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Found 300 results

  1. AlanHarper

    AlanHarper: need help

    I am new here, although I did try to start an account awhile back. I am sure there is much on Paxil withdrawal. I cam off of 2mg of klonopin and still am on paxil which I wish to discontinue. I am using Alan Harper as pseudonym. Is there someone out there who is willing to help me in my desire to stop using paroxetin 20mg.? Thanks.
  2. Hi. So my story with SSRIs goes like this: About 5 years ago I started Paxil (12.5 CR mg) I took this successfully (helped me sleep which was great!) for about a year. Then quit faster than I should have, but was able to get off of it for a year while I was pregnant. I did have a bad withdrawal, but it was probably only 2-4 weeks. And only severe for 2. After my son was born I developed insomnia and postpartum depression. I was absolutely miserable. So my doctor prescribed Zoloft. It really helped the depression, but after 3-6 months I found my anxiety increased and insomnia came back. So... back to Paxil I went. 10 mg. Since I was realizing how much I hated the sexual side effects, I soon started taking it sparingly (every other day), after about a year? The past 2 years I have been on it, but I have tried to taper off, only taking it when I noticed my mood swing - every 2-4 days. I even got down to 5mg at this rate for a few months. Thought that I was pretty much off of it at this point. Again, the insomnia came back (about 6 months ago) So I tried xanax to help. Didn't like taking that every night, so used sporadically. I was prescribed Trazodone to help me sleep in mid-Novemver. Again, took it every other night at half dose (25 mg). It helped me sleep. Then I started getting dizzy - but also quit Paxil in early December. I took Trazedone at 25 mg for 7-10 days straight and when I just got dizzier during the day I quit. Cold turkey. But I had been taking it for such a short time I didn't think it would be an issue? And I don't know if it was or if the Paxil withdrawal. Hard to know what did what. I then stupidly took 5HTP (100mg) for two days last week. But then I decided to stop any seratonin anything. I have an appointment with a psychiatric nurse for the first time every tomorrow. I don't know what to do. The first couple weeks I had the more classic paxil withdrawal symptoms. This last couple weeks have been an entirely different animal. Panic attacks like I've never experienced before. Insomnia again. I feel like i've been on a roller coaster of every symptom. Depersonalization, shaking, nausea, vertigo, vision problems, tight chest, breathing issues. Ups and downs like crazy. Last night I got NO sleep. the last 3 days my doctor told me to take 25 mg xanax 3x daily to help with the symptoms. The last couple days it helped with the panic but today I"m just so sleep deprived I can't think straight. and I feel the anxiety has taken on a darker depressive tone. I feel hopeless. and I am scared and I don't know what to do. I don't know what the psych will tell me tomorrow or what I should do. Should I get back on an SSRI to taper back? Or try to pull through and just get medication to sleep? Everything goes to hell when I have bad bouts of insomnia. Otherwise I feel the anxiety I had pre-medication was not that bad. HELP!
  3. Hi, I am new here. I've been reading your website for some time and I've learned a lot. I was on paroxetine three times within 12 years (each time from 10 months to two years) because of anxiety. I was on 20 mg and it always worked very well. I went off paroxetine because I put really a lot of weight on. I thought I was very reasonable to give myself almost three months to go completely off (instead of 2-3 weeks as the doctor suggested). After 2 months I "crashed". Acute anxiety hit me so hard I couldn't leave my bed. I went back to my psychiatrist. He prescribed Zoloft (no weight gain effect) but suggested to wait and see whether it would improve. It did. I didn't take Zoloft. I started therapy. And I also entered windows and waves pattern. I had no idea it was WD related. After six months and another crash (acute anxiety, inability to function normally) I was prescribed Zoloft again and this time I took it. Within 6 months I went up to the maximum dose. It didn't work. Still windows and waves. Then I was put on Effexor. I was on it only for a month because it effected my blood pressure. The doctor suggested increasing both Effexor and BP drug but instead I went off it within a week. I was feeling bad anyway and the withdrawal from Effexor didn't make much change. I've been off any AD since May (over six months now). There have been no days without anxiety. Morning cortisol spikes are awful. Sometimes windows make me believe it's going to be ok. I am really working hard: CBT, Zumba class, I eat well, read a lot, mindfulness (although I am not very good at it). Since I've been off Paxil I lost 16 kg (acute anxiety helped here). But waves like the one I am going through now leave me excluded from life. Anxiety is unbearable. I cannot live normal life, I cannot eat. I decided I cannot go on like this. I made an appointment to see my doctor this Friday and I desperately need advice. I'll be honest with you. If it wasn't for this weight gain (on Paxil I went from being overweight to being obese) I wouldn't think twice. I am scared of trying anything new risking it would not work. I am also scared of going back to Paxil because of all I have read here and what I read about no chance of being on Paxil and not putting on a lot of weight. But I cannot go on like this. I am so tired and so scared. I desperately need your advice. I apologize for my English.
