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Found 1 result

  1. 2 weeks ago, after reading about the tapering method of 10% to 5% reduction, I decided to start tapering without any local support. Every night (so far 2 weeks), I have taken out 3 beads from 60mg of Andepra capsule(the generic version of Cymbalta). A few nights ago, I got around to counting the number of beads in this capsule. In the first count I counted 556 beads and in the second, I counted 559 beads. The average amount of beads I'm calculating to be 557.5 beads. I also worked out that the 3 beads I was taking out of each capsule worked out to be 0.54% of the total number count of the beads in both counts. I have also been preparing to swap over from Andepra to Cymbalta, because I have heard that Cymbalta is easier to taper off that to taper off a generic version of it. Also, I was told that weighing the tablets helps work out the exact amount of the capsule as there is no fixed weight for each bead as each bead is individual in it's actual weight. So I told to go to a tobacco/smoke shop to buy a weigh scale, so I went to one and there were two scales available. One was $229 and too expensive and the second one was $49. I asked to guy working there to show me how reliable the cheaper scale was, and so he pulled it out from under the display counter. I weighed on of the displayed cigarette lighters and it read a reading for that, but then when I asked if it would weigh something small or miniscule like a tablet, he pulled out a matchbox and tried to weigh it. I failed to show any weight on the scales display. And then he tried to weigh a single match stick from the matchbox and that also, failed to register a reading on the weigh scale. So I am also wondering where I can get a cheap, YET, reliable weigh scale that is accurate enough to weigh individual beads in a Cymbalta capsule. Thanks for reading.
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