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  1. Thank god for a site like this, I feel like I have been going crazy for the last few years . I'm going to try to keep this short and sweet. I was put on Paxil when I was a teenager as my doctor thought it would help me get through some difficult years, counseling would of been a much better approach. I was sexually abused as a child but never told anybody so when I was a teenager I dealt with this by using recreational drugs to ease the pain . My parents thought it would be a quick fix being on an antidepressant to help me out. I used Paxil for years upping and lowering my dose from 20mg to 50
  2. Hello everyone, I've been lurking for quite a while on this site, and now that my quest on being an healthy fully-functional humain being is getting serious, I thought it might be time for me to participate in this great subculture. I've found answers to question that psychiatry was only answering with more medication. My journey starts in 2016, when I was prescribed 20 mg Paroxetine after a mild anxiety attack. Looking back, I am now quite angry at the GP who put me in this nightmare, without explaining anything about the drug. Paroxetine was quite effective, and I don't h
  3. Hello, I am 24 years old, male and have suffered from anxiety disorder since childhood. The slightest excitement makes me nauseous, causing me to vomit. Over time it got worse and worse until I decided at 18 that I would start therapy. I did this for 3 years, unfortunately without success. At 23 (late 2019) I started taking Paroxetine (20 mg) because I had extreme university stress and was about to graduate. Within a few weeks I was feeling fabulous. The anxiety and nausea were just gone. I found my first job, my first girlfriend, and was able to do things I had never
  4. I'm wondering if anyone else has or had experienced worsing withdrawal symptoms when switching from Paxil CR and Liquid SOLELY to the Liquid Suspension? I have been tapering slowing Since January by the following: (1 Pill = 12.5 CR) Starting dose of 2 (12.5 CR'S) = 25 MG OF CR Jan 21st: 1 Pill + 10mg liquid (2 weeks) 2/4: 1 Pill + 9mg Lq (3 weeks) 2/25: 1 Pill + 8 mg lq (1 week) 3/4: 1 Pill + 6 mg lq (2 weeks) 3/18 1 Pill + 4 mg lq (2 weeks) 4/1 1 Pill + 3 mg lq (2 weeks) 4/14 1 Pill + 2 mg lq (2 weeks) 4/29 1Pill + 1 mg lq (16 days) 5/15 1 12.5 mg Pill ONLY (9 d
  5. Hello, I've been very grateful for this site, comforting me in the knowledge that I'm not alone in my battle. 10% taper is working slowly but steadily, it'll be a while but I'm planning on finishing it this way. Withdrawal is not pleasant, but it doesn't suck as much as it did. Eating healthy (I got a really nice juicer) has been the biggest factor in helping manage my withdrawal symptoms, and mental wellbeing in general. Thanks for all of your stories, omnispan
  6. Moderator note: link to benzo forum thread - Miko789: Xanax withdrawal/tapering Hi, I'm new to the forum, I have some questions I want to ask. My doctor prescribed effexor for depression, in 2009. Now I'm free of symptoms and I managed to come off with withdrawal symptoms though. That's with the antidepressant. Now I'm on Risperdal consta from November 2013 and seroxat 10mg. My doctor prescribed with risperdal consta 3,3mg/day long acting injection every two weeks. From February 2015 he lowered the dosage to 25mg/every 2 weeks equals 1,66mg/day. I tried to lower the
  7. Hello everyone, I was originally at Paxil Progress and am transferring over here. It seems like a great forum and am happy to be here for the support and guidance. Brief history - I started Paxil 10 mg about 9-10 years ago for anxiety and ruminating thoughts. I was also on a migraine med at the time (Zomig). There was a period I tried to get off Paxil (about 5.5 years ago) and my doctor recommended I withdraw over 2 weeks and started me on Buproprion. This had horrible results. I went back on Paxil. It helped ease the withdrawal effects, but never worked quite the same. I then ha
  8. Hello everyone! First of all I’m sorry if there will be some errors but english is not my first language. Hope I’ll be good enough explaining myself. I’m a 32 years old guy and my troubles started many years ago, during my teens. When I was 15 i had my first panic attack and my life had really messed up since then. The first psychiatrist i saw immediately prescribed me paroxetine, without telling me that I could start a psychotherapy first. So I started it and after about 15 years I’m still on AD and I feel very miserable. I’ll summarize as best as i can remember my drug’
