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  1. Hello to all the lovely people in this forum. I am here because I have been experiencing withdrawal symptoms since I stopped taking Venlafaxine eight months ago. I withdrew from 225mg in a span of six weeks as my GP recommended, which is too quickly. After seven months of hell I started taking Mirtrazapine following my psychiatrist’s advice after hesitating for a while. I started on 15mg last month, recently increased to 30mg and now I can sleep better and don’t have horrendous panic attacks as I wake up anymore. But the sheer terror, the absence of positive emotions, the constant negative thoughts, the rapid heartbeat, the chest pain, the hypersensitivity, the lack of energy, the anger, the dread about everything, etc… are still there, especially in the mornings when I just don’t want to live anymore. I am here now because I have lost hope on my recovery. I’ve tried everything and I also feel as if I’d stripped my brain off its own ability to produce “happy chemicals” by tapering off too fast. But that may be just the “depression” talking. I’ve read that reinstating Venlafaxine can help, which brings some hope regardless the fear of taking that stuff again, and my psychiatrist is happy to put me on that (aren’t they always?). But I don’t feel that I can trust doctors anymore, so before making any decision I just wanted to ask real people with real experiences... I’ve got so many questions because I’ve been so alone throughout this process wondering whether my brain can heal on its own or not, wondering if there is any way of living life again. I’ve really tried to keep going but now I am exhausted. I just can’t do it on my own. Maybe it’s worth noting that I’ve been also taking beta blockers, and also Aminoacids (5HTP, Tyrosine, GABA) along with a lot of vitamins and supplements such as Magnesium, Lithium Orotate and fish oil following a book that I found on the internet called “The Mood Cure”. Thank you for your time. All the best x B
  2. does paroxetine / Paxil withdrawals get you extreme anger? (and about narcissistic mother) Hello, I am 24 year old male with panic disorder. I was on various anti-depressants for panic disorder from 2017, after my dad passed away on 2016 but from past 4 years (19-22) I am on Paroxetine CR 25mg, But I feel like sometimes it stops working and everything becomes irritating and you see I have a narcissistic mother who will don't let a single opportunity to waste to anger me. I tried many time to get off it by going to lower dose 12.5mg but the withdrawals were worst. Even if I take anything like vitamins or eat have a lemon for C in morning it really get worse. I currently taper myself to 12.5 from 25mg again (I thought I could handle it this time) by doing meditation and it was bit helpful at start but now the things getting now bit tough. and I am kind of worried that withdrawal will stay longer. Questions: should I keep taking the lower dose and suffer for a bit if the withdrawals are not gonna last longer or should I revert to the original dose of 25mg? & Are the extreme anger and irritation a withdrawal symptoms or is it me? (I can't even stay in the same room as my mother) I am literally scared to my core with the anger and irritated I feel with all the taunts and manipulation by my narcissistic mother I had suffer every single day for 24 years. It breaks my heart to see how much I have suffer from her and continuing so, I am 24 and good in programming but currently have no job and until I get my own place which is extremely hard I have to stay with her. Contact me anytime, We could support each other Instagram: onix_fellar Thanks
  3. Expected810 Hello all! I have been reading a lot of posts on SA, and they have been very helpful and encouraging! I am grateful for finding this forum and am seeking help regarding my current mental health situation. I am somewhat stuck on what to do and would really appreciate any advice. So, on January 27th, 2020, I had my first ever panic attack, went to the ER, thought it was a heart attack and it took them over 2 hours to calm my heart rate down with intravenous Ativan. This was the first time I had taken a benzo drug or any anxiety drug. After that first episode, I went a full 3 weeks of having panic attacks and just bad anxiety (mainly at night), so I was taking one 0.5 mg Ativan nightly during those times, and during the day time I was taking my daily vitamins (vitamin d, centrum) along with omega 3 fish oil and GABA 250 mg supplement twice a day to keep me calm. I was convinced my body had become dependent on Ativan and it was just making my anxiety worse, so I decided to get off of it by cutting it in half for a few days after three weeks of use. After the three weeks, I had about one week of intense physical anxiety (stomach cramps, churning, agitiation, depression) after stopping. Then the following 3 weeks after the first week off, I had lots of dizziness after eating meals, and lots of nights with insomnia, where I would have to take hydroxyizine 25 mg for. But in that 1 full month after stopping Ativan, I had not had a real panic attack like my first one. Then my 2nd month off Ativan started and I started getting really bad churning in my stomach, and it led to a full blown panic attack which forced me to take hydroxyzine 25 mg as I didn't want to start Ativan again. After that I had full week of these panic attacks which lasted 5-6 hours daily becoming rolling panic attacks, with almost every physical symptom with numbing of my arms, choking sensation, churning stomach, dizziness, lightheadedness, high heart rate, and diffculty breathing. After my panic attacks returned, I went to a psychiatrist, and they diagnosed me with panic disorder and prescribed me Sertraline 25 mg. I started taking it daily on March 22, 2020. After a week my panic attacks subsided and haven't had one since the almost seven weeks I have been on it. However, while I am thankful my panic attacks are gone for now, I cannot handle the daily side Sertraline side effects from stomach pain, dizziness, tiredness, lack of motivation, lack of focus, mood swings, and bouts of depressive thoughts. Most of these I never had, especially the depressive thoughts. Its like I'm just waking up to wake up, I really can't function like a normal human. My psychiatrist has recommended I go up in dosage, but I have politely refused, because my goal was to only treat my panic disorder, which it has been and I don't want to go higher because I fear it might become more difficult to get off. So thats my story, I really need advice on how I should proceed, I want to stop the Sertraline and try to treat my panic disorder other ways, but I'm somewhat fearful of the withdrawal and unsure how to taper off a low dose like this. Thank you!
