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Found 88 results

  1. A produced video explaining how child psychiatry has cured me, not:
  2. If you are from the UK, and particularly if you're a woman, please follow this link and contact the guy who posted this link on the email he provided: http://www.pssdforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=956 Right now we just don't have the numbers, and it'd be a damn shame if they ditched the segment considering the fact that there are so many of us.
  3. Hello everyone , At first i would like to introduce myself. I am a 24 year old boy from Italy and have been taking citalopram for several months. The exact time you can see in my signature. Already during the intake of citalopram I noticed a strongly sunken libido and I could not hold any strong erections anymore. As many of you were told me that these side effects disappear at the settle. Now I have stopped the drug since june and the sexual dysfunction have become worse. I still can get only a lacking erection. Genital numbness is present throughout and the libido is equally very low. So I unfortunately suffer as many others of PSSD and have already tried various supplements, but I could not see any improvement. My next try for a cure would be bupropion(150mg daily) and inositol (18mg daily). I have read that different people have noticed with these medications improvements. Now to my question: Can I take these 2 supplements (bupropion and inositol) together? My psychiatrist said it would not be a problem, but he can not imagine that inositol would change anything. I would take 150mg bupropion in the morning and in 18g inositol in the evening. So would you say that its Okay if i try a medication by connecting this 2 supplements together or would you rather to took first bupropion for 4 weeks and maybe after inositol if nothing changes. Im sorry for my bad english and i hope to get some advice! Greets, jescowhite
  4. Branyan's success story: branyan-pssd-successchallenges First posted this today in the Symptoms forum, but since it is my first post I will post it here in hopes i can get some replies Keep in mind, that in addition to the sexual side effects (which in all honesty are the biggest deal to me, considering i lived with all the other symptoms while on the Lexapro itself and maintained a good life) I deal with cognitive difficulty, food and drink sensitivies, etc etc. "Hey all. New here. Since coming off Lexapro (after being on from Mid 2007 to March 2010) I have experience a slow decline in my sexual function which platuead in about Febuary. Generally speaking I feel unaware of my penis and sexual realm. I feel that has something to do with the pudendal nerve. Even when I can achieve an erection it is mostly numb. I cannot get visually aroused 98% of the time, and would be unable to have sex or feel intimacy at this point. This after enjoying 2 very good sexual relationships while on Lexapro. Keep in mind that the sex declined as the years went on on Lexapro. And I am only 23! Interestingly enough, the only facet of my sexual function that is somewhat intact is the actual orgasm which still feels really good. Anyway. I have been over to the YAHOO PSSD group and seen the despair over there. It sounds like this is a permanent deal, although I have had many people try to convince me otherwise. Any success stories out there> "
  5. Hi there, I'm glad I've found this site, hopefully it will help awareness of this issue so that real progress can be made. I suffered mild depression for a few years, but never had any sexual issues. After having a pretty short stint on citalopram (around 8 weeks) I got concerned by the complete genital anaesthesia and tapered off. I'm now 11 weeks post and have barely seen any improvement. This is coupled with the kind of emotional blunting a lot of people have talked about. I'm no longer able to feel sad in the same way as I previously did, but neither can I experience emotional or physical ecstasy - I'm kind of stuck in this middle range without any physical or emotional extremes. Blunted. Three weeks ago I started taking Ginkgo Biloba, 240mg daily. I took it for five days, and from day 1 I experienced noticeable improvements in both physical sensation and my emotional experiences. Then, on day 5, I smoked some weed (which used to act as a real sexual stimulant for me), and the effects of the ginkgo all but diminished. I've continued to take it daily (and not smoked any more since), but the initial effects it was having are pretty much non-existent. I'm just wondering if anyone is able to shed any light on this? I know the body can sometimes react in a strong way initially to a drug before going back to how it was, but it just seems too convenient that this happened exactly when I smoked some weed. My (extremely sketchy) hypothesis is that the citalopram somehow set my brain into a kind of new homeostasis i.e. what was "normal" chemical functioning for my brain changed. My experience, and those of others, tells me that this does not have to be permanent, but I do need to find the right sort of "kick" to push my brain back into its old homeostasis. It appears to me that ginkgo was doing this for me, before somehow being majorly affected by the weed. Currently, my plan is to continue with the ginkgo for about three more weeks to give it a chance (that will have been six weeks in total). If that doesn't work I'm going to try inositol, which some people appear to have had incredible recovery with. I'm just frustrated that I seem to have destroyed what was a steady improvement on the ginkgo, and wondered if anyone here had any advice? Thanks.
