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Found 20 results

  1. I started on a medicine called anafranil about 6 months ago in July. By far the worst decision in my life, I'm suffering from the worst widthdrawl symtoms. Including emotional blutness, pssd, lost of memory. My whole identity and personality is gone, I'm in emoitonal pain and depressed every day. I notice on the med that I completely lost my sex drive and erections we're completely gone. I'm very scared that I will never have my sexuality back again. I'm young and can't live like this for long. These meds prescribed to me were supposed to help me. I suffer from anxiety and depression with OCD . From what ive researched and read there's no cure for pssd! I've read multiple accounts and posts with no hope. I dont know what I'm going to do moving forward. If anyone could help please!
  2. Please note the following: See journal articles about PSSD in Papers about Post-SSRI Sexual Disorder (PSSD) Please note that SurvivingAntidepressants is a site for tapering and recovery from withdrawal syndrome. While we see PSSD sometimes as an aspect of withdrawal syndrome (and we see gradual recovery from it as well as withdrawal syndrome), this site is not specifically for discussion of treatment of PSSD or its neurological origins (which at this time are highly speculative). If you wish to discuss symptoms, theories, and treatment of PSSD, please go to these sites: PSSDforum http://www.pssdforum.com/ Yahoo group SSRIsex (log in to http://Yahoo.com to join) Facebook group (log into Facebook.com to join) Various pages on Rxisk.org
  3. First of all, sorry for my bad English but I am from Spain. I am a man of 22 years old and 55.9 kg who was prescribed with Clomipramine 75mg and 1mg of Lorazepam every day to calm obsessions that don’t permit me to sleep for days. In this case, I was obsessed with the idea that I was schizophrenic, this is something common in the Pure OCD, which i was diagnosed later with a psychologist. These pills calmed me and permit me to sleep, but when months passed, December aprox., I was developing the WORST PURE OCD of my life which made me sick, things like homicidal ideation and aberrant stuff like that. Things that I wasn’t experiencing before accompanied with suicidal ideas that I hadn’t had in my life. This situation was accompanied with total anhedonia, and a feeling of careless with everything. I felt like a psychopath, I cared about nobody and nothing, I was experiencing ideas that I wasn’t related to until that day. Before, I was a person very humanistic and interested in cinema and art, now I care about nothing and everything stays indifferent to me. Now, in that situation of deep depression which I NEVER experienced BEFORE, I decided to taper off that poison which made me a person that I couldn’t recognize. After this, I decided to quit 1|4 of lorazepam on December for 2 weeks and then reduced to half of the pill for other 2 weeks, but I couldn’t lower the dosis to stay on 1|4 because of severe withdrawal symptoms, given that, I decided to increase the dose to half of the pill and stay on that dosis. Then, I rapidly reduced Anafranil to 37.5 mg on 26 January of 2020 to 17 of February of 2020. Then on 17 February of 2021, I rapidly reduced again on 18.75, taking it every other day, with severe abstinence syndrome before that. Finally, i stabilize in 18.75 without alternating, recommendation of my father who is doctor. I have stabilized in that dosis until now, that I found this page thank God, on 20 march, I hope you can help me. The first days when I tapered off were AWFUL with nausea, and vomiting, and sometimes I felt HORRIBLE without sense, but in alternate days without it was like hell, thinking of suicide constantly, brain zaps etc. The major symptoms now are severe anxiety sometimes, like waves, difficult sleep, emotional lability, dizziness, incapacity to connect with others, concentrate or study, horror mood swings which lead me sometimes to mania, crying for little things, irritability, aggressiveness, sweaty dreams, anhedonia, Pure OCD worse than ever and worse than with the Anafranil, constantly negative thoughts about my past and the fails that I committed, thoughts about the meaningless of life and feeling hopeless every time with me and the human species. Sometimes I experience tinnitus and I think about suicide too but I’m staying here trying to survive and trying to rescue the person that I was before. Now I’m taking 1 pill of omega 3 in the morning, that’s the only supplement that I’m taking, and I’m going to gym 2 days a week. Also, I would like to note that we cut the pills with a knife, in not a precise way, so the dosis I took each time was not exactly the same as the one we intended to. In addition, I was not taking the pills at the same time all the days, these two factors combined may have also interfered in my situation. Thanks for your attention and God bless you
