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  1. I’m going to try and do this correctly but I’m going on almost no sleep in the past 5 months.. Two years ago I started having numerous new physical symptoms (night sweats, bloating, headaches,etc.) and felt very drugged. I started to wonder how many of the symptoms were related to the meds I was taking. I decided to start by tapering the low dose of Valium I’d been put on 4 years before to help with sleep. I don’t remember how I tapered. Probably too fast. After stopping completely I spent a month in withdrawal (and menopausal) hell. I did not sleep for a month. In desperation, I v
  2. Hello all! I am 19 and currently on Geodon (40mg), Zoloft (50mg), and Trazodone (50mg). I began taking these for depression, anxiety, and Psychosis. I began taking it for 4 days at a mental health institution. At first it was fine. But when i went home my mouth was dry and my jaw locked. I began experiencing palpitations and my stomach to burn. My body broke out into tremors and I began vomiting.I felt that it was from the medicine so I stopped taking them for one day. I felt like my old self that day. I went into work happy. However, the next day, all hell broke loose. All the sympto
  3. Hello everyone new to the forums here. Just wanted to start off by asking a question that I hope someone with experience or knowledge about the topic could share information here. I've been searching all over the Internet and every trazodone story is either about withdrawal symptoms or how it helps people, or how it's not helping anymore.. I wanted to ask a different question which is: AFTER withdrawals and a proper successful discontinuation, what is life like? Is it improved or worse due to less sleep? More energy throughout the day? Less foggy/groggy/slow mornings? Don't need 2 c
  4. I am telling my story because if it wasn’t for reading the blogs of everyone out there suffering from the toxic effects of some of the psychotropic drugs & the subsequent “withdrawal” symptoms, I may not be here today to write this. Four years ago, I was prescribed Paxil for an off-label use. I was having symptoms which I have found out recently, can be attributed to Restless Leg Syndrome. Several months later, I became depressed (no prior history of depression) and irritable. It got worse each dose increase of Paxil. A psychiatrist realized I was having a “reverse effect”
  5. Hi fellow members. I took Trazodone and Cymbalta for over a decade. These drugs were prescribed by my family doctor for neuro-muscular pain and related difficulty sleeping. (The real cause of the pain was ruptured discs in my back but I didn't learn that until I'd been on these drugs for years.) I've tried to get off of both drugs several times but all doctors did in the past was give me the next lower dose of each drug, which didn't work, and just drove me right back to my previous regular dosages. Well, thanks to tappering info I learned from this discussion group, I've been off both for ab
  6. Cheers, everyone First – english is not my native language, so forgive me, if it's a bit clumsy. Second – this story may be long. I feel like sharing, yet I'll try to make it short. Everything began 11 years ago, when – after a great deal of trauma – I was diagnosed with obssesive compulsion disorder. Diagnosis itself felt wright – my fears, obssesions and rituals were getting stronger every day. Soon, I was beginning to lost it. Psychiatrist prescripted SSRI meds – sertraline, to be specific. It was pain. I reached the dose of 120 mg a day, as she ordered – I wasn't sleeping whole ni
  7. I took trazodone contramid 150 mg for 1 year, for one month I take 75 mg. In the past I took entact for 8 years (for anxiety and panic attacks), then a year out, after for 2 years cymbalta. Because I have sexual dysfunctions since 2015 I switch to trazodone one year ago that did not solve my problems, I have the symptoms of Pssd! I need to take off this drug for my dysfunctions, but I'm anxious, I can't take off this drug!
  8. I successfully tapered off benzos 20 months ago but have been very ill since my last dose. I thought is was protracted withdrawal but I an now suspecting it is the Trazodone making me feel so bad. I have been taking it for 7 years and I'm wondering if this drug made anyone else feel really horrible?
