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Found 1 result

  1. I have been inspired by a friend who is a user of this site to research how best to taper off several anti-depressants, including: Trazodone, Buproprion, Prestiq and Amitryptiline. I currently take 50 mg of Trazodone before bed. I also take the Amitryptiline before bed. My psychiatrist has suggested I can stop the Trazodone because the Amitryptiline should have enough of a sedative effect to get me to sleep. But when I've tried to stop the Trazodone altogether, I've not been able to sleep. So, I'm thinking about cutting the 50 mg and taking 25 mg. I'm also considering reducing the Buproprion 200 mg. Unfortunately, it is extended release. I don't think my psychiatrist would be willing to prescribe a lesser dose but it's possible. I have considered just taking the 200 mg. pill every other day, which I suspect might be viewed as reckless. The Prestiq seems especially complicated. I don't plan to address it anytime soon. And I'd like to drop the Amitryptiline dose because, being an older anti-depressant, it leaves me with a dry mouth and the potential for sexual dysfunction. I am open to any and all advice about how to proceed. I don't know exactly how this forum works and am open to feedback about that too. Grizzly
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