  4. Hi all, I’m coming to this side after experiencing years of what I believe to be protracted benzo and adderall withdrawal. I couldn’t cope with being completely med-free so I decided to try an anti depressant called clomipramine. After 6 years of being on this drug, a new horrible depression started to creep in. At first it was mild and I blamed it on work. Eventually it would be so bad that I felt like a demon was watching me and planting deep hopeless thoughts and despair inside my mind. Shortly before this, I had tried Keto, one session of LENS neurofeedback, and my beloved Dog has passed away. At first I wondered what had worsened this creepy weird depression, but over time it stuck with me and now I believe it to be some kind of symptom of being on this antidepressant for too long. I had experienced this type of thing before…on the benzo I ended up with more anxiety in the long run, and on the adderall long term I found I could concentrate less and less and always feel tired. ive been tapering off clomipramine for about a year and went from 112mg to 60mg. The “Hell” feeling as I call it is pretty bad now and I still fear it’s not the med causing it and that I’m under some sort of spiritual warfare… I’m going to keep tapering and hope to recover once im completely off. If anyone has any thoughts or tips it would be greatly appreciated. This really sucks!
  5. Hi there I’m new to the group was kept on benzos for over a year been off them 11 months (temazepam, diazepam snd lorazepam) horrific horrific withdrawals was on clomipramine for over a year been off it a few weeks when I came from 20mg to zero over 4 days (on advice of pscy) my brain went totally weird two sets of hideous withdrawals severe anhedonia loss of sense of self, personality, consciousness takeover, severe disconnect from self and past memories DR/DP no feelings of love or joy or hope or happiness was so suicidal they put me on duluxotene was on it 9 days made me feel worse came off it- my brain is absolutelu fried have also tried over the last months for sleeping melatonin, night nurse, herbal Nitol, ashwaganda, I feel so weird and disconnected ever single second it freaks me out will I ever return to normal ? Please send hope thanks
  6. Hey guys, how are you? I've been treating for OCD for years, going in and out ADs because of the unbearable side effects I get from them. In my last three years I used paxil (for 2 years) and clomipramine (for 1 year, this last). I tried to switch to zoloft, but after noticing tinnitus I decide to avoid any AD and try to deal with my OCD and anxiety in more natural ways (yoga, meditation, therapy, exercising). Problem is: 2 months have been passed after I quit ADs and I feel like **** these days. I never felt this depressed before, I was not a depressed guy and I entered ADs because of my OCD. I was using 150mg of clomipramine and now I wonder about how many time the brain needs to readapt to return to the state it had without any treatment. But I am full of doubts regarding it: 1-) is it really going to readapt/recover? 2-) how long is a good guess to wait before giving up on my new no-med routine? 3-) I'm feeling apathetic and I don't feel pleasure these days in nothing... I don't have the will to do things, even sex or playing games, or singing as I always loved. Are this 'normal' symptoms or I'm even more ****ed than the expected for the standard withdrawal? Any light on this would be very, VERY appreciated!
  7. Hi, I used citalopram 30 mg for 23 years. Because of recurring apathic behavior, psychiatrist advised getting off Citalopram in steps of -5mg per 2 weeks. First 15 mg no problems, from 15-10 Mgs I became scared, panicking. Psychiatrist advised going back to 30 Mgs in a few steps. But that dindn’t help and within a few days to a week I experienced hell. Protracted withdrawal. Old dosage of citalopram 30 Mg didn’t help. Psychiatrist advised 30 mg of oxazepam, then 75 Mg after a few weeks and finally 105 Mg after a few more weeks. Psychiatric hospital for 6 weeks, Citalopram was stopped, Oxazepam was tapered back to 55 Mg. Still hell. Second psychiatric hospital for 6 weeks, Oxazepam was stopped and Clomipramine 150 mg was started. Still hell. After a few months of Clomipramine 150 Mg I came back from hell. Still a lot of symptoms, but I can manage now. Got my life back. Should I try to get off Clomipramine or keep using it for the rest of my life to stay out of hell?
