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  1. Hi. I've been struggling with paxil withdrawal for 7 months and I'm in need of some serious advice. I have been on paxil since March 2015 and I worked my way up to 40 mg. I was not on any other medication except paxil. In January 2019, I started my journey to taper off of it. This is what my taper looks like: January 31, 2019 - Decreased from 40 mg to 30 mg June 6, 2019 - Decreased from 30 mg to 20 mg September 6, 2019 - Decreased from 20 mg to 10 mg November 12, 2019 - Cold turkeyed 10 mg My psychiatrist was telling me to taper at 10 mg at a time which I now know is way too steep of a drop. I didn't know at the time because, surprisingly, I did not experience any withdrawals jumping from 40 to 30, 30 to 20, or 20 to 10. I might have experienced some very slight changes when I dropped from 20 to 10 but they were so subtle that I didn't attribute it to the drop in my dosage at the time. The cold turkey off of 10 mg was when everything fell apart. It was a gradual worsening of symptoms. At 3 weeks off was when I noticed that the withdrawal has become severe. I did not reinstate because I thought it would go away and I did not know another way to get off of it until I found this website and the 10% taper in February 2020. After 3 months off paxil, I felt like I couldn't hold on any longer. On February 12, 2020, I saw a psychiatrist and reinstated back to 10 mg paxil. I was on it for 17 days and I saw no improvement with my withdrawal symptoms. I read so much online about how reinstatement this far out might not work. I panicked and made the decision to stop reinstatement on February 29, 2020. In hindsight, I probably should have stuck with it because I might have been better by now. Now it's June 15, 2020 and I'm really struggling to hold on. In summary, my taper journey was 3 months off from cold turkey of 10 mg paxil, 2.5 weeks reinstatement of 10 mg paxil before quitting again, and now I'm 3.5 months off paxil after quitting reinstatement. I know this withdrawal might potentially last a very long time and reinstating again has recently crossed my mind because I've been going psychotic for many days. I know if I reinstate, it would be a big commitment. One, it might not work but I'd still have to commit to being on it since I can worsen my withdrawal by jumping off of it again. Two, I'd have to hold for 6 months to a year and then do a slow taper that may last 2 years or more. There are just times when it's so tough, it feels like I can't handle it anymore, and I'm desperate for relief that I don't know if I should hang on or try reinstatement again. I just need to be able to function normally and right now I'm not even close to being that way. Both times when starting paxil, I didn't get any real adverse startup effects. I got the yawning all of the time but other than that, it seemed fine. From these two past experiences, if I start it again, I don't really think I'd get an adverse reaction to it. The only problem is the idea of it not alleviating the withdrawal. If there is anyone who can give me advice on what I should do, it would be much appreciated because I can't even decide myself.
  2. Hello. I have been reading threads through this forum and finally I have the courage to ask for help. I saw the wonderful work that you all do here, so first of all, I would like to congratulate all of you involved in helping people. Since 2002 I use antidepressants intermittently. In 2016, due to an undiagnosed withdrawal syndrome, I was gradually subjected to a multidrug regimen. So, since April 2014, I'm on these drugs: Paxil - 20mg initially - Depakote SR 1000mg Modafinil 200mg 450mg lithium Aripiprazole 1mg In February 2020, I finally found a doctor who believed in me as having a withdrawal syndrome in 2016 and we started a regime of gradual decrease in Paxil. I reduced it, in a 4-week way, to 18mg, then 15mg and 10mg. At 10 mg after 4 days, I had terrible symptoms and then went back to 15 mg. I stayed on 15 mg for 4 weeks and it dropped to 13 mg. Five days ago, after about four weeks, I decreased the dose to 11.7 mg and yesterday I started to feel terrible. Anxiety, complete loss of appetite, lethargy, cold and so on. I'm sure someone in this forum has asked that question before, but I'm so mentally altered that I can't look for it. So my question is, should I stick with 11.7 mg or should I go back to 13 mg for a new 4-week course and try to reduce again? I appreciate any help, guys!
  3. Ok, Three back surgeries in last 6 months and I think those are over and I am home free. However, this last surgery March 9 2020 was pretty large surgery and I had some post opp nerve pain to deal with as well. About 6 weeks post opp, Dr started me on Cymbalta 30mg and started me on a 2 week taper completely off of 30 mg Paxil (20 years) while I was also tapering off of opioids. Said Cymbalta would help with nerve pain. Well a little over 1 week off of Paxil I started to freak out and he quickly upped dose of Cymbalta to 60 mg. Landed me in ER twice and he quickly discontinued Cymbalta and put me back on 30 mg of Paxil. In meantime he also stopped my opioid taper. I am down to 15 mg of Hydro daily and holding there. I am learning how powerful the Paxil can be. I was actually hoping to get off the Paxil at some point as I was wondering if it was still really working. How long might it take me to stabilize? I need to continue this opioid drop as I have now been on them for three months even thought I have been tapering. If and when I do stabilize and want to start a taper, I plan to do it slowly. However, after reading some info here on the site, I wonder if I should even try to get off of Paxil? I would like to, but will I be able to work as I am tapering? Will it be complete misery!!!!! Any advice around my situation would be greatly appreciated!!!! MY symptoms: Severe cognitive and concentration dysfunction, pins and needles , stinging going up sides of my head, severe pressure headaches that come and go quickly, nausea, feeling as if I am slightly drunk, locking jaw / grinding teeth, crawling out of my skin, insomnia. Thanks
  4. Est-ce que quelqu'un a sevré paxil svp en francais... Je suis a 30 mg et j'aimerais passer a 15mg et je me demande si les symptomes que je ressens vont partir et combien de temps? je suis a 28 mg depuis 3 semaines, léger maux coeur, tête, fatigue, estomac digestion etc... mais je peux m,endurer... Google translation: Has anyone weaned paxil please in french ... I am at 30 mg and I would like to go to 15 mg and I wonder if the symptoms that I feel will go away and for how long? I have been at 28 mg for 3 weeks, slight aches in the heart, head, fatigue, stomach digestion etc ... but I can endure ...