  6. Hello to everybody. Ive been followin this forum for years, yet i never took the time to join you guys and share my story. Im a 20 y.o male, i had suffered tremendus depression and panic disorder in my late teens, something i suspect was caused either by a concussion i had or by b12 depletion which i recently found out as a potencial cause. The depression and anxiety was ancompanied by extreme brain fog, weak memory, inability to express myself and derealization. At age of 17 i decided to see a psychiatrist as it was the last thing i could try to figure out what was going on with my life. Consequently, i was prescribed an ssri (escitalopram) promised to help me control my issues and enjoy my life. Believing the above was probably the biggest mistake i've done in my life. After only the first pill, i started to experience too many side effects, especially sexual. Lack of apetite, anxiety and insomnia was some of the rest. I kept taking the drug for 8 more days though, due to my doctors advice that the side effects will subside if i keep taking it. I stoped the drug at day 9, scared that i will have to sacrifice my sex life for a 6-9 moth period that was sceduled to take it. Of course, little did i know that the side effects would not subside but also become worse, to the point of sexual death. Penile shrinkage, genital numbness, complete loss of libido and sexual pleasure, erectile dysfunction and reduced sperm count were the wonderful gift that ssris left me as a return for welcoming them into my body.The only thing that got better was the anorgasmia that i had while taking the medicine. In fact, there was a time when i had an one-minute extremely strong orgasm accompanied by almost no semen of course. As a result of the above, i ended up a semi-retarded, impotent, suicidal 18 year old. My old motivation and zest for life were completely gone. The idea of sex turned from intriguing and pleasurable to painful and depressing. I came to the conclusion that i would either accept my messed up state, or end my miserable life. I chose the first, and i beleive it tunred out to be the right deceision. I first got off the internet and the obsession i had with searching ways to combat this and give myself some hope. I started going out, i focused on my studies a little more, i started working out and having a better diet, i reduced smoking to almost nothing, i even got a part time job. As a result of the above, my whole life took another direction. I started thinking optimistic, my mood got gradually better, my thoughts got clearer and pssd seemed to get better.On a perfect day, i would be 60-65% to normal (40%size, 35% sensation,60%libido, 65%pleasure, 60%erections, 100%orgasm, 50% semen volume. I also discovered that 100mg sildenafil did wonders everytime i took it. Erections were like 90-120% good. Unless i took it everyday and i developed tolerance. I had to take it maximum 2 times a month to work. Of course i didnt regain my old confidence in sexual terms, but i was able to have a sex οccasionaly and sometimes it was pleasurable. A steady relationship with a girl i really liked was out of the question of course, due to the anxiety and the pressure it would create for me. Things wer going "good" until one day recently, i had sex with a girl who pushed me to continue after i orgasmed. I managed to orgasm for the 2nd time as well, but i had a big crash afterwards. My overall pssd state returned to 20% with libido, size and semen volume going even lower. Im on the day 10 now of no masturbating-sex and i see some minor improvement. That last incident really got me depressed and dissapointed. The supplements/drugs i have used during my whole journey are : Buspar(gave me extreme dizziness), inositol, aderall, detox supplements, maca, sildenafil. Only sildenafil worked. Im planning on using tribulus when i start to workout again. Anyway im sorry for the long post, that's all about me. I really like this forum and i hope i can use my experiences to help others who strugle. Im sorry for any language errors. Thank you all in advance for taking the time to read my post.
  7. More documentation of Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction (PSSD), lasting long after discontinuation of the drugs. J Clin Psychopharmacol. 2015 Jun;35(3):273-8. doi: 10.1097/JCP.0000000000000300. Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction: Clinical Characterization and Preliminary Assessment of Contributory Factors and Dose-Response Relationship. Ben-Sheetrit J, Aizenberg D, Csoka AB, Weizman A, Hermesh H. Abstract at http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25815755 Emerging evidence suggests that sexual dysfunction emerging during treatment with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and/or serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs) persists in some patients beyond drug discontinuation (post-SSRI sexual dysfunction [PSSD]). We sought to identify and characterize a series of such cases and explore possible explanatory factors and exposure-response relationship. Subjects who responded to an invitation in a forum dedicated to PSSD filled out a survey via online software. Case probability was defined according to the following 3 categories of increasing presumed likelihood of PSSD. Noncases did not meet the criteria for possible cases. Possible cases were subjects with normal pretreatment sexual function who first experienced sexual disturbances while using a single SSRI/SNRI, which did not resolve upon drug discontinuation for 1 month or longer as indicated by Arizona Sexual Experience Scale scores. High-probability cases were also younger than 50-year-olds; did not have confounding medical conditions, medications, or drug use; and had normal scores on the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale. Five hundred thirty-two (532) subjects completed the survey, among which 183 possible cases were identified, including 23 high-probability cases. Female sex, genital anesthesia, and depression predicted current sexual dysfunction severity, but dose/defined daily dose ratio and anxiety did not. Genital anesthesia did not correlate with depression or anxiety, but pleasureless orgasm was an independent predictor of both depression and case probability. Limitations of the study include retrospective design and selection and report biases that do not allow generalization or estimation of incidence. However, our findings add to previous reports and support the existence of PSSD, which may not be fully explained by alternative nonpharmacological factors related to sexual dysfunction, including depression and anxiety.