  4. Hi, long story but I’ll cut it short. I banged my head accidentally 6 months ago & have spent alot of time alone & bedridden with a brain injury. I’ve had psychotic episodes since then & was diagnosed with either bi-polar or border line personality disorder. i was out on Olanzapine (zyprexa) 2.5mg at first then 5mg & now 7.5mg, I have been on zyprexa for a total of 24 days as of the 20th of July 2022. My anxiety is off the charts - I need to taper off Olanzapine & try Seroquel. Help! How much do I taper each week of the zyprexa & do I take the seroquel while I’m tapering the zyprexa? Thank you for your help bess
  5. Hey Guys, Background: I am a 22 year old male living in Toronto, Canada. I started 50MG of Zoloft to deal with some issues stemming from childhood. Long story short, after picking up physical exercise and extensive therapy/reading/listening to podcasts (still not done), I felt a lot better and felt as though the antidepressants were not contributing much. In fact I was growing really tired of the emotional blunting I was experiencing, so I decided to go off them. Drug History: Started 50MG Zoloft on September 15th 2021. Went down to 25 mg in mid January 2022, then cold turkey'd two weeks after. Was feeling tired for the first week of both reductions in doses but was fine afterwards. Brain zaps after going cold turkey were a lot better after the first week. Question: Around 17 days after I went cold turkey, I decided to have a few drinks with my buddy because I felt fine (very minimal brain zaps etc). I do not usually drink, nor do I have a problem with alcohol, but I was eager to let loose a bit and have fun as I live a pretty hectic life for a 22 year old. The morning after, I felt really bad. Brain zaps came back (not as bad as before however), and I felt an intense level of hopelessness and sadness I never felt before. My question is, is this normal? It is really concerning me. I do however feel better at the time of me posting this (three days after). It's just really concerning because it feels like a setback with all the progress I made. Is this a common occurence? For the time being, I am taking a de-load week with my weight lifting routine to give my nervous system a break. Please excuse me if this question has been answered before in other forums. Thanks, god bless you all.
  6. ADMIN NOTE For tips for tapering your drug , find the link in this list Important topics in the Tapering forum and FAQ You cannot make a liquid from extended-release drugs, such as bupropion SR or XL, or drugs with a protective coating, such as Cymbalta (the type of Effexor XR that comes in a capsule filled with tiny beads is an exception). Many extended-release tablets are held together by a glue to retard their absorption. Mixed with water or other liquids, these tablets become a soggy glob. Otherwise, given variable solubility of drugs, what you're usually doing when you mix a tablet or content capsules with water is creating a suspension, rather than a solution. High solubility is not a requirement for a suspension. Substances that dissolve in solutions will be more reliably distributed evenly throughout the solution, but we have to work with what we've got. A suspension does not require solubility. It's a bunch of particles hanging in a liquid, hopefully fairly evenly distributed. There may be flakes or particles visible in the suspension, some sinking to the bottom of the vessel. We recommend gently shaking or stirring before drawing out a dose from a homemade suspension (avoid creating a froth, because bubbles can throw your dose measurement off), to make sure the active ingredient (the drug) is distributed throughout the liquid. We have many people tapering successfully with homemade suspensions, as well as compounded suspensions and solutions. Also see Pharmacy liquids to make suspensions Questions and answers about liquid medications Compounding pharmacies (US, UK, and elsewhere) Described below, making a liquid from Celexa tablets is only one example of how to do it. Information provided here for Celexa is relevant to making liquids from tablets of other drugs. To skip the discussion about make a liquid with Celexa tablets specifically, jump to "How To Make Liquid from Tablets or Capsules" for more general information about making homemade liquids from many drugs. Also see music321's post about serial dilution of liquids PS Originally, Rhiannon was using a small amount of ethanol to dissolve her Celexa. She later changed her method and was successfully dissolving her tablet in water only. Her topic, Making a Celexa Solution Yourself, has been merged into this topic; the early posts about Celexa have a note added at the top of the posts. Making a Celexa solution yourself A couple of folks asked me to post here about how I dissolve my Celexa and liquid taper it that way. I use a shot glass and dissolve the tablet in a small amount of water (enough to cover it) and a couple of mLs of ethanol (very pure drinking alcohol, I use "Everclear" type, available at the liquor store.) The tablet doesn't dissolve quickly, so I usually leave it there and come back in about twenty minutes. NB: Rhiannon changed her method of dissolving citalopram. She stopped using ethanol. See below quote. I stir it with the pipette to get the drug to dissolve into the ethanol (citalopram is soluble in ethanol). I don't know how well it actually dissolves but as long as it's mixed well it doesn't really matter. Then I add enough water to bring it up to 20 mL total. I mix it well and then draw up my dose for the day, and then pipette it straight into my mouth followed by a pipette full of water (both to rinse the pipette and to dilute the "shot"!) My current dose is 5.25 mg of citalopram, so given the dilution I'm using (10 mg in 20 mL) I measure 10.5 mL as my daily dose. All of this could be adapted easily to using syringes for measurement instead of a pipette. (And if you are more delicate than me you could measure it into a spoon or cup rather than squirting it straight into your mouth.) But using pipettes is really easy too, very simple to learn and do. I'll be seeing my doctor again some time this summer and like I said elsewhere, I may see about getting the citalopram liquid already made up, but it's a $15 copay and the pills are only $5. And I'm already dissolving and pipetting my other meds anyway so it's not really any particular hassle to do it this way with the citalopram. Personally this is the method I would use to taper any med. I've done the dry cutting method using a scale, and I find liquid titration easier to control. I can get my cuts as small as I want by adjusting the dilution.
  7. Hey everyone, i’m new to the website.I’m so glad i’ve found it now that i’m ready to taper. I’m sorry if i’m posting in the wrong topic. I’m being prescribed citalopram 20mg around 7months ago and i’m now ready to taper off as i feel theyhave already stopped working, and i want to do it with the 10% method. I’m currently taking tablets of 20mg(weight 0.18 g). Would it be better/easier switching to the liquid or i can make it with the tablet?should i crash it or dilute it in water? Did anyone experience bad withdrawals even using this method? Thank you so much for your help🙂
  8. Hi all, Long story short. Was anorexic last year until Christmas, starting recovering from that/weight restoring in January 2016. One of the ED therapists I worked with told me anxiety peaks once weight it restored, which happened (although didn't learn this until recently) - end of April 2016 I went into psychiatric hold because the anxiety was making me suicidal. Big mistake. Doc there put me on 20mg of Citalopram. For the next month I did therapy which along with an occasional Benzo resolved the anxiety. By May the Citalopram kicked in, with all its side effects. Extreme nausea, dry heaving, insomnia, weight gain, hunger cues messed up (already were from anorexia, but worsened), acne, gynecomastia, swollen fingers, fatigue - so bad (daily nausea was excrutiating) I nearly killed myself at the end of June. But I finally found a good doc, who through the next month of tests, determined it was the meds. Began tapering first day in August, 20 mg to 15 mg. Took a supp called Serosyn with 5HTP, L-theanine, and B vitamins. Withdrawal consisted of chapped lips in in the first week, increased hunger (I could be full but my brain still screamed to eat), fatigue (different form than when on 20 mg), wired feeling and weight gain. Leveled off a bit after 3 weeks, although I should have stayed there longer (but I didn't because the effects of 20 mg have been so bad that I've been trying to get off asap). 2 and a half weeks ago went down to 10 mg. Like before, chapped lips in the first week, wired feeling persisting, continued weight gain, and insatiable hunger. As before the lips are healing, but the hunger is still messed up (early fullness, insatiable hunger). Tired still, waking up hungry even after eating a lot at night. Haven't exercised in 8 months - first b/c of anorexia recovery, by now b/c exercise messes up my hunger cues/I cannot seem to physically eat enough. Worried I've been too aggressive with the taper, and that I'm doing irreparable damage to my nervous system. I wonder if I should reinstate 15 mg (scared it won't help/cause more complications) and start a slower taper? Seriously scared reinstating will mess things up even more, but equally scared that I've dropped too fast and have messed up my nervous system irreparably (and that my hunger cues/weight, which have been messed since starting anorexia recovery, are doomed for life). tl;dr: 20 mg citalopram was full of terrible side effects, dropped to 15 and then to 10 pretty quickly, and paying the price; wondering if I should wait it out for another week to see if anything improves like the 20-15 drop, or reinstate 15 and go slower from there (also scared I'm ruined for the rest of my life, I've had to quit a lot of things because of this damn med). On the bright side, gynecomastia, acne, and such are improving as expected. But this messed up hunger is getting at me (as is the weight gain and general crap feeling that I've had ever since starting this med).
