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Found 4 results

  1. Mod note: first introduction, titled " need help with chronic urticaria/oversensitive system" Admin note: delsol: Withdrawal from PRN (2x week) dosing? Hello, I hope to get some reassurance and support here. I recently did genetic testing and found out that the Wellbutrin (450 mg.) I took was not being metabolized by my body. At first this was great news, as I thought it explained so much about the insane allergic symptoms/stomach pains/nerve pains that I had been experiencing. Basically, I tapered off 450 mg. in less than a week. My last dose was Jan. 6, 2017. (D
  2. Edmunds

    Rash on one arm

    I’ve developed a rash of a few 1/2 to 1 inch purplish spots on my left forearm since going into prolonged withdrawal from Effexor and Wellbutrin. Might this be a symptom of withdrawal? In any case I will see a dermatologist.
  3. I was put on 20mg of Seroxat in May 1996 (directly after two weeks of Valium). I was 19 years old. Prescription was for Panic Disorder, GAD and Mild Depression (although I had never felt depressed and explained that many times over the years to my doctor(s)). As were many, I was told I had a chemical balance which, just like a diabetic needs insulin, I needed seroxat. Since then, I have tried approximately 5 times to come off the medication (with taper of sorts - usually 10mg for a few weeks and then to zero). Each time, the anxiety came back, always with new symptoms (extreme nausea, vertigo,
  4. sunnylou


    Hi to anyone reading this. I am starting this topic as Morgellons is the reason I was prescribed Risperidone which I now find to be more of a problem due to the taper ahead than the condition itself. I came across Morgellons by accident whilst trying to self diagnose a skin rash which looks like nettle rash on my torso. I had a skin biopsy by Dermatology which took 5 months to come back inconclusive. The whole 5 months worried me stupid. They then took approx 4 months retesting it with the exact same inconclusive results. I kept stumbling across Morgellons, where fibers, crystals,
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