  4. Hi, my name is Mindy and I'm new to this forum. I've been on 40 mg of Paroxetine (generic paxil) for approximately two years and Alprazolam (generic zanax) for over 20 years. I would like to wean myself off of the Alprazolam and paxil. I've ran out of my paroxetine before and omg the withdrawal symptoms after just one day are a nightmare. I hope to gain advice and support here. Thank you. Mindy (By the way I am a 45 year old female)
  5. I am telling my story because if it wasn’t for reading the blogs of everyone out there suffering from the toxic effects of some of the psychotropic drugs & the subsequent “withdrawal” symptoms, I may not be here today to write this. Four years ago, I was prescribed Paxil for an off-label use. I was having symptoms which I have found out recently, can be attributed to Restless Leg Syndrome. Several months later, I became depressed (no prior history of depression) and irritable. It got worse each dose increase of Paxil. A psychiatrist realized I was having a “reverse effect” from Paxil began tapering in January 2016. I was immediately put on Abilify to help with the toxic side effects from the Paxil and also on Trazodone to help with sleep. Finally, I took my last Paxil in March 2017 and suffered through 3-months of withdrawal symptoms; crying spells and depression being the worst symptoms. I recovered and then started tapering off Abilify. Abilify caused undesirable side effects with a 20-lb. weight gain and extreme lethargy being the most bothersome. Little did I know what I was in for. I stopped Abilify at the end of August and started withdrawal symptoms 10-day later; crying spells, waking in the middle of the night feeling totally terrified and suicidal, tremors in my hands and legs, chills & hot flashes during the day, nauseous at times, loss of appetite and severe headaches. My symptoms were so frightening that my husband has kept vigil over me day and night. I haven’t driven my car or gone anywhere with out him in the past 4 months. In November I started tapering off Trazodone, because it became ineffective for sleep and was causing urinary frequency. Also, the headaches became even worse and more debilitating; OTC meds don’t help. They did a MRI of my brain and it was negative. The neurologist determined that there was no neurological cause. The early morning crying spells & headaches continue into December. I don’t know if the persistent headaches are caused by lingering withdrawal symptoms of discontinuing Abilify or tapering of Trazodone, or both. My husband called and wrote a letter last week to the Mayo Clinic to see if they can help. No answer yet as to whether they have the resources to help me get through these withdrawals. The last few days have been hopeful, the headaches seem less severe and the crying spells are less often, but I am praying that the next taper in Trazodone doesn’t cause a return of these symptoms. I feel like I have been through the worst days of my life, but I am resolved to fighting this horrible battle. It is my hope that this blog might help someone out there. Reading others’ stories has helped me immensely. Just knowing I am not alone has been a lifesaver.
  6. sungirl

    sungirl: Intro

    Hi, Not really sure what this is supposed to look like, but here goes. Began Wellbutrin and Paxil (don't remember doses) fall 2004 after major anxiety over a move. (I've experienced depression and anxiety since childhood.) I successfully tapered and remained off the Wellbutrin, but 3 months after Paxil taper experienced huge crash and reinstated. This happened the same way the second time I tapered. Both times the anxiety was way worse than any I had ever experienced and I knew it had something to do with withdrawal but my doctors did not believe me. I have been on 20mg/day. A year and a half ago I decided to try to taper again. Was originally tapering by 5mg at a time and got to 10 but was having difficulty. I found some helpful articles by Dr. Stuart Shipko and contacted him. Following his advice, and with my doctor's support, I went back to 10 and have been tapering by 1mg/month. I was down to 5mg when we went through some major life traumas. Still felt fine until tapered to 4.5, went back to 5, but started experiencing symptoms without realizing what it was (felt like my heart was pounding a lot/felt wired but did not feel anxious) Symptoms gradually have gotten worse and worse. Started to updose by 2 mg, 2 nights ago. Hoping I can stabilize, I feel terrible right now and don't want to live like this! Honestly not sure if I will complete the taper or not at this point I just want to stabilize.