  5. I would like too greet you all in first place and wish you all best in your life. I'm 26 years old male. I don't want to talk about personal struggles and situations, just about solutions and going forward. I was on 20 Mg paroxetine and 3mg bromazepam. I'm not from USA or western Europe, but I think that is 20 Mg Paxil and 3 Mg Lexotan or Lexotanil for around 6 years. Few times I tried to quit but I didn't know about withdrawal and I used to come back on same medication. I never went up in dose, just maintaining. Before 5 months I decided to go off Paxil. I have been sick, flu like symptoms,tears, fatigue, insomnia, vivid dreams etc. Survived worst part I think, and felt good like never before after suffering a lot. Still have a stomach problems, and alot of symptoms but I'm glad I did stop it. And I don't want to go back on it. Tried to do same with Lexotan, but then my symptoms go very bad. I don't take it daily, only sometimes when I can't stand symptoms like unable to concentrate and bad and random thoughts coming to my head so I can't function properly. In first place why I started taking these two medication is hiatal hernia, part of my stomach coming through diaphragm giving very bad anxiety and symptoms. I can stand withdrawal if I take Lexotan sometimes. I need your advice on what to do. I don't have time to heal at home, I need to go work and life is waiting. I repeat I don't want to go back on ssri, but to function "normal" I need occasionally this benzodiazepine called Lexotan. I don't take 3 Mg, rather 1.5 mg, occasionally. I tried without it also, and I could fight it but at home In nice environment. I appreciate any advices, maybe somebody went through something similar. Now I know I should first stop benzodiazepine, then ssri, but I'm glad I got off Paxil.
  6. hello! im so happy to have found this site. I guess i will introduce myself i have been on Paxil for about 4 to 5 years now, taking a pretty low dose of 20 mg. I tried quitting about a year ago, my doctor was supportive but gave me no information about withdrawal and such. After two days with 10 mg I immediately went back. i thought it was my anxiety, not withdrawal. I am now quitting again. I reduced my dose to 10 mg and i have been on this for about 4 days. I am already getting bad symptoms. feeling depressed, tired, crying for no reason, emotional, intrusive thoughts, and anxiety. But honestly I am so determined to quit this time because I want to live a drug free life. I have been praying a lot as a coping method which helps. Here are a list of supplements i've been taking that help make my symptoms less severe (not saying you should do what i say at all, this is just what helped me. i'm not a doctor) : Magnesium, Niacinamide, D3, Iodine, Ashwaganda, and herbal teas. Thank you for having me in this beautiful community, I hope to contribute to in some way. peace will come starting dose: Paxil 20 mg current: paxil 10 mg
  7. Hello dear fellas! I am in the same boat like you and I was thinking a lot about creating a topic here. I am a male, 30 years old. My story began in 2010 with a depression I had, which faded away by itself, and was caused by my traveling and settling in a new city in order to study law. It was all good until summer 2012 when I went through a panick attack. It happened to me after a very very intense exam session. This threw me off balance and gave a start to a 4 year struggle with panic, anxiety and I guess a depression, which was caused by all that. After that much time I decided to pay a psychiatrist a visit, who is a close family friend. She prescribed me a drug called Atarax, which helps with sleep. After a few weeks, and feeling drained and drowsy as hell I decided to quit. No problems whatsoever. I told myself I don't need that, I am not sick and that I have enough power to beat a condition like this. And it happened. In the time between January 2017 and June 2018 I was happy and enjoyed life. A stressful event - an argument with my parents and girlfriend, all at the same time, plus the stress from my job, I went back to the pit I was in. On 3 June 2018 while I deriving my car to work I suddenly had a flashback, remembering the time I felt anxious and sick. This was the exact moment when I felt anxiety, fear and thinking I am sick in my head. All was back - the panick, anxiety, fear, sleeping troubles sometimes. Then, on 27 August 2018 I went to see another psychiatrist who put me on Parix (Paroxetine) and Fluanxol (Flupentixol) which is allowed to be sold here in Bulgaria. At the begging of taking the drugs I felt agitated, had vivid dreams, sweating at night, but it all went away. I was gradually getting better. The thing that bothered me the most was the feeling of being constantly sleepy and tired. I had problems with memorizing and I felt somehow detached from the world. I wasn't that bad, I was working at the capital city of Sofia by that time and all was good overall. After a year I quit the Fluanxol under my psychiatrist guidance. Another six months after I quit the Parix as well, of which last 3 months were meant for tapering off the drug. I felt some discomfort during that time not knowning it was signs of withdrawal. On January 2019 I went down to 15 mg Parix, 2 or 3 weeks later I was on 10. It was here where I felt something happening with me but kept going as I was told to. 6 weeks I was on 10 mg, then 2 weeks on 5 mg, and last two weeks 5 mg, skipping a day, plus Magnesium, which was prescribed from my doctor. I felt kind of OK until 25 April 2019, after a cup of coffee. Then suddenly I felt agitated, got scared of what was happening and this marked the begging of my withdrawal. I began shaking, like I was in a hypoglycemia (happend sometimes to me in the past, before drugs). I lost my appetite, fear ran trough my head. In the time before and after that I was feeling detached from the surrounding world but I wasn't aware of that till last few months where I felt more and more alive. The feeling was as if I was living in a cocoon. I felt jittery all the time, my sleep got bad. I was sleeping 5 or 6 hours, with adrenalin waking me up at 5-5:30 am., feeling dreadful. I could feel the fear inside my gut. Which prompted me to go to the toilet immediately. I was having diarrhea. Strange sensations in my head appeared and stayed until May or June. Can't refer to them as brain zaps, but felt pretty similar. I felt that with my head as well as with my body. At different points in the following months it was getting even worst - tinnitus, nausea, consonant anxiety and fear, depersonalisation, total loss of doing activities, including working, despite