  9. Hello, I am new to this site and not sure how it works. Need some info and perhaps some reassurance.; I've been having a history depression and anxiety since my teenage years, I am 49 years old, which I have been able to manage it more or less. I attempted to use the antidepressants but also had an adverse reaction that I was not able/ready to put up with. Yet, living with the depression isn't easy either. In short, yet again, I started taking Lexapro last October in order to deal with the painful state of depression, and did seem to work in the past. I increased the dose very slowly from 2 mg and started feeling much better in January, at the 7 mg. At the same time I started some problems with my memory (to the point of a few seconds of blackouts) , persistent fatigue and lingering morning anxiety, and problems with the night sleep. The psychiatrist dismissed my memory problems, attributed my fatigue to the depression and decided to see if my sleep would approve. He also told me to increase my dose slowly aiming for 15 mg at some point. However, when I reached 8.9 mg, I could hardly function: feelings of being very unwell and under the weather allowed me to function only until lunch time, after which I would need to recline somewhere for the rest of the day. I started tapering on the 24 Mars and today is the 2nd day of 4.25 mg of Lexapro. I didn't follow the 10 per cent protocol, and my doses were fluctuating within 0.5 - 1 mg depending on my physical and emotional symptoms. However, in the last 10 days I've started having a strange heavy sensation in my head, it's difficult to describe, They are not brain-zaps, just uncomfortable feeling: a mix of resembling kind of heaviness, fogginess, slight headache and feeling/sensation. I have put this down to cutting down sugar and change in my diet (transitioning to being vegan). However, this sensation 8 days later is still there. In addition, I have got muscle ache at the minimum effort, have been unable to jog and do much of the physical activities for the past 3 days: stopped exercising, want to isolate, difficult to concentrate and get on with my daily activities. I do have "waves" when I do feel better for an hour upon awaking and yesterday, after I spent 3 hours on the sofa! We are in the process of moving , also need to book a holiday but I am feeling incapable of doing anything. So frustrating! Emotionally, I am not depressed though.... In addition, feeling rather scared, is it due to the antidepressants and will my brain heal and gets "remodeled" back? Have I got some other serious medical condition? In ideal world I would like to get off this drugs that do not work well for me and find some ways of dealing with the anxiety and depression, unfortunately, I did manage in the past to taper off the meds without too many problems only to get depressed 4-9 months later and be back on them. If this is what I feel are withdrawals, I am quite surprised why I had not experienced them in my past tapers? I would really welcome and would greatly appreciate any feedback and input! I also would like to know, if I should wait it out and stabilise on 4.25mg of Lexapro or need to updose it? Thank you in advance F47
  10. Hi everyone. I’m looking for some advice on two things. I’m on Cipralex drops 20mg/1ml. I’ve managed to wean myself from 15mg to 2mg. But I need to know how I can safely dilute the drops so that I get the accurate dosage of the active ingredient. Also does anyone know why you have to throw away Cipralex drops after eight weeks? If you keep them longer, does this have an impact on the active ingredient? Thank you so much in advance.
  11. Greetings, hope this is the right spot for this. I have been a "patient"since I was in college, am 62 next week. Had some suicidal thoughts around 2015 and went to Hope House. Was diagnosed with Bipolar and put on Lithium and Hydroxizine. Things progressed and was put on Geodon, Seroquel and Lorazepam. So I was taking 5 meds and was super unhappy with that, especially as I felt no benefit from all except the Lorazepam which was very helpful for anxiety. I went to a new psych nurse and she said Lorazepam causes dementia, so she took me off CT. Had some rebound anxiety and eventually learned to live with it. Did deep breathing and yoga and tried to reduce my stress level, so came off that. The Lithium I felt was toxic and useless so just decided to go off that. Nobody ever asked why, I just told them I don't take that anymore. No questions as to why. No withdrawal from that. Now we get to Geodon. I was taken off due to suspected EPS and had a horrible time. Insomnia, migranes, terrible three months, went back on. Two years later talked to doc and he said take one and the next day don't take one(I see this is a common thread) and after a week you will be off. This resulted in terrible insomnia and I couldn't function. I see insomnia talked about but if you really haven't slept the night before how can you function the day after? I can't! So I have been researching tapers and there is a lot of good info about it. My first month I made the mistake of doing a 20 mg Geodon and 10 mg the next which I know now does not work. Had terrible insomnia on the nights I did 10 mg so that was a clue! So I am doing 17.5 mg Geodon now for this month and just got my scale so I can do accurate doses. So far on the micotaper I have noticed hot flashes, a little tearfullness, and an increase in some feelings of happiness.
