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  1. I was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder over 15 years ago. As best I can recall, I was prescribed 450 mg bupropion and 20 mg Escitalopram and maybe 40 mg of Lamictal. I went off them suddenly about 8 years ago and had terrible withdrawal symptoms. A new doctor put me on a lower dosage of bupropion, about 200 mg and kept me at 20 mg Escitalopram. I became dissatisfied and found a new doctor who suggested Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) which gave me some relief from my depression. A new doctor prescribed 150 mg bupropion, 20 mg Escitalopram, 4.5 mg pramipexol and a 4th I can't recall. I had been on this cocktail mix for at least 2 years. Earlier this year I began tapering, taking the medications once a week, then stopped altogether in about June. In July I began experiencing sudden vomiting spells out of the blue, lasting a full day, then going back to normal. I experienced one episode every 1 to 2 weeks for 6 episodes. Then 6 days ago I started trembling with anxiety every morning. It dissipates by the evening but I am non-functional for the entire day. My psychiatrist insists I am not going through withdrawal but is telling me to go back on a low dose of Escitalopram. I don't want to do it but need my life back. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Hello everyone I'm so glad I found this forum. I've been really unhappy with the prospects of my treatment, and was desperate to find an alternative. First, I must admit that I'm a bit overwhelmed by the website - there is so much information (which is amazing, but also daunting), so please forgive me if I'm doing something wrong, or not asking the right questions. So a bit about myself... I'm 42, assigned male at birth. I've suffered from very mild depression the majority of my life, I think. Definitely since my early 20s. All my life I refused to take anti-depressants or any sort of psychiatric medication, but then when I was 30 my mild depression became slightly less mild (but still very low) and I fell for peer pressure and people talking me into the fact that it's a chemical imbalance and by treating it, somehow my life will be perfect. So I was prescribed Citalopram (I can't remember the dosage, but it wasn't a lot). I hated it! And after about 6 months I weened myself off it according to the guidelines - but it was too late - and the damage was done. My mild depression turned gradually into severe depression, until when I Was about 36 it became debilitating. I was unable to move most of the time, but continued to refuse to take medication. Sadly, it became so bad that I couldn't keep on torturing the people around me and I decided to give medication another try - refusing to take SSRIs, but my psychiatrist suggested I take Elontril - which is Bupropion Hydrochrloride. I started off with a dosage of 150-300 a day before settling on 150mg a day. My psychiatrist also promised me that it's very likely that after a year I'd be able to quit (a reassurance I desperately needed). Now, I'm not going to lie... since I started taking them, I'm like a new person. I'm back to being my old self - I'm nowhere near perfect, but I'm experiencing happiness for the first time in forever. However, it's now been 3 years since I started, and I hate having to be dependant on medication. After a year, as promised, I tried weening off the meds, according to guidelines, and as I'm sure you all know - it did not turn out well! So I had to continue again, and now I'm taking 150 mg every day. I'm really scared of the potential side effects of quitting, but I also know that I have to do it, so I'm looking for advice from anyone who has taken Elontril or Bupropion - how best to do it, and what I can expect, or if there are any articles out there about this... Thank you so much for your attention.
  3. Hello. I have been on antidepressants since the late 1980’s. My first, for severe panic and anxiety, was Nardil. I was switched after three or so years to Paxil. Paxil gave me a movement disorder so I was then changed to Effexor around 1992 and Bupropion was added around 2000. On was on those two for the next eighteen years. In November of 2018 I thought I was starting to have movement disorder symptoms again which frightened me so much that I discontinued both medications abruptly, unaware of the consequences (Effexor 150 mg, Bupropion 100mg). This (Neurologist now calling it a severe Akathisia) went on for five months with no reinstatement of antidepressants during which time I also quit drinking alcohol thinking it might be a contributing factor. The movements resolved and stopped completely in April 2019. However, I then developed dizziness that is more of a swaying and am still suffering with this 14 months later. Some days it can be quite debilitating. As you can well assume, I have had everything tested medically and all are negative for anything that could be a cause or a concern. I still wonder if this is withdrawal, if there is anything I could do or try and if I will still heal? Oh, and I am 63. Thank you for reading. Any feedback is greatly welcome.
  4. Hello- as my topic title shows, I have been on anti-depressants for 24 years (20mgs Lexepro, 175 mgs Wellbutrin). It is hard to face. After the birth of my first son, I began having acute anxiety. When I told my gynecologist he told me it was common after giving birth because of hormonal changes. In such cases, he recommends about six months of medication to help with the symptoms and recommended a psychiatrist that he works with for patients such as me. I'm sure none of you are surprised to know that, as is all too common, I never got off the drugs for very long. Each time withdrawel symptoms were interpreted as my illness returning. My mother suffered from anxiety and depression all her sad life, so it wasn't hard to believe that I was ill. Yet, I still tried a few times to stop the drugs. Interestingly, once it became clear how difficult it was to get off the drugs, I knew with certainty that I needed to stop taking them. I Thought I would put if off until I was retired, so I would have less stress, etc. to deal with the WD, but when I learned about the10% taper it gave me hope that I can be AD free by my 60th birthday! I will start with the Lexepro. Getting myself a scale and using a spreadsheet to calculate the decreases. I'm getting my yoga and walking on, and continuing meditation for success! I'm so glad to have this site for reference, information and support!
