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Found 83 results

  1. Hi recently (about a month ago) came off seroqul and serenada. Have been taking 200mg seroquel for the last 6 years every day i am 27 years old, I dont remember what dosage i took of serenada. Started having memory problems such as suddenly forgetting my phone number and how to reach some places. In addition i kind of feel slow and dizzy whenever im stressed. I read somewhere about a research that its results stated that antipaychotics may cause the grey and white matter to shrink and fear these drugs may have damaged my brain. Are these only withdrawl symptoms, am i just paranoid? Thanks
  2. Hi, I have been taking antipsychotic drugs for 12 years now. Initally on 5 mg abilify, then 10mg zyprexa, then 15 mg zyprexa for about 8 years, now I am on seroquel. Initially I was on 200 mg seroquel, now tapered down to 175 mg seroquel after 2 weeks. I have had strong withdrawal symptoms after being on generic olanzapine after 4 years out of 8 on zyprexa. Hoping to be able to taper off seroquel and be drug free. Wish me luck.
  3. irishrai

    Irishrai: struggling

    So I am struggling with 24/7 explosive anger. EVERYTHING is pissing me off. I am on Quetiapine 25 mg once a day and Lamotrigine and 2 twice a day. Useless. Went to emergency last night to try and get help as my Dr is on holiday as is my psychiatrist but they just said take half a Quetiapine in the morning. I tried it and it knocks me out. I told them it would but of course they don't believe me. ( it's only my body, what would I know!!!). i also take Black Cohosh So I am dealing with this on my own and don't know what to do. I don't know how much more I can take of this anger. I am not an angry person by nature ( I am Irish and most things are dealt with a "**** it" attitude). I have 3 kids of 5 ys , 7 ys and 20 ys and it is not a healthy environment for them. Especially the younger ones. On top of all this I cannot bear being around my husband but I don't know if it is because of this anger or we have come to the end of our marriage. This is just adding to everything. He works away from home for 14 days and is home for 7. Plus we/I are/am in the process of packing up the house to sell it.
  4. On and off meds for the last 7 years. Whenever tried to stop, things just got worse. The last time I tried to stop was Cymbalta. The withdrawal was awful after coming slowly off from 30, to 25 and then off at direction of Psych. I was in physical and emotional pain for 2 months, then had some mania, and then so depressed and anxious that I felt I was going to die. Even though I swore I would never go back on the meds, I felt like I had no choice after looking into the more holistic options and feeling unsure how to go about it all. (And trying some of it with no results) So in desperation I landed up at a new psych, who prescribed me Zoloft, the story is too long, but after losing tons of weight and not sleeping, him putting me on seroquil, which then led to me shaking all over my body, he switched me to zyprexa, as it seemed the Zoloft needed the kick. Well after quickly putting on weight and still not sleeping etc, he put me on trazadone. Sleep didn't get much better. So I asked if I can go off zyprexa, since there are other hormonal issues I have and was afraid of getting diabetes. At first I felt great, for 3 days, and been downhill ever since. I was only on 2.5 of the zyprexa for 2 months, and now reading online, it seems I am having withdrawal. Dr said I should go back to half the dose of the zyprexa. I am doing a very strict diet, can't excercise much cuz feel too weak, though I try when I can. I feel so sad that I was dealing with depression from early trauma and now I feel I can't live my life at all. I've tried so many things, therapy, meds etc and even recently saw an integrative Dr, to try help me get better. It takes time, and I feel so lost by the wealth of info on the Internet and whether to keep trusting Drs which hasn't worked out for me, or go the way of going off meds which was a disaster every time. At this point I don't want to live, everything just seems too much. (I have kids, and feel like I can't be a mother...) worst part is the DRs just say it's my depression and not withdrawal..... There's so much more but I'm not sure how much I should write.
  5. lucky12

