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Found 37 results

  1. Hi everyone! I've just found this thread and I'm so happy I did. I'm 27 and have been taking klonopin 1.5mg daily for about four years. Last month I started seeing a new doctor and she put me on Zoloft with the hopes of tapering the klonopin. I took 25mg for the first week, 50 mg for the following 3 weeks and now have been on 100mg for the past 3 days. This medication is making me feel insane. On 50mg I felt more depressed. Now that I upped the dose I'm constantly anxious so I've been taking more klonopin. I'm dizzy, my eyes just start shutting constantly, nauseous, can't stop yawning (and the yawns make me sick to my stomach). Has anyone had similar symptoms? Did they go away? My doctor said to give it a few more days and if this persists we'll lower the dose. I honestly just want to stop the medication. Also, I haven't been able to sleep at night. It's pure hell. Someone please tell me I'm not the only one struggling with this. Has anyone stopped the medication after this amount of time and had minimal side effects? Because now I feel as if I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. Medication symptoms or withdrawal symptoms. Thanks in advance!
  2. ang

    steroid creams

  3. Good afternoon and thank you for taking some time to read this. First of all, sorry for my low English level. I will try to explain my case as clearly as I can. Last year, I was diagnosed with depression. My psychiatrist prescribed me Pristiq 100 mg (one pill a day). I finished the treatment in July, 2015. However, since the middle of the treatment until now, I notice this subjective side effects: -Memory problems, I have to make much effort to remember anything. -I used to have a clear mind, since I took Pristiq, my mind is slow and I lost my esase of expression. (Is this that some people call "brain fog"?) -Subjective feeling of intelligence loss. -Great difficulty for reasoning. -Loss of interest and illusion for all. -And many others... I'm very worried because I stopped taking the medication 5 months ago, but the symptoms continue, and sometimes, I think that they get worse. If someone has taken this medication and is suffering similar symptoms, please post it in this topic. Are this effects permanent or they go over time? Help, please!
  4. Introduction! Hi members! I'm GoneGranola. I'm a 25 year old female who started tapering off of 20mg of Celexa (yesterday started taking 15mg) and am working on trying to get lower doses of IR (instead of XL) Wellbutrin to wean off too. Why am I weaning off? I have had debilitating chronic urticaria (hives) and angioedema (swelling of face lips hands and feet) that is getting worse everyday and has been going on for the past 5-7 years intermittently. I have eliminated environmental factors and have "Gone Granola" in that I only buy non-chemical, all-natural everything (soap, detergent, shampoo, dish soap, deodorant, toothpaste, etc), eat whole, organic, plant-based foods, and have started eating vegan over the past few weeks with no stop in my symptoms. I've been allergy tested, seen acupuncturists, etc. (No help there). I am extremely sensitive to side effects in medications and have recently read about the strong association between Wellbutrin and delayed onset urticaria, and Celexa and hives. I see a therapist weekly and have an allergist, psychiatrist, general practitioner, and endicronologist -- all of whom have just suggested taking MORE medication to alleviate my symptoms and have never suggested that these psych meds may be the cause of my suffering. It's time I become my own advocate. I am here to get support and help over this upcoming difficult process of tapering off my psych meds and living a natural life as much as possible. Thanks in advance for your advice and support. -Gone Granola-
  5. Kilito12

    Kilito. New.