  5. Hi all, I've been tapering off cymbalta for, several years, after having taken it on and off for about 15 years. For at least the past year I've taken 5 mg (1 bead from the Lupin generic). I took my last 5 mg dose about six weeks ago. I felt fine for about a week, but then briefly had brain zaps. Twitching in my feet and legs (a minor no big deal thing that happens to my anyhow) got significantly worse, to the point where it is interfering with my sleep. I'm also generally not sleeping well, and so my mood is labile. Or it's just labile because of the withdrawal? My question is does it seem legit that this could be withdrawal even though 5 mg is such a low dose? I'm considering taking a dose to see if the symptoms go away, but I worry that might start the process over. Any ideas, feedback, suggestions are appreciated. Thanks! karla posted this back in 2017 in the PSSD topic (only one post made):
  6. Hi I have been on Wellbutrin 150 XL for 4 years. I tried to cold turkey 2 years ago, and spent 5 days unable to get out of bed. Due to loss of insurance, and really wanting to be off meds, I am tapering again. I received Wellbutrin 75mg IR (immediate release). I was going to start off with a slow taper, however the IR pills have been a roller coaster. When I first take the pill I am irritable and agitated for about 3 hours. And then I become lethargic and tired until my next dose. Due to these ups and downs I had to reduce the dosage pretty quickly. I take 3 doses a day. 3/8 in the morning, 3/8 at lunch, and 1/4 in the evening. For a total of 75 mg a day. I started tapering 2 weeks ago, and finally now feel pretty stable. Honestly, the best time for me is when i first wake up. After I take my first dose I get irritable and agitated. I am planning on doing another reduction tomorrow, and just cannot wait to get off this medicine. I am supplementing with lots of Omega 3s, multivitamin, magnesium and vitamin B. Hope to use this as a journal, documenting my taper. Thank you for reading.
  7. Hi there, I have been reading quite a few topics on this website, and would like to see if anyone has suggestions for my situation. I was put on effexor and wellbutrin over 5 years ago. I am not exactly sure of the exact time length I have been on it, and what doses I have tried, but the past few years I have been on 150mg of effexor and 150 mg of wellbutrin. My dr and I decided I can come off the effexor on a tapered schedule. Basically I was tapered from 150 to 75 to 37.5 to nothing in just over a month or there abouts. I didnt keep a track of the dates, which I probably should have. The tapering was ok, I didnt really notice anything happening. Then when I went from 37.5 to nothing, it really hit me. I had all the discussed symptoms and was a mess. I think July 25 was my last day on effexor. In August I think I had two or three good days, and I use the term good loosely here. September I had about 10 good days, October, is only at 8 good days so far. These day are not all in a row, they are very sporadic. I recently started a new job, but it only goes for another month. That has me really stressed out, as I have no savings to fall back on and no job lined up yet. My job I am currently at is good though, it has me outside in the forest, getting lots of exercise and lots of fresh air. Since about October 11, I have been having these crazy crying fits. I just cry, and cry. When I am not crying, I feel ok, but then I start crying hours later. I did go to the walk in clinic, as I cannot get into see my fam dr with my work schedule, and the dr at the walk in suggested I try doubling my wellbutrin either every day, or I could double it up every second day. He said this will still take a month before I start feeling any better, if I do. This morning, out of desperation, I took a second pill and I will continue with this, unless someone has another suggestion... Does anyone have any experience with this? When I have a good day, I still have a tightness in my chest, and I know I am so close to tears, but I am able to ward them off. I find I have to keep myself super busy to not cry, or think, as htinking leads to tears. Today is another rough day, lots of crying already. I do not want to go back on effexor, as my mind has never felt so crisp and clear. I feel unfogged and alert, I do not remember ever feeling like this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Jennifer78


    Hello...I'm new to this website and I'm still not sure how this works. I'm looking for some hope I guess that's what you'd call it. I have been on meds for 15 years. Only an SSRI until probably 3 years ago. I was on Celexa 40mg, Abilify 10mg and Wellbutrin XL. I was so over medicated I felt numb and I couldn't function. I didn't know what was wrong with me & then I thought maybe it's to much medicine. I lost my health insurance on 12-01-16 so I couldn't afford all these meds so I stopped taking the Celexa & Abilify on that day. I'm still on Wellbutrin. The reason I stayed on it was I heard it would cause seizures if I cold turkey off it. I did not know I shouldn't of done that with the other 2. It will be 5 months on May 1st that I stopped other 2 meds. The only reason I went on medicine was because I lost my grandmother and I was stressed. My friend suggested I see a Dr so I did. Stupid mistake! I didn't even know Abilify was an antipsychotic until I googled it looking for answers about what was going on with me after stopping meds. I came across discontinue syndrome and then this website. Most psychical symptoms are gone and insomnia has gotten a tiny bit better but the anxiety and I guess it's depression is awful!! I don't have insurance so I can't afford to go back on the meds & go back to not functioning. I'm just wondering if I'm going to make it through this? I'm really worried. God Bless!
