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  1. TL;DR: Took Cymbalta in my teens for a little less than a year. After stopping, gradually an extremely low sex drive and ability to be aroused, as well as an overall feeling of apathy started to develop and I have been trying to adjust since then. Considering supplementation with inositol as my next move to turn things around. Am I on the right track? Thanks for any help. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey everyone, looking for some input on my situation. Glad I found this
  2. Hello, My story is much longer, but here's the short version: December 2014: 2 days Escitalopram 5mg I got a very mild PSSD. Sexual dysfunction during treatment was worse than PSSD. But I didn't know that it was PSSD. January 2015: 4 days Escitalopram 2.5 mg I noticed emotional blunting on the fourth day. 6 days after the last 2.5 mg, (probably the Vitamin D has nothing to do with it): Vitamin D (10.000 i.u. , I took it weekly, but this was the last time) 7 - 14 days after the last 2.5 mg all my symptoms worsened extremely Some weeks after the last 2.5 mg a few sympto
  3. I'm a 28 year old man from Greece. I am suffering from ssri side effects 8 years now. I think that Imight suffering from withdrawal symptom (or Pssd). I don't know also if there is a difference. I was diagnosed with OCD in 2009 and I was on Prozac from 2009 to 2014 daily on 60mg. On this time interval I have noticed that I had weak erections without paying real attention. But when I I had awful experiences with women where I didn't have enough erections then I realized that the prozac may be the cause. I haven't taken it since 2014. Occassionally I was on zoloft to 20m
  4. I am new to this board. I'm 24 years old now. I took Zoloft for 5 years or so - it seemed to help my depression - then eventually quit after some off and on stuff. I was given no warning whatsoever about withdrawal side effects (or any negative side effects) when the doctor prescribed it or else I would've never taken it. Starting around six months after I quit, I woke up one day in early December of 2015 with no libido (after a very healthy libido for all of my years) and very little feeling down there. It happened almost overnight. This bothered me tremendously and I went through a series of
  5. Hi Ive suffered from depression in the past and have been on various antidepressants, been admitted to hospital and had ECT...this was all in the early 90s. In the intervening years I have suffered depression on and off and was happy to take Fluoxetine 20mg, I'm not sure if the Fluoxetine kept the depression at bay or I would have been OK without it, but as I was feeling well I kept taking the Fluoxetine as a prophylactic. During this period I went cold turkey several times for various reasons...I suffered absolutely no withdrawal symptoms at any time...I c
  6. theloneranger86

    Pudendal Nerve Entrapment PNE

    Hey Alto and other members on the forum Has anyone in withdrawal ever tested for PNE (Pudendal Nerve Entrapment) / other pelvic dysfunctions ? Could this be a complication from the trauma ? Didn't see a single thread about this on the forum so thought of bringing this up ?
  7. Hi everyone. I wonder if anyone could tell me how long it took to get your emotions/sexuality back after stopping ssris. I’m currently 17 months off sertraline and I’ve seen windows of my emotions returning, but for the most part I’m constantly empty, flat and anhedonic. I’ve been suicidal because of both this and pssd, which go hand in hand. I can’t live like this. I took the drug for 16 months in case anyone is wondering. I’m hoping someone can give me some information about when their emotions started to come back. Or, if you are 10 years out and you still have anhedonia (just like I know q
  8. Hi everyone! If you have taken an SSRI or an SNRI such as Zoloft, prozac, luvox, and you still experience sexual dysfunction after coming off the drug (in the form of genital numbness, reduced pleasure response, inability to orgasm, erectile dysfunction, etc) please fill this form out to help us end PSSD for good! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc4NixcXLN_sRV-4jSIWeDAYvQ1V96F-8B0MR8GuDpbjbD3rg/viewform
  9. Someone from the PSSD yahoo group wants to start a class action lawsuit because of PSSD. Here's the link https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/SSRIsex/conversations/messages/27313 So if you want to answer Craig's post, here's the link https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/SSRIsex/conversations/messages/27313
  10. Hi, I took an SSRI (ecitalopram 5mg) which I think I did not need as I was all right and a friend of mine (doctor) gave me that nasty med. I remained on it for 3 months and then tapered it off in the coming 3 months. For two or 3 months I was ok but after that I developed moderate sexual dysfunction. The doctor gave me levosulphride (antipsychotic) along with some other supplements but there was no improvement so I quit taking those medicines and now for the last 1 and a half month I have developed emotional numbness/apathy. It was an intolerable situation for me and I was ve
  11. "This Prize is part of a two-pronged attack on the unwillingness of the medical and regulatory establishments to listen to people with adverse events in general – not just the sexual dysfunctions mentioned here. The second front in the attack will be unveiled in a few weeks’ time.""The prizeWe are following in the footsteps of the method that led to a solution to the famous Longitude problem in instituting a Prize.The first step is to raise $100,000 toward a Prize for a Cure. We would like as many people as possible who are affected or related to someone who is affected to make a donation of $
  12. A live interview last night about PSSD awareness on Juliemadblogger Radio. It has been recorded and widely available for free on demand at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/juliemadblogger/2017/10/22/guest-from-uk-pssd-sexual-dysfunction-from-psychiatric-drugs You can also download the mp3 version that can be listened to offline by clicking the download icon at the top too... (top right) Please share and distribute as widely as possible on social media and websites. And help spread PSSD Awareness.
  13. Hello. I'm a 26 year old male who has always been in relatively good health and good shape. Recently, because of major life events, I sought a way to help deal with my stresses so I did some research and decided to give St. John's Wort a shot. I had read it was a SSRI and that this could help with mood. I made a tea with the herb and drank some for a few days in a row. Then stopped. Then a week later had some more two days in a row. The last time I used it I noticed my erections were substantially weak so I gave it up then and there. I've recovered somewhat from the lackluster erections. I
  14. A New Sterilising the mentally ill Interview! from the Everyday PsychVictims Project.-Leon was kept in hospital for almost 2 years. There is not much space on a cramped ward and they inject the patients with permanently castrating anti-psychotic drugs. Most often forcing people to keep taking the drugs on legal extensions of hospital orders called Community Treatment Orders (CTO's).There is no compensation for those subjected.Also referred to as PSSD
  15. PSSD chemically castrating another 'mental patient' interview Ali from Denmark was castrated for life at the tender age of 21 with 'psychiatric' castrating drugs known as 'antipsychotics' and 'antidepressants', when he was imprisoned by the standard pseudo-scientific mock trials of the fascist 'mental health' industrial-complex. At the behest of his family and his government.He managed to free himself, but has found out the eugenic drugs of the state carry permanent harms. Ali hopes to return to university maybe.
  16. PSSD Woke Up With Numb Genitals From Hospitalization Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction. Christian was unsuspectingly given PSSD from forced treatment and imprisonment at 'the mental hospital' from 'antipsychotics'. A regular occurring not spoken about, human rights abuse. At 22 years old, this has ruined his life. He has no legal rights. Amnesty International 'Don't do mental health'.
  17. fema4psychiatrists