    lucky12 Brain zaps

    I now have this close to a month and it's driving me crazy. I'm on Paxil 20mg Anafranil 150mg Lamictal 200mg Seroquel 75mg at night. Have not started to taper off of from any medication which is the most disturbing part of this situation. I started to have these incredibly uncomfortable brainzaps. It starts after a few hours from waking up and gets worse the whole day. When I move my eyes and change the direction I am looking, it gets triggered to the peak of this "volt" "electrical shock" and I can not even function at one point. I am afraid to move my eyes and to look somewhere else. I am afraid of any kind of movements. Nothing but sleep seems to help. I am missing my life, got a lot of work to do this week but I simply can't participate in life with this incredibly disturbing feeling. I've waited and waited for almost a month for it to pass on it's own. And my research always ends up with the same thing: "ssri withdrawal" or "tapering off drugs". See the point here is I am NOT withdrawing from anything. Not even tapering off. I am desperate for some help. Went to the neurology department of a hospital but I was feeling well during the EEG MRI and other tests. Everything turned out to be fine. I also sweat A LOT to the point that I get completely wet as a result of a minimum effort movement like climbing the stairs to the 2nd floor. And this is totally new for me too. Any kind of answer, help, suggestion would be very much appreciated. Best regards.
  6. hi survivors, My story is really long, but here's the short version: I'm in my mid-thirties, male, an intellectual/creative type. I developed panic attacks from adolescent trauma and was diagnosed with an "anxiety disorder." All through my 20s I was rx-ed higher and higher amounts of benzos. Eventually multiple failed benzo withdrawals on my own (c/t and rapid tapers) led to a serious suicide attempt and 2 month hospitalization 3 years ago. In the hospital I was taken off benzos and put on 300mg seroquel xr (against my wishes) along with a host of other drugs. I was in very bad shape for over a year, but then started to get much better-- the benzo w/d seemed to ease up a lot and I managed to ditch the other drugs over time and ween down to 150mg Seroquel XR a year ago. However when I tried to cut down to 100mg xr on my own all hell broke loose-- the worst symptom being strange painful brain spasms (my main symptom) which made me suicidal again. So I was put on way more Seroquel-- up to 600mg. I "stabilized" but was miserable on a drug I should never have been put on in the first place. So at present I'm on Seroquel 400mg xr and really wanna get off of it. I am not suicidal and I'm very grateful to have survived thus far, but life is not what it should be. I can't work yet, but I try to make the best of things by exercising, keeping up a good diet, staying active as much as possible, But the scary effects of the drug have started to really kick in more noticeably during the last several months-- emotional flatness, cognitive impairment especially memory issues, and that indescribable symptom of being "absent" in my own body and mind. It's a frightening feeling-- I've been through a ton of horrifying experiences with meds, but this eerie, soulless, "absent" feeling might be among the worst. So I want to get off this ****. The problem I think is that when I try to taper on my own I tend to rush it and I get hit with the brain-spasms and outrageous insomnia. Even when not tapering I have persistent problems with my sleep being disregulated, which I am positive is an effect of the drug. Anyway, there's gotta be a (better) way to do this. I don't know why I haven't checked in here before, it seems like a great site. I'm looking for feedback, support, and maybe even friendship on this lonely journey. Cas
  7. Hello, just over a year ago my psychiatrist lowered my Cymbalta dose from 60mg to 40mg. 2 days later, I was in severe withdrawals. She put me up to 50mg, but I didn't stabilize. Besides the physical symptoms (eye pain, dizziness, muscle pain and joint pain all over my body, and many more), I had the worst fear of my life. It was like everything around me looked like a nightmare. I also had insomnia and a high heart rate. I began having suicidal thoughts. In the hospital, they raised me back to my original dose of 60 mg and said I would stabilize in about a month's time...but that didn't happen. I switched psychiatrists, and the new one wanted to increase my dose to 90mg; she thought that was the only way I could get past this. At first I felt better...for maybe 10 days or so. Then the anxiety went through the roof. I couldn't sleep, when I finally could fall asleep late into the night, myoclonic jerks kept waking me up. I had muscle spasms/twitching/shuddering all through the day, too, all over my body. My heart rate was dangerously high. I was hospitalized again. They put me on Seroquel for sleep, and Neurontin to bring down the anxiety symptoms. It took me 3 months to come down off the Cymbalta, 1 mg per day, by opening the capsules and counting the beads. When I got down to about 10mg or so, I started getting brain zaps, very strong ones that would sometimes go through my whole body and out my fingers & toes. Most of the brain zaps branched forward into my cheeks. I had a lot of pain behind my ears, behind my jawbone. My depression and anxiety got bad. I had crying spells and deep sadness. The insomnia and myoclonic jerks got worse. The longer I was off the Cymbalta, the worse I was getting. About a month off, I was hospitalized once more. They increased my Seroquel and Neurontin, and put me on Lexapro. 