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Found 1 result

  1. I am desperate to be understood and accepted in life. I'm constantly disappointed by family and friends because they think I should just be able to get over it or change. Sometimes I feel like I'd have to be slitting my wrists in front of them for people to take me seriously. I find it hard to leave the house and people just see this as lazy and criticise me. I often isolate myself from society because I feel like I don't belong or I don't fit in I've tried to make friends in the past but something always goes wrong and I end up getting hurt by them or I get left behind when they find a partner. I find it exhausting dealing with people who don't understand me and I'm tired of making up excuses to explain my life. I wish more people understood depression and anxiety and how it can incapacitate a person. I just want to escape to a place where I felt safe and not judged or criticised.

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