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Found 262 results

  1. Hi, I was in PaxilProgress and most people from there came here, so I decided to join. I am scared because after 6 months from my last panic attack I had another one today, totally out of the blue. The only factor with the previous incidents is that I had food poisoning. I had to take a Xanax to calm down but I vomited after 30 minutes. I feel effects though. I am scared that I will relapse and get as bad as I was in 2012. I had rebuilt my life, I got a job, I got another job because I was suffering from mobbing on the first job, and I will start my new job soon, I can't relapse and ruin my chance, I need this job. I can't be on bed for a whole month. I am really scared of ending up taking a bunch of pills to function. I need help and reassurance. I have no family I can count on, my mom is dead, so in my grandma, and my dad doesn't speak to me because he has another family. Sorry if I am writing with typos I feel very sleepy and drowsy. I don't know what to do, I can feel the anxiety in my chest, I can feel that it can't grow due to the Xanax, I am scared that tomorrow I will have to take more Xanax and become dependent of it to function. Please help me, I am scared and I thought this part of my life was gone, but now it had come back.
  2. Greetings to all members of this community... I am a new member. Unfortunately, I have joined this forum during a time of personal crisis, as I assume is often the case. Before requesting your advice and input on my current predicament, I would like to make it clear that I fully intend to participate in this community as a source of comfort and support when my personal experience is relevant, not just a beneficiary of the comfort and support that I have noticed is such a defining aspect of the courageous individuals that define this community. In the fall of 1999 during the first semester of my first year in University, I saw a Psych and I was diagnosed with OCD (Mostly Pure O) and panic disorder and prescribed Paxil. I'm hoping my medication history appears as a signature once I post this discussion, I included it while signing up. In a nutshell, after 15 years on Paxil my psych believes I've reached tolerance and wants me to switch to another medication. I am extremely concerned about this. First of all, I always intended to ween myself "properly" off paxil one day, regardless of how long it took to succeed. Unfortunately, this has to be the worst relapse I have ever experienced; my anxiety and OCD are terrible, I'm very depressed, I feel extremely depersonalized, and I'm really lacking focus and concentration. I literally feel like I'm losing my mind. Because of the way I feel, my main objective at the moment is simply to feel better. This has always been my main focus during past relapses, however, the one significant difference this time around and a major addition to my anxiety is the fear that now consumes me regarding the length of time and long term effects of being on an SSRI. It may not mean too much with regards to the long term damage I've most likely suffered, but I always took a little comfort in knowing that the first psychotropic drug (Paxil) I was prescribed had worked and remained the only one I'd ever been on. I had always felt for sufferers who had been through the chemical gambit of multiple SSRI's, SNRI's, Benzo's and other drugs, desperate for just a little salvation. To wrap this up, what clearly concerns me the most at the moment is the lack of clarity in mental health with regards to next steps. Notwithstanding my strong intention to get off this crap one day, what I'm hoping for at the moment is advice and input as to what you guys believe is the quickest and smartest option for me to reach mental stability. I just want to feel somewhat sane again. Below is a list of options that I've compiled, the first two were received as "professional" advice. Please feel free to ignore them all if you favour an additional option. 1. Stop the Paxil cold turkey and immediately switch to another SSRI or SNRI the next day - My Psych's preference 2. Increase the Paxil to 40mg, then to 50mg if necessary - A 2nd opinion I sought from my family doctor 3. Gradually withdrawal off the Paxil while starting and gradually increasing a new medication at the same time - Information I came across. 4. Add Wellbutrin as an add-on medication to help boost the Paxil's effect and deal with the depression component - Information I came across. 5. Just stop the Paxil and withdrawal properly - Not sure how I'd feel better any time soon with this option Thank you in advance for any advice and/or comforting support. Cheers
  3. Hi all, I'm so happy I found this site! After experiencing absolutely horrible anxiety/OCD and extreme insomnia (literally didn't sleep a second for more than a week), I was put on Paxil 5mg and Trazodone + Ativan to help me sleep. I was able to get off the Ativan quite quickly and weaned the Trazodone down to the lowest dose (50). After a few months on that, I decided with my psychiatrist that it was time to wean off the Paxil. I did a month at .25 mg and had no problems so I thought it'd be easy to go completely off. Not the case at all! It's been 5.5 weeks now and all of my anxiety/OCD and insomnia are back. I'm feeling so hurt, disappointed, confused, and just plain sad. My psych OKed going back on the Ativan + 150mg of the Trazodone. I have an appointment with her Monday to discuss going back on an SSRI. I would love some advice on this. How long to ride this low wave before going back on something? Since I'm off, is it best to stay off? The Paxil really did help but I'm proud of myself for being off, so should I ride this low wave? How long do these symptoms last, in everyone's opinion? Just looking for support and encouragement. I'm so thankful this site and you all exist!