  8. After 24 plus years of bi-polar meds, lithium and clomipramine, which I don’t think I should ever have been on in the first place, I have finally managed to come off altogether super gradually over the last year. I have been off completely for about three months and feel much better. Except for recent and increasing episodes of acute anxiety and rages. I never had those before. Nothing like mood swings or depressions that I have ever experienced. Could this be symptoms of withdrawal? No-one in the NHS, of which I am a huge supporter, seems to know anything about withdrawal. Even the local crisis helpline. Everyone is very kind and wants you to speak to counsellors. My GP is supporting me with librium which I don’t want to use but at times have no choice (I am carer to three family members and need to be well enough myself to support them). If I know what is happening to my brain and why, and how many months or years it might take, then I will cope somehow. Not knowing what is going on is crippling. The GP will just put me back on meds which I am not doing anymore. The NHS psychiatrist will only see people now who are psychotic. Please could someone advise me?
  9. I live in New Zealand. I have been on clomipramine since early last year. I was put on it to help me with OCD but it hasn't helped. I have started to slowly taper myself off. I am on 50mg at the moment, will be on 25mg on Friday. I was on fluoxetine for a few years as a teenager and again a few years ago for about a year. I was prescribed it as a teenager for depression and a few years ago for OCD, which I have had since I was 19. If anyone else is on clomipramine I would love to talk to you about your experience and where you're at with this. I find it hard to deal with by myself, my family don't care and I don't know anyone who's on clomipramine. I feel so alone.
  10. Hi everyone My apologies for such a long post. I didn't want to leave anything out. I had been on the dose of Saphris 10mg at night for around 6 months and then last month, my psychiatrist gave me a plan to reduce and then cease the Saphris. She suggested Saphris first because she believes it’s probably more responsible for the fatigue and drugged feeling. I am concerned it won’t be a successful taper if I do it her way because it’s reducing by too much and too quickly from everything I've read online and in Dr Peter Breggin’s book Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal. My psychiatrist’s suggestion was to reduce to 5mg for 3-4 weeks and then decide if Saphris is helpful or not and then if I think it is, stay on 5-10mg and if I think it’s not helpful, then to cease it and monitor how I go and if I have problems go back to 5mg. My issue with this is that the idea of it having a “helpful” effect is not terribly accurate, as negative effects I might have from stopping would most likely be due to withdrawals because they never actually helped me when I started them in the first place. I've actually been on my tapering journey for about 13 months, but have reduced by more than the recommended 10%. I am currently taking Anafranil (Clomipramine) 50mg and Saphris (Asenapine) 7.5mg. I reduced Saphris to 5mg from 10mg as my doctor suggested on 28th Dec 2019, but experienced flat mood, anxiety, irritability and generally not feeling secure. I read some posts on here and discovered some have split Saphris wafers (I previously wasn’t sure if this was OK to do and couldn’t find a straight answer online). I did split them the past 5 nights though, and took a dose of 7.5mg, and felt better within a couple of days. Unfortunately, Saphris is only available in 5 and 10mg wafers in Australia, so it will be harder to get smaller doses as I get lower. The original dose of Saphris I was taking before starting the taper was 5mg in the morning and 15mg at night, I reduced this to 5mg in the morning and 10mg at night in around February 2019 and then to 10mg at night in around June 2019. I was pretty settled on just 10mg at night leading up to my most recent reduction (to 5mg, then back up to 7.5mg) – I had some slight headaches, jaw clenching and anxiety when I dropped the 5mg in the morning, but that only lasted about a week to 10 days. I had been on higher doses of Clomipramine (as high as 200mg) but my blood serum levels were always too high (I think due to being on Thyroxine which I later discovered through my own research can cause this), so it was rapidly reduced by 25mg decrements to 100mg and then my first accidental reduction to 75mg when I was discharged from hospital in Nov 2018 and thought