  9. I suffered with undiagnosed/untreated Postpartum Depression for over a year after my first child was born. I was able to get it mostly under control with therapy, until the 3rd trimester of my second pregnancy, when the symptoms resurged and continually worsened as I approached my due date. After much research and many discussions with my therapist/OB, I finally decided to start 5mg Lexapro at 34 weeks in December 2020. Lexapro and Zoloft were my only options because I was pregnant. This was my first introduction to antidepressants, and it was incredible; it helped me so much. It pulled me out of the darkness and despair of PPD, allowed me to be fully present with my family, and helped me weather all the sleepless nights that come with having a newborn. Then, around July 2021, 6 months postpartum, I started feeling like my PPD symptoms had been slowly creeping back, so we changed my dose to 10mg. It seemed to help for a while, but after 3 months, I felt the PPD symptoms returning again. We changed my dose to 20mg in October 2021. Six weeks later, the weekend of 11/13 and 11/14/2021. I started realizing I was having intense side effects: agitation, confusion, restless legs if I sat or laid down for more than 2 minutes, rocking, hand wringing, inability to think logically from point A to point B, obsessive behaviors. I decided I needed to reduce my dose, so based on a Reddit post I saw, I was going to do a week at 17.5mg, then a week at 15mg, then a week at 12.5mg, before going down to 10mg. My reasoning was that since I wasn't going off completely, I could do a relatively quick taper. I spoke to my prescribing doctor on 11/15, and she agreed we should reduce the dose, but did not think I needed to taper because I’d only been on 20mg for 6 weeks and I wasn’t going completely off the drug. We also decided that since 10mg Lexapro wasn’t fully controlling my symptoms, we would add 150mg Wellbutrin XL. I decided to do an even shorter taper after our discussion and just did 1 day each of 17.5mg, 15mg, 12.5mg, and finally 10mg on 11/18. I took my first dose of Wellbutrin at bedtime on 11/16, and I slept better than I have in years. Also, my chronic pain was incredibly low on 11/17 - I could move almost like a normal person! I was so hopeful and excited for the future. Then on 11/19 I was officially told my chronic pain/chronic illness diagnosis - non-radiographic axial spondyloarthritis, so I started sulfasalazine on 11/20. That day I felt emotionally unstable, cried frequently, had severe depression, and had some loss of appetite, nausea, and diarrhea. I thought I was having side effects from the sulfasalazine so I discontinued it. I felt mostly normal on 11/21 and most of the day on 11/22. Then at 6pm on 11/22, I started having nausea and depression symptoms. And it just kept getting worse until I vomited at 8:30p and 10:30p. I couldn’t get out of bed but I couldn’t sleep. My list of symptoms started rapidly increasing: nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhea, muscle cramps, sensitivity to light and sound, tinnitus, depression, crying, fatigue, dizziness, insomnia, confusion. I decided to take 15mg of Lexapro on 11/23 to see if it would help my symptoms. I don’t know why; I just thought it was the right thing to try. Slowly, over the next 5 hours, my symptoms started to lessen in intensity. I was able to go feed the baby and go to a doctor’s appointment, but I could still barely eat. At the doctor’s office I saw a PA because my doc was out of town for the thanksgiving holiday, and he seemed confused by my assessment that I was having SSRI withdrawals, almost as though he’d never heard of it, though he seemed to have experience with antidepressants. Regardless, he was supportive and called in 60 tablets of 10mg Lexapro to help me do a bit of a taper. His recommendation was to stay at 15mg until the Wellbutrin is at full effectiveness (~3 weeks from now), and then drop to 10mg. I don’t think I’ll be doing that. I also got an appointment with a psychiatrist for 1/12/2022. I’m hoping I can get some liquid prescribed by her to help me taper down to 10mg more slowly. Last night (11/23) I finally was able to get a mostly good night of rest, and I actually felt sort of hungry this morning (11/24). I was able to get out of bed and feed the baby on my own. I have hope that I’ll be able to get through this. My questions right now are: Am I on the right path? Did I catch the withdrawal symptoms and increase my dose early enough to hopefully avoid most of the long term withdrawal side effects? About how long should I hold at 15mg before trying to taper down again? I do think I’m having some of the high dose side effects (like restless legs) again at 15mg, so I don’t think it’s sustainable long term, but I can probably hold out until my psych appointment in January. I’m so grateful I found this community. Any advice or experience you can share with me would help me so much.
  10. I am very glad that I came across this page and I am not alone ... I have been using zoloft for 4 months, bupropion for 2 months ... even though it helps me in a certain way, because it is "different" for me, I still have the feeling that it hurts and destroys my brain, exactly as this page describes. If I stop taking it all at once, will it be very cruel? I have Zoloft 150mg in the evening and Bupropion 300mg xl morning ... What could help me get these drugs out of the body? Please be happy for any answer ..
  11. Hello, I've been very grateful for this site, comforting me in the knowledge that I'm not alone in my battle. 10% taper is working slowly but steadily, it'll be a while but I'm planning on finishing it this way. Withdrawal is not pleasant, but it doesn't suck as much as it did. Eating healthy (I got a really nice juicer) has been the biggest factor in helping manage my withdrawal symptoms, and mental wellbeing in general. Thanks for all of your stories, omnispan
  12. I recently got pregnant and went from 10mg paxil to 5mg in one week and then completely stopped. I then had a miscarriage (about 2 months ago) and am having severe withdrawal symptoms. Would it be safe to go back on a low dose of paxil and try to taper off properly, or is it too late? I am miserable! Thanks in advance. Update as of March 29, 2017: Link to post below
  13. My digestive problems first started in 2012; I got a stressful job in a lab where I had to work 10hr per day and had very little time to drink water. The job was more like servitude in a sweatshop. I was on 300mg of Bupropion. Diverticulitis put me in the hospital for a week, with a month of stay-at-home care. The following year, the next attack placed me in the hospital for a week, then I endured a two-month recovery. Since then, if I have been under stress or get angry, my digestive issues come back. In 2017, my husband suggested that my antidepressants caused my digestive problems. Diverticulitis came back after I ate a lot of restaurant food one we when to visit family out of state. In late 2018, I started my taper. Just this week, I fought with my husband. After eating restaurant food, and quite a large quantity of sugar, I started to get the first symptoms of a diverticulitis attack. I'm at 22-mg of Bupropion. I'm wondering if I will ever heal my digestive system? It seems like stress or anger causes digestive issues. How can I live if I can't get angry or handle stress? Does antidepressants destroy the digestive system?