the fact of doing so.In July I felt pain in my back which was never there before. My head felt in a way you feel that when you were get there flu. I was thinking I had fever but actually never had. At that time stomach acids emerged out of the blue. I wasn't eating something different or I have never eaten for the acids to appear. They stayed for a week, then went away. They got back for a few days in August and then dissappeared. Another thing that hit me difficulty speaking sometimes because my jaw muscles were super stiff. As well as my legs and arms. Crying spells were bad. I even cried once in front of my girlfriend after seeing a scene in a movie. I was having a ball stuck inside my throat. Sometimes I had difficult times reading. It was as my eyes were jumping across a word rather then following it instead. I had no sex drive at all. I had neuro emotions which was very frustrating. I was not able to feel happy, I guess it was anhedonia. I guess I don't remember all symptoms but the feeling was constant misery. At the time September 2019 passed I began feeling a bit better. Nausea, tinnitus, muscle jitters were gone. I slept better. Crying spells faded away with time, as well as the ball inside my throat. But feeling the recovery was slow and definitely in waves and windows. The thing that was there all the time was bad derealisation, the feeling "there is something in my head making it feel like having fever", blurred vision sometimes occurred. In the months after I got better until February 2020. What happened felt like someone smashed me in the ground. I was feeling like relapsing. It was unbelievable that I was feeling kind of OK for being in a withdrawal and then, a day after it was all back - anxiety, bad derealisation, fear, bad sleeping. I was aware of the community here, I have read a lot about withdrawal and this is what was and is still keeping me going. Apparently I skipped the part about the 10 month wave. I was so relieved when I got to know about it that I immediately felt better and reassured myself it is not a relapse. It passed after 2 weeks. I felt better afterwards. In the begging of May 2020 I felt a bit strange feeling in my nose, as if I wasn't able to feel air, you know you kind of feel it when it goes trough your nose. It passed in a few days. After that I got rinnitis out of nothing. Stuffy and runny nose, as if I got allergy from pollens. This kept going for about 10 days and made me feel irritated as i never had it. It was like that until 15th of May when I received a phone call from my dad. He said he is now feeling well, and has fever. He reckoned it may be the coronavirus. I felt bad, really bad. Scared and fearful. The same night was bad, I couldn't sleep. In the morning the anxiety feeling in my head was back. I was very worried about my dad. He passed a test, which was negative. In a few days we already knew he just had inflammation on the bladder. But my constant anxiety stayed. My muscles began getting stiff again. My sleep got disrupted. I am awaking in 5 am every morning. I feel terror after waking up from the adrenalin rush (or cortisol, I am not sure). I am having diarrhea again. Sweaty palms and feet. I am overthinking all the time. I lost appetite, interest in involving into any activity. I feel almost like in the early stages of withdrawal, only without the dereaIisation, which makes it even scarier to me. I was hoping to find support here and help me distinguish whether it is a relapse or a wave , because till now I knew it is a wave, but this time it feels pretty real. I am constantly asking myself whether is it possible to get such a massive set back after going trough waves that were not that bad followed by a nice window. Any advise would be highly appreciated. Thank you! P. S Sorry for the long post!
  8. Hi there , I am new to this forum . A bit about me . I have had social/performance anxiety which comes and goes . About 18 years ago , my gp prescribed Paxil 20mg . He told me at the time it was non addictive and I don’t recall a very long conversation re the pros and cons ... I started on Paxil and felt so much better and it really worked for me . As time went on I realised that the side effects were loss of libido, inability to cry, weight gain etc .. so , I learnt that I had to slowly decrease . I managed to get down to half and stay on 10mg for about 8 years .. then with life stressors , I wasn’t sleeping etc , so my go recommended last year that I go back up to 20mg ... again , it worked and helped with sleep and got me back on track . Then in January this year I started with a 10 percent drop again every 2 months . So very slowly, I’m hoping to be back on half a Paxil by the end of the year !! Then take it from there .. if I had known how hard it would be to get off Paxil, I never would have taken that first tablet , despite the fact that it did help me ...
  9. Hello guys I’m new and want to give this a try. I’m currently 18 years old and wanted to give another chance to recovery. Although I haven’t been on forums before I decided that I wanted to join one after reading a moving article called “The Challenge of Going Off Psychiatric Drugs” by Rachel Aviv. I need a community for advice because many doctors don’t understand my sensitivity to dosage changes. I have been on different medications for over four years. I’ve gone through many SSRI’s and antipsychotics and some benzos but now I face a problem. I’m currently on Clozapine, my old psychiatrist said it would be a good idea, that it had alternative uses other than schizophrenia. Although it could’ve helped me get away from drastic measures it numbed me more than helped me. Other than feeling highly sedated I can’t say this medication has significantly helped. The night sweats and twitches were bearable for a while but then I felt I wasn’t ever resting I just shut off and on. I’ve been tapering medication slowly with the advice from another old psychiatrist but I still fear the dangers of lowering this drug. I can’t remember the last time I fell asleep naturally, my routine has been highly aligned with my medications. The nights are really bad and I can’t sleep a full night, I’ve been extremely irritable but I know the process is bumpy. I fear detoxing from this med since I’ve been through Benzo withdrawals and the sudden withdrawal of fluvoxamine. I want to keep strong because I know I’ll feel bette in the end but do need advice on how to properly handle this. I’m also on a relatively high dose of Paxil but I decided to start with the clozapine and take this one step at a time. Any advice is more than welcome and I’m glad I’m doing this first step.