  4. WinstonWolf

    Hello from WinstonWolf

    Hi, I've been reading post for a week now and decided to chime in. My a/d history is way longer than shown in my signature. I've been on about 12 different a/d's over 20 years. I have come to the realization that these things don't work long term and don't work for everybody. I will be completely off the celexa in about 2-3 weeks and know it's going to be tough. My doctor told me that w/d effects only last about 1 week! I know this to be false as do all of you reading this. I understand why the dr is saying this though. She can't afford to be truthful. Being truthful could do two things that she wouldn't want. First, it could cause me to freak out and she therefore wants to downplay the effects as a way to lessen the chances that I'll compound the situation. Secondly, she is protecting the profession that has served her for many years (to admit that w/d can last way longer and have negative effects that are many, she is admitting her profession is flawed). I explained that I want out and she said it's a good idea…what? She said she never saw any improvement on the meds so why not see how going off works for me. She followed that with "you will need to go back on eventually". I am so hoping to prove her wrong but time will tell. WW p.s: I am still keeping a supply of klonopin (as needed) and ambien (been on nightly for 5 years). I figure these can be tapered later (if at all).
  5. After a brief trial of Prozac & Luvox , Paxil at 40 mg worked for my OCD in 2005 as a 16 year old. By 2007 40mg had pooped out on me and after a terrible trial of clomipramine , 60 mg Paxil worked for me. It's then I read Brain Lock , which totally changed my OCD game for the better . It was also around this time that I developed a reading difficulty( which continues till today) which I believed were caused by all the meds and I went from 60 - 0 in bout 2 months. It was only 3 months later that I found Paxilprogress and understood the gravity of my foolishness. Being an Indian, I tried my hand at a Herbal Ayurvedic product Himalaya's 'Mentat' and it worked great ! Gave me the focus and stress reduction and learning power required to swim though withdrawal. So I took it from 2009 to 2012 .Stopping it wasn't easy and slowly my focus, memory was in the dumps and I started getting Depressed. OCD was controllable but did add to the overall stress .By early 2014 I started getting in deep trouble . I tried my hand at doing some brain games at Lumosity and that resulted in terrible 'detached' kind of feelings and later extreme brain fatigue. The biggest shock was that I cant seem to go back Mentat or any of those herbs (Bacopa, Ashwangandha) without developing overwhelming mental fatigue, even in small doses. It seems that there seems to be no choice but to go back to my doc ( after 6 years) and trying an SSRI . My productivity , motivation , pleasure , focus is all a big 0 for the last 6 months. It seems that I have strength to give 1 month of trial to try ANYTHING other than Paxil . preferably Zoloft . Should I be requesting that to the doc? I have done 3 years with only Fish oil , and intend to do that again. Paxil seems to be the worst If I want to do that.
  6. I am currently withdrawing from Paxil. Did a too fast taper, crashed bad, and have reinstated. I seem to be somewhat (compared to being out of my mind) stabilized after 3 months of reinstatement. However, my daily routine aside from poor sleep quality, is that I feel very anxious with panic barely under control from about 5:00 AM until noon'ish. The rest of the day I am functional and actually have periods where I feel almost normal. Does anybody experiencing Paxil (or any SSRI) withdrawal have this symptom pattern? Before using Paxil I never had any of these symptoms. I took it for mild seasonal depression annually for 4 months. Each year it was harder and harder to get off. I should have paid closer attention.
