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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I was put on abilify this past summer and it helped my depression A LOT. I started noticing side effects and went fom 2mg to 1mg then from 1mg to 0.5mg. Abilify was causing low blood pressure, palpitations, and also interacting with the fluvoxamine I take. I really thought the drug was helping my head but destroying my body. I knew I had to stop taking it so I went from 0.5mg to 0. Immediately something was very wrong. My psychiatrist said it couldnt be from the abilify because I was on such a low dose. After my own google search I showed him that it was in fact the withdrawal causing my issues. This is te worst panic and anxiety I have ever felt, I am nauseas and have lost 10lbs, depressed isnt even the word, I am so disconnected from reality and dont even know who I am or what is going on, I can't focus, and feel completely alone. I have been researching every supplement out there and every psychiatrist who might have a magic answer. I am taking tiny pieces of xanax to survive but I am very afraid of using it long term. Its been almost 2 months since I stopped the abilify and I dont know how much longer I can live like this. The doctors want me to up my fluvoxamine intake largely because they dont undersstand that the hell I'm in is likely from abilify. Do I go back on abilify and taper off? I stopped at 0.5 which isnt even a lot. I really cant imagine taking that drug now knowing what it can do to someone. Do I just wait and pray to feel better? Do I go to the hospital? It feelts like I am holding on by a thread. I don't know when it will get better and life is passing me by. Looking forward to hearing from you all. 2002-2022 Fluvoxamine 2018-2022 Cymbalta 2018-2022 Vyvanse 2021-2022 Abilify 2022 Xanax, Klonopin -- Currently (May 2022): Stopped Abilify 0.5mg on 03/15/2022 Fluvoxamine 125mg and Xanax or Klonopin 0.5mg
  2. Hello, I am currently going through abilify withdrawal and symtoms were ok for a while . I am also currently on 20 mgs of Trintellix. I actually started to get better after stopping the abilify and started to go out for walks and drive for the first time in 5 years, but unfortuenatly I started to suffer from akathesia and pins and needles and burning sensation all over my body and head which increases in intesity if I lay down or try to fall asleep as it becomes so severe that I have to get up and walk around to get slight relief from this intense burning . The insomia is also starting to get worse that I only sleep for one hour and wake up with severe burning in my head and arms and legs. Do you know of anyone who has experinced this before and what they did to stop the burning. I also started to take Librax which I think is called Librium in the US , its active ingrediant is chlordiazepoxide which is a benzodiazepine. I only took 5 mgs twice a day to help with anxiety and insomnia which arose after I stopped taking the abilify . I did have pins and needles all over my body and only slight burning at the time and as I started to get better and able to go out and drive and go for walks, I decided to stop taking the chlordiazepoxide and after a few days the burning became so intense that cry from the pain and insomnia got worse to the point that I only sleep for one hour. I hope you can help me as my doctor is the one who got me in this mess as he told me there would be no wirhdrawal from stopping 5 mgs of abilify and if you know anyone who has had this burning sensations while on antidepressents and what they did to cure it. I also am very scared that I am still taking 20 mgs of Trintellix and don't know how I will be able to withdraw from it, as according to survivingantidepressants.com who advise tappering by 10% every month , it would take me about 4 years to get off 20 mgs of Trintellix which is just too long. I don't even know if it is safe to start tappering off the Trintellix while I am still going through the Abilify withdrawal symptoms . I just want to get off the Trintellix as soon as possible. I hope you can help me on what to do . I am really suffering and just want to live a normal life free from these drugs. I also have previous history of withdrawal from cipralex 20mgs which caused severe withdrawal and was put on Lustral, also known as Zoloft in the US, by only took a quarter of a tablet. This caused my anxiety to sky rocket as I was also taking Eltroxin after I had Thyroid surgery due to Thyroid cancer 9 years earlier. So I stopped the Lustral amd became severley suicidal and was hispitalized , then was put on celexa which is where the severe burning started and that was back in mid 2016 , was switched as a result back to Cipralex 10mgd but the burning did not go away , suferred also horrible derealization , was discharged and while at home I reduced the Cipralex dose to 5mgs, the burning got less but became severely suicidal again , so was hospitalized again and was given Trintellix 10mgs and Dogmatil , suddenly I wasn't sucidal and the burning got less. Then was taken off Dogmatil due to visual disturbances and was fune fir a while, but they then added Abilify 5mgs with the Trintellix 10mgs, and this is where I became quit weak and breathless. I was then discharged. When to another psychiatrist who put me on 5 d8ffrent meds , got really worse with pevere derealization and fatigue . So went back to the hospital paychiatrist who switched me back to Trintellix but now 20mgs not 10mgs and Abilify 5mgd and Favrin 100mgs. After a few months of no improvement was taken off Favrin 100mgs which I tappered over 6 weeks instead of the doctor's recommended 6 days only. Fourtunatly no withdrawal. Then after one month I asked to be taken off Abilify 5mgs. The docter said to just stop taking it because it didn't cause any withdrawal, which turned out to be a lie. I suffered as a result from insomnia and akathesia for a couple of weeks. Things started to get better and was able to go out for walks and drive, this only lasted for 2 months. Now I have severe burning and insomnia, only slerp for half an hour a day or not at all . I feel terrible my head and body feel like they'reon fire . Ia am seeing the psychiatrist today but am afraid of what he may prescribe. Please help me I am desprate and can't live like this much longer. I have been suffering since 2016. Thank you for your time. Hope you can rely as soon as possible M
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