  10. I was told I needed to start an introduction post. I wanted to ask about Depakote anyway. I did a fast taper of paxil from 10 mg to 5 about 13 months ago. I am still having symptoms. My main problems are head pain around my ears, head pressure, ear pain and pressure. I have panic in my sleep. That was present before but it feels more pervasive now. I had tried a slow taper of paxil before the fast taper, starting at 25% which was too much, then 10%, then 2-3%. It wasn't great but was more manageable than this fast taper. This has been pure hell. I added amitryptiline out of pure desperation because I had so much head and ear pain. That was about 7 months ago. I was already taking 1/4 pill of depakote. My question is about the depakote. I want to avoid adding more meds if possible but the brain activity in my sleep has amped up. I feel more irritable kind of the way I used to feel on paxil which is telling me it's probably from the 2 antidepressant (possibly interacting). I am not ready to taper again because I'm still having symptoms and I know I will be much worse. So has anyone increased (or added) depakote a year after a taper to help? What happened? I need something to help my sleep and generally calm down. Thank you.
  11. I was on paxil for 18 years, my stupid doctor switched me to lexapro without weening the paxil (this happened more than a yer ago) My brain went into total dysfunction. I haven't been close to the same since. Since this time Ive went through a brutal ativan withdrawal and been on 10 different medications. I recently tried to get off paxil 10 mg and made it to 2 1/2 mg and then went into withdraw. I also was weening off abiIify during this time as well. I know now to soon and too fast. I am experiencing extreme fatigue, flu like symptoms, suicidal ideation constantly and some insomnia. Its horrific. I have since bumped my paxil back up to ten mg's about two and a half weeks ago but there is no improvement. As of right now I am also taking 300 mgs of wellbutrin which I've been taken for 6 months. I also take trazadone for sleep. Can someone give me some advice as to what the best path would be from here? I am pretty desperate.
  12. Hallo. I have been on Paxil for 20 years, 20 mg I went down to 10mg, then I switched to Prozac After 15 months tapering, I am down to 1 mg In my country there is no liquid for Prozac, but I can resolve them in water, just don’t know how to measure. I would appreciate a help with that. Thank you
  13. I am here to help my 72 year old mother who suffers from severe anxiety and negative thoughts and vocalizations. Some have even diagnosed her to be hypochondriac. It all started in Feb 2018 when all of a sudden she started to get a panic attacks, she couldn't fall asleep. Because of lack of sleep she couldn't function properly in the morning and was very groggy. She had severe constipation which after year of investigation was due to the hernia blocking the rectum. On 7th June 2018 she was prescribed Paroxetene 12.5 mg (twice a day) and clonezepam (0.25 mg) for as and when needed. I can't say whether she took these regularly or not herself because i was not there with her at the time. The consultant psychiatrist told us that she is not feeling better because she is not taking these regularly as he could see how much prescription was being dispatched. After a lot of telling and making sure she takes these regularly she was able to get some sleep with clonazepam but also got hooked onto it. On the 6th April 2019 she had a hernia operation to clear the entry into the rectum and was told by the surgeon to not take these SSRI's before the surgery so naturally she was in a major state of panic. Since then she was taking the prescribed dosage of paroxtene regularly and clonezepam as and when needed. Then in Sept 2019, after realising the terrible side effects of these SSRI's i wanted to help wean it off. So i started gradually reducing the Paroxetene only once a day which was 12.5 gm and stopped clonozepam as she was able to sleep. In addition to this i was also giving her other herbal supplements (by Dr Christopher (mindTrac, Relax Eaze, Primrose oil, fish oil, multivitamins and LoveHemp CBD Oil (50mg)) From Oct 2019 until now she is not on any Paroxetene or clonezepam. She was doing and looking really well from Sept 2019 - Jan 2020 and then i started noticing some of her older symptoms returning back starting with complaining a lot about physical issues (hypochondria) like eye pain, blurry vision, headache and she was not able to sleep at night. Naturally i got very concerned and consulted a naturopath who advised to give valerian for sleep and CBD oil for anxiety,which i did however Valerian gave her nightmares and she would wake up in a state of anxiety from those nightmares so i stopped Valerian. All in all i would say she has been off the prescribed SSRI's for 3 months and so i am wondering is this is the withdrawal effect that she is facing now. I list her current condition below: 1. Not able to sleep at night for more than 2 hours (she wants to sleep but can not stay asleep) 2. She is so anxious that she can not sit in one place and walks around the house during the day and night and pretty much all day 3. She makes vocalisations, more like a hmmming sound all the time. 4. Morning's are particularly difficult as she wakes up with a lot of anxiety and wakes everyone up saying "My brain isnt working" "I do not know what will happen to me" "I can't see" etc 5. She doesn't feel hungry. She purposely resists eating 6. At time it feels she does exactly opposite of what I tell her to do for instance i will say let us go for a walk, her first response would be No. A lot of negativity 7. Although she is physically able, she is showing a lot of dependency on others specially me. She doesn't take showers or change her clothes until I push her to. Funnily enough the only time her vocalisations stop is when she watching a movie. I list below the medicines/supplements she is on at the moment. 1. Dr Ohhira’s probiotics 2. Naturelo’s whole food multivitamins 3. White Willow bark standardised as a herbal replacement to Aspirin (twice a day) 4. Dr Christopher’s Mind Trac (twice a day) 5. Dr Christopher’s RelaxEaze (twice a day) 6. Primrose Oil capsules (stopped it) 7. LoveHemp CBD oil (50 mg) 8. Homeopathic medicine of OAK 10M once a week, Ignatia 10M once a week, Carc/Horn/Ches-W/Thym G/Foll 10 M once a week and Amethyst LM1 3 drops daily Looking for some help and comfort here and genuine advice.What should she do? 1. Is this a withdrawal effect of the SSRI's ? 2. Should she re-initiate to the SSRI'S? 3. What should she do ? 4. How can she stop the vocalisations and get some good sleep? Thank you