  7. Hello everyone. I'm Greg and have been a Paxil user since December of 1997. My "Paxil" taper was making "progress" on another forum that was shut down, and of course I won't mention the name of that forum. Anyway, I started having panic attacks back in '94 and was prescribed Prozac initially, which only drove my panic and anxiety through the roof. I was then given Xanax to counteract the anxiety. I finally CT'd the Prozac after several months after telling my pdoc that I thought it was making me worse. I then went on a TCA, Imipramine, for a year or so. It maybe helped a bit but gave me headaches and severe constipation. I discontinued it too and then just got by on occasional Xanax. In December of 1997, having run out of Xanax and having severe panic and anxiety again I sought out another pdoc who put me on 30mg Paxil. This did the trick and my panic attacks subsided but would still flare up on occasion. I was down to needing a Xanax maybe a few times a year and even went several years without any. My depression improved too, however I still had depressive episodes that would last for several days on occasion. I also gained over 125 pounds during my 18 years of use. Then in February of 2013 my anxiety and panic seemed to come out of nowhere and took over my entire sense of self. I called of off work for a week and was terrified as I went in and out of deep depersonalization. My pdoc then raised my Paxil to 40mg and of course I started hitting the Xanax heavily. Wellbutrin was added to the mix. This raised my mood a bit but it also raised the anxiety. I even went to the ER one afternoon when my BP went over 200. The Wellbutrin was stopped after a month or so. I then lived from Xanax to Xanax for several months. After discovering a website that dedicated itself to making progress for Paxil users I realized that the updose may not have helped me. Thanks to Brassmonkey Tom, I had the courage to reduce my Paxil dose. Between November and May, I worked my way down from 40mg to below my 30mg long-term dose. I also weaned myself from the 1mg of daily Xanax I was taking. Finally this past summer the constant anxiety let its grasp go and I am starting to feel like myself again. I'm currently down to 25.5mg on my Paxil. I'm taking my taper nice and slow and generally reduce around 1.5% every 3 weeks. I still get some waves of anxiety but I'm still able to function. I've also been seeing a counselor since February of 2013, which has helped immensely. I've learned several tricks to combat anxiety and panic as well as address issues in my life that cause it. My goal isn't necessarily to get off of Paxil, but I'd like to greatly reduce my dose and then take it from there.
  8. I came across this. It is wonderful. http://psychrights.org/articles/newdrugsnewproblems.htm
  9. Hello all, I believe I am withdrawing from Paxil, Clonazepam or both. I thought I was over with the Paxil withdrawal, and started decreasing my Clonazepam. Lately I can't go for quiet walk without anger and bad memories driving me to quit. I have nightmares, am irritable, angry..I feel like I can't be around anyone. The Paxil quickly lost its effectiveness in treating my depression. I tried to get off of Clonazepam and Paxil years ago, but was having waves of repeating panic attacks. 24/7. At the time I was on 60 mg of Paxil and 3 mg of Clonazepam. Before I was on these drugs, I had anxiety issues, but only 1 full on panic attack. The drugs have made me so much worse. I resumed the medication as quickly as I could. Currently, I thought I was able to get rid of the Paxil, I seemed to be fine. I had to come off of 30 mg, rather than the previous 60. The weaning off period lasted a few months. I don't think reducing the clonazepam is the problem, because taking the full dose doesn't help. I am wondering if I am still having a residual withdrawal issue from the Paxil. I really don't like what it happening to me, and I'm really afraid I won't be able to recover.