  12. Hi all, I am a 29 years old female working full time in the mental health field in USA. I started Lexapro/escitalopram 20mg back in 2010 for panic attack, moderate anxiety and mild depression when I was 21 years old. It initially helped me lift my mood and get rid of somatic symptoms. I have been maintaining 20mg for 7 years without much side effects. And I still have regular emotions when situations raise. In 2017, my PCP suggest lowering the dosage since my life is stable and I have more life experiences after these years. By the way, lexapro is the only medication I take; I have overall good health and live a healthy lifestyle (low sugar diet, exercise, no alcohol or smoking, supportive friends & families). Here is a history: 2010-2017: 20mg daily. Did fine for those years without much symptoms ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Family doctor recommended tapering in June 2017 Below is tapering instructed by doctor 6/2017 - 12/2017: 20mg & 10mg every other day, No WD symptoms 12/2017 - 2/2018: 10mg daily, Anxiety and hormone imbalance 2/2018 - 7/12/2018: Restated 15mg daily, No WD symptoms --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Below is tapering by myself 7/12/2018 - 8/8/2018: 15mg & 12.5mg every other day alternate, No WD symptoms 8/9/2018 - current: 12.5mg daily, experiencing managable WD symptoms: palpitation, brain fog/tightness, diarrhea(stopped on 8/23/18, back to normal bowel movement), dreams, mild obsessive thought. No mood disturbance. I am waiting for current symptoms to subside, and I will use a slower tapering schedule -10% after this. OTHER INFO: Tapering method: cut pills and weigh using digital scale Supplement: fish oil Coping: exercise, meditation, talk to my support network, inform and update people around me of my tapering & ask them to monitor me. Mindset: symptoms are temporary, change is happening everyday, slow and steady. I am happy to find this place where we can share recovery stories and support. Life is a long journey, let's take little step everyday Here is a sheet I use to track symptoms using 0-10 scales.
  13. I am writing this while I can function. It comes and goes. I have been off work since this thing started almost four weeks ago. I am very scared. Please help me. I've been on Prozac since late 2002. Prescribed because I was depressed. Initially at 20mg / day. Later the effect wore off somewhat and within a year or so it was upped to 60mg / day. I stayed on this dose until December 2013. While on it I sometimes reduced the dose to 40mg and sometimes skipped days to see what would happen if I come off it. After at most two or three weeks, I think I felt somewhat flat and took the full dose again. I suspected that the worse that could happen was that if I come off it I would feel depressed. I was led to believe this drug is safe for long term use. But I was in for a nasty, nasty, nasty surprise. In December 2013 I decided to fully come off it. Things went ok for a few weeks. I did notice that my muscles would lose power when exercising during January and early February 2014. By mid February I developed loss of appetite; nausea and brain zaps, muscle and joint pain and tiredness. This was followed within days with what appeared to be the worst flu that I ever had, exhaustion and fever. My blood pressure went down and my heart rate went up. I wondered if it might be related to the Prozac. So I took 40mg and waited. For about 1-2 hours. Symptoms were gone. By the next day I was back to normal. This scared me senseless as I realized for the first time what incredible power this drug has. Little did I know that the acute withdrawal was no big deal compared to what was to follow later. I started tapering in April 2014, reducing by 0.8mg / week over 50 weeks. When I reached zero mg by mid March 2015 it was *not* followed by acute withdrawal. There is one complication at this point. Between February and July 2015 I took about 35 doses of 100mg of Tramadol for chronic lower backpain. I was led to believe it is a mild opioid only. In early July I took it three days in a row. My vision blurred. I looked up Tramadol side effects and what I saw was scary. I learnt that in addition to being a mild opiod, Tramadol also contains two additional unwelcome guests in the form of an SSRI and an SNRI: "Tramadol provides analgesia through 3 mechanisms: mu-opioid binding (through its metabolite O-desmethyltramadol), serotonin reuptake inhibition (through (+)-tramadol) and norepinephrine reuptake inhibition (through (-)-tramadol). O-desmethyltramadol (which is formed from tramadol through O-demethylation catalyzed by CYP2D6) is responsible for theopiate-type effects of tramadol." I dropped the Tramadol there and then. Within a couple of days I was a weeping from sadness and melancholy. This phase lasted about two and a half weeks then improved slowly. Back to main story: Five months free and clear of Prozac and 7 weeks free and clear of Tramadol I slipped into a nightmare that I am still fighting as I type this. One night in late August 2015 I slept only half the normal time. 3.5 to 4 hours (Usually 7.5 hours) for two consecutive nights. This was followed with restlessness and then, akathisia (look it up - it is not bearable). I panicked and took 0.8 mg of Prozac. In about three hours the symptoms gradually faded out and I felt normal. At that point I thought I could just stay on a super low Prozac dose. Woke up around 2am the next morning with severe symptoms again. Took 0.8mg Prozac again, then every 2 hours until eventually I reached 6.4 mg for the day. It did not work like the day before. It might have relieved the symptoms somewhat for a part of the day. By the evening symptoms resumed. It then occurred to me that Tramdol might have something to do with it and not the Prozac. I took 1/6th of the usual Tramadol dose (1/3 of a 50mg capsule). Within an hour I was calm, but it is hard to say at this stage whether it was due to the Tramadol or not based on subsequent experience (I learnt that it comes and goes in waves through the day). At this point I decided not to take any further Prozac or Tramadol. I was now on a rollercoaster. (I am keeping hour-by-hour logs of what is happening and will post here maybe later in a chart or something.) Severe symptoms for hours on end, followed by a respite. Then the symptoms take over again. On some days it went on with almost no respite for two consecutive days. One unusual observation. One night ( a week in) I slept a full 7 hours or so. The next day I was back to normal. My relief was short lived, however, as I woke up with an incredible surge of fear in my chest and the symptoms returned, seemingly stoked on by the fear. After a week of this, I was desperate. I got a prescription for a beta blocker Bisoprolol (2.5mg). I took it and seem to have gotten relief as I was feeling normal later that day. But alas, at about 2am I was up again with the same symptoms. Tried 2mg of Diazepam. Nothing. The next day I switched the prescription to Propranolol. For the next week I tried the beta blockers on their own and together. At this point the Akathisia seemed to be easing off somewhat but in its place there was an absolutely paralyzing fear and anxiety that is hard to describe. "The Scream" by Edvard Munch comes to mind. At the beginning of this week my total sleep seemed to shrink to between zero hours(one night) and 2.5 hours. I took Midazolam sleeping pills a few times to try and get relief and some sleep. On the best day I got 3 hours extra. On the worst I got barely 30 minutes extra on it. Then I had three nights of 5.5 hours or so. That was followed by a 2 hour night. By this time the anxiety/fear was getting unbearable. I was getting exhausted. The fear and anxiety was ramping up in spite of the beta blockers. Throughout this time I had very little if any appetite. But I forced myself to eat because I needed energy to keep moving. The akathisia and anxiety compelled me to keep moving, moving, moving, pacing back and forth back and forth back and forth, sometimes without respite for up to 10 hours, starting between 2am and 4 am. My muscles were starting to indicate that they couldn't take this much longer. I made a rational calculation that I have only a few days left before muscle spasm or something sets in. I wondered if the "normal" day I had at the end of the first week might have been due to the 6.4 mg dose of Prozac I took at the beginning of that week. SO I decided to see if I could reinstate. I did not take this decision lightly. But after weighing it up for another day I took 4mg of Prozac. Symptoms eased off after that (but it could be coincidence as it comes and goes in waves). That was Friday. I took my last dose of beta blockers the day before (Thurs) and decided to stop beta blockers is I was going to re-instate. On Saturday morning I took 4mg and then 2 hours later anther 4mg. On Sunday morning I took 8mg On Monday morning I took 8mg. For the past few days things seem bearable between mid-day until I go to sleep. But early morning until the afternoon I get overwhelmed with panic and fear and I pace relentlessly. I still don't know if it was the right choice and whether I should abort reinstatement. I still cannot see a clear pattern of improvement, I do not know if I should up the dose or wait. I read the reinstatement page and also Eva's story (seem very similar to mine) on the edge of my seat. http://survivingantidepressants.org/index.php?/topic/5715-eva-struggling-after-20-years-prozac-and-now-without/page-4 But it ends with a cliff hanger. She never reported whether her dose increase stabilized her. I am thinking if I can stabilize then I can regroup and plan the next step. Should I continue to try and reinstate or abort reinstatement? Will I be able to taper again if I can stabilize on this reinstatement? I have not been able to go to work for the past three weeks. I am now in week 4. I am very scared and need help. Please, please help me.