2-3 weeks after starting Lexapro, I started getting tinnitus. First, some pings in one ear when I woke up one day. Then I developed loud hissing/ringing in both ears, and ear pain and pressure. About 6 weeks later, a low, rumbly hum in one ear like a truck idling in the distance. Then about 6 weeks later, beeping tones in a morse code pattern in both ears. About 10 days later, this became louder, and I got several high pitched tones in my left ear. The "morse code" tones happened in response to white noise. As time went on, I began to hear this even when there was no white noise in the background. It turned into a kind of jangly, metallic morse code, worse in my right ear. Then about a month later, I got a high-pitched feedback typed sound in my left ear, like when you get a microphone too close to its stand. Through this all, I've had intermittent ear pain, and times of pressure in there. Sometimes I get popping open of my ear, and it hurts. If I press on my ear from the outside there is burning pain deep inside. I have been seen by 2 doctors at our family practice, an urgent care doctor, an ENT, and an allergist. 4 of them said "Eustachian tube dysfunction due to allergies", but the allergist tested me and all allergy tests came back negative. I've never had my ears in this state before, though. I am now 6 months off Cymbalta. I don't know if the evolving tinnitus is due to extended Cymbalta withdrawal or due to the Lexapro. I am not sure if I should try coming off the Lexapro...will be talking to my doctor about this, but I'm nervous as I don't really know what direction to go in...all choices come with risk. I still get myoclonic jerks, but much less. I still get some muscle twitching during the day, but less. I am on the Seroquel and Neurontin for sleep and for the anxiety symptoms.
  8. Someone very close to me is thinking about coming off Quetiapine. I keep reading that a reduction of 10% a month should be safe, I would just never forgive myself if my advice in any way harmed him. So I wanted to describe the situation and ask for a second opinion. Diagnosis: Autism (type 1), depression, anxiety, under review: possible borderline personality disorder (I don't see it). Current meds: Pregabalin 600mg, Fluoxetine 20mg, Quetiapine 300mg. self medicating responsibly with cannabis. Age 23 now, Initially prescribed Quetiapine around 3 years ago "for insomnia". Dosage was then upped in 2 increments, most recently late 2014, to 300mg even though he feels his symptoms are adequately managed with the other 2 meds. He feels that he has never felt any benefits of Quetiapine and is suffering from a myriad of distressing side effects since the last dosage increase including a feeling of lost intelligence, visual disturbances and sudden weight gain. He has since been neglected by mental health service in his area and the whole thing stinks of incompetence. He has tried to come off it once before but typical doctor reduced way too fast. At 200mg, the extreme tinnitus, visual snow and other withdrawal symptoms were too much and he was reinstated. As someone who has experienced life changing-ly serious side effects and withdrawal myself I can see why even the thought of facing withdrawal again sends him into panic, but he still wants to reclaim what he feels he's lost. Currently discharged from mental health services it will take 3 months to get a 1 off appointment which they then refuse to follow up or review him (he hasn't even had a blood test in yonks). I advised that it is totally possible to recover at least 99% from anti psychotic withdrawal, especially at his age, if done at a snail's pace. I have suggested manually chopping his tablets up seeing as the doctors don't want to know. My only fear is that the Quetiapine could be contributing to his stability in some way by means of interacting with the other meds but this seems very unlikely given that he has never described any psychotic symptoms and remembers his symptoms improving dramatically with the introduction of the other meds, NOT the antipsychotic. What are your thoughts on the course of action? Do you have any tips or resources for this? Thank you so much.
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