  10. 40jack

    40jack: Hello

    Hi I'm new to this site. I joined basically because I want to get off my seroxat so I came here for some support. I've been on seroxat since 1994 and although I have been off meds in the past this last stint which is seven years is proving the most difficult to date.
  11. Trisha2

    Trisha2: Paxil

    Hello,I have been on paxil for years. I don't see it is helping me. My dr. Is always saying you don't need to change. I have winged myself off but need something new. Anyone changed from paxil and had luck. Thanks!!
  12. I'm new here, never written a post before although I often refer to various websites for assistance, SA looks like a great resource centre. I had a breakdown 2 years ago which caused a number of issues, from Sleep apnea (I'm not obese), bad joint pains, even more panic attacks. I can only handle 6 hours work a day, from working round the clock for many years. Started tapering in March as fed up with foggy brain and having to take 2 hour naps to escape my mind swirling out of control. Estimated plan is 20 months to taper off completely. I have spreadsheets with dates and i am using a daily journal to track my feelings rated 5 - 0 (5 being off the chart and 0 being ok'ish and thinking clearly) Motivation to get up and go for a walk is a big deal, but slowly making progress. I know the benefits but easier said than done. I learned 2 years ago to walk away when stress became too high, at which point I sleep. My wife and family are very supportive and understand the pressure I'm under trying to run a business. I hope this is the correct forum to introduce myself, and look forward to any advise / feedback.
  13. Hi everyone, I'm new here. Im 19, hoping to one day become a doctor, but right now that seems impossible. I have always been very bad with medicine, i forget to take them, or i just don't care enough to take them. In my junior year of high-school 2015, I had a suicide attempt which put me 2 weeks in the hospital and on prozac, I don't remember the dose. I stopped taking it cold turkey after one week it made me feel fake happy, I felt like I was faking everything. Then I finally got myself a good psychologist, and a " meh" psychiatrist which led me down a road of several antidepressants, , most of the time I just took the medicine for 2 days to a week, and then stopped cold turkey. I would fake symptoms and tell my psychiatrist I was doing fine on them when in reality I was not taking any of them. I did his with Cymbalta, Effexor, and Douloxetine, I think thats what its called. Then I was put on pristiq, again, it made me fake happy, so I stopped after a month, I never had bad side effects from quitting, just starting them was what made me have all sorts of shaking and vomiting etc. This summer, I had another breakdown, turns out I have OCD, well i was put on Paxil, surprisingly I had no side effects coming into it. It was great I was feeling better. I took it for a week and a half or maybe 2 and then i started forgetting to take it. After a week or so of not taking it I started to feel aroused all the time. like the slightest touch or sexual thing would make me want to "have some fun" with myself. It was weird. I felt very odd about it because for like the past month I had been anything but sexual, I was actually very afraid of sex. and the medication had made me numb down there. Then i started getting tingles in my lady parts, they felt inside me, and I was also peeing a lot which made the tingles kinda hurt. So I took a UTI test..... I have a UTI.... but I would get weird throbbing and tingling inside me as well, and in my lower back and in my anus, it was very odd. I searched up what it could be and PGAD came up, I read all the suicide stories and people that had it for years with no relief I was so worried I would soon start having uncontrollable orgasms. I began to check and hyperfocus on my lady parts. I started taking Paxil again, 4 days later it was gone but I was left so worried it would come back, i became hyper aware of my lady bits. for 3 days I was okay.... then i started feeling aroused, I was scared, i didn't know whether it was PGAD or me being me. I cant orgasm at all. then some tingling by my clitoris after I peed sometimes. sometimes its slight twinges inside me, or feeling "stimulated" when i cross my legs even loud noises make me twinge down there....Its not as bad as when I was "withdrawing" but still Im so scared it will come back one day. Anyway . Im stuck. Do I get off the meds? what if the PGAD comes back? I really don't know what to do. Im starting university again in a week and Im so scared.