    Sterilized when Young in UK by Psych Drugs

    I was interviewed on the everyday psychvictims project. Share if you care.
  18. Hello everybody i am 22 years old male i am sorry about my English it is not my mother language i have taken Luvox for about two years not continuously the highest dose i had is 250 my Symptoms i have no arousal , weak Erection i get Erection when i watch porn , i have no penis sensitivity , and my big problem is that i have to get married soon and that is my final chance to get married , can any body who has pssd get married ?? i did not say that i have stopped ssri before two years without improvements on my Symptoms i have heard about many drugs that may care pssd i remember bus
  19. Hello all Forgive me if this should have been an intro topic, I couldn't decide whether to post it on the intro forum or here. This mainly focusses on my PSSD, one of the last parts of my withdrawal to abate, but I will eventually post a broader story that covers all aspects of my withdrawal success. This was originally posted by me on PP about a week ago - I had just joined, and then it was shut down. TheAutomator's PSSD Recovery Story: Hello all. I’ve always been a lurker on various forums, but never one to make a post. However, I feel that I owe it to everyone going thr
  20. Hey Everyone! I'm Ghost, A 19 year old College Sophomore. Some people may recognize me as an Admin from pssdforum.com. I am indeed the same "Ghost". For anyone with enough time, I will link my Intro to that site, which follows some updates throughout the months leading till now (10 since my last pill). http://www.pssdforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=179. Otherwise, I'll leave a shorter version below: Following a period of anxiety last summer I was prescribed 10mg of Escitalpram, 50mg Trazodone, and 1mg Ativan. I fought hard to not take the meds, but when I went away to college I
  21. If you are from the UK, and particularly if you're a woman, please follow this link and contact the guy who posted this link on the email he provided: http://www.pssdforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=956 Right now we just don't have the numbers, and it'd be a damn shame if they ditched the segment considering the fact that there are so many of us.
  22. Hello everyone , At first i would like to introduce myself. I am a 24 year old boy from Italy and have been taking citalopram for several months. The exact time you can see in my signature. Already during the intake of citalopram I noticed a strongly sunken libido and I could not hold any strong erections anymore. As many of you were told me that these side effects disappear at the settle. Now I have stopped the drug since june and the sexual dysfunction have become worse. I still can get only a lacking erection. Genital numbness is present throughout and the libido is equally very low. So
  23. Branyan's success story: branyan-pssd-successchallenges First posted this today in the Symptoms forum, but since it is my first post I will post it here in hopes i can get some replies Keep in mind, that in addition to the sexual side effects (which in all honesty are the biggest deal to me, considering i lived with all the other symptoms while on the Lexapro itself and maintained a good life) I deal with cognitive difficulty, food and drink sensitivies, etc etc. "Hey all. New here. Since coming off Lexapro (after being on from Mid 2007 to March 2010
  24. Hi there, I'm glad I've found this site, hopefully it will help awareness of this issue so that real progress can be made. I suffered mild depression for a few years, but never had any sexual issues. After having a pretty short stint on citalopram (around 8 weeks) I got concerned by the complete genital anaesthesia and tapered off. I'm now 11 weeks post and have barely seen any improvement. This is coupled with the kind of emotional blunting a lot of people have talked about. I'm no longer able to feel sad in the same way as I previously did, but neither can I experience emotional or p
  25. Hello to everybody. Ive been followin this forum for years, yet i never took the time to join you guys and share my story. Im a 20 y.o male, i had suffered tremendus depression and panic disorder in my late teens, something i suspect was caused either by a concussion i had or by b12 depletion which i recently found out as a potencial cause. The depression and anxiety was ancompanied by extreme brain fog, weak memory, inability to express myself and derealization. At age of 17 i decided to see a psychiatrist as it was the last thing i could try to figure out what was going on with my life.
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