  14. I want to thank everyone that is a part of Survivingantidepressants.org. Without you guys, I would have been lost or dead, by now. Every time I have had a problem, I would go to this website and read. The support here has kept me sane, especially since my husband has issues that he has to take care of and cannot relate to antidepressant withdrawal. I have no friends (do not want any friends right now) and I have no other family. Most of the time, this site and its people are all the support I get. For twenty years, I have been taking Bupropion. After 20 years of ingesting this poison, the time and situation were right for me to taper. In a year and a half, I went from 300 mg down to 100 mg: currently, I'm holding at 100-mg. It has been rough. From what I've read, Bupropion is one of the 'easier' antidepressants to get off. If so, the people who taper off of SSRIs have my total respect! I've noticed that after eating a meal, fatigue, which is almost debilitating, plagues me. After doing some research, I came across this article which I copied part of for your review, which might be the reason why I get fatigue after I eat: Your body is equipped with a natural stress-fighting mechanism called the NeuroEndoMetabolic (NEM) Stress Response system. It is an intricate network of various organs and six circuits, including the bioenergetics circuit, which functions in close coordination to help fight stress. A pair of walnut-shaped adrenal glands, located above the kidneys, are also part of the response system. During stressful situations, the NEM signals your adrenal glands to secrete the anti-stress hormone cortisol. However, when stress is constant, the adrenals can get overburdened and are no longer able to secrete adequate cortisol. This can affect the natural stress-fighting ability of your body, which can lead to adrenal fatigue. Frequently experiencing extreme fatigue along with symptoms such as low energy levels, difficulty in waking up, insomnia, brain fog, anxiety, stubborn weight gain, constipation, low concentration levels, and craving for salty and fatty food indicate signs of Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome (AFS). As the adrenals get more and more overworked with consistent stress, the result is a cortisol imbalance which can disturb the entire NEM stress response system. As the NEM connects various organs and circuits, the function of related organs is also affected. People in the advanced stages of AFS have a weak body. Everyday functions of the body and organs - including the liver, pancreas, and thyroid of the bioenergetics circuit - gradually begin to slow down. This can complicate the actions necessary for maintaining the health of the body, which in turn can trigger negative reactions such as experiencing fatigue after eating. The bioenergetics circuit of the NEM system comprises of the liver, pancreas, and thyroid. Any imbalance in this circuit can lead to mitochondrial disorder, sugar cravings, reactive hypoglycemia, catabolism, dizziness, insulin resistance, and weight gain. The pancreas and liver play key roles in the digestion process. The pancreas secretes enzymes such as trypsin, chymotrypsin, amylase, and lipase which help digest proteins, breakdown carbohydrates, and convert fat to cholesterol and fatty acids. It also helps transport glucose to tissues through the blood and helps the liver absorb glucose. A significant detoxification center of your body, the liver performs multiple crucial functions. It secretes bile, which helps in detoxification and digestion. It also helps in the metabolism of fat, protein, and carbohydrates, and it maintains a healthy level of blood glucose and various other chemicals in the body. Dysfunction of the liver or pancreas has a direct impact on the digestion process, which can contribute to fatigue after eating. Reference: Why Do You Experience Fatigue After Eating? By: Michael Lam, MD, MPH https://www.drlamcoaching.com/diet/adrenal-fatigue-diet/fatigue-after-eating/ I don't eat processed foods but only eat fresh or frozen meats and vegetables and fruits and some nuts. I have also cut back on the sugar and sweets. I discovered that my body couldn't tolerate coffee or chocolate, so I have dropped them from my diet. To lessen my fatigue, I have taken to intermediate fasting. I eat one substantial meal each a day the then drink water (with lemon or lime) throughout the day. I stop drinking water at 6-pm. I reason that I spike my cortisol after I eat, so I get that out of the way early in the day. I've noticed that when I fast like this, I have more energy throughout the day, and at night I don't get up throughout the night to relieve myself. Have other people suffered fatigue after eating and how did you solve the problem? Let me know
