research, which I didn't do initially because reading online tends to be unnecessarily scary re discontinuation symptoms. However I'm feeling pretty grim and having now read stuff I'm thinking this was done way too quickly and I shouldn't have trusted the psychiatrist when he said to reduce by 50% a week (life lesson not to trust doctors I guess..). But now I've been off it for 5 days, I guess there's very little left in my system? So I'm not sure if I should reintroduce 25mg and then come off it more slowly or if at this point I'm better to just "grin and bear it". The discontinuation symptoms are getting better rather than worse, so perhaps the latter is the better option? I don't want to confuse my nervous system even more by coming off it then going back on it and then coming off it again..
  24. Hi, I joined because I'm withdrawing from Lamictal. I'm also taking gapapentin, but the importance of coming off of that isn't a concern right now. The Lamictal is my concern and my issue. It is absolute hell for me. I'm hoping I can get some help here, and possibly some solutions for some of my symptoms. Any relief would be great relief. My doctor isn't helpful at all; he suggested I start tapering 50 mg a week, from 300 mg a day. I told him that would be a problem, but he didn't listen. So I've slowed it down myself and have been trying to get him to work with what I want instead. He doesn't listen, nor does he seem to care. So I'm hoping he just does what I ask in terms of prescribing monthly doses. I've been tapering about a month and a half and was down to 200 mg as of three days ago, but I couldn't stand the way I felt, so I brought it back to 225 mg. I'm still having a lot of trouble. The physical symptoms are bad, but the mental symptoms are hellish. I feel like I'm insane more than half the day. I feel I should up my dose a little more, but I hate to go backwards. I can't live like this. I'm hoping to find some advice and relief from this forum. Good to see other experiences and happy endings as well.
  25. In the last 15 months I've developed bilateral edema, leg fasciitis, bilateral hand contractures w/ bilateral carpal tunnel and a high eosinophal count. Ive researched and found that lamotrigine has the side effect of producing eosinophal counts...which can cause the maladies listed above. Eosinophals are white blood cells produced in the bone marrow and I have too many of them. My hematologist told me to speak with my psych Dr first, then get off the lamotrigine and on something else if I need it. I just got off the phone with him and, after reminding him I'm on the 150mg pill asked how I should taper the drug since I've heard there can be withdrawal symptoms. He's calling in some 100mg pills and told me to taper as follows: 100mg for two weeks, then 50mg for 2 weeks and then Stop. He said I could take 1 month intervals instead of 2 weeks if I like. Has anyone actually tapered like that? What were the results? Before I started researching, I had planned to reduce in 25mg increments with 2 weeks at each level. He didn't mention the possibility of seizures. He did say if my symptoms returned (and the probably would) and to come in then and we can talk about an alternative.
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