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  1. Amid disparaging anguish, I’m looking for experienced advice about how to move forward for relief and healing. Background: After being on Zoloft beginning in 2000 and Paxil since 2004 (failed taper before resuming at 25 mg in 2007, slow wean to 10 mg and held until 2016 - back up to 20 mg before SLOW liquid wean back to 10 mg), I felt well enough (working with Mensah Medical since fall 2018 and a naturopath since May 2020) to begin very slow descent from 10 mg in November 2020. Used liquid to go down 0.02 mL/0.04 mg per day through early February 2022. Was eating VERY healthy (mostly natural/organic, gluten/dairy free).Noticed sleep issues around beginning of March (waking up 3-4 hours early), OCD symptoms, irritability.Around Mother’s Day 2022, began losing whole nights of sleep in fairly regular succession. Horrible anxiety and panic. *I’m still baffled by what went wrong with my careful, supported wean - so disheartening! After Unisom wasn’t consistently helpful,PCP prescribed both Ambien (took only 3 times) and Trazodone for sleep. Starting May 16, my first 2 nights on Trazodone at 50 mg - ineffective for sleep, went to 100 mg after one night of 10 mg Ambien/50 mg Trazodone. Stayed at 100 mg for about 1 week before coming down (75 mg one night, then 62.5 — 1.25 pill — for two nights, to 50 mg one night, back to 62.5 mg one night, then 50 mg for 9 nights). Tried adding hydroxyzine a bit - had script for that too - but not helpful enough and too blanked out next day. Notes from being on Trazodone: ”Over the past two nights, I’ve taken 2 Trazodone. It seems to be taking a toll on my body (some constipative, raw stomach, alarming clamped feeling in head and arm/leg/feet muscles) while providing partial sleep (~4 hours last night with some resting after). This morning, I woke up about 4 AM!” “Continuing to take this Trazodone has felt overwhelming to my body. It recently seems to hinder my rest. It’s super-alarming to have a pounding heart, electrifying grip on my head/body muscles (writhing/jerking for relief), stomach distress, constipation, and an unpleasant skin warming as I struggle to relax in the night. The sleep support seems to be dwindling while the intensely unsettling body impact continues. I dread nights because of the experience. I feel scared with wanting relief from Trazodone side effects while hoping my body wouldn’t overreact to sudden change. As my function and coping diminish, I feel at a loss. As much as I want good rest, sleeping meds seem to be counterproductive for me.” On 6/9, started going down from 50 mg Trazodone by 1/8 pill with 2 nights at every level - was at 25 mg by 6/17 and totally off around July 4. So, I was on Trazodone for around 6 weeks - definitely less than 8 weeks. In the meantime, some of my closest associates were/are convinced that I need some level of Paxil for the rest of my life. Such negative experiences with Trazodone probably indicated that my Paxil dosage was insufficient. So - bewildered and despondent, I resumed 5 mg Paxil on 5/17, increased to 10 mg around 5/26, tried increasing to 20 mg on 6/6 but scaled back to 15 mg on 6/15 due to Trazodone wean, and went back to 20 mg on 7/8 — twice as much as before I started the wean! I so much wish I’d stopped Trazodone earlier (or never started) and not gone up nearly so high on Paxil! Now off Trazodone and on 20 mg Paxil for about 1 month — sleeping better, BUT …(alarming tinnitus, burning nerve/muscle pain in limbs/extremities/back - want to writhe out of my skin, gastrointestinal soreness, intense pressure headaches - worse in evenings, nauseating dryness in nose/mouth/ears, twitching urge and restless agitation). Symptoms are persistent, worse at times, and can seem so unbearably awful. I struggle to function, think, process, and socialize. Psychiatrist wants to add Remeron and remove Paxil later (I’m disinterested), BUT I wonder if it’s somewhat due toTrazodone withdrawal (some Paxil side effects too maybe but never felt this dreadfully rotten with Paxil before) — have begun 0.02/0.04 liquid Paxil wean again (takes 125 days to drop 5 mg). Is this something to bracingly wait out while I wean down on Paxil again (is there a better/safer way to wean Paxil?), or am I unwise not to reinstate Trazodone for a more gradual wean (how would I do that)? Also, am I correct to avoid adding Remeron to the mix? God bless you for reading and considering what support you can