  9. Hello everyone! I joined this forum because I'm in trouble. I really am. My life took a turn for the worse and I'm stuck into a real nightmare that keeps torturing me in the same fashion, every day. I started taking psychodrugs in order to deal with a strange insomnia that actually hit me out of the blue. The only apparent cause I was able to find was a recent antibiotic therapy with a drug (Levofloxacin) known to cause symptoms of anxiety and mental hyper arousal in predisposed people and mimicking benzo withdrawal. Such an unexpected side effect would have taken a toll on me if it hadn't
  10. in 2014 I got off all SSRI's after being on them intermittently for 20 years. I was probably on them half of the time. In 2013 I went on Trazodone for 3 years for insomnia. Started on 200mg and went down to 100 over the first year. I did not take it daily as my doc said it was not an SSRI so I should take it as needed. I would take it 4-5 nights a week and take Sominex on weekends. I tried to taper down to 75mg but couldn't function at work the next day so I held at 100mg. In Mid June I took a month off from work and decided to bite the metaphorical bullet and stop Trazodone
  11. Hi I'm on fluoxetine 40 mg for the last 6.5 months. and my psychiatrist prescribed me trazadone for sleep. I was taking 12.5 mg a night occasionally 25 mg for nearly 5 weeks. She told me that it wasn't addictive and could stop it when I wanted. Well I did and two days later I broke out in hives and itching then over an 8 day span anxiety and depression built. Which is where I am now. Can I reinstate the trazadone at 12.5 and stabilize? She also wants me to start abilify 2 mg
  12. Having successfully weaned from gabapentin, I felt ready to begin tapering from duloxetine. Then I found this site, entered my meds & viewed the interaction between them and I feel rather worried and would like help knowing which to leave off first. The ones I'm concerned about are duloxetine, amitriptyline, and trazodone. I also take tizanidine. tia
  13. Hi all, I am new here but I've been reading posts since last fall, when I started weaning off the Gabapentin I was put on a month before, pre-herniated disc surgery. Surgery went very well, stopping Gabapentin was a horrific nightmare of about 5 months. However, the results were so amazing I felt encouraged to get off Effexor as well. I was put on Effexor for fibro, stopped cold turkey when I got pregnant (wowza!), then was put back after postpartum depression. Six years later, here I am. So now comes the question: My recommended taper for Effexor XR 75 is Effexor ER 35 (morning) + T
  14. Hi, I've been on and off every antidepressant for the last 22 years . I started antidepressants when I was 13 because my parents are pill freaks and I was being bullied in school and not happy about it. I've taken every antidepressant ever made and gone off most of them very rapidly. Over the years my insomnia, anxiety, and depression have gotten so severe I can't even function or see straight. I have trouble focusing my eyes. The fatigue is overwhelming and I only sleep 3 to 5 hours total a night. I took a break from meds for the last 1 year and 3 months from all meds and none of my problems
  15. I am on Fetzima80 mg, Geodon 160 mg, Depacote 1000mg, Desaryl 600 mugs Klonapin4mg, Neurontin 1000 mg, Clonadine 25 mg, Percocet2 tabs/day and Tinzanadine 3 tabs/day plus meds forthyroid and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I feel like the meds are a major food group and I'm sick of taking so many meds I have been on this regiment for10 years. I need help on Howard whatto taper off first?
  16. Hello Survivors, I am wondering if you could help me shed some light on my symptoms. I would really appreciate any thoughts on my condition as the doctors have not been able to figure it out. I have had a spinal tap ruling out M.S. and 2 mri's of the head and neck, standard blood tests are normal. 9 months ago I had a series of stroke like episodes, intense fatigue and dizziness/vertigo and I ended up in emergency at least half a dozen times. It developed in to persistent dizziness and disequilibrium now going on strong for 9 months. A few months before this happened I was tape
  17. I'm 32, I have a 6 year old, and I've decided I want to have another child finally. My GYN says, when you find out you're pregnant, just quit taking your medications. Wtf? I've been on wellbutrin xl, metoprolol, a beta blocker for heart rate associated with anxiety, and random benzos for about 5 years. I've been on and off of zoloft, which was rough. I take trazodone at night for sleep. And I've been on trintellix for a while now also, and I'm up to 20mg. Lately I've been so lethargic and having a hard time with any task, even getting dressed, brushing my teeth, much less actually cleaning up.