  9. Hi all. I’m thankful I came across this group. Wow - where to begin... well, at age 7 I was given Paxil and 20 years later I am still on it. Throughout the 20 years I have tried ever SSRI and SNRI on the planet. I was given Valium and after five years by the grace of God somehow tapered off it myself. In the past 2 years I was put on effexor, pristiq, viibryd, lexapro, celexa, prozac, and landed back on 20mg Paxil. Four months ago I lowered by dosage to 15mg and it has been pure hell. Suicidal thoughts which I have never had, super strange thoughts, terr
  10. Hi, I was initially put on 37.5 mg paroxetine during a postpartum depressive episode in June 2016. My pdoc suspected the dose to be too high and reduced to 25 mg. I held on 25 mg for almost a year, and then my pdoc and I decided to try a dose reduction to 12.5 mg. I had a few brain zaps, but nothing serious, so I held there for a few months. My pdoc and I decided to drop to 0 mg in October 2017 (by taking 12.5 mg alternate days then zero). Again, only brain zaps were experienced. Four months later, at the beginning of March 2018, severe protracted withdrawal kicked in. I had not discovere
  11. Hi! I will keep this post pretty plain for now, as my WD symptoms (the pains, mainly) make it hard to even use a computer for long. I will also try to make a short "signature" version of my history later today. When I was signing up, I was asked to provide a history of my case. I'm gonna paste it below. So, here goes. ---------------------------------------- All of the following changes/switches were done in 1-2 weeks each (except where otherwise noted). I.e., very quickly (which is bad). - Started Amisulpride 600mg and Escitalop
  12. First off, I am so incredibly thankful for this forum. I would of never ever got off this medication if I had not found this forum. A big thank you to Alto and all the mods that work hard to help everyone. A big thank you to everyone I talked to daily on here as well Here is my intro thread ☼-cocopuffz17-paroxetine-free-but-not-trouble-free When I came to this forum I had no idea what was going on with me after coming off 11 years of paroxetine use @ 20mg. I was told by my psychiatrist that this drug isn't known to cause this, I know that's not true after going throu
  13. Hi all, I have been on paroxetine for about 10 years and am currently on a slow taper. Reading this forum has been a great support at moments where I feel disheartened due to withdrawal symptoms, so I figured I would contribute with my own story. At around 18 years old (2006) I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. I refused antidepressants for about a year and a half, but then succumbed under pressure of GP and parents. At around the same time I switched to a new psychologist who made rapid progress with me where others didn't. Within two weeks after starting paroxet
  14. After reinstating Paxil 20mg for two weeks most symptoms are except anxiety and light headache. Can I expect to completely stabilize or can I start a much slower taper?
  15. Hi everyone I have read a lot on this site. And very happy to introduce myself. Just over 20 years ago I had a panic attack at work. And my doctor recommended 20 mg of paxil. About a decade ago, I started weaning off as per my doctor's guidance and noticed intestinal bleeding increased every time I lowered the dose. Psychologically, it was not hard to taper down but the colitis got so bad I was hospitalized. I had to go back on the full 20 mg of paxil to try to stop the flare-up but the colitis never went into remission. I suspect that fluctuations to the serotonin in the
  16. mary2

    mary2: paxil

    I tried to introduce myself but it said locked on page. So I'll say hello hello here. I'm on my 2nd decrease of paxil. I'm doing well. I found very useful the 10% reduction procedure. I find magnesium and taking paxil at bedtime better. Thank God you exist. I use the Gemini weighing machine and it v works well. I have liquid but it's too concentrated cos 20 drops to 20mg. It's so nice to have other people.