  14. Hello. I used to occasionally post on Paxil Progress as WoodsWalker, back when I was having issues concerning poopout and always found the members understanding and helpful. Not much has changed since then unfortunately. I'm still on 10mg of Paroxetine, however, here is the strange part...3 1/2 years ago I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, an autoimmune disease which attacks the large intestine. As horrible and debilitating as it was, my symptoms from the Paxil tolerance completely disappeared and I had 3 blissful years, feeling once again like a normal person. I was ecstatic, happy, and hopeful, that is, until this November when I started to feel those familiar symptoms. I thought this was behind me, but no, I guess life decided to throw me another curve ball. Not sure what I did to deserve so many medical issues, but its certainly not fair. Dealing with a chronic GI Disease on top of these tolerance withdrawals has been a rough experience. I don't really have any questions, as I'm familiar with most of what you guys recommend, but I guess I needed to get this off my chest and just wanted to say hello. Life is so busy, I'm terrified of a long, drawn out taper, so as for now, I'm simply eating healthy and trying to get in a good walk each day. Thanks for reading.
  15. I wish I had discovered this forum before, I feel that it is now too late for me, I made so many mistakes out of desperation and not knowing what I was dealing with, I regret it, I don't know if my brain will return to normal after all this mess. It all started in 2010, I had just turned 17, and after years of bullying at school and depression I went to a psychiatrist who put me on 20 mg paxil, I felt good in the first two weeks, after I felt terrible, I became apathetic, without emotions, with anhedonia, without libido, depersonalized, I complained to the doctor but he said it would get better, so I supported it. after 6 months he added bupropion, he couldn't sleep, he felt panic all the time, he was going crazy, I changed the doctor, lowered paxil to 10 mg and added a benzo and amitriptyline, I felt good for a month, then everything went bad again he I removed amitriptyline and benzo and remained in paxil for another 6 months, and I felt terrible. my doctor removed the paxil in two weeks and said that I shouldn't take any more medication, hell was the withdrawal, but I endured it, I never felt the same again, anhedonia, emotional dullness, without libido, bad cognition. I noticed some small improvements over the next year, I did not know that I should have withdrawn slowly, I did not know that my brain could take years to heal. I was desperate for a cure, doctors and psychologists told me it was all psychological, after a year without medication, I took 1 month of mirtazapine, no improvement, and 1 month of trazodone, 1 month of tianeptine. Knowing what I know today I would say I had pssd, but at the time I didn't know. 2012 I managed to fall in love, but my brain still had all the symptoms of pssd, and sometimes I had erotic dreams, my cognition was better, but libido, anhedonia still very bad. 2013, sometimes I had mild moments of sexual excitement, I started drinking a lot for the next few years, I used MDD, one day and everything seemed to return to normal, except my libido, I used LSD once too, and I felt great except libido. 2014, I could watch TV, my anhedonia was better, cognition was better, sometimes I fell in love and sometimes I felt passion, but the sexual part was still very bad. 2015 and 2016 same thing as 2014 basically. 2017, I started to get desperate again, I wanted to recover my old self, I discovered the pssd forum, and I started testing drugs, I took pramipexole 0.375 mg, for a month, in the first two weeks it resolved my anhedonia but then it stopped working. I took inositol and did nothing. 2018, in January I went to an andrologist, gave me a cocktail of herbs and cialis and it didn't work. In April I took venvanse for a month, with no effect. In May I started St. John's wort, it seemed like it was healing me, everything was getting better, libido returned, genital anesthesia disappeared, so I went to a music festival, I wanted to enjoy it, (they gave me a drug pill, which I thought was mdma) , I started to feel very strange, (it was serotonergic syndrome, but I only discovered a lot afterwards), the next day my libido was very high, nymphomaniac, I had brain zaps, muscle spasms, I took the pill again, and I was very crazy, the next day I no longer had the benefits of the herb of san joao that was healing me and my pssd was worse, much more apathetic, without any libido, the serotonin syndrome got worse, I was confused, I had a seizure. I interrupted the herb, in the following 3 months, my pssd had worsened a lot, greater apathy, tinnitus and constant headache, the herb had more effect. In October 2018, I went to a clinic and took 1200mg of ibogaine, hoping to improve, it was a bad experience, despite feeling drugged for the next 3 months, but in the end I didn't get better. January 2019, I took 1800mg of servo de sao joao at night, I felt a heat in my brain that ran through my body, anhedonia and emotional dullness passed, the anesthesia in the penis disappeared, and I had a little libido, but it only lasted one one day, I tried other St. John's wort, but it never had that effect again. March 2019, for a moment I felt great libido and attraction to a person, even without taking any medication. July 2019, I tried parnate, it didn't help, October 2019 I started parnate, the first two weeks were wonderful, without anhedonia, better mood, although sexual function was not recovered, it lost the effect, except for a slightly better mood, I increased the dose up to 80mg in January, reduced it to 0 by a month, and stopped taking it. 2020, urologist prescribed, testosterone injectable every 10 days, improves erection, but did nothing for libido. Sorry, it was too long, but I tried to say everything, I think I should have given my brain time to heal on its own, as you recommend here, but I was desperate for a cure, and I was stuffed with medicines, and I interrupted the natural process, I think I messed things up a lot. mainly after the serotonin syndrome I lost almost all the little progress I made in years, I no longer have erotic dreams and I became more apathetic and I lost the 10% of libido that was still left, now I know I made a mistake, after 10 years ... my current symptoms are: no libido, apathy, emotional dullness, anhedonia, loss of penis sensitivity, and chronic tension headache. Can I still recover after all this mess?