  15. Does anyone crave milk or sweetened condensed milk? What does this mean? Do I have some kind of of deficiency?
  16. Spring 2014: Effexor ? mg for 2 months then cold turkey (didnt know better at the time). Originally put on this for depression after a break up. Fall 2014: Dizziness, extreme memory issues, pins and needles in hands and feet. Occasional adderall use. Working 2 jobs to pay for engineering school. Health anxiety started when doctors couldn't find cause of symptoms. Tried samE, 5htp. Winter 2014-2015: tried molly with a friend. Ended up in the ER. Months that passed included many ER visits and eventually klonopin (? mg) Spring 2015: after researching benzo dangers wanted off. Tried to taper. Horrid withdrawal. Switched to diazepam 6mg. Dog/best friend died of cancer. Started celexa 10 mg. Rest of 2015: Moved back in with mom, slowly tapered diazepam, stopped daily on new years 2016. Winter-Spring 2016: back in school. Stopped celexa 10mg in January. Pins and needles and depression in February. Started on wellbutrin 150mg. Increased anxiety but allowed me to finish school. Graduated. Stopped wellbutrin after graduation. Summer 2016: quit job too much stress while going through what I now know to be withdrawal. Drove for ride share service when feeling well enough. Felt like living with chronic fatigue syndrome. No doctors could find cause. Fall 2016: started back on celexa 15mg after rock bottom depression. Eventually wellbutrin added back at 75mg. Moved to a new state. PM panic attacks started after going back on celexa. Started full time engineering job. Winter 2016 - Winter 2018: wellbutrin gradually increased to 300mg. Started celexa taper. 15 down to 10mg. Increase in depression but tolerable. Spring 2019: tapered celexa down to 5mg. Extremely depressed. Affected relationship. Found a psychiatrist who wanted to switch me to zoloft. Relationship break up the week of starting zoloft. Zoloft lifted depression at first. Summer 2019: got back together with boyfriend. zoloft increased to 50 then 75 then 100. Horrible reaction to 100mg. Worst anxiety of my life. Stopped cold turkey. Back on 2.5mg celexa. Dr Then tried liquid zoloft increase from 0 by 1mg every few days to cross taper with celexa. Able to stop wellbutrin easily. Also had tooth extraction during all of this (infected root canal). Fall 2019: up to 8mg zoloft 1mg celexa. Horrible anxiety. Stopped zoloft cold turkey after getting suicidal thoughts from severe anxiety. Current: trying to find a celexa dose to stabilize on. Trying 2.5 mg. Anxiety and fatigue battles daily. going to write more soon. Just wanted a quick recap to start.
  17. Link to Armorall's Success Story: armorall-got-my-dancing-shoes-back-on I don't know how to put the medication history as a tag, so I guess I'll just put it at the end. Hi everyone! So, I started on 3/21/19 with the Bupropion and Risperidone after being hospitalized for suicidal ideation. I had been resigned for some time because of difficult changes that had been going on in my life socially for the past year, and I was responding angrily and with frustration (internally) until I was pushed to the limit. After hospitalization, I’ve had some transformative thinking around how I interact with people socially, which has led me to an ease with the situation that I hadn’t known before I was hospitalized. I still struggled with social interaction but I am much better and not feeling overwhelmed by my situation as I once was. Although the initial usage of Bupropion and Risperidone I had trouble sleeping the first week, everything seemed fine after that. I had some flare ups of anger, but I was working through it and seeing my psychologist twice a week. In May, my psychiatrist saw that Risperidone was elevating my hormone levels, and he wanted me off of it. I started taking Abilify as a substitute in July. Towards the end of July, the panic-like symptoms I would get from just sitting still was too much for me. I went off of it. He then put me on Latuda. I was on for two days and still had similar effects and I couldn’t sleep. I came off of it, all the while having a lot of withdrawal symptoms- profuse sweating, getting hot, panic. I still couldn’t sleep. I started supplementing with benadryl (at the suggestion of the nurse for withdrawal) then later melatonin. After talking to my psychologist, she suggested that I may have insomnia from the actual Bupropion. Because Risperidone makes some people groggy, what she thought was that the Risperidone masked the activating effect of Bupropion. After I stopped taking the Risperidone, the Bupropion was keeping me awake. She had several clients that had to switch to something else because of the Bupropion keeping them awake. So, I quit cold turkey on the Bupropion, and similarly all the other drugs. I guess my psychiatrist didn’t think I needed to taper from the Risperidone because I had only been on it for 3 months. I thought all was well, but I now have these rushes of anxiety that come over me for around 10-20 minutes at a time. It started after I dropped the Latuda, I believe I was having them even before the Bupropion was dropped but hadn’t noticed a pattern of getting them until the Bupropion was dropped. I get a few (5 or 6) rushes a day. When the rush is over, I'm still usually uneasy for a bit of time after that. I also have some light depression in the mornings, but that has dropped off. The possibility of the anxiety rushes usually stop after 6-7pm at night now (this is a newer development). I go to bed around 10-11pm, so now I can this period the “golden hours” where I feel completely myself and don’t feel like the onset of either a depression tinge or an anxiety rush will happen. So, it’s been technically a little over a month since I CT’d Bupropion and two months since I CT’d the Risperidone. I took both medications from 3/21-7/1 and only Bupropion (and Abilify) from 7/1-8/10. So total I was on medication for about 4 months. What do you think? Will the anxiety rushes fall away? When I am outside of them, I definitely think I can handle this, but when I am getting washes of them, I feel hopeless like it is not going to end. It is unlike anything I ever experienced before taking medication. I would get anxious from various scenarios in the past, but not this random, involuntary rush that occurs for no reason. I look to the writings on here about neuroplasticity (I am 44 years old) and how healing happens every day with building new neural pathways not that I’m off of everything, but I am scared that I am doing this for nothing. Also, I did everything CT, so how does that impact my withdrawal? Thanks for reading, Armorall 3/21/19 started Bupropion XL 150 mg 3/21/19 started Risperidone 2mg 7/7/19 start Abilify half dose 5 mg. discontinue Risperidone 7/9/19 full dose Abilify 10 mg 7/29/19 discontinued Abilify due to panicky side effects 8/2/19 Began Latuda 20 mg 8/5/19 discontinued Latuda due to similar side effects 8/10/19 discontinued Bupropion after realizing it was causing the insomnia From 8/10/19 no drugs whatsoever Withdrawal symptoms coming in and more acute in September
  18. missmoodypants