  14. Cheers, everyone First – english is not my native language, so forgive me, if it's a bit clumsy. Second – this story may be long. I feel like sharing, yet I'll try to make it short. Everything began 11 years ago, when – after a great deal of trauma – I was diagnosed with obssesive compulsion disorder. Diagnosis itself felt wright – my fears, obssesions and rituals were getting stronger every day. Soon, I was beginning to lost it. Psychiatrist prescripted SSRI meds – sertraline, to be specific. It was pain. I reached the dose of 120 mg a day, as she ordered – I wasn't sleeping whole nights, wasn't eating almost anything (but still got fat) and my feelings and emotions were lost completely – what was left of me was a complete cyborg. Inabillity to sleep and eat made me going mad, my shrink, however, didn't see any problem. After a half a year, I showed her my middle finger and cease the treatment. I felt great for about a year – then obssesion came back, stronger than ever. This time, a proffesor psychiatrist came with paroxetine. Let me make this clear – paroxetine did help me. My obssesions were gone. I became calm, reasonable, able to deal with emotions like grief or anger quickly. In time, however, I grew more and more disturbed about the therapy. I mean – what about my personality? Which part of that is artificial? What kind of person would I be without drugs? Why other people mostly seem a bother to me and why I lost any kind of interest in any kind of love life? Why I'm getting more and more surly and bitter? My proffesor answers were another drugs only, to which I refused. This year, when six years of paroxetine were coming to pass, I withdraw it. I thought reducing the dose slowly will do. At first, I felt better. Everything was so vivid, so lively; I was becoming nicer to people. All this didin't last long, though. At first, I became nervous. Everything started to seem difficult, I felt like I had to much to attend to. That deepend into depression so deep, I quickly started to think about suicide, which eventually made me to come back to my treatment. This time, side effects decided to say hi. Afer two days on one pill, I suddenly started to run around house in cricle with suicide thoughts so intense, it was like someone grabbed me, shaking my arms and screaming „Do it! Do it! Do it!” I almost tried. I made it through next few days on benzodiazepine. Then, paroxetine kicked in without any more events. I've put myself together, yet I was confused – I mean, what the hell happened? I've never had such depression, where did it come from? My main problem were obssesions. I started to wonder – what if paroxetine actually did all this and now I'm allowing fox to guard henhouse? My decision to have a closer look on this brought me to book „Deadly Medicine and Organised Denial” by prof. Peter Gøtzsche (to those who haven't read it already – it's a book everyone should read). I read that paroxetine – and other SSRI meds – actually cause depression which shows up in the withdrawal syndrome due to disrupting brain biochemistry and that withdrawing after more than few weeks of treatment can be very hard. Sudden suicide thoughts, according to this book, are quite popular side effects of paroxetine syndrome. So many people, I was thinking. So many people did commit suicide, many of them slaughtered their families first. I was furious and quite dispaired, feeling like I'm gonna claw my doctor's eyes out. Who the hell allowed this **** to be on market? Why my god damn shrink is keeping my on this crap for years? I've felt like a freaking junkie. On the other hand though – after I calmed down – I've felt some kind of new strenght. Withdrawing became my top priority. I'm now aware what happened and what is next. I know it may be hard, but I'm not losing optimism, until I still have at least some part of my brain intact (and liver, and kidneys, et cetera...). Like I said, I got this site address from prof. Gøtzsche and here I am. On the next appointment, I'm gonna have a little chit-chat with my doctor. If he won't be willing to assist me on my way to withdrawal, I'll find a doctor who will. I've already reduced the dose from 40 to 30 mg and I'm aiming to reduce it more to 20 mg (this is by approval from my current doctor). And then... well. No matter how much time will it take, I'm gonna be free one day. (Anyone who thinks deserves beer after reading all this, leave me a note ).
  15. Hi, I have been on Paxil 20mg for three years in order to deal with Menstral migraines. I decided to quit the medicine, because of the side effects. I have no desire to be touched by my husband and have gained 40 pounds. I also feel like a zombie sometimes, I couldn't even cry when my father passed away. Unfortunately, I didn't do the research before deciding to taper of and cut my dose to 10mg 2 days ago. And I'm suffering, nausea, zaps, tired but can't sleep and what little rest I get is plagued by nightmares. Should I start over and taper by 10% or just stay where I am and finish by reducing slower?