  16. Hello people! Long story short I was on Paxil from 2003 until 2010. I had panic attacks and anxiety disorders that's why I was prescribed with this drug. My symptoms was very severe I was almost bedridden due my anxiety. In 2009 I tappered down my Paxil 20 mg my tappering continued 1 year and somewhere in 2010 summer I finished. I felt good during my tappering got not so much WD symptoms. And now in 2020 last month I have my anxiety back I got one panic attack. My GP told me that anxiety always can come back. But I did some research about delayed WD. And now I am scary. Can it be WD symptoms after 10 years? I those years I felt good nothing extraordinary. My GP suggesting me therapist and psychologist and she hopes it will help me. Sorry for my English I am not native speaker.
  17. Hi All, I have been reading/lurking a lot here in the last few months but I have decided to finally post. My history is 20mg Paxil for 6 months from 9/18 - 3/19. Then tried to cold turkey and lasted a few days so reinstated 10mg which sucked for about 11 weeks but became stable. Then started cutting 10-15% a month for 8 moths doing fine until about 3-4mg. Then the bottom fell out at around 3.5mg and it has been pretty hardcore for the last 2 months (anxiety, panic, intrusive thoughts, feeling insane, poor sleep, loss of motivation, anhedonia, other indescribable feelings in the body) but managing with mindfulness, floating through the symptoms, reading this forum, trying to distract myself, staying social and busy etc. Vaguely stable again but I have a dilemma. I have been reading some work by Dr Peter Breggin and he suggests minimising exposure to any psy drug as much as possible, even in a taper. He has case study stories taking many of his patients off of the drugs in a year or less, then supporting them with therapy. If I was to cut 10% per month down to 0.5mg (where I want to get off in theory) I would be on Paxil for almost 2 more years. I think my slow cut has already doubled my total exposure to the drug (keeping in mind the SERT occupancy charts https://ils.unc.edu/bmh/neoref/nrschizophrenia/jsp/review/tmp/352.pdf). So I want to bite the bullet and jump off soon from 2.8mg and just get hit with another few months of crap but get this drug out of my system. In theory I am a 30% SERT occupancy which is still significant so I am afraid I could just make myself terribly worse for a long long time. But I also have this nagging feeling my body wants this drug out of my system and I think a lot of what is manifesting could be managed by talk therapy, CBT, exercising, staying busy. What are peoples experiences at this junction? Anyone else take Paxil or other SSRIs for a much shorter time than their taper? Am I falling into a classic trap of thinking I can speed this up or is there merit to reducing my exposure to this drug? Any advice is worth its weight in gold here. Thank you all for participating in this important forum 🙏🙏🙏
  18. Hello everyone! I'm a 20 year old woman and I took Paroxetine (40 MG) for five months. I tapered very quickly due to my lack of knowledge at the time. I stopped completely on January 1st 2020. It's now been four weeks since complete cessation of it. Three days ago I started experiencing a lack of joy, happiness, love, or feeling of attraction to anyone/sex. This caused me to have a mental breakdown which unfortunately may have made things worse as now I feel nothing at all. I also have not eaten due to feeling nauseated by the idea of food and the lack of pleasure associated with eating it. I'm not looking for negativity here. I am not interested in hearing I will be this way forever. I've already been told this and I will not accept it, so please do not try. Has anyone else gone through this? Is this common? What's the normal timeline? When can I start to expect seeing improvements? Is there a secret treatment for Anhedonia that I'm unaware of? Google says that there's no treatment except the exact poison I got off of. Thank you so much for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!