  14. Hi, You need a taper plan for your antidepressant(s) or benzodiazepine(s) and you don't know how to start? How about create by yourself your own taper plan? If you want to see how your possible taper plan may look like, have a look to the following online planners: - For antidepressants users: http://antdep.alwaysdata.net/ - For benzodiazepines users: http://benzo.alwaysdata.net/ (and the related video - BROKEN video link removed. If you find it please post and provide the link. Thank you.): Have a look to the Help section first. Hope it can help.
  15. Hi all., I am from South Africa, new to this site and hopeful that I will get advice on continuing my extended Lexapro taper. I have been on an extended Lexapro-taper since Nov 2016. I also have tapered off successfully from multiple other psychiatric medications (including Olanzapine, Clobazam) and I am now on 1.55mg Escitalopram per day (20mg of 10mg tablet weight). I taper using a small digital scale. I am ready to start another taper (10% of previous dose) but I need advice. At some point during my taper process, (Jan 2020) I thought it was a good idea (I know better now) to take my medication for 6 days and skip the 7th day in an effort to taper this way. I was at that time not yet aware of the 10%-guideline of tapering or the effect that skipping a dosage day will have. I have since just kept going with this, meaning, I take my daily dose of Lexapro for 6 days per week, and then I skip the Sunday-dose. I didn't want to change this later since I thought it would result in too much of a change in dosage over time, so I have kept at it since 2020 throughout my tapers. To be clear, I take 1.55mg Escitalopram for Monday until Saturday and then skip the Sunday dose, continuing again on Monday. I am now wondering if I should rather take my dosage for 7 days a week in stead of 6, but then adjusting for the amount that is not taken on the 7th day. Meaning, mathematically, that I would go from 1.55 mg Escitalopram for 6 days, to 1.33mg Escitalopram for 7 days a week, if staying at the same dosage. I hope that I am making sense. If my calculations are correct, then the dosage per week will be the same however I know that a change will bring side-effects, especially since I will be adding a dosage either at the end or the beginning of the week, so I add the adjusted smaller dosage on Sunday and then keep going with that dosage for the rest of the week and eventually everything will stabilise, or I start taking the lowered daily dosage on a Monday, continue with this lowered dosage until Sat and then add the Sunday dosage). I would appreciate any sort of insight in helping me determine how to continue from here. I was planning to start another taper this week, but I am now unsure of whether I should continue with the 6-days a week-dosing or change it to 7 days a week dosing? In making this change I will first stay at my current dosage and wait to stabilise before I undertake another taper. I am very weary of the resultant side-effects that an alteration of my meds will bring but at the same time I am wondering if this will help with future tapers in that it will ease future dosage changes (make them smoother) since I am not skipping a dosage every week. I would appreciate any insight or advice on how I should continue. I am a bit at a loss. Thank you.
  16. ADMIN NOTE The 10% rule keeps decreasing the dose but, mathematically, can never get to zero. As you approach zero, when do you simply stop taking the drug? This is a very good question. This site advocates a very gradual taper for greatest safety. You may know of people who quit a drug very easily -- but if you ever had withdrawal symptoms, you are not that person. Everyone's tolerance for dosage changes is different. It could be that you have been tapering by 10% with everything going smoothly. You may also have found you can decrease every 3 weeks or even every week with no problems. Even so, from what we've seen, you will want to taper as far below 1mg as you can. As you go lower in dosage, your system adapts to the lower dosage. Slide off as gradually as possible. If you are counting beads to taper, at the very end, when you are down to one bead, you will be unable to divide your dose to taper. You might want to skip doses to very gradually go off. This is the only situation in which we suggest skipping doses. Sometimes people find that, even though they've quit at a very small amount, they might get slight, occasional withdrawal symptoms. You can take a tiny bit (such as one bead) occasionally until these withdrawal symptoms stop, which should be within a couple of weeks. More clarification: WARNING: DO NOT GO COLD TURKEY AT THE END OF YOUR TAPER Cold turkey is cold turkey. Even though you might be down to a tenth of your original dosage, quitting suddenly may still be too much for your nervous system. You can undo all your tapering by jumping off at too high a dosage, and trigger severe withdrawal syndrome. Ultimately, your tolerance for dosage decreases determines the speed of your taper, all the way to going off. Please listen to your body. If at any point in your taper you get withdrawal symptoms, continue going off very, very gradually at the end. Hi All, (Note from CC mod: member's taper rate is faster than 10%. Calculations have been rounded down, when it is recommended to round up, so that reductions do not exceed 10%. See this post for more details. Also this member was tapering Lexapro which is a very strong drug so stopping at 0.3mg was way too high.) Apologies if this has been done to death... I was playing around in excel with a taper protocol and thought I'd share. The 10% is a good rule and very good at encouraging people to go slowly. Something a lot of us have trouble with. (well me anyway...) But like Achilles