  18. Hello - I have been off of gabapentin (1200) for about four months. I hadn't found this group or any other nor support from doctor. It was hard. I'm hoping to find some help from other peoples experiences. I've been off lithium for about three weeks. I've been on lamotrigine (150), trazodone (150) for 18 months. Doctor reluctantly supports getting off of those. She has started lamotrigine taper to 125 mg for two weeks then 100 mg for one month. Does that seem like a good approach? And is starting with lamotrigine over trazodone a good choice? Using Lorazepam as needed but sparingly. Thank you
  19. Hello, I am currently experiencing significant PTSD after a very traumatic life event. I started 12.5 mg trazedone 1 week ago. It allowed sleep - I thought I could take it as needed but I am wrong. I also tried 3.75 mg Remeron which I was on several years ago. Anyway, I feel so agitated in the morning after spotty sleep. Is it too late to do a quick taper. I've read about the mcpp metabolite and am scared to make things worse. I am barely staying out of our local stress center. Should I switch over to the Remeron, get stable then taper off of that or stay on the 12.5 mg trazedone. Four
  20. Hello, to begin with I would like to apologise for my English - it's not my native lanuage. I found this site looking for some answers (on Polish sites you can't find anything sensible). I would be grateful for your advice and opinions. My story: One day in 1999 I started to feel panic (nothing happened that would cause this condition). I was 24/7 very anxious/panic for 6-7 months from that moment. I really don't know how I managed to survive this ( I was to affraid to commit suicide - I thought that there is no warranty that I won't feel panic after I'm dead - strange, I know)
  21. I have been on trazadone for a year and quit cold turkey for I think it was two months I was unaware not to stop ubrapitly. I have restated for 4 weeks and 4 days. Should I add another SSR for the W/D subside? I told my doctor and told me to take another medication. I feel a little better then before but hoping I will more stabilize more. Have negative thoughts that makes it hard. Would like anybody's input.
  22. I’m looking for wisdom…It’s about my mother that was put on psychiatric drugs as everyone else on this forum, it started about 13 years ago, for few months she was taking the meds then she quits them cold turkey (no one advised about withdrawal) 10 - 14 months later when she felt same symptoms she was put again on meds and so on. At the begin she had a depression during the menopause and she felt great on those meds. Every time she was put on meds she felt the side effects of them but doctors dismiss them saying she is sick. When she cold turkey the meds she was feeling great Now reading
  23. Hello all, i am new and on quite the cocktail and i realize that withdrawing will take a significant amount of time. 3 weeks ago my doctor went from 25mg Zyprexa to 20mg voluntarily. Yesterday i went from 75mg Trazodone to 62.5mg. drug, morning dose, noon dose, evening dose, nighttime dose: Seroquel XR 300-0-0-0 Seroquel 0-0-0-650 Zyprexa 2.5-0-2.5-15 Trazodone 62,5-0-0-0 Venlafaxine 0-0-0-37,5 Metformin 500-0-500-1000 I have OCDish side effects from those and that sucks. Regards Julian
  24. Hey all- Due to an exacerbation of my OCD, I went through a few week period in December 2015/January 2016 where I stopped sleeping. This culminated in me being admitted as an inpatient. Due to the severity of my sleep issues, the psychiatrists suspected that I was in a bipolar mixed state and started me on olanzapine (5mg) and valproic acid (1500mg). I stayed on this regiment for a few months, before lowering the valproic acid to 1000mg and adding lamotrigine (50mg) and trazodone (100mg). Following this, I began to slowly reduce the valproic acid. Around this time, I started seeing an
  25. Hello all, About three weeks ago I had a panic attack right as I was falling asleep. I only slept four hours each night the next two days. I learned that my family has had a history of anxiety issues, and because I was having trouble calming down, I was prescribed 50 mg trazodone to be used once a day, and 10 mg zolpidem tartrate to be used as needed for sleep. These did help me sleep, but I was still only getting consistently 6 hours of sleep a night. So, I talked to a counselor and saw a doctor. They both recommended a SSRI, presuming that the anxiety was the reason I wasn't sleeping as much
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