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Found 2 results

  1. Hi fellow Candida sufferers, During my "travels" of the symptoms threads, I have never come across a dedicated anti-Candida thread so thought this could be a place we could discuss our healing from Candida Albicans. Last Thursday I went to see a Naturopath about it as the eczema (among other things) has really got me down. She did a report for me which stated that my Candida is "systemic". This means it's all over my body. I also realise that I have had Candida for several years now, but didn't put 2+2 together; didn't see it as a whole. Looking back, I can tell that stress has been the cause and latterly, WD has made it worse. For the last month I have not touched refined sugar, have been taking massive doses of probiotics, although my Naturopath tells me that these won't do much with my leaky gut :0( As for healing, I don't know how long it will take to eradicate the overgrowth and restore my gut health back to a healthy level. My immune system has been compromised because of the Candida. Tomorrow I am having bloodwork done: Total blood count, C-Reactive Protein, Thyroid. This I understand will determine level of inflammation. Currently, my diet is very restricted and today I receive my 2 week "detox" kit as well as Adrenal gland support supplements and some other bits and pieces. I had no idea how much damage Candida caused in the human body, and hope that further invasive investigation won't be needed. Anyway, I hope we can help each other and share information to get through this. I have had eczema for over a year now which points to sustained inflammation in the body. TC, JC
  2. I've been slowly tapering down over a number of weeks on my Mirtazapine and now I'm at the state of being completely off the drug. Over the past week, I've been hit with (what sounds familiar based on other people's experiences) the feeling like I can't eat anything and severe nausea. The weird thing is that I am hungry here and there, but it feels like my stomach has either shrunk or that my digestive system has simply slowed down and isn't able to process large amounts of food without pain and severe bloating. I haven't been able to eat much other than small amounts of fruit for a week. I'm worried about the possibility of this lasting for several months like it has for some people. Does anyone have suggestions for what I should do in terms of diet? Should I just drink lots of protein drinks? I would ask my doctor but he always just tells me to ask my psychiatrist and my psychiatrist isn't available right now.
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