  19. Please don't judge me or tell me I'm an idiot. I am very worried you will think I'm an idiot. :-/ I started on the antidepressant/benzo train in 1998. I was getting divorced and was *gasp* sad, depressed and anxious. My ex was following me, came to the house, broke a window. I went to doctor who put me on Paxil and Xanax. I never questioned it. I was also drinking too much alcohol. Over the years, I quit various AD and started other ones. Lexapro, Prozac, Effexor. Lexapro was the worst CT WD. BAD Brain zaps. I didn't even think about tapering. I thought it was just me! I've never seen a psychiatrist. My prescribing doctors were all GPs. I've been on Paxil 40mg for a few years. I was feeling so good, I didn't think too much about it when I let myself run out of Paxil last week. I didn't have bad zaps, and I didn't feel sick. I also hate to leave the house so it was easier to just procrastinate. Late into the 3rd day, I started to have nausea. The next day was Sunday and my pharmacy was closed. Sunday was bad. Nausea, terrible headache, night sweats. I got online and started searching. I found the FB page and started to worry. I took two melatonin, 50mg Benadryl, Robaxin 500mg and a 1mg klonopin to help me sleep. Monday I woke up after a 10 hour sleep feeling great. No nausea, no headache. Tuesday was okay. Stayed home on NYE, little champagne, bed at 11pm. Today, Jan 1st, woke up with at 1am, slamming headache and nausea (not due to hangover). All day, nausea. Found this webpage via FB page. Read about how bad the odds are with CT. Read about reinstatement, proper tapering. I am already so irritated with the nausea and headache. Monday was such a wonderful glimpse of what I could be. I thought I just needed to push through this, but the amount of posts and the years you all have of dealing with this cannot be ignored. I am having electric pulses this evening. Not full on zaps yet. I'm drinking lots of water and no alcohol. I am not taking any supplements today because of the nausea. Would someone please advise me on how to proceed with reinstatement? I've read a lot of posts and I'm confused and scared. Since I have done a CT, should I start back at 20mg and stabilize and then start the 10% taper method? Thank you, OTP
  20. Hello I am 27 years old and was diagnosed with anxiety/ thought disorder when i was 21 they gave me Paxil and quetinepine. I took myself off at one point but had a relapse the. Had to go back on. I don’t want to take this medication anymore . I have lost weight i don’t feel like myself. Sometimes not happy and sleeplessness then lately i have been having headache not sure if it’s stress or the medicine. Then sometimes i think people are talking about me. Like people will be in another room and they are really taking but i hear them saying all she wants is money but i know they are not talking about me . Then one day i thought i heard the person on the tv say all she wants is money but i know the people on the tv not talking about me. I know i am not crazy but it’s very frustrating because my mom is the only person i can talk to but i want to find natural ways to get over this and off this medication so i can feel like myself again. Any help or suggestions is welcomed
  21. I have been on a diet and exercise for about five years with satisfying result, by then I had been on 10gm paroxetine for premature ejaculation with no noticeable side affects, however in the last few months My doctor raised my dosage to be 20mg for issues related to depression, I had been on that dosage for about 4 months, by then I gained some weight and my body fat percentage increased despite being on the same diet and exercise then I got back to the old dosage 10gm, I lost few pounds and my shape got better but still not satisfied with the result and still struggling to get back to what I have been on, but no matter how much I try it’s not working for me and it’s so frustrating. My concern is: has the med ruined my metabolism rate and is it going to be permanent? Knowing that it’s only been five months since I decreased the dosage.
  22. I'm currently taking 20 mg of Abilify, 40 mg of Paxil, 30 mg of Cymbalta. I am diagnosed with either Major Depression/Psychosis or Schizoaffective (depressive type). I have been on similar ones over the last 20+ years, always an antidepressant and antipsychotic. I have been reading about how they are obesogenic and would like to come off them cause of that, and also to see how I do now without them and try natural diet and treatments. I am thinking of starting by eliminating one antidepressant, maybe Paxil and see how I do with just Cymbalta and Abilify, before tapering slowly off those two together. I've tried to go off cold turkey and by tapering off all of them too quick before, and get suicidal depression and racing thoughts.Once I take the meds it goes right away.
  23. Here’s my story of the highs and lows, curses and blessings I’ve experienced since I started Paxil in 1999. I was born in Southern California in 1960 and lived there all my life. Looking back, I suffered from anxiety since my 20’s, but it was mostly episodic and triggered by major negative experiences. In 1999, my anxiety became constant due to work and family issues. I went to see my GP, who prescribed a daily dose of Paxil. At first, it helped me deal with daily life, but like many others, I gained weight and found myself unmotivated to exercise. I didn’t see a therapist nor seek any non-medication-based help. I continued to have anxious episodes but managed to handle them. In 2006, my father died, and I had to make the decision to take him off life support. It wasn’t a clear-cut decision and caused me a lot of anguish. I began a descent into constant anxiety exacerbated by feelings of impending doom, both in my personal health and my professional life. Every ache or pain became a sign of a deadly disease, and every mistake I made at work would get me fired. I began seeing a psychologist to help, but didn’t have much success until 2008, when I found one who could help me with my feelings of guilt over my father’s death, and used EMDR and CBT to help me identify the root of my anxiety and use behavioral tools to manage it. It was then I began to develop my approach to anxiety as a chronic, though manageable, condition. In 2006, I tried to quit Paxil since it didn’t help my anxiety. My doctor told me to taper, but didn’t offer many details, and I tried tapering much too quickly. In late 2006, I discovered the Paxilprogress website and got great advice and support on tapering. I began a very gradual taper in 2007, and was Paxil-free by 2009. It wasn’t easy and I had many setbacks, but paxilprogress’ members and my psychologist gave me a ton of support. My wife, a woman of great faith, reminded me I was meant for better things than to be lost to anxiety and depression--God had work for me to do. I continued seeing my therapist every other week up till this September, when my wife and I moved to Portugal to explore Europe for a few years. We have one son, who’s in graduate school in Michigan and starting his own career, so the time was right. Anxiety is still part of my life but it doesn’t control me or the decisions I make. I still take a low dose of Klonopin when things get too much, but no more than one or two a month. I use CBT and “reality checking” to keep my catastrophic thoughts in check. Looking back, even at its worst, my life with anxiety was good. I was able to function, and participate in our son’s life, even if I had to force myself sometimes. My advice to those just starting the journey: Don’t be too hard on yourself. Even with a slow taper, there were times I had to use a higher dose sometimes, until I was ready to take the next step. It’s not a race; do what works for you. Find a therapist or at least someone who can offer you support and keep you rooted in reality. Medication alone will never be the answer. Whether its CBT to other tools, find the behavioral practices that work for you. Accept the fact that anxiety is part of who you are. Whatever the cause, anxiety will be with me until the day I die. I’ve learned to manage it, and most days its just a dim feeling far in the back of my mind. What I now understand is that it only has the power I give it. It no longer controls my actions or decisions, and therapy has helped me separate irrational anxious thoughts from genuine concerns and problems. The short story is, like any other chronic condition, it takes the right tools, the right people, and determination to manage anxiety and reduce it to an inconvenience instead of a monster in my own mind.