  17. Hi everyone. I’m trying to come off 15mg Paroxetine after 21 years as it seemed to be ineffective. Doc has prescribed Sertraline to support the withdrawal. I started with a 25mg dose of Sertraline two weeks ago and one week ago I dropped to 10mg Paroxetine. At the same time I upped the Sertraline to 50mg. By day 6 I was having some pretty unpleasant withdrawal symptoms - mainly panic attacks (which I have rarely had in the past), constant anxiety (which is triggering old scripts) and some bleak dreams / thoughts. I was supposed to drop to 5mg Paroxetine today and go up to 75g Setralin
  18. Hello, I am on paroxetine (8 mg) 5 weeks, but want to cut off it as fast as possible because of its difficult withdrawal process. Which way of tapering could be the best in my case? I have a big issue with my sleep, so ocassionally I use Zopiclone, Zolpidem, Olanzapine to combat insomnia.
  19. hello, i have been taking paroxetine (paxil) discontinuously for 15 years. I tried several times to quit, but the withdrawal symptoms always return and I start taking the dose again. last chance: May18-June 2018 5mg July 3 mg then relapsed then Aug -Sep2018 6mg Oct-Nov 5mg Dec 4mg Jan 2019 3mg then stop. I was fine without medication until July 2019, then relapsed, then July 2019 10 mg Aug2019 7mg Sept. 2019 6 mg Oct 2019 5mg Nov 2019 4mg Dec 2019 3 mg then stop. I was well without medication until May 13, 2020, then again very strong symptoms and I started to take it back. I tried 5 mg for 1
  20. I have taken Paxil 20mg for 8 years for panic disorder and depression. I started skipping doses a few years ago with the usual trouble of brain zaps and vertigo and the past few years had been taking it every 3-4 days. I suffer from severe health anxiety and many medical issues and began to wonder if I was experiencing mild serotonin syndrome. I tapered to 10mgs over a week and then stopped cold turkey a month ago. I am in pure hell. Every day I wake up with a heart rate of 130ish and extreme terror that forces me to take 0.25mg alprazolam the past few days. I can
  21. Dear All, Could use some help. Started my 4th attempt to withdrawal from Paxil Dec 2019. Basing my taper off Horowitz 2019 and Ruhe 2019 Lancet Psychiatry papers...so I've been doing decreasing by 10% receptor occupancy every 4 weeks (or longer depending on the symptoms). Some of the symptoms have been pretty awful but usually after a month or so on that dose, the symptoms seem to fade into the background and my body/brain normalizes. This has substantially better than my first 3 attempts..so I'm still hanging in there. The psychiatrist I was seeing could only offer my addictive me
  22. I'm new around here, kind of. I've dropped in over the years and made a couple GP assisted withdrawal attempts. Back story: During a marital separation in 2000 I had a deep depressive episode, I'm fortunate to be here. I sought counseling which led to psychiatry and being started on Paxil and Ativan. Paxil worked very well, however when my wife and I got back together Paxil's sexual debilitations became apparent prompting a switch to Wellbutrin. I spent a few years on Wellbutrin as the marriage continued to devolve, but had terrible sweating episodes; which led to a switch to Effexor and
  23. Hello Sorry for my poor english I took Seroxat at the request of the doctor because I was suffering from slight anxiety and took it because I trusted the doctors and I took the medicine for 4 months and the last dose of the medicine was 18 months ago: Previous symptoms: - Extreme anxiety, I have never experienced anything like it in my life -Dark Depression (I've never experienced something like it in my life) -Panic -Tinnitus -Eye floaters -A slight electrical sensation in the head -Insomnia Current symptoms:
  24. Hello, This is my first post and I need to hear some questions answered for my wellbeing. My short story is, I was experiencing health anxiety for a terrible disease and got tested for it 3 times over the last year, all came back clean so I have no medical reason to experience these symptoms apparently. Apart from this, I have had social anxiety and generalized anxiety disorder for at least 10 years. So, I want to talk about my process. After all tests being clean, they urged me to a psychiatrist I wish I never had met. He prescribed I used trifluoperazine, medazepa
  25. Hi everyone, I am learning a lot from this site. Thank you. I quit Paxil CT almost 3 yrs ago (after 10 yrs on) and quit benzos 10 months ago (also after 10 yrs on then, following a 19 months taper). I am mostly functional, but still suffering several issues, the most persistent ones: poor balance, tinnitus, poor vision and floaters. Seems like these are all related to the vestibular region (brain and inner ears). I know it may take a long time to heal and that 100% healing is difficult, but would love to know if someone had these same persistent symptoms and if they eventually got
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