    Hello, I’m new here and to the concept of tapering off AD and finding alternative options to cope with my lifelong anxiety and depression. I’ve often questioned whether the meds I’ve been taking are helping me at all, and for many years I didn’t know that the night sweats I suffered from were associated with sertraline ( the worst part is that my psychiatrist denied that the sweating could be related to the meds he kept increasing for me ). I began looking into side effects 2 years ago when my Zoloft and Wellbutrin were increased due to a difficult bout of depression and anxiety that followed my first attempt at eliminating Zoloft ( and a life event that really triggered me ). I think the increase in meds made me even more anxious and I was completely not functional until noontime every day. I bruised very easily, and did I mention the night sweats? When my psychiatrist left the practice about a year ago I was transferred to a PA to monitor my meds. I’ve been working with her since then to decrease my dosages. She added a blood pressure med last year that she hoped would help me with sweating, but it didn’t help. We started to talk about other meds I could try, and I had a consult for TMS where I learned my insurance won’t cover it until I’ve tried 4 ADs and failed. Ive only tried 3 ( I took Prozac for a few short months in HS ). So I planned to taper off zoloft and start Effexor. I never started the Effexor, but I did successfully taper off completely from Zoloft. Took 2 years to go from 100mg down to 25mg. Took my final dose around 10/15/21. It took about 4 weeks for my dizzy spells to end. Good news is that the night sweats are completely gone. I don’t wake up sopping wet and I’m no longer doing mountains of laundry. At the same time, I increased Wellbutrin from 100mg to 150 to avoid depression, but a few weeks ago I began feeling a lot of tension in my jaw with low grade headaches. When I saw my provider last week, we decided to decrease my dose from 150mg to 75mg. She asked me to hold off on starting the Effexor for 2 weeks so we’ll know if the Wellbutrin is the source of my tension. I had recently started doing some reading online and learned that Effexor is even harder to stop taking than Zoloft. My sister has been trying to convince me to take supplements like vitamin B and D and Magnesium for a long time and I always poo-pooed her, but I ordered myself some on Amazon and started taking them a few weeks back as I’ve been feeling really down and blah since late August. I’ve also cut back significantly on my Alcohol consumption and MMJ use - both had significantly increased since the Covid pandemic started and I was home all the time. So, after finding this website last night I’ve now concluded that I absolutely must stop taking the ADs. My depression and anxiety were never really bad until after I was on the ADs. I started on Wellbutrin because I was overly frustrated at work and I sought help and they immediately suggested AD. When I became pregnant it was not advised and I felt great so I stopped taking it. 12 months later I was hit hard by major separation anxiety as I prepared to return to work. I was having violent visions and it must have been some form of Post-Partum. I was nursing so they recommended Zoloft - that was 11 years ago. I suffered through nightly sweat baths that gradually worsened since then. Anyway, here I am, halving my dose of Wellbutrin tomorrow and not intending to start the Effexor. Wish me luck! I’ll need all the support I can get. I’m glad the days are getting longer and I have warm weather and sunshine to look forward to in a couple short months. I’m still bracing for a relapse since kicking Zoloft 2 months ago. Im afraid I might crash completely by Feb, but I’ve got to get thru it. I have been meditating regularly and practicing yoga once a week. I get out every day to walk my dog and I’m forcing myself to take a pottery class that starts in a couple of weeks. Im still feeling pretty blah, agoraphobic, not interested in doing anything, etc., but I was feeling that way in August when I was still taking both meds. Im not any worse than I was. The success stories here are giving me a lot of hope. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and in advance for the support I’m sure I’ll get from this amazing community. 😊 Happy New Year !!
  19. Hi all. At the moment I'm on 78 mg of Efexor XR since 17 months. From 150 to 78 mg, in the past 12 months, I tapered too fast. Details in my signature. In the last few months I also tried tapering about 10% but depression kick in very fast. A nice taper, that I'm going to retest soon, seems 2%. Now, since 1 year, the side effects are gradually getting worse: Indigestion (eating at night cause me insomnia because I can't sleep and start sweating) GERD if not treated with Betaine Hair loss Constipation At January I'll have a Gastroscopy, If nothing will be found, probably, the most debalitating side effect (GI issue), will be confirmed. With a rate of 2%/month will take 2-3 years to getting out of this s hit. I'm wondering if getting out of efexor, can be done with manageable side effects, but more fast, with starting an other antidepressant like bupropion. I tried different substances (drugs, supplements etc) this year, and for what I understand, dopamine enhancer, it's the only thing that works. What should I do? Thanks for reading.
  20. Hi all, I am new. I am unsure how to add my drug history in my signature, apologies - I added info to my profile but that's not working. Any guidance as to how I do this welcome. I am going to start a Bupropion 150mg XL taper. I have been taking it for 30 months. I am also taking Amitriptyline 50mg nightly Diazepam 5 - 10mg, 3-4 times a week (try not to take daily, am mildly physically dependent) My goal is to come off everything (I have already stopped a cocktail of psych meds this past 2 years, having been polydrugged at an inpatient rehab in 2019, including 2 anti-psychotics which I did not require but that's a whole other story!) and I am still experiencing withdrawls, much has improved in the past year thank goodness as I almost didn't make it through but I still have issues with memory, motivation and cognitive functioning. I plans to taper in the order of: Bupropion, Amitriptyline and finally the Diazepam. I do not want to multiple taper. Regarding my Bupropion taper, I will be asking MD to switch from XL as I am aware it is not recommended to try and cut XL tablets since it switches to IR. Should I ask for scored SR at 2 x 75mg tablets (assuming scored 75mg are an option)? I do not have MD support with taper but he will change my prescription. I am not able to obtain liquid from a compound pharmacy. I experience no symptoms if I miss one dose of Bupropion, however, I missed 2 recently and felt awful - brain zaps, headache and strange head sensations, burning sensations in my body, unable to sleep, restlessness, air hungry. Given this I want to do a safe slow taper. If anyone can point me to good threads on here and share any personal stories with a Bupropion taper I would be most grateful. As I am to find this community after feeling alone with all this for 2 years. Thank you so much, LondonGal (living in the USA!)