  7. Scary: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/heart-failure-can-reversed-using-5276590
  8. I have finally decided to start a journal to set some goals for the New Year and to hopefully find some hope in any progress I make. Long first post, but I think I need to get it all out there to get some perspective back in my life. I started having panic attacks in 1999 and spent the next five years barely leaving the house. I chose to suffer in silence, being too scared to go to a doctor and too ashamed and embarrassed to look elsewhere for help. During that time I gave birth to my two daughters and was married to my ex-husband, who seemed easily to ignore the fact there was clearing something wrong with me. Finally in December 2003 I visited my GP for help. My sister was getting married at the other end of the country in 6 weeks time and I knew it was going to be a huge problem having to fly there. The doctor prescribed me 20mg Aropax (Paxil) and referred me to a therapist nearby. Within a couple of weeks I felt a huge improvement in my panic attacks and was extremely grateful to my new friend Paxil. I saw the therapist three times before the wedding and felt it was a waste of time. He gave me a sheet of positive affirmations and kept asking why I wasn't very close to my family. Over the next 9 years I was taking the same dose and felt I completely had my life back. I had no side-effects physical or psychological but looking back I was still using the avoidance strategies and was not really getting out much. Two young children and no money seemed to explain that away at the time. There were several different doctors at the practice and a couple of them suggested I came off the meds, while others assured me I could stay on for life since it was working so well. The first time I tried to come off I gave up after 3 months because I couldn't get past the dizziness and vertigo. The doctor changed me to Prozac and suggested that would make it easier to come off the paxil. It worked and I was off quickly and without side-effects. The only problem was the first panic attack that came along and I raced back for a new prescription. During the 9 years I came off for 3,5 and 9 months only to go back on as soon as the panic attacks started again. Finally at the end of 2012 the doctor thought putting me straight onto Prozac would be short cut so I didn't need to change again if I wanted to come off. I had a bad reaction to it this time and the activating effects gave me intense panic attacks that seemed to go on for hours. When I went back she told me to persevere and things would settle down. They didn't and after one night with a 6 hour panic attack I was pretty much resigned to telling my new husband that I was a mental case and taking my own life. Yes even though I was now happily married again after ditching the first loser I had not told my husband about my anxiety or that I was taking medication. I rang the local hospital mental health service and made an appointment to see my first psychiatrist. He promptly put me on 40mg Paxil and told me the GPs were idiots, although in all fairness he referred me to the CBT team there and I learnt a lot from the psychologist. The increase to 40mg gave me a lot of side effects and I suddenly realised from the mania and alcoholism it produced that these were very powerful and scarey drugs. I dropped straight back to 20mgs and I found Paxil Progress and started to taper steadily over the next 12 months using the 10% method (for the most part). So here I am 8 months after finally reaching 0mg. The panic attacks started again by the time I got down to 5mg so I have been using all the CBT I have learnt to fight them off for the last 12 months. I'm just not feeling like I am winning at this point. A couple of weeks ago I had a setback and reacted really poorly when I had to go to a workshop for work to a large city an hour away, through the morning peak hour traffic. Instead of calming myself down when I hit the bumper to bumper traffic I took an off-ramp and drove around lost for an hour in a right state! I drove all the way back to where I had gotten on the motorway and drove again into the city, by now the traffic had cleared a bit and I embarrassingly snuck into the workshop very late. Now the anxiety/agoraphobia is triggering off all the time and I feel so disappointed and exhausted from battling it. I am writing this journal to set myself the goal of staying med free for the next 12 months and to beat this terrible cycle of the panic. Some days I don't know what is the original condition and what is still remnants of my years on the drugs. I'm scared and anxious and only just hanging in there! I hope this journal works to show me I am making progress and to give me hope!