catching the tortoise, reducing 10% will never get you to 0. (An aim a lot of us have). I've plugged the following rule into excel (attached) to see how it comes out. Rule 1: new dose = old dose - (9% of old dose) - (1% of original dose). You plug the starting dose in and it will always taper to 0 in 24 months. Now this may be to quick for some which brings us to .... Rule 2: If you feel moderate to nasty withdrawal effects then stop and stabilize. After stabilizing restart taper from current dose. (which will also reset the end 0mg end point to 2 years from current dose). Here is an example of the output for a 20mg taper (though just an example!!) Month Dose 1 20.0 2 18.0 3 16.2 4 14.5 5 13.0 6 11.6 7 10.4 8 9.3 9 8.2 10 7.3 11 6.4 12 5.7 13 4.9 14 4.3 15 3.7 16 3.2 17 2.7 18 2.2 19 1.8 20 1.5 21 1.1 22 0.8 23 0.6 24 0.3 25 0.0 I'll probably look to start this from my current 2.5 mg Lexapro , thus aiming to be at 0 in 2 years. Cheers Damien ssri_taper.xlsx
  17. Hi all, thanks for accepting me. I’m in need of some help, all of this is so new to me and I’m trying to make the best decisions I can since making some rather poor choices. May gp put me on 15mg mirt after a panic attack episode in Oct21 and diagnosed me with GAD. Took it on/off for two weeks (stupid mistake) and didn’t get much of the anti anxiety benefit so she upped me to 30mg. Took that for 3 weeks and no anxiety, but the numb-like state and lack of sex drive really got to me, so went back to 15mg for a week and came off CT as I was advised that would be fine… We all know that’s no the case! I’ve done 2 weeks of CT, first 2 days fine, next 3 days nausea and dizziness, next week or so, just headaches and disturbed sleep. All the while no real panic or anxiety, but the physical symptoms were too much to be able to work. So last night, I decided to reinstate on 7.5mg. Slept okay, but woke this morning with pretty bad anxiety and have been restless and irritable most of the day. My question is; I can accept that RI may take days or weeks to stabilise, but how would I know if I’ve missed my window of RI,or need to up or down the dose? Apologies in advance, some of this is fundamental for you all, but I feel like I’m flying blind here as my doctor doesn’t have the knowledge about anti depressants I’m aware nobody can specifically diagnose me, but any help or advice regarding reinstatement would be appreciated.
  18. Hi! I am a new member and found this group as I was searching the best way to taper from celexa. I have been on Celexa since 2017 for anxiety related to insomnia. I successfully tapered from 20 mg to 10 mg after I was on the drug for one year. As my anxiety reduced with getting better sleep, I found that 20 mg made me too groggy in the mornings. I successfully transitioned from 20 to 10 over four weeks with minimal side effects. I stayed on 10 mg for two years before increasing to 15 mg in June 2020 when my daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy. After three months, I felt calmer so I titrated back to 10 I alternating 1510 doses for two weeks with no side effects. I do want to mention that I was on ashwaghanda at that point which I had been on for years. in January 2021 I was feeling really stressed again so I went back up to 15 mg with no side effects. After three weeks my stress was noticeably less and I was trying to lose weight so I decided to go back to 10 mg. I did this cold turkey (as I had done a 5mg change in 2018) and suffered severe dizziness and heart palpitations for a month. I had forgotten how short of time I had been on the new dose and in hindsight I recognize that was much too quickly to change. I saw my doctor after four weeks of being on 10 mg and still experiencing moderate dizziness. He told me to reinstate to 15 mg which I did and again experienced severe dizziness even having my legs go out from underneath me once when I went to get up. The dizziness subsided after two weeks but I was still left feeling groggy in the mornings from the 15 mg dose as well as in the evenings. in late March my doctor told me that after being on 15 mg for four weeks I could again try tapering down using a 15 mg/ 10 mg alternating days schedule. I did this for five days before I felt very strong with drawl symptoms including jitteriness, difficulty finding words, twitching nerve under my eye, increased insomnia(waking up in the middle of the night, etc). I was not on ashwaghanda going into any of the 2021 titrations. I did use the pills a few times during my most recent titration as it seemed to help the symptoms at first but then I became concerned about mixing in this supplement but I was already having strong withdrawal effects. As of 4/1/21, I am now back on 50 mg and intend to stay here for a few months to allow my body to stabilize before trying to taper again. I’m planning to wait 2 months until 6/1 to try to taper again. My doctor suggested removing one 5 mg pill per week every three weeks when I try again. (Eg 10 mg on Monday, 15 mg every other day. Keep this pattern for three weeks. Then have Mondays and Thursdays at 10 mg for the next 3 weeks). i’ve read about the benefit of limiting tapering to 10% and support that idea. This program from my doctor would take me down no more than 10% per month when you average out the doses, but I wonder if it’s better to do a graduated taper like Brass Monkey outlined. Anyone have any thoughts? if I do the brass monkey method, do I literally crush up my Celexa pills into a powder and then weigh them or do I just cut off bits to try to get to the weight? Not sure how to physically execute this. I have 10 mg pills that I can easily cut in half, possibly into quarters. Would I need to get medicine from a compound pharmacy? I think I could go from 15 mg to 12.5 mg doses by cutting my pills. Appreciate any advice.