  21. HI Gridley, I have had this anhedonia like condition , when i was on SSRI, then my doc changed it to SNRI and Bupropion , it reduced some of the anhedonia like condition....However not recoverred completely.I read on research paper that dopamine agonist receptor are required for it to treat...So my doctor started Promipex 0.25 .....It helped ....I am on tapering currently for Dulexetine and bupropion..How to do it? WHat more needed for this anhedonia to lapse as this is taking heavy toll on my learning , happiness, social sphere.
  22. Hello, I am a young adult under 24. I've been depressed since 2015 (it also runs in my family). I also suffer from anxiety but this started later. I have gone through periods where I have been managing it well and periods where it has completely crippled and controlled me. Since the start of the whole covid mess I have moved back home and been in a difficult patch. My family and doctor had been pushing me to try an antidepressant for a long time despite my aversion to them. I caved at the start of this summer (2021) and let my doctor prescribe one. I picked bupropion (wellbutrin) because it seemed to have the least amount of serious side effects and members of my family have tolerated it in the past or continue to use it (actually found this site while trying to decide). I still did not like the idea and got prescribed the lowest dose available (150 mg wellbutrin xl). I picked the prescription up a month later and left on a shelf for another because I decided I still didn't want it and I had been improving myself by exercising again (I had stopped with the move when I was in a bad patch) and getting out and doing things. On August 21 (2021) I took the first pill in the middle of a breakdown and I was considering trying other drugs, in hopes it would maybe fix something (I also thought having taken a prescription may support my case for taking less courses at university like my doctor had said, it definately weighed in). That day I felt incredibly motion sick from walking (walking is my coping mechanism, how I sort things out in my head and feel most at peace) I couldn't even get more than a kilometre without feeling awful. I didn't feel great emotionally either. I wanted to stop then but my family said I can't just stop and the side effects would fade. My brain felt even more dull than before and I felt worse about myself. After three days the nausia started to fade but my nerve endings seemed to be less sensitive (everywhere) and I was experiencing headaches, my eyesight also seemed to go weird. On the 27th of August 2021 (7th day) I had a much worse break down and decided I wasn't going to take them anymore. I decided that at best they were having a nocebo effect because I hated myself and resented every time I took a pill and at worse they were actually messing with my brain and body in a bad way like suspected. During the week I had delt with a family emergancy and everything was completely opposite to the "possitive new habits/therapy" that are supposed to accompany the start of taking them. I tried to throw the last tablet up while I was upset (no it didn't work and no I am not bulimic, I was just upset). I just haven't been taking them since then. I have had a worsened head ache, reduced nuasia, still feel worse cognitively than what I would consider my normal and things appear to be worse sensitivity wise. Now my questions are: 1) has anyone else experienced the same side effects while taking wellbutrin? (Nausia, cognitive decline, vision changes, headaches, short term memory issues, reduced sensitivity (I thought that bupropion didn't cause sexual issues!)) 2) I have since read that anti antidepressents permanently change the structure of/damage the brain even with only one tablet! Most of this research seems to be with SSRI's and I could only find this case study for wellbutrin .https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4662168/. (It sounds positive in this case but not in other articles) I don't feel like my self and I am honestly terrified that I'll never get my old brain back (And body/eyes). Can I fix it or did I make an idiotic mistake one week that will ruin the rest of my life? This is my main concern and why I am writing today. 3) I know I'm asking this early on but do the majority of people find that they go back to the way they were before after taking these medications, especially if they have only taken them for a short time? 4) is clitoral atrophy a thing with antidepressants?! I hadn't even heard of it until I started googling my symptoms this morning. (I know that is an awful idea.) Between those articles and all the antidepressents ruined my life comments on every article I click on I think I seriously screwed up. 3) Is physical exhaustion/ mental stress mostly responsible for all these issues? (I have had a lifelong issue with insomnia that gets worse with depression) the last week and a half has been hell first with the drugs and then with everything else. Is it psychosomatic? A little extra info. I will be moving to another city to start university in less than a week. I will be going alone as one parent is hospitalized in the icu and the other has to keep visiting them and the rest of the family functioning. I've been out of school for a while and it took a lot to force myself to apply and get everything ready. I feel completely underprepared and the most stupid and incapable I have ever felt. I am scared I will not keep up, fail, drop out before I start and just wind up wasting all my money and preparation. (I may manage to get councling through the school and will finally get extended medical at least) My parent who was my main person to talk to (not hospitalized) understandably doesn't want to deal with my situation now. I my apologies if I've been over dramatic in my post and especially if my last little rant is not what this forum is for, but I think it gives an accurate representation of where I'm at. I just want the old me back and think I may have ruined my brain right when I was improving and before something I was terrified to start in the first place.
