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  1. Alto and everyone who was there for me in the beginning, thank you. A lifetime of lessons learned. I ID as someone who has fully recovered. I no longer believe my brain is damaged. I still have depressive episodes, but I think differently about them. I am not the same person I was before Prozac. It makes me sad, yes. Part of my recovery is letting go that the past could be different. I still contend that taking this poison was my life's biggest regret, but I don't live in that space. Acceptance has helped me push to a new level of life. I am 4 years out as on 11/1. Things that helped: Gut biome (this is EVERYTHING - see new study that just came out about antiDs and gut bacteria............) Gluten-free Low-histamine foods Sugar-free (being on a glycemic roller coaster is your ticket to hell) Exercise (natural anxiety killer) Fish oil (not for first year) Magnesium (as much as you can stand) Socializing/laughing (this is distraction/escape from your misery) CBT (I learned not to indulge anxiety-filled thoughts) B vitamins (not for first two years; caused anxiety and jitters and too much energy) Sleep (I didn't sleep first two years due to sky-high cortisol) ADMIN NOTE: Cakes's Intro topic is here
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