  8. Osloensis

    Osloensis: My story

    Hi, I'm a 32 year old male, Norwegian. Have been on paroxetine for approx. 14 years. Last years on minimum dosage (10 mg). I have never experienced (before now) any pssd, on the contrary, the meds have had a positive effect (desentivisation). I have quit two times before- in 2003 (one year) and 2008 (one year). I didn't have any pssd when I quit then. A year ago I tried quit paroxetine. Did this in December, my Dr. wanted me to quit in spring/summer due to days being longer/ more daylight. I had pssd symptoms after five days from withdrawal which I at first thought to be related to prostatitis. These were first sensitivity and PE, then just "dead down there". However, I suspected that this could be a result of quitting the meds and after 7-10 days I resumed 10 mg. After some days my functionality were back to normal and this have persisted through 2014. My Dr and I agreed that I should try to taper from 10 mg to 5 mg and I was thinking this should work as I have tapered before (although this was years ago) from 40 mg at the most to 30, 20 and then 10 without any problems. However, after withdrawing a week ago, I am experiencing the same pssd symptoms as I did a year ago. I really want to quit as I have used these meds for quite some time now and I worry about the side effects, mostly fertilty. I have read some research suggesting that sperm quality is significantly reduced by ADs and also that the quality is worsened by prolonged use. I'm not aware of research regarding reversibility of sperm quality after withdrawal after several years, the only research I have come across regarding this was a study that looked at a quite imited time of AD use. Here, the sperm quality was reversible after withdrawal. I have agreed with my Dr to wait and see for a couple of weeks if the symptoms improve and then, if they don't, resume 10 mg and then try to taper from 10 mg to 7-8 mg. However, I suspect this not to have a huge effect as the dosage now anyhow is quite low. I am also worried that I wont get back to normal when I resume 10 mg, although I did a year ago. I am now worried that I could find myself in a situation where I have to choose between normal sexual functioning or low sperm quality/infertility (if, of course, I really can resume my normal state after resuming to 10 mg). I know that a couple of weeks is a short time and that I should give it more time, but after reading about pssd it seems that these symptoms are quite accurately descring what I experience and I am worrying that my brain has gotten used to the meds and is permanently altered after such a long time of usage, even at the low dosage. If you have similar experiences or have some advice, this is welcomed.
  9. Hello everyone. I just wanted to share my situation. I'm 28 and male. I started taking Citalopram (10mg) January 1st. I thought the side-effects sounded scary, but thought it was worth it because I have been dealing with depression for a long time. At roughly the same time, I met, basically, the girl of my dreams. She feels the same way about me. About a month into taking Citalopram daily, I started to notice the sexual side effects (unable to achieve orgasm and some genital numbness). So, I stopped taking them cold turkey that day (I know, bad idea). I didn't feel any withdrawal symptoms, but about a month afterward, I became what I can only say was 'blah' for a whole day and then the following week. I don't know if it is depression or not, but it really bummed me out. I was with the girl I mentioned before (now my girlfriend), and I just felt like the magic wasn't as strong as it was, or possibly wasn't even there. About a week after that blah/depressed episode, I decided to ask my doctor about trying taking Wellbutrin (150), because I read it didn't have the sexual side effects that Citalopram has. I've been on it for about 20 days, but I still don't feel very different. It's been about two months since I stopped taking Citalopram. I don't know if I have Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction or if I'm just depressed (or if I feel depressed as a result of not having much of a sex drive), but I just found out about this dysfunction tonight and it's really bumming me out. My girlfriend has a very high libido and I know I used to, but right now nothing really excites me that much. I'll get bursts of joy, but they're fleeting moments. When I look at pornography (sorry to anyone that takes offense) I don't feel anything. I see the things that I know I'm attracted to, but nothing happens. I just tried to masturbate and couldn't even get a hint of an erection. I feel like my girlfriend and I have to be together in bed before I even start to feel aroused, and even then when she touches me, it doesn't feel right (not in a bad way, but not in a good way, either). I get erections in the morning, but once it goes away it doesn't come back easily. I've also been taking Propolanolol, and have started tapering off of it in the hopes that it might be affecting my sexual disfunction, but after reading what I have, I don't have much hope that that's the case. Thanks for providing all of this information and for sharing your stories. It feels good knowing there is hope of recovery, and there are others that understand. I really had no idea until I was browsing the wikipedia page on SSRI sexual disfunction that there was even a possibility of the symptoms continuing after treatment ended. I has just assumed it had to work it's way out of my system.