that was my prescribed dose. I had no ill effects reducing the Clomipramine to 50mg a month ago, or any of the other times before. I think, in general, the clomipramine has a milder effect on my brain than the Saphris and will be easier to reduce for that reason. I actually haven’t had my levels checked since I was on 125mg, but they were high at that time. So far, with the clomipramine, I have been tapering by the whole 25mg tablets (which are tiny and will not fit in a pill cutter). I haven’t had issues reducing them, I didn’t experience any adverse withdrawal effect with any of the reductions thus far – however, I am aware that will be more likely once I get lower and lower and so, I want to reduce it by smaller amounts. I believe I read that Anafranil in the US is a capsule? I am wondering why it is different here. I’m not confident splitting it myself, so I am going to contact my local compounding pharmacist and see if they can make something up when I am ready to taper it, if I can get a prescription from my psychiatrist. I have also reduced and ceased prazosin (Minipress) from 6mg over the past year which I was on for nightmares. The nightmares have not returned, and I currently sleep well. I am really motivated to get off these drugs, I wish I had never been put on them; however, I also really want to do it safely and with the least negative impact on my wellbeing and health from withdrawals. I have so much fatigue, and I am currently 50-55kg overweight (and that’s after slowly releasing around 40kg over 2 years) which are both major motivators in tapering. I have some blood sugar issues and glucose intolerance. I have been on various psychiatric medications for 19 years, since I was 16. I hate to think of the damage these drugs have caused to my whole body, especially my brain. My biggest improvements have come from changing my lifestyle and working really hard in therapy and on self-inner work. The drugs I am on are not even approved for treatment of my diagnoses, as far as I am aware, and they’ve never helped with my symptoms except to sedate. I have also had ECT many times prior to 2016, which affected me so badly that I couldn’t form a sentence to hold a conversation. I have little doubt that it was some kind of brain damage. My poor brain has copped a terrible assault over the years and I hope to repair some of the damage. Thanks for reading. I will read more posts here and continue to try to gain as much knowledge as I can around how to successfully taper these drugs. dewdrops
  11. Hello from Bulgaria i get my first panic attack before 5-6 years.I am a proffesional singer.I didnt have any problems with family or money or something else , just one day i make a panic attack and i didnt know what is this.I went to doctor and he puts me on seroxat(paxil).i was on 40mg for 2 years and on 20mg for the last 2 years and i was feeling good.i decide to stop it cold turkey from 20mg.I didnt experience withdrawal immediately but 2 months after stopped the seroxat i start feeling electric shocks sensations,anxiety mini panic atacks and many other side effects.So after 2 month off seroxat i got bad.I went again to the doctor and he said me that it had relapse because i didnt have withdrawal immediately and because after 2 months start having side effects this was relapse ,so he puts me again on seroxat. This time put me on 60mg but didnt work.I was start having depression, low mood, no emotions at all and many other side effects After this the doctor put me on effexor for one month on 300mg.He starts me on 150 mg one week ,then 225mg one week and at the end 300 mg but didnt work.So i decided to change the doctor.I found a new doctor and he told me to stop the effexor for one week and stay 20 days without the med and see how i will feel.So i stopped the effexor and this was a real hell.I had very bad symptoms i was feeling like i am dead, i had depression, emptiness, brain zaps, anxiety,anhedonia and many other side effects.The doctor said me i have major depression,unipolar depression and maybe have bipolar disorder.I dont know where he found symptoms for bipolar disorder He prescribed me zyprexa,lithium and seroquel.I said to him that i am not going to take these meds because i think are not for me... So i start again to search for a new doctor.I found one i talked with him about my problems and heputs me on anafranil(clomipramine) I started on 25mg for a week then 75mg and 100mg and i was feeling better but after 4-5 months i was feeling thats its working less than it worked at the beginning ,maybe was the dosage i