    Hey everyone. Not sure what I'm looking for here. I guess some reassurance about how things are going for me. Been reducing citalopram (40mg) since April and now not taking anything. Serious side effects. Worst being the dizziness and electrocution down my neck and necks every time I move my eyes. Insomnia too. Hence why I'm awake at 4:30am.
  6. Hello, I have a question for everyone. Why would starting Zoloft (6 weeks, 75 mg) give me a side effect of severe increased anxiety but when I started Lexapro in the past (which worked great for years then it pooped out on me) had no side effects at all? They both elevate serotonin which can cause anxiety as a side effect, but why is one doing something different than the others? I would like to know. I can't ask my doctor because it's a holiday/weekend. Thanks!
  7. Psychiatrist Dr. Colin Ross, M.D. discusses the truth about side effects with common psychiatric drugs including antipsychotic medications, antidepressants and others.
  8. A short dose of Sertriline 25 prescribed by doctor (to make feel better) while recovering from back pain. The doctor was physician and did not have any physchological expertise... 5 days on Sertriline 25 made feel crazy. Started singing in public, got too emotional and sensitive and sometimes think of leaving family and live in some remote place. Stopped taking sertriline immediately, however after 8 days, still not completely recovered. Emotional sensitiveness and weird future plans still haunt me.. How much time it would take to recover fully from these symptoms ? Should i see a pschologist to recover or just stopping Sertriline is sufficient ??
  9. Hello warriors I am from Czech republic, so i am sorry for my English. And this is my story - I took the antidepressants for 10 year from 14 years.My diagnosis was Anxiety Disorder, Social Phobia,Panic Disorder everything tied to family terms. And now I am 3 months without them and it is very hard to me...but I am fighting and I don 't want give up. But every day is situation worst. It is possible that the side effects of discontinue medicaments show until now?? I ' m in intolerable condition. My best friend is bed now. It is terrible. Flushes of anxiety,irritation, hammering, inability do anything. I have fear that be worst...and i dissapoint myself I wish I had the certainty that eveything be ok when I endure this. How can I help?? Have you got any experience with DLPA?? Or anything else natural antidepressants?? Thank you for you're all opinions.
  10. Hello! I have been around these different types of boards just as a 'viewer' and NEVER thought i'd join but this particular group seems to be the perfect type for me-highly researched, and wanting to take their own health back and into their own hands! My quick story: struggled with anxiety my whole life on and off. Especially health worrying and obsessing. This past summer it got really bad and I couldn't stop looking online about symptoms of this disease or that. Facebook didn't help. And by the end of this summer it snowballed into depression because I was just feeling hopeless and consumed with worry I stopped going to the gym and doing things that interested me (like cooking healthy foods, etc). Backtrack-for a YEAR my GP was trying to get me to go on lexapro or paxil and i kept saying 'no' - so he gave me xanax. So I was taking that (.25 mg) for about 6 months at night and it was keeping things at bay (until this summer). So I go and see at talk therapist, to talk about my 'health obsessions' and she mentions that Celexa would be the 'perfect' drug for me and she's seen people 'just like me' do great on it. So I start taking 10 mg I think end of Sept/beginning of October 2013..I was feeling OK on it but around the 4 week mark I started waking up in a complete panic, sweat and couldn't breathe. Then these panic attacks led to suicidal thoughts-I thought I was going crazy, I was not ME. So mid-october I go off of it cold turkey (only been on it about 6 weeks). Felt awful for a week, tried 5-HTP, Valerian Root..felt a little better but my therapist and those around me kept saying 'i needed something' and I had friends who had been on these meds and were 'feeling fabulous' So I thought maybe I just didn't find the right med. So I decided to see a psychiatrist this time. Beginning of November, I see a psych, does an hour evaluation, perscribes me effexor. Started at 37.5..5 days later, panic attack in the morning, a plan to kill myself. *NOTE* I NEVER HAD PANIC ATTACKS OR SUICIDAL THOUGHTS BEFORE THESE MEDS My Psych and Therapist tell me: 'you would've had these attacks anyway, nothing to do with the meds, up your dose' - so I up my dose and spend 4 days at a mental health clinic for 'anxiety and depression' - Then for the next month I upped my effexor dose to 150. For a couple weeks I felt agoraphobic and didn't want to leave my house. Turns out the effexor gave me really high BP so my dr has been weaning me off of this (which i'm happy about anyway because I don't want to be on this and i'm glad my BP is my 'excuse' for getting off of it) - so now i'm BACK on celexa, but this time 20 mg. I have NO panic attacks BUT I have horrendous nightmares. Once i'm done weaning off of effexor completely in the next week or so ( i'm going to split the 25mg in half and then i'm done doing this weekly). But my question is-do I stay on Celexa? Will Celexa actually 'retrain my brain' to be 'right?' (my friend's GP actually told her that). Or am I just prolonging the inevitable of relapsing and I should just go off of it now. I'm researching SAM-e. St. John's Wort. positives: my mood has improved on celexa, my anxiety is down to nothing, BUT I wake up exhausted from these dreams, i have diareah, (sorry if that's TMI), and my obsessions about health are just turning into obsessions about what these meds really do to your brain. I'm meditating now, reading about buddhism which is helping and I journal every night. THANK YOU if you read this-or even a little bit-is it me or is it the meds that caused these attacks? Am I going crazy? I kind of miss the 'old me' looking back that was a worried anxiety mess-because atleast i was ME. Hindsight's 20/20 I suppose. Wishing you all well. I look forward to making some friends and hearing from you guys.
  11. 3 days ago i statred citalopram taking a 20 mg pill once a day. the first two days i didnt experience anything i would consider out of the ordinary. however last night and today i have been attacked with flashes of extreme anxiety and lightheadedness, nearly to the point that i pass out. Now during all of this I am completely coherent, however my body and mind feels as if it is under the influence of a powerful euphoria inducing drug. i have a higher level of paranoia than usual as well.. Needless to say I would like to tapper myself off this drug but however I am unsure as to how many milligrams I should take considering I have only started taking it 3 days ago. also how long would i need to tapper myself off before i could consider it safe to stop taking the drug? Thank you
  12. SourCherry

    SourCherry: Pristiq

    I have been taking Pristiq now for over two years. I stumbled accross forums on the topic and was shocked to see side effects I was experiencing, and had not made the connection to Pristiq. I never had a weight problem before I started taking it, but I am constantly hungry! Lack of motivation, I had no clue this was associated to Pristiq!! I thought I was just changing into a hermit! It was all I could do to go to visit my sisters! I never had a problem before I started this medicine. I guess I didn't associate lack of motivation because it didn't happen right away. At first I was full of energy! Felt great! But as time went on I put on a lot of weight and had to talk myself into the simplest tasks! After a year of being on Pristiq, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I have read that this has happened to other Pristiq users. However, my father has high blood pressure so this may just be hereditary. I decided to taper off!! I have read the horror stories of withdrawal and it scared me. However, I want off of this medicine! So Monday I took my 50mg dose and decided to take one every third day. Today is the third day, and although I am dizzy, it isn't anything that I can't tolerate. I decided to take one if the withdrawal gets bad enough. I know that cold turkey is not recommended but I figure if it isn't keeping me from working or doing my everyday things it was ok?! I will keep you all posted about the process for me. I know everyone is different so I would never recommend this method to anyone!!!!! I was just wondering if anyone else went this route? What kind of withdrawal symptoms you had? How did you taper off? Just stories about your experiece being on Prisitiq, the side effects you had while on it, and what made you decide to quit taking it and regain your life back:)
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