  16. I have a question. I reinstated paxil months after a CT stop (see signature). It cured my tremor and I felt less anxious immediately like if I had taken a clozan (tranquilizer). Now, however, I have many waves of anxiety throughout. Is this proof that it’s not working or just part of the tapering process? I guess I don’t know what I’m supposed too feel. Why taking these pills and still being anxious?
  17. Hi all. I discovered this site after several seqrch in google, and lurked for a while. Here my story (summarized), and please forgive me grammar error because english is not my main language. I'm 25 yo male from Italy. I have taken various psych drugs and switched doctors with the only achievement of ruining the best years of my life. I was put on AD at the age of 11, because it seems i had sleep problems and was lethargic during the day, and my parents had this brilliant idea to contact a psychiatrist that gave me nopron. The problem didnt go away then he (or another one) gave me Zoloft. i remember very well when i went to the study and even all my elementary school friends name i also remember for few next week after i started taking zoloft i felt more energy and managed to stay awake during day. Then the hell began. My memory just got wrecked and i have this big black hole in my mind for the successive years. I only remember episodes of my life (mostly not very pleasant), and the suffering i experienced. I started having depression, anxiety, mood swings and more else, all things i had not pre-drugs. My parents also sent me to several psychiatrists everywhere in Italy, but things only got worse for me. I was told i was very smart by every teacher at the schools, but then i started to be so anxious to frequent school and meet others i started to stay home. Some episode of bullying at age of 12 also played an huge role in this. Eventually at superior schools i have lost 4 years because too many absences and they couldn't validate my attend even my ratings weren't so bad. Eventually i managed to give final exams (with 4 years of late) by myself without frequenting. Meanwhile my life had been a constant pain. Me and my parents then (i forgot to mention my mother has a life long hidtory of polipharmacy) came out with this idea of me staying with more people "like me" would help me "socializing". So i accepted to give a try. I entered by my own and i found to be prisone by one of these private structures wich are actually an asylum. i coulnd't wash myself alone, i was deprived of my belongings and documents, phone, and mind (i was drugged hard this time) , self esteem and every resemblance of humanity, after 1 month and half God suggested my parents it wasn't a great idea to keep me there. They weren't aware what was happening or how i was being treated, and all phone calls were under their survellaince, so i couln't full blame them, but still it was the most horrible experience of my life. Btw i then lost another 2 year, and then it was when i decided to give the school exams by myself (sorry, i'm messing up dates and events, my memory is really destroyed) But i have also decided to end with these poisons wich only made me an empty shell. Last doctor had given me lithium lamotrigine and paroxetine (here sold under the name of Sereupin). I fast tapered both lithium and lamotrigine, and i felt better without particular symptoms. Meanwhile i signed myself to University (this in 2015), in Biology related course of study. (with 4 years late) The year went very well for the first months, i tied with very nice people, and i gave 4-5 exams with max or almost rating. I was doing during paroxetine tapering starting. Then i fell because my anxiety became unbarable, and then this year i haven't come back to University. I have lost all my contacts with the only friends of my life, and my mother started to obsess me every day to go back to pills. But i know I CANT and WONT back to what have done me all of this. Because i was never truly myself under pills, my memory disappeared (i have now almost forgotten what i have studied last year) , mood swings, tremors, loss of interest toward life, cognitive problems. I just can't bear all of this anymore. I want to be myself and have a life. Still i have withdrawal issues. I have tapered for more than year now. I started at 20 mg paroxetine, now i'm at 4.x mg. I think i have did it too fast because it'l hase been almost 2 months now since last cut, and i'm having severe anhedonia/DP (not depression) , and it doesn't "stabilize". I don't leave home since 7 months or so. My father finally believed me that are these drugs wich ruined me (and my mother), and is helping me with all, but isn't a very pleasant situation. Since i have already lost this accademic year, and i think i can bear the symptoms, i already did another reduction starting from today. It's a 10 % cut (of 4.x mg). I just want all of this to end so i can resume my studies asap. I know i'm a bit impatient, but time is running away for me, and i can't lose it anymore. Also sorry for confused writing /typos, i'm in bed and not sleeping tonight Thank you all for support you give in this community