dont know.So the doctor add to anafranil the ludiomil 50 mg (maprotiline) before going to bed. I felt little improvement but i found that i dont have emotions any more after all these drugs so i stopped the maprotiline cold turkey because i didnt want to be on coctail and i stayed only with the anafranil.I could function but i became anhedonic,melanholic,low moods,inability to experience pleasure from activities usually found enjoyable, e.g. exercise, hobbies, music, sexual activities or social interactions. So i told the doctor how i feel and he decide to stop the anafranil from 100mg to 75mg and then to 25mg for a week only and start me on zoloft. Now after tapper off the anafranil for 1 week (i think its fast taper off) i am meds free since 3 weeks.I feel depressed,brain zaps,anxiety, sweating,heavy head,anhedony,low mood ,dizziness,gastrointestinal upset, nausea, lack of energy ,no emotions and many other side effects.Are these side effects a relapse or withdrawal symptoms????? i want to stay without meds.I want my life back,i want to feel, i want to have emotions, i want to love, i want to be able to experience the pleasures of the life!!Its all started with some panic attacks and anxiety and now i am depressed without emotions and many other symptoms I am not sure but i think the way i am feeling now is caused from all these meds in my brain I think also that my job is a problem with my anxiety,maybe thats the reason to start my panic attacks. I have to sing at the stage for 400-500 people and i got very anxious when i do this.Every time that i am singing i think that i will get panic attack.I dont know what to do.if i stay off medications can i feel again normal person with no depression,anxiety,low mood and anhedonia?How much time it takes this withdrawal to go away?Can you please tell me what do you think about my situation?Thanks in advance!!Sorry for my bad english
  12. Hi I am new to the forum. I currently take 100mg a day of Clomipramine. I have been on it for 18 months. I want to start trying for my first baby so want to come off the medication completely over next few months. Are there any other women who have been in the same situation? Very scared to come off it as it has changed my life for the better and I don’t want to relapse. Any advise regarding tapering off and how to do it with capsules, or words of encouragement very welcome.
  13. I used to take two kind of antidepressants for 2 weeks. Prozac (Fluoxetine 10) and Clomopramine 10. I stopped taking them as soon as I found out they have negative sexual side-effects. It's been 60 days I haven't taken them but my libido is not like it was in the first place before taking them. I am too worried about it. I have been suicidal over it. I have read that it can be a permanent effect which drives me crazy when I think about it. I talked to my doctor but he rudely refused to give me a straight answer since I stopped taking the pills he prescribed me. I talked to other doctors too. They said my libido should have returned in 3 weeks but I can't see any improvements since then. So, my question is, if you have any experience of taking such pills, tell me how long you took them and if your libido returned after stopping taking them or not, if so, how long did you wait till your libido improved completely. Am I suffering from PSSD (Post-SRRI Sexeual Dysfunction)? if so, won't I ever get my libido back? Is there any treatment for this?
  14. I'm a 28 year old man from Greece. I am suffering from ssri side effects 8 years now. I think that Imight suffering from withdrawal symptom (or Pssd). I don't know also if there is a difference. I was diagnosed with OCD in 2009 and I was on Prozac from 2009 to 2014 daily on 60mg. On this time interval I have noticed that I had weak erections without paying real attention. But when I I had awful experiences with women where I didn't have enough erections then I realized that the prozac may be the cause. I haven't taken it since 2014. Occassionally I was on zoloft to 20mg (the indicated dose for ocd) but I stopped them gradually. Since April 2017 I am not taking any medication but I have to confess that I have to tackle severe side effects such as erectile dysfunction, muted or inability to orgasm I noticed also impaired seven quality and sometimes the quantity was insufficient (almost zero). I am in a bad situation and I feel regretful for taking these drugs. I preferred to have OCD (or whatever mental illness is this) rather than facing impotence and inability to have children. Has anyone an idea about what am I supposed to do?