  19. Hello all, I’m suffering some rather terrible withdrawals and I wanted to introduce myself and find some support within the community. I am searching for connection to those who understand what I am going through and can offer words of wisdom on occasion or be there with me through waves. Does this sound too needy? I would also like to keep track of symptoms here and a log of progress with some accountability (for anyone who stumbles upon my thread) I’ll try and be there for others as well. After a traumatic C-section with my son in Nov 2017 I began to experience bad post partum depression. My psychiatrist told me to take Zoloft ( I believe 25mg?) I took it for two-three nights stopped CT and had a terrible reaction. I became almost comatose and my husband and I were terrified. Looking back now I’m sure I would have stabilized but I was so out of it that we checked me into a psychiatric hospital. There they started me on Venlafaxine and Trazadone for sleep. I had 0 side effects starting the Ven and left the hospital at 75mg. 200mg Trazadone (the lower doses weren’t working for my insomnia so they just kept upping) After stabilizing on Ven and Trazadone I was pretty great for a few years. In 2019 I decided on a slow taper taking a few beads out here and there. I kept no real log - just went by feeling. During this time my DR gave me Adderall for my ADHD which I believe the use of masked any withdrawal symptoms if I had them. I developed a moderate abuse of them and earlier this year Feb28th- I quit CT. This was after a traumatic miscarriage Jan 28th (I was off the adderall for pregnancy but resumed after) During all this time I had been on 3 remaining beads of Venlafaxine which I was holding strong on for several months since my taper 2019-2020. Then March I received my vaccine. After April I started experiencing windows and waves and like withdrawal and became very confused as to the cause. Unfortunately I played with my dose too much up and down and was taking somewhere between 5-10 beads irregularly for months. 10 beads for all of July and August feeling relatively stable and like myself. In July I became pregnant and now there are hormones added to the mix. Wanting to come off completely for the baby I went down to three beads again the end of August. All hell broke loose. Insomnia, akathisia, constant panic, burning skin, restlessness, agitation. 9/5 I started slowly increasing my beads following SAs advice - waiting 7-10 days starting straight from 8 beads (idk why 8) winding up at 12 beads on 10/6. Not getting any relief from these small increases and a baby on the way I increased to 37.5mg 10/7 at the advice of my doctor. I have seen little improvement since but it’s only been a week. I have pretty much been bed ridden for these 6-7 weeks with a few hours of a window randomly here and there. No immediate reaction to the updose besides some nausea and lack of appetite so I suppose it is not hurting. Sleep has improved somewhat from compete insomnia to getting 5-6 hours. In the beginning i had use Klonopin, and Unisom(helps with morning sickness as well) intermittently. The akathisia is mostly gone as well. But the inner agitation and waves of panic keep me home bound and unable to be apart of life. Last night I was able to just use my Trazadone and nothing else. I also take propranolol 5-10mg a day for the panic attacks - which does give me some relief. So I’m looking for guidance as I figure out all of these meds I’m on. I know the Klonopin is terrible so I told my husband it’s only for an absolute emergency. Last dose was 10/6. I want to stop the propranolol as well. But I really need to stabilize because that can have its own withdrawal. I guess I’m just reaching out because I am in dire straights. I have a four year old and a baby on the way with a wonderful husband. I have to make it through this and stabilize. It’s scary to think if I didn’t have them - idk if I would have made it this far. With no real full days of a window yet I’m feeling hopeless. After reading more about tapering I really messed up myself going up and down in dose this year. I hope 37.5 can give me some relief. -KT
  20. I have always been anxious, but it was manageable. Until I started working in 2000. I was 1st put on blood pressure meds (perindopril). Then around 2002 I had my 1st panic attack and was put on benzodiazepines, which I of course needed more of as time went by. Then in 2005 escitalopram was added. I managed to stop the benzodiazepines in 2007 cold turkey (severe withdrawal for about 3 months). I am still on escitalopram 10mg, but it feels like it stopped working. Reading this site I am 100% sure I should not increase the dosage and is considering tapering off, but I have seen many horror stories (although there are some succeses), so fairly scared, even though I do think the meds are not doing anything for me( may even be the reason for my sleep issues and health anxiety). I am the UK and as far as I know we only have the tablets (20mg, 10mg and 5mg). Any suggestions in how I should taper?
  21. Hello fellow withdrawers (if that's a word), I'm Bokart and I'm here on a journey to quit my medication of Olanzapine. Down to 7,5 mg at the moment (see my signature). My story short: back in February 2015 I got admitted in psych ward due to psychosis (due to my destroyed sleep because of my night-shift work). There began my involuntary medication of Olanzapine, which pulled me out of a psychosis, so at least it did some good. I was released from the hospital after two weeks of being there. Now, after jojoing with my olanzapine dose (see signature), I'm finally set to quit it for good. I found this community after searching for succesfull withdrawal stories on the internet and found this community to be great, people being helpful and supportive and giving good advice... I know it can get rough when I approach smaller doses so I do know I will need support. And hopefully I can give support too and offer people hope after and during my taper. I know lots of people are in the same boat as me. Why I want to quit? I got no sexuality anymore, my motivation lacks big time, even personal hygiene is suffering because of that. I can't memorize things like before - learning is difficult. I have very little emotions left in me, basically I'm a dumbed down version of myself nowadays with this drug. I have little social skills - which I would badly need because I plan on working with children in school so some situational awareness is needed (I might have to quit my studies due to me making no progress in my studies... due to this drug). No happines, no enjoying things, lethargy and demotivation... About my psychosis, after it was gone I haven't had any symptoms of it returning (like delusions, paranoia, hallucinations), even after trying to quit my drug cold turkey once, which I see as a good sign. Now I don't want to slip into psychosis again so I need to be extra careful with my taper. After I hit 5,625 mg I will go on tapering by feeling, so no reductions until I feel stable enough. My main concern is sleep. I have a prescribed medication of temazepam (a benzodiazepine), which I can use when my insomnia has hit a threshold of needing immediate attention. I'm trying to limit my use of it to every three days to prevent tolerance and dependence (I know benzodiazepine withdrawals can be bad). But the thing is, lack of sleep led me to psychosis once, so it is a big deal to me. I need at least one night on a while to hit at least 4 hours of uniterrupted sleep, which 40 mg of temazepam does. I've tried many other sleep aids such as low to medium dose of quietiapine (no effect), low to medium dose of levomepromazine (didn't help), low dose of doxepine (no effect), even melatonine and l-tryptophan and 5-htp and none of those helped. One thing that helped me though was phenibut combined with temazepam - I slept 13 hours with that combination! So I know I have an emergency brakes on my train now (assuming that combination works again, haven't taken phenibut in 2 months to avoid tolerance and dependency), but I'm planning on limiting the use of this combination to once a month. On this dose of 7,5mg I'm currently having 2-3 hours of good uninterrupted sleep plus 3-4 hours of bad, constantly waking up kind of sleep So, thank you all for being here! And I wish a speedy recovery to those who are withdrawing from their drugs, we are all here together.
  22. Its only been a week since I started to tapper from 75mg Effexor-xr; am reducing 10% by removing 10 beads at at time. Only problem my memory generally is really bad. So I got a system going blue plastic container so I could see the tiny white beads; a small glass bottle to contain the unused beads. I take my tablet at night. I have just realised this morning that I have missed a capsule. I am shocked. So my question is what do you do when you realise you've missed a dose? Do you just keep on track and be aware that there might be a reaction ? (at some point?) and just keep going, maybe add a few more days to the end before tappering again? Thanks!!!!!