  18. I have health anxiety after every time ı stop paxil. Anyone **** me? Many thanks in advance
  19. Hi everyone, this is my first post and I would like to get your feedback on two questions: 1. I had a strange episode am I am trying to understand if it had anything to do with a lithium taper: I was in treatment for a digestive disorder taking some strong herbal antibacterials (like oregano, coptis, etc). I began to have severe digestive sensitivies, bloating, pain, and cramping. I had a reaction to the treatment that created more symptoms than the disease. I also began to have worsening sleep problems. I would be awakened at night after 2-4 hrs sleep often with heart palpitations, nausea and a cortisol rush. It was extremely hard to get back to sleep. I was sleeping 4-6 hrs a night. At the same time I had been reducing lithium. (see below) After reading extensively on this site, I can see that I reduced by too much at one time. However, I had gone cold turkey off all lithium for 6 weeks without any symptoms. I had a pretty severe reaction to witnessing a trauma during this time and I could feel my brain and body stuck in the fight or flight response. I've never had such a difficult period of little sleep. I felt frozen inside. Then, perhaps due to lack of sleep, I began to experience many neurological symptoms exactly like a concussion I experienced years before (significant light, sound sensitivity, difficulty talking, thinking, and following people's conversation, unable to drive, headaches, etc). After a few months, most symptoms are now gone. Could the anxiety, sleep problems, and PTSD like response be caused by the taper or by tapering too quickly? I've asked several psychiatrists and they disagree. What are your thoughts? Lithium history 900 mg started in 2000 went off cold turkey for a couple months in 2016. No withdrawal sx. Went back on 600 mg before a surgery as a preventative measure August 2016. Reduced to 300 mg around beginning of March 2017 with some increased fatigue. Then reduced to 150 around April, 2017. Very anxious and sleepless with nighttime cortisol surges by May 2017. Had PTSD type of response to witnessing a trauma, then mild TBI sx. Returned to 600 mg 2. Based on history, and this info, which drug would you taper first: Have been on Paxil - 20 mg for around 19 years for major depression which I have not experienced since being on the combo of Lithium and Paxil. My psychiatrist is not sure If I am on the bipolar spectrum or not. I started lithium so I could augment and reduce the paxil from 30 mg. He doesn't have a strong feeling either way about which one I should begin to taper. If any part of the above scenario indicates that I could be on the bipolar spectrum than it would make sense to go off Paxil first. I wanted to go off lithium first since it has caused a thyroid disorder and because I thought it would be much harder to go off Paxil. Thanks for your responses.
  20. Hello all, I am experiencing withdrawals after trying to slowly taper of 20 mg of Paxil. This is my second attempt at getting off of it, the first time I went cold turkey (on 10 mg) not knowing about the horrible withdrawal symptoms that would happen. I was wondering if reinstating Paxil would ease my withdrawal symptoms? I feel like I'm going insane, I can't function, and I don't know how to live everyday life when I feel this way. I am experiencing nausea, dizziness, vertigo, upset stomach, diarrhea, no appetite, suicidal thoughts, heightened anxiety, and insomnia. I don't know if taking the 20mg will help me or not but I'm really scared I'm going to feel like this forever. I don't even want to leave my bed because every time I walk or move I want to throw up or fall over. If someone could offer me some help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you
  21. Hello everyone, Former paxil user here between 2005 and 2009 male 33yo I would like to know how you would describe pssd? it only becomes a problem when i'm with a partner. I find it really hard to connect with someone, not enough connection and arousal to keep erection for intercourse. i need to have played out in my mind my favorite porn sene without any connection with my partner. In life in general i feel i cannot connect with people like i used to and i'm starting to wonder whether it is my AD use a few years back thats causing all this. Thank you
  22. Hello beautiful people, I am new here. I apologise if this topic was already covered a million times, but.... I am rather hopeless right now. I've been reducing my paroxetine dosage. The last reduction was from 20mg to 10mg a day. About a week or so passed of me taking this new 10mg dose and I started having TERRIBLE headaches. Mainly it's my temples, my jaw, my teeth. Have any of you had this problem ? How did you cope? I mean, I could be taking ibuprofen everyday,but it's been more than a week and that in itself has side effects... So I'm looking for something, just about anything that could help.