  15. Hi all, As my signature shows, I have been on medication for the past 10 years and I must say I have only made my life from bad to worse. It all started when I started getting headache due to tension at work after I found a job with great difficulty. I consulted a GP for general headache which he suspected as tension headache and referred me to a psychiatrist. He diagnosed my OCD symptoms and related my headache to OCD and started off with high doses of antidepressants right away. It was a living hell in the initial days until I got used to the medicine. My OCD symptoms were not intruding my normal life as much as the side effects the antidepressants are causing. However my psychiatrist never agreed to go off of the antidepressants and I could never argue with him. Everybody on the internet suggested me to trust my psychiatrist and so I have continued with my medicines till date. I tried going off of the medicines abruptly once and I suffered with withdrawal symptoms for a long time and I am not sure if I still have withdrawal symptoms or is it my depression. To start off with, I only had slight OCD which I think I could have managed without medicines and the side-effects caused by the anti-depressants are multifold. I have a range of side-effects which affects my daily life. Following are some of the side-effects that i have been noticing from a long time but not sure whether its my depression or my medicines or withdrawal symptoms and I am in a catch22 situation and I feel petrified to go off of the medicines this time. I suffer from IBS (woken up every morning with an urge to pass stool ), the longer I resist the terrible I feel. After I return from the toilet, I feel terribly tired and sleepy. For the rest of the day, I suffer with headache, body pain, lack of concentration (affects my work to a large extent), feel drowsy all day long, anxiety, irritability, find it hard to focus on work. This has been happening from 2014 and I have not complained this to my psychiatrist so as to avoid him from prescribing me from more drugs. So, I have chose to suffer with these symptoms than to get into more problems. I am 34 years old and havent got into a relationship due to uncertainty about a lot of things, my depression and anxiety. But this time I have decided to get rid of the medicines the safer way so as to lead a normal life. Luckily, I have found this forum to get assistance and go off the medicines systematically this time. I have planned to do it the 10% reduction method. Yet my major concern is, whether I'll get back my OCD which I have got rid of now, after I stop the medicines? Will I have more problems etc. Any suggestions and help is welcome.
  16. Hello to all of you First of all I want to thank all of you for the information posted on this page. I am a guy living in Copenhagen, and I'm currently taking clomipramine. In a couple of months I will turn 30, and by that time I will have spend the last 12,5 years of my life on antidepressants. I am diagnosed with OCD, which most of all manifests in GAD like symptoms today. The first 10 years I was on 20 mg of citalopram, and it was only increased a couple of times during this period. Last year I was seeing a psychiatrist, and we tested a lot of different medicine (paroxetine, pregabalin, mirtzapine, sertraline, escitalopram), but none of it helped with my symptoms. I wanted to try clomipramine as a last resort, which my doctor prescribed me. It felt good for a couple of weeks as all the other drugs have, but I simply can't stand the feeling of being doped any more. I feel like I have to get back to me in some way, but talking about me is also kind of crazy after being on antidepressants for 12,5 years. I was taking 25 mg of clomipramine which I cut in half about a month ago. It's been kind of a tough month. The anxiety and anger overtakes me, and today I have made a water solution and taken 20 mg instead of 12,5 mg. Hope the symptoms will improve! I do have some worries now. The whole water solution makes me really nervous. Like do I get enough, will the solution get stronger as I get near the bottom of the glas etc. Like doing the whole water solution is agony, when you suffer severe anxiety. Do you guys have some calming words or any suggestions to combating the anxiety? I have made my mind up about wanting to stop the medicin, and I'm planing to do the 10% method etc. That make me drug free in 2020 or something, but just decreasing the drug slowly will be a reward in it self. I'm so tired of feeling numb, apathy and not being able to love like I once did! Greetings Henrik