  23. Hey there, This is my first post and I'm feeling rather desperate. I'm a 26 year old woman and have been on Lexapro for over 6 years now. Around that time, I also became chronically fatigued (could easily sleep 12+ hours, couldn't keep my eyes open on the bus, work etc...) and no doctor told me that antidepressants could be the main cause. During that time, I tried adding Wellbutrin to no avail, and also got various blood tests, sleep studies, changed times of day I took my meds, tried supplements, different diets etc... and nothing seemed to help. Only after doing some research on Reddit am I realizing that Lexapro causes this chronic fatigue for a lot of other people and after trying Wellbutrin one more time with no increased energy, I've decided to taper. It is nearly impossible to find a doctor where I live, and my current GP told me I could taper from my current 10mg dose in 2 weeks which seems insane from what I've read. I went on 5mg for 2 months and am currently taking 5mg every second day, and my fatigue is only getting worse and I'm at the point where I'm unable to function. Is there a better way I could be tapering? How long should I expect this fatigue to last? Thank you so much.
  24. Current drugs: - 2012-present citalopram, currently steady at 25mg - 2020 lyrica: max 4mg/day. started tapering after 2 weeks and having worse withdrawal than from 225mg This case history must be very unusal given the low dose and short time. Has anyone heard of a similar case? Also unusual is the bad method I'm stuck with to calculate doses. Recent start and tapering of lyrica ----------------------------------- I started a microdose of lyrica January 1 2020, thinking I could test side effects and stop if they were bad. Worked up to a maximum of about 4mg/day. After 2 weeks I decided it wasn't for mej. Reduced to 70% of max dose and held 4 days but got serious withdrawal symptoms. I thought an increase might help so went up to 80% of my maximum for 2 days, symptoms got MUCH worse, then down to 75% (1 day) and 65%. I thought lyrica and citalopram might be interacting and that tapering citalopram might be easier, so I tried 20% less (25->20mg) one day. I got the worst anxiety of my life and haven't changed it again. Following that I stayed on 65% of my lyrica dose for 2 weeks while I stabilised. Now on day 5 down from 65% to 60% which has not been bad. So, tapering slowly seems best. BUT I cannot measure doses accurately because I'm dividing powder with a knife on a plate (see below). Would switch to liquid but I can only guess how much I'm taking in a day. I'd be grateful for any advice on what I should do! Or information about similar low-dose, short-term cases, or how to handle inaccurate doses. I've been advised by some to go cold turkey given the small dose and short time, and that might have been ok when I started tapering after 2 weeks, but now I've been on it 6 weeks total. I could just about handle the initial 30% drop from my maximum dose but I could not handle what happened when I raised it 10%, then lowered it again. Maybe my case will be useful to someone. If nothing else it shows you can get hooked on a very small dose. The rest of this post goes into background a little and a lot of detail about what I'm doing now, so may be of less general interest. Prior drug history ------------------ - before 2010: prozac then paroxetine then seroquel. never any real trouble getting off them. Just some anxiety/irritability. - 2012 lyrica (only) for 11 days max 225mg/day then tapered off over 5 days with bad withdrawal symptoms for about a week - 2012 mirtazapine for a couple of months, after the lyrica - 2012-present citalopram, starting near the end of the mirtazapine Why is withdrawal worse in 2020 than on a much bigger dose in 2012? ------------------------------------------------------------------- It's hard to compare the two but the current withdrawal seemed considerably worse even before I raised the dose again and made it much worse. Some ideas I had: - I'm also on citalopram now. - Use or withdrawal from lyrica in 2012 primed/changed something. - I got lucky when i went off quickly in 2012, just in time (tapering after 11 days of using it) and just fast enough (5 tapered doses) to escape worse withdrawal. - The down/up dose in first week or withdrawal made it much worse. Also changing citalopram dose for 1 day seemed clearly VERY bad. Switching to liquid ------------------- Day 1 of last taper (65->60%) was partly with liquid I got from a compounding pharmacy. I replaced about 23% of the powder with liquid. Symptoms from underdosing have been bad but less bad than raising the dose, so I aimed low, and took what should have been roughly 45% less liquid than needed (using my rough estimate at equivalance - see dosing method below for details). It was much too strong. I got more sedated than I've ever been on lyrica, lots of muscle twitches, then somewhat agitated when it wore off. I switched back to all-powder doses, and decreased the evening dose by 1/3 to compensate for the morning overdose, and from the next day remained 5% of max dose lower. This has gone surprisingly well despite the updose then decrease. I'm tempted to stay on the powder, but I can't divide into smaller amounts than 1/256 of a capsule with any accuracy at all. That means as I decrease the dose, the reduction step size will get bigger. The most recent step down (65->60%) was about 7.5% of my current dose, but that will become 15% of current dose given a few more steps etc. Also, if a shirtsleeve brushes my reference doses away I'm sunk - I'll have little idea how much to take. But if I switch to liquid, I have to guess how much to take, and try to correct for symptoms, and gradually replace powder with liquid. After the first drop in dose (100% to 70%) it seemed to take a few days for the withdrawal to really get going. If that's still true, adjusting the liquid dose up and down could easily get out of hand and be less gentle than the later, and proportionally bigger, powder decreases. So neither option is good. Powder dosing method (details) ------------------------------ The method I use to dose is awful: I divide capsule's powder into two piles of 1/2, then divide each pile agqin and again. Currently I take 1/64 + 1/128th of a capsule every morning and again at night. This has limited accuracy of course, but it gets worse; there is residue left on the plate after the division. The amount of residue has changed over time since I switched from a big knife to a razor blade, and I haven't been consistent about how much residue I leave. At one point I thought measurements would be more consistent if I kept "reference" piles of each key size: 1/32, 1/64 and 1/128. But I realise now the references are not accurate, and I'm basically eyeballing the new piles now to match the reference ones. To estimate how much my 1/128 actually is, I started a new pill, and divided it with as little residue as possible (using a razor blade, which doesn't leave much at allif you're careful). To my amazement I seem to have left about 50% of the pill as residue. Separately I began sweeping residue from another pill into a pile, which I estimated was about 30% of the pill. Another idea would be to weigh my 1/64th, but I suspect it's too little to measure accurately with any scale I can get my hands on. Potency of my powder -------------------- To make matters even worse, the capsules I'm using expired 4.5 years ago. From a short look on the net and talking with a pharmacist this might not be big deal. But also the powder sits on a plate being slowly divided for up to 2 weeks before I take it, so it may degrade somewhat.
  25. Hello, I decided to come off my OCD and anxiety medication with the support of my psychiatrist. I’m on clomipramine 25mg but the way my doctor has me tapering has me feeling really weird, is there a better way? this has been my schedule: 2 weeks - taking 25mg capsule every other day 2 weeks - taking 25mg capsule every third day now -stopping completely since it’s a capsule, it can’t be cut in half
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