  23. I used to be a member over at PaxilProgress years ago when I attempted a gradual withdrawal. I have a story for you all today that some may related to. I have been on Paxil for 18 years because of Panic attacks. At first, I was prescribed 20mg. After 6 months I dropped to 10mg. After a year of hating the sexual side effects I dropped to 5mg for the next 16 years. At 5mg, I have no panic attacks and I thought I was living a normal life.....until today. I am a health nut. I have a fixed routine for taking my Paxil, blood pressure meds (trying to get off) and natural supplements each morning. About a week ago. I started a bunch of oral surgery. My blood pressure also rose to unsafe levels. Because of all this my stress was off the charts. I have been feeling emotional and have even shed tear a few times (I am a married man who is not that emotional). To top things off, yesterday it was like I found the fountain of youth. My sexual energy and sensitivity was off the charts to the point my wife could not figure what was going on. I was shocked also because I felt like an 18 year old. This was all getting a bit too weird and we could not figure out what was going on. Today I went in for my normal workout at the Gym. I felt really energized besides the stress. But then, I started noticing dizziness and ringing in my ears. Out of the blue, I felt the familiar signs of a panic attack starting. After sitting down for a bit, it all became clear. Years ago I started to ween myself of Paxil gradually and I had the same dizzyness and ringing. I went to the doctor thinking it was an inner ear infection, which it was not. Fortunately, another doctor was passing by and heard my conversation. He asked if I had stopped taking any Paxil. I told him that yes, I was reducing my amount. That is when he said "you can't do that with Paxil. It has to be a very gradual process". That is the conversation that gave me my epiphany today. Sure enough, when I got home I realized that my paxil bottle was nowhere to be found. So, I missed it during my daily rotation with the others. Most likely, this has gone on for about a week. So here I sit. I know from the past that if I don't get back on Paxil really really soon, horrible things are going to start happening. But for the evening at least, I plan on snuggling up with my wife and remember what it feels like to have sensitivity and tingling sensations (the good kind) again. I remember reading that it takes at least 5 days for Paxil to complete leave your system. So, I know that I have been off it at least that long. Tomorrow I will have to make sure I start the Paxil back up again, or suffer the consequences. However, after feeling alive like I feel today, I sure would like to feel like this again some day. So, I think I will make another attempt at cutting back (even from 5mg), After 18 years, it may take me 1 year to taper off. It has been really nice not having panic attacks for the last 18 years (except when I quit Paxil). But, I had forgotten what it is like to have ALL your emotions and sensitivities back, both good and bad. Thanks for letting me share. I feel so strange right now that the Paxil is completely out of my system, even if it is temporary. I feel like a male Cinderella at the ball and the clock is ticking down to 12am, when it is time to take a Paxil pill and return to what has been the norm for the last 18 years.
  24. I'm on day 5 without paxil. I switched it out for 20 mg prozac. I am hoping to drop to 10 mg prozac and stay there for a few months to get acclimated and then taper the prozac. Mostly I'm on here because I was absolutely terrified at how this would go and 2 to see how it has gone for others. It took me 3 rather horrific years to get off 4 mg ativan and I was very afraid I had put myself in the same boat when I started paxil. It turns out tho that what really contributed to the difficulty of the benzo taper were hormonal challenges. Those are finally resolved. So I decided to give getting of paxil a shot. Despite all of the fear, I'm on day 5 without paxil, and while I do have some symptoms it is not like I feared. Thanks for having me Wwwi
  25. Hi all, Just wanted to introduce myself, I'm a new user and new to SSRIs. I just start Paroxetine on 5/1/17 as part of treatment for PMDD, which has been exacerbated post-partum. My daughter is 16 months and I felt very strongly that it was time to deal with the returning depression that I have had and ignored for 10 years. Being pregnant was the best mood stabilizer I had experienced in a long time and it taught me that I could feel better and be a better version of myself. But now I've started Dr. Kelly Brogan's book "Mind of Our Own" and though I knew that I never wanted to be on an SSRI permanently, I want to begin tapering ASAP. I haven't been on this medication too long and I am so hoping that this makes tapering—albeit slowly—consequence free. Advice, recommendations, etc. are welcome. Isabella
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