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Found 1 result

  1. Hello - I want to make this as short and sweet as possible - After I had my 8year old DD I was put on 20 mg of Paxil- it was great - worked wonders- after about 2 years I went down to 10 mg- I had some anxiety but nothing I couldn't handle - in May 2014 I had a great job and finished grad school and was super excited to come off the meds with the help of my PCP - it took me from May - October to get down to 5mg 1 day and 2.5 mg alternating days - I was so happy - then I got a uti and ended up on a sulfa based antibiotics which I am apparently allergic to- long story short Christmas Eve 2014 I flipped out - anxiety- panic - derealization- and suicidal thoughts ( never had suicdial thoughts before btw) so I went to my PCP and told her I want to go back on my 10 mg - so January 1st of this year I reinstated to 10 mg- but I keep having what others reference as the waves or windows of feeling horrific - like I'm not myself! Just feeling sad and doom/ dread and then I get feeling ok for a few weeks and just when I think the worst has passed but it comes back-however I no longer feel suicidal- i have a therapist - he doesn't understand all of the med complications but is encouraging with my desire to come off- and my doc is not sure what is going on- discussed it with her and here are my choices - mind you I really really want off this medication - I can either try a new med that is easier to get off- but no guarantee it will make me feel better or I can up my Paxil and stabilize and try to come off again- I don't want to up it as I worry it will only make things worse- I just want to know that I am normal and I will feel better eventually - is it normal to feel crazy?! 2 weeks of DP/DR and anxiety and then a few weeks of feeling ok? Never feel manic and I'm not bipolar - I'm 42a I just have horrible anxiety - just want to know I will be ok Thank you
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