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Found 1 result

  1. Hi! This is my first post and my first time joining any group. I have been on Paxil (generic Paroxetine) 10 mg since October 2011. I am really interested in starting to taper it. I have an appointment with my psychiatrist next month and woudl like input on how to taper and see what the doctor says. I never had anxiety or depression but one day it just came upon me out of the blue. I didn't realize it was anxiety. I had 2 doctors. One put me on Xanax .25 mg to cut in half. I switched doctors when I felt like he didn't care and made rude comments. I got a new PCP and he put me on Celexa (only about 4 days). I quit because it didn't work (didn't realize that it coudl take 6 weeks). He put me on Prozac (lasted only a few weeks, once again didn't know it coudl take weeks). He then sent me to a psychiatrist who put me on the Paxil at 10 mg. Once I started that within a few days I actually started feelign better. I had anxiety due to not understaning the symptoms of it. I feel that I am readly to come off of it. Any input from anybody would be helpful. Thanks!!
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