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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I've read many people's stories on here and have found them to be strikingly similar to my experience with protracted withdrawal. I took nardil 60 mgs. for close to thirty years and found it had a real effect on my low mood and ability to socialize. In February of 2020 I discovered that nardil was put on permanent back order. This resulted in too rapid a taper and subsequent suffering with anxiety, depression social anhedonia, depersonalization....you name it. In hindsight the years I was on this med seem less productive to me than I may have realized while stil
  2. Last August I couldn’t sleep without Xanax. I would wait sometimes until 6/7am to try and avoid the benzo. I quickly realized a problem was occurring becoming reliant on Xanax and instead of working through it, I cold turkey’ed both the maoi I’ve been on for years (Nardil) and the Xanax....biggest mistake of my life. I suffered for months with a laundry list of crazy side effects, but I was determined to “muscle through it.” Things have only gotten worse. I noticed in the fall I was sensitive to alcohol and 1 drink would throw me off for days. A few weeks ago desperate to feel better
  3. My name is Chris. Long time lurker, first time poster.. I am currently tapering off of Nardil after 3 years of use. This may make my story a bit unique as it is an old MAOI antidepressant which is not used very often these days. However, my path to Nardil was littered with various SSRI's, Tricyclics, and other psych meds. As rare as MAOIs are, I was still hoping to find some guidance or experiences related to MAOI withdrawal. I'm bummed how little information is here or anywhere on the internet. I attempted to taper off of Nardli last summer going from 45mg to 0mg in about 3 months.
  4. Hello, My name is Cathy and I live in Minnesota. I have a long history of depression, numerous meds, ECT, a study for VNS, a study for genotypes, etc. Typically I would get into more detail but it hurts too much to type. I started Nardil about 7-8 weeks ago and was on a steady 60 mg. dose for at least five weeks. Early on I started developing "carpal tunnel" type symptoms. I had done a short MAO trial in the late 80s and remembered when I was on one, I had almost had carpal tunnel surgery. I went off the MAO for other reasons and the symptoms all went away, prior to surgery for
  5. I am 66 yrs old. I had TMS treatments Dec 2015 due to an upcoming elective knee surgery and the hospital/anathesiologist would not do the surgery while on Nardil due to possible drug interactions. After 35 TMS treatments I started tapering following my doctor's taper schedule of reducing 1/2 pill (7.5 mg) every 5-7 days. I stopped it Feb 10, 2016. My long term dose was alternating 30mg w 37.5 mg every other day. According to this site I tapered way too quickly but my psychiatrist says the taper was not rushed. It's been an ordeal. I did not know that I would experience all of the
  6. Hello! Long time reader on here, and other anxiety forums, and thought I would take "the plunge" and post a quick introduction. Instead of staring at the wall and suffering in silence, I figured this is a healthier coping approach... Background: 29 year old gay man, healthy/active and generally outgoing by nature. Started suffering anxiety attacks, blushing/social anxiety, and insomnia in my early 20s in NYC which landed me in a physiatrist's office with an RX for Zoloft and Xanax. I then proceeded to go on the Med Merry Go round (paxil, lexapro, effexor, ambien, luvox, among others) a
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