  17. Hi there Im newish here. After 20 years on and off (mainly on), I have started a very slow gradual tapering of Clomipraimine,(brand name Anafranil), an old tri-cyclic. It has helped my chronic pain and depression, but I have put on so much weight, my health is now badly affected. Plus, I find it really hard to wake up in the mornings and my memory is shot. I have successfully slowly gone from 100mg to 55mg over a period of 5 months. I usually cut about 6 mg at one time (pill cutter). My last drop I must have calculated wrongly or this is a really hard drop, as all I want to do is sleep and when I stand up, my body is so stiff and achy, I feel like Im 90 (im 55) But Im determined to carry on as the 20kg wight gain has now affected my health. Im sick of it. I dont want to die young because of this drug. Any tips or someone who has actually cut Clomipramine successfully would be most helpful. Im also thinking of taking on a new job...but wonder if I should.... Many thanks, Liz
  18. Hello everyone, My name is Corey and I'm currently fighting the battle of getting off Paxil completely. I never knew how hard this was going to be but its starting to rear its ugly head. Heres my summed up history: started Paxil 15 years ago after experiencing (what i now know as) DP/DR after smoking Weed/thought i was permanently damaged from smoking, gradually started off at 10mg and went to 40mg never changed dose until about 5 years ago when i thought id try to get off of it started weening by myself; got down to maybe 20mg and had severe anxiety attack; went back on 40mg with .25mg of Xanax (as needed) Woke up one morning after a party, just drank alcohol, with the feeling of DP/DR again; never thought id experience that hell again. Tried to switch meds from Paxil but never gave it a full go; stayed at 40mg Paxil Recently wanted to try different medicine to help with anxiety and to get off Paxil Doc started by reducing Paxil to 20mg for 2 weeks and then 10mg for 2 weeks; also id introduce 25mg of Clomipramine for a week, 50mg for a week, then 75mg for a week. Now im at 100mg Clomipramine and on the last week of 10mg of Paxil During these transitions, i could remember i felt somewhat ok when dropping down to 20mg and introducing the 25mg of the new medicine but with each transition after, i could feel myself slipping deeper into a fog, which i guess is the DR. Ive now had to take sick leave from work because of the full-blown DR side effects. I guess what im really looking for is hope that after i stop the Paxil completely, the DR will not get worse and will start to fade away. I'm honestly scared that I'm going to lose my mind or something with the next wave. Will this ever go away? Thank you everyone in advance.
  19. I do not know differentiate clearly, the withdrawal symptoms, disease, drugs and supplements I took no supplements because Altostrata warned us that no commercial program is good. The best is to do so slowly and patiently removed. I was doing the supplements list TBR to buy, but I suspended it. Currently 1/2 comp clomipramine (Anafranil) 50mg and 10mg Valium middle of composing. It's the first time I try WD reading survivingantidepressants. Always I did on my own. Today the symptoms are weak but sometimes are accentuated. I have symptoms as if anything was a big scare that spreads in seconds, until becoming a huge wave of the sea. Many things become disproportionate for me to bear, but without panic really. Today I travel alone, I submitted myself to surgery without problems,etc... but I have many emotional pain. I feel small, bad thoughts,etc... dizziness, wheezing in the ears, as if listening to the "silence the noise" (beginning two months), and more symptoms that I describe in my signature...and more many, many others symptoms I am very confuse with me and as i sad in Topic Title: i dont know diferenciate bettween those kind of symptoms and dont know if i am right with my WD
  20. I now have this close to a month and it's driving me crazy. I'm on Paxil 20mg Anafranil 150mg Lamictal 200mg Seroquel 75mg at night. Have not started to taper off of from any medication which is the most disturbing part of this situation. I started to have these incredibly uncomfortable brainzaps. It starts after a few hours from waking up and gets worse the whole day. When I move my eyes and change the direction I am looking, it gets triggered to the peak of this "volt" "electrical shock" and I can not even function at one point. I am afraid to move my eyes and to look somewhere else. I am afraid of any kind of movements. Nothing but sleep seems to help. I am missing my life, got a lot of work to do this week but I simply can't participate in life with this incredibly disturbing feeling. I've waited and waited for almost a month for it to pass on it's own. And my research always ends up with the same thing: "ssri withdrawal" or "tapering off drugs". See the point here is I am NOT withdrawing from anything. Not even tapering off. I am desperate for some help. Went to the neurology department of a hospital but I was feeling well during the EEG MRI and other tests. Everything turned out to be fine. I also sweat A LOT to the point that I get completely wet as a result of a minimum effort movement like climbing the stairs to the 2nd floor. And this is totally new for me too. Any kind of answer, help, suggestion would be very much appreciated. Best regards.
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