  10. RxISK.org is running a series of articles this week about PSSD and similar conditions. http://wp.rxisk.org/sexual-dysfunction-enduring-after-treatment-halts-sexual-death/ If anyone on this forum is affected, we would be grateful if you could post a comment at the end of the article. Thanks, James (RxISK volunteer)
  11. First thing: I want to say hi to all members here. Second thing: I want to sorry about my english - im trying my best but it is my second language and i have always problems with grammar. And last thing: Here is my story, im 30 by now (born in Orwellic year: 1984) Most of my life i had dystymia, then I have - convinced by family - started Psychiatric Treatment (40mg of Fluoxetine). It was between 2010 - 2013. In time of treatment i have mild sympthoms (mild erectile dysfunction, thou libido was left intact). Then after discontinuation it was getting worse and worse. Nowdays i have very small libido, erectile disfunction, and mild depression. Also my cognitive skills are affected (i was a lot talking person, with a lots of funny storries to tell, also with some succes in academic field (as student i was participating with lot of sociological studies, some have been publicated in post conference papers/books, also I was reading a lot). Now i have problem with short term memory, a problems with small talks and conversations about interesting things and reading one book per month is a big problem for me (before i was reading a lot and everything that falls in my hand) I was asking psychiatrist about this problem but the did not hear about it. My andrologist told me that only problem that may occur when you stop taking SSRI is low semen volume and poor lubrication. My hormone levels look quite ok. Im planning to go to the clinic for men with erectile disfunction to take complete set of medical examination. I think some problems is caused by my depression. But since i've read a lot about PSSD im concerned that starting new treatment (even with drugs that are not known from causing sexual problems) is not good idea. About my sympthoms: weak erection, delayed orgasm, no spontaneous erections, no erections without stimulation, no erections caused by visual stimulation (sometimes i feel some "movement" but its very very weak). I have no problems with semen volume. But the problem is that the orghasm is maybe 1/8 of the feeling i had before treatment. Ah and i never have problems with libido even in deepest depresion - I was laughing then that im half sexual maniac. Im writing here becuise I'm looking for people who understands this problem - in my country there is one forum about it and they focusing only about searching for drug combination for this problem. My knowledge is a bit small so im counting that discussions here may change my level of information and mayby my attitude - now im looking at this whole situation with fear and without faith that it can be changed. Nice to meet You all. Once again sorry for misspels and so.
  12. hello, In the past I took several SSRIs from 2002 - 2009 on and off (i was 14 - 21 years old). The side effects were having no libido and brain fog but disappeard when I dropped the SSRIs. In May my psychiatrist prescribed me tianeptin, I took it only 3 days, but since then I have still a lot of problems like brain fog, anhedonia, insomnia, anxiety and PSSD. I don't know why there is no improvement after half a year and I wonder whether it will ever improve, How can that be after only 3 pills? Can 3 pills have destroyed my life forever? I'm really hopeless about this. Any advices for me? Please help me...
  13. I wonder how accurate Libertapedia's article on PSSD happens to be: http://libertapedia.org/wiki/Post-SSRI_Sexual_Dysfunction "Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction is the SSRI-induced drastic and permanent reduction of a person's capacity for physical sexual pleasure. Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction may be abbreviated as PSSD. PSSD occurs in a small fraction of the people that take SSRIs. A higher dosage-to-bodyweight ratio increases the probability of PSSD occurring. Most of the SSRI chemicals are fluorinated or chlorinated, which means that the enzymes within the human body cannot break them down. That allows SSRIs to accumulate in the body at a high concentration, which is in large part responsible for PSSD. Fluoxetine and paroxetine are fluorinated, whereas sertraline is chlorinated. PSSD is caused by the permanent epigenetic switch-off of the 5-ht1a receptors in the raphe nuclei, due to the over-stimulation and desensitization of said receptors. The raphe nuclei project serotoninergic axons into the basal ganglia and the nucleus accumbens. The nucleus accumbens is the brain's pleasure center. It is the D1 dopamine receptors of the nucleus accumbens that are responsible for the sensation of pleasure. Sexual pleasure depends not only upon the nucleus accumbens, but also upon the raphe nuclei projections thereto. When the rap he nuclei lack 5-ht1a receptors, the raphe nuclei projections to the nucleus accumbens do not allow the dopamine production that is necessary to create sexual pleasure. Eli Lily learned of this effect early in the drug testing, but covered it up, and the other pharmaceutical companies followed suit. The absence of any mention of this effect on the warning label constitutes fraud."
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