  24. I have been on psychiatric meds for over 30 years. The first 10 years was Xanax and then rivritril. Later was Paxil. I started reducing Oct 2018 from20mg-15 mg. Then in Nov 2018 15 mg- 10mg. In Aug 2019 from 10mg-5mg. Then Sept 2019 from 5mg to 0. I know I did it way too fast but now 1.5 months later I have complete body pain. Mind you I have been liver flushing for 2 years so I am not sure whether the detoxing has any part in body pain. Nonetheless, my whole body feels like a truck ran over it, can’t digest food, and feel anxious and irritable. I honestly don’t know if it is related to withdrawal but hoping to hear from others. Thank you.
  25. Hi everyone, I am new here and I would greatly appreciate your help! I am sorry for my long story (with possible errors) but I just can't find anyone who can answer my questions and I desperately seek recognition and advice. If you do not want to read this long story please scroll to my questions and fears? I'm Renske, 46 years old, and I'm from the Netherlands. I have been taking 20 mg of Seroxat aka Paxil for a very long time (since I was 19) because I was diagnosed with a compulsive disorder. Seroxat worked very well for me for a long time. Mainly because I gradually gained weight (more than 25 kilos), and kept gaining (with no obvious reason, such as eating a lot or something like that) and everything was checked; bloodwork, thyroid etc , I decided a few years ago to try to phase out Seroxat. Because I already knew how difficult that would be, I did it VERY slowly, with a suspension. I was busy with this for a year. Throughout the year I was particularly affected by huge irritations and hostility. It seemed as if I had absolutely no patience and I was constantly angry. I have been very sad about this, because I was particularly unkind and impatient towards my children (8 and 11). Not physically thank God, but extreme irritation and impatience is of course also very bad. This made me feel very guilty. The phasing out eventually failed, the moment I took almost nothing anymore, because I became extremely anxious and because the obsessive thoughts came back. Because I didn't have a back-up plan, after all the effort 😞 I quickly rebuilt to the full dose. It didn't work properly anymore; so i went up to 30 mg. Still didn't work properly. What I found remarkable, though, was that the aggressive / irritated feelings greatly decreased. In consultation with a psychologist and psychiatrist I recently decided to switch to Lexapro (escitapram) although I realize that it is a matter of trying, because many SSRIs work the same (with the risk that it would not work properly again) and that they often have the same side effects (weight gain). I noticed that I had developed some sort of aversion to Seroxat, because it is apparently the most difficult drug to phase out and because it is the biggest culprit among the SSRis when it comes to weight gain. The current situation: week 1: Seroxat (paxil) I went from 30 mg to 20 mg, week 2; 20 mg of Seroxat, week 3; 10 mg Seroxat and 5 mg Escitalopram (lexapro), week 4; stop Seroxat and 10 mg escitalopram. Afterwards; continue with 10 mg escitalopram. I understand that 10 mg of Lexapro (escitalopram) is approximately equal to 20 mg of Seroxat. I am now at the beginning of week 5. During these past weeks I have had the so-called and famous brain zapps, and huge sweat attacks. But the worst thing is that I am AGAIN so terribly irritated and hostile. I recognize this as a withdrawal from Seroxat, I am almost certain that this is not a side effect of building the escitalopram. Ironically, I don't have a lot of trouble with my compulsion, but all the more with my very short temper. Discussed it with the psychiatrist; she indicates that if this is a withdrawal phenomenon, it should be over in a few weeks, according to the pharmacist who makes the product. Of course I said that that is the biggest bullsh*t and that there are so many people who suffer from these symptoms for a longer period of time. She didn't really have an answer for that. She indicated that maybe it was my personality that came back. But that is nonsense; I was always gentle and kind to others. this is also not ordinary irritation due to stress or something, but it really seems like something physical that really engulfs me, just like that She suggested perhaps adding some Seroxat again? The reason why I do not believe in this is because in the past I have phased out the Seroxat very slowly and then I also had such symptoms. Why would that be different now? My questions and fears: Does anyone recognize the symptoms of irritation, impatience and hostility of phasing out the Seroxat / Paxil? How long can this take? Was this passing on? Is there anyone with whom this went away as a new drug started to work properly? I am afraid that this withdrawal phenomenon will continue to exist for a long time due to the withdrawal of Seroxat, while the Lexapro may work, can this coexist? Or is that far-fetched? I know that all anti-depressants must be phased out gradually. Would it make sense to take a little more Seroxat next to the Lexapro, so that I would phase out slower, despite using Lexapro at the same time (within safe margins of course)because the (very) slow reduction has not diminished the feelings of irritation in the past, and I am now inclined to finally stop completely with Seroxat and switch completely to Lexapro. I would be so grateful if I get some responses from people who recognize things. Again, sorry for my long story. Thanks so much in advance. Renske
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