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Found 2 results

  1. New here, so will hope to fill in fuller history later. I am 71 and have had depression to varying degrees 1977 to date. Managed to work full time 1964-2001, though. 12 years on irregular shift pattern 1964-1977. Last month, went to new younger GP who arranged blood tests, (after I had given him my list of ill-health symptoms!) Blood, mostly OK, but indicated low folic acid, he said. I am on 5mg daily folic acid tab for last 5 weeks. I do feel better (carrying out lots of small projects in my retirement). Had so many ups and downs in last 40 years, though, that I think this may be a placebo effect. However, a more positive side of me thinks I may be on the way to breaking through the wall where "the drugs don't work anymore" at 225mg Venlafaxine slow release. I have been on Losec (Omeprazole 10mg) for decades, too. I read that it can spoil your absorption of certain vital items in the vitamin B family, at least? Thanks for reading, all.
  2. I am 23 days post op from Nissen Fundupliction. I am 45 years old and have suffered atypical symptoms of acid reflux for about 9 years now. I never get heartburn, but was constantly nauseous. I would also have very scary "panic attacks" after eating acidic foods or drinking wine that would wake me up 8 hours after eating with SEVERE nausea, puddles of sweat, a heartbeat too fast to count and a feeling of death or doom. They would last at least an hour, coming and going in waves. I would sleep sitting up and holding my husband's hand. It is my own opinion that my acid was coming up to my vagus nerve, where it didn't belong, and cased my body to go into fight or flight. This happened two to three times a month until after months of testing, I was diagnosed with acid reflux. I tried different medications while my entire body started shutting down, one system at a time. I was not able to empty my bladder, my moods were all over the place and intense, my skin was green and my muscles were fading away. I had constant headaches, etc. I settled on Omeprazole but still had symptoms and felt terrible. PH tests and swallowing tests all showed that I produced way too much acid and it washed into my mouth, even when I was upright and eating a very alkaline diet. My teeth were decaying at an alarming rate, my voice would be gone for months at a time, and the nausea was constant. I finally found an occupational physiologist (a nutritionist who works at a cellular level) who helped me with a very restricted diet. My life got better and I felt amazing. I lived like that, while still on 80 mg. of Omeprazole for 3 years, but could not continue the diet as strictly as I had been. (life gets in the way) My GI said that my acid tests didn't change, even though I felt better. He wanted me to see a specialist 6 hours away. The thought of staying on medication for life worried me. Since I had tried every "fix" I am aware of and I was still struggling with the reflux, I decided on surgery. After reading the posts, I am very happy to be weaning off of PPIs. My surgery was intense and I just started transitioning from a liquid diet to soft foods. It is not for the faint of heart. My esophagus is so tight that I feel like an anaconda eating a rabbit whenever I swallow anything, but healing will be a process. I am happy that I am not waking up nauseous and water finally tastes good. (acid and water are not friends). I hope my improved body will keep the acid where it belongs and am excited to start weaning off of my meds. I truly appreciate the advice that I found here.

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