  9. Sigh...where do I start. I had my last child at 29 years old in 1989 and got postpartum quite badly. I refused antidepressants for almost a year, when although I was slowly getting better, I decided to try. I felt wonderful in two weeks, but that deception was the start of what has ruined my life. I think it was 1994 0r 1995 that I started paxil. After a unsuccessful cold turkey in 1996, where I had a severe anxiety attack it took Drs. 30 mins trying diff. meds to stop it. I have been scared of trying again....other than little tapers. Then back up again after a stressfull event in case I relapsed. Silly I know. In 2009 I lost my business, home and my financial security and found myself on government assistance. Then in 2010 at 49 I was diagnosed with MS. I changed my diet drastically for the good and have gone down a bit in my Paxil from 35mg to 22.5mg in this three years since MS, my last drop was in April and I still don't feel ready to drop again. I have to get off of Paxil because I am not doing as good as I should with all I am doing for my MS. Plus it is POISON! Having sensitivities because of both MS and withdrawal, it is going to be a difficult challenge. Ok, that was difficult guys....lol. Cheers, Lynne
  10. Saw this on the news tonight and looked up an article on it. On Friday the FDA approved Brisdelle for moderate to severe hot flashes. Brisdelle is low dose paroxetine or Paxil. The committee that studied it recommended against approving it ... but the FDA thought it was a good idea. This is marketed to women who are afraid of cancer due to hormone replacement therapy - I wonder if they bother to tell the patients that there is a risk of withdrawal syndrome when they no longer have hot flashes. http://articles.latimes.com/2013/jun/28/science/la-sci-fda-antidepressant-hot-flashes-20130628 I think this is a really BAD idea. I predict that over some time we will see more visitors to our site looking for help getting off of Brisdelle ... very sad. Karma
  11. Hi everyone, I just joined so I think my account is still being approved... My history is below. I am trying to get off both Paxil and Klonopin. Basically I find that Paxil relaxes me not stimulates me... so my pdoc suggested the benzo taper first. Has anyone else found that to be the case for them? Also, she wants me to taper 25% a month on the Klonopin (I think 10%) is better. Your thoughts? Lastly, she also wanted me to updose my Paxil from 20mg to 30mg since she thinks that will help with my Klonopin taper. Three days ago, I started my updose on Paxil -- and now by reading the postings on your site and paxilprogess, I think that was a big mistake. Can I just cut the 10mg since I've only updosed for 3 days on Paxil -- or do I need to taper from 30mg to 20mg? Suggestions? Also can I taper both at the same time or do I do one and then the other. If I do one and then the other, how long should I wait to stabilize before I can taper the other? I appreciate your comments in advance. Best, Samone -- HISTORY 1989-2012 Self Medicated with Marijuana 10/12 Ovarian Cancer Surgery and quite MJ C/T 12/12-4/13 Chemo 12/12 started 10mg Paxil 12/12 started 1mg Klonopin 3/13 20mg Paxil 3/13 2mg Klonopin 6/13, 1/14, 3/14 failed taper both 5/14 tapered again STUPIDLY this time by 50% each since I began to run out both & did not want to C/T - got terrible s/x 6/14-7/11 went to ER 3 times - didn't know what was happening 7/14 Reinstated Paxil back to 20mg and Klonopin to 1.5 mg 8/14 still having sleep, GI side effects, anxiety, depression, etc. 8/10/14 new pdoc suggested to up Paxil dose to 30mg 8/12/14 decided to stop updose on Paxil What do I do?
  12. From the Fiddaman Blog: A Message From the UK Serious Fraud Office GlaxoSmithKline plc investigation 27 May 2014 The Director of the SFO has opened a criminal investigation into the commercial practices of GlaxoSmithKline plc and its subsidiaries. Whistleblowers are valuable sources of information to the SFO in its cases. We welcome approaches from anyone with inside information on all our cases including this one - we can be contacted through our secure and confidential reporting channel, which can be accessed via the SFO website. Bob Fiddaman writes "I actually went out and purchased a bottle of wine last night on the strength of this latest news.... ...The MHRA's four year investigation into GlaxoSmithKline failed on a catastrophic level. Alistair Benbow, who was then Head of European Psychiatry at GSK, claimed on National TV that Seroxat could be safe in children even though his company did not have a licence to recommend it to children. All the SFO need to do is request disclosure from GSK. Emails, documents and, more importantly, the notes taken by GSK's pharmaceutical reps during their visits to doctors and psychiatrists. Did Glaxo's UK reps offer the same incentives to British doctors as GSK's American, Chinese, Polish and Iraqi reps did? Once they have these in their possession then I'm sure they will be able to retrace who said what and who they said it to.... ...The SFO will, no doubt, face tough opposition from the current UK government. Deals may be struck given that Glaxo's chairman, Andrew Witty, and the current Prime Minister, David Cameron, are friends and business acquaintances. One thing is certain though. The eyes of the world are watching." Read more here: http://fiddaman.blogspot.ie/2014/05/a-message-from-uk-serious-fraud-office.html
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