  23. Not sure how to make this post shorter, considering how much time has passed and how many different meds I’ve been on. I first got referred to a psychiatrist at the age of 14, for Clinical Depression. At the age of 15 I spent most of my days at an Eating Disorder Clinic, after being diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa. Switched from antidepressant to antidepressant, mood stabiliser to mood stabiliser and never seemed to find the right fit, thought I was maybe just overly sensitive to negative side effects. At the age of 19 I got diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and “suspected” Bipolar II because I experienced hypomania when having SSRI withdrawals, and again when I was on a high dose of Venlafaxine. I also got put on a Benzodiazepine for Anxiety, and got dependant on it for years, whenever I tried to stop taking it I’d get physically ill and have panic attacks all day. Eventually I tapered it off, although not as slowly as I should have, and got off them. At 21, I got diagnosed with C-PTSD. I am now 22 and have recently changed psychiatrists, since the one I had would put me on a cocktail of meds. I’ve been prescribed Wellbutrin (bupropion), 150mg at first, and Latuda (lurasidone), 20mg. After a week, they upped my Bupropion to 300mg. I’ve experienced many unpleasant side effects, such as dizziness, headaches, increased heart rate, inability to sleep for more than 2-3h etc., since starting these medications. Two days ago, just a few days after increasing my Bupropion dosage to 450mg, I had a seizure. I had never experienced that before. After reading about it, I found out that people with history of Anorexia or Bulimia should not take Bupropion since it does lower your seizure threshold. My psychiatrist was aware of my history and prescribed it to me anyway. I am extremely scared that it will happen again, especially if I’m alone. I don’t think I should be taking these things. Most of my issues come from trauma, and I believe the best way to overcome them is to discuss better coping mechanisms in therapy (I currently do DBT with an amazing professional). I really don’t think these meds are any good for me, but since I’ve been taking them for so long, I’m scared I may have damaged my brain and reached the point of no return. I have now lowered my Bupropion dosage back to 300mg, as advised by my psychiatrist. Does anyone have similar experiences, or tips on what I could do next?
  24. I'm a 27 year old female and I was prescribed to Wellbutrin a year and a half ago. I had never taken any type of psychiatric medication previous to this, and was prescribed to Wellbutrin by a physician that insisted it would help with the depressive symptoms that I was experiencing due to a generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). My primary disorder at the time was GAD, and the only reason that I was experiencing depressive symptoms, is because of the change in my demeanor since becoming constantly worried about the possibility of having an anxiety attack in any social situation. The first time that I went to see a general practitioner about my general anxiety disorder, she immediately wrote me a prescription for Prozac, I took the medication a grand total of three days before having a pretty bad car accident while driving my brother to school. I went back to the doctor and she decided that it would be better if I tried going the antidepressant route. At the time I started Wellbutrin I was in my first semester of graduate school and the effects of Wellbutrin were welcome. I was able to concentrate better than ever before, and was getting all A's in school. It went this way for a little over a year, until 3 months ago when I started seeing a return of my panic attacks. I went back to the doctor and she told me that it sounded like I was building up a resistance to the dosage of medication that I was taking. I was taking a once daily immediate release dosage of 75 mg of Wellbutrin at the time and she decided it would be a good idea to up my dosage to 100 mg of sustained release in order to get me back to a base line. I went home with the medication and thought about what the up dosage meant. I had a lot to consider... I didn't want to be dependent on the medication for the rest of my life. Especially since I was taking an antidepressant medication when I didn't even actually have depression. That day I decided that I was going to quit the medication altogether.. without my doctor’s consent… I had NO IDEA how bad of an idea that would turn out to be. Fast forward to a week and a half after trying to quit wellbutrin cold turkey and I was a COMPLETE DISASTER. I was experiencing suicidal ideation (the first time I’d ever had ANY thoughts like this), MAJOR anhedonia, memory issues and extreme fatigue. I went back to my doctor to get help, because I was scared of what I was going to do. Long story short, she ended up putting me on the Wellbutrin SR 100 mg anyways so that I could level out before I started my taper process. I took the 100 mg SR every day for about 2 weeks and was having some really uncomfortable side effects. So I decided it was time for me to start weening myself off of it. I took the 100 mg SR every other day for two weeks and then every two days for another two weeks, so all in all I tapered off of the medication over a month. I know now that this was WAY too fast, but it’s too late for me to try to go back on it for a slower taper. I’m just wondering if anyone else has a similar story to mine, that can tell me what kind of recovery timeline I’m looking at. I’m experiencing some pretty sever anhedonia and memory/concentration issues that present themselves in waves.
  25. Cigarettes at age 11. Alcohol periodically from age 13 to age 30. Valium episodically from age 18 to age 27. I have been on myriad anti-depressants since 1982 for major depression and generalized anxiety. Imipramine, desyrel, ativan. Off drugs from 1984 till 1995. Started Prozac 1995 till 2014 (did well from 1995 to 2011). Tried Wellbutrin, Cymbalta. Abilify and Trintellix from March 2014 till August 8, 2017 (depression free). Had to withdraw due to cervical dystonia and tremors which still persist. Terrible experience withdrawing from Abilify and Trintellix. Started Wellbutrin 150 mg. and Prozac 10 mg. for one week to help with withdrawal. Then increased Wellbutrin to 300 mg. and experienced ringing in ears; stopped the Wellbutrin and increased Prozac to 20 mg. (10 in A.M.; 10 in P.M.) Now on Prozac 20 mg. per day, occasional Propranolol for tremors (doesn't help). I've read that coming off Abilify can take up to 3 months or more, and it has been 2 months so far. I feel like I've spent (wasted) my entire adult life trying to feel better, first by self-medicating, then by psychiatric medicating. I'm 72 years old. I wonder if there is any hope for me.
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