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  1. I am watching a lot of videos and listening to different pod casts and the like on different health topics and I came across this on a site by a prominent psychologist (and co-author of the book The Pleasure Trap) check this out! he's cautioning people against using ADs and talks about withdrawal http://esteemdynamics.org/listen-to-dr-doug-audio/audio-why-antidepressants-are-dangerous/ he also mentions being careful about going off these drugs very very slowly in another video about issues with food. he's a bit fuzzy on some of the details but at least he's getting the word out the more ppl educating the public about the dangers of these drugs, the better! he recommends Anatomy of an Epidemic and also Breggin's book on going off ADs just sharing my happiness about the spread of information and education on this topic I kinda needed to find some good news today
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