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Found 1 result

  1. I have just written this same post here. I then read that new users should post here. Feel free to delete one or other of these duplicate posts. My wife is packing her bags and leaving me as I am writing this, and I am convinced that it's her SSRIs that are to blame. We've been together six years, married for three. She started taking SSRIs a year ago as she was suffering from anxiety attacks when leaving the house causing her diarrhoea. (I'm still not convinced that it was anxiety causing diarrhoea, and not the other way round. She had been suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome – but that's another story). The doctor prescribed her an SSRI which she has taken since. I wasn't happy that she was prescribed them as I was vaguely aware that they could be dangerous and addictive. However, she seemed happy that she could could leave the house confidently and continue her life as before. I'm not sure exactly what she's taking but I know it is a low dosage. She took a “normal” dose at the beginning but became a zombie, and could barely get out of bed. The doctor lowered her dosage. However during this year, first her libido decreased to the extent that we have not had sex for a few months. Then last month she told me that she's not in love with me and is not sure if she ever has been. I don't believe this because of how happy we have been together, how often she said she loved me, saying that she couldn't live without me, planning on buying a house together, having children, etc. I have tried to explain that maybe the SSRIs were affecting how she feels, showing her the thousands of studies, articles, forums with descriptions of “emotional blunting”, but she replied that she knows her own feelings. Despite this, she still seems positive towards other aspects of her life such as her work. (Some reports describe SSRI users as not caring about anything). She wants to try to cut down and quit the SSRIs anyway, but she doesn't believe that they are the cause of not loving me any more. In the meantime, she's decided to leave and live with a friend. I tried to convince her that it would be better to stay living together, quit the SSRIs and then see how she feels, but she doesn't agree. Can low dosage SSRIs affect just her “emotional pairing” and not other parts of her life (e.g. work)? If she does quit the SSRIs, how long will it be before her “true” feelings return to her? (Admittedly, it might not be the SSRIs and it might be that she really has fallen out of love with me). She also suggested that we stay in contact with each other and plan to see each other to see how we feel about our relationship. Should I agree to do this? Or should I give her space and wait and see how she feels after a time apart (e.g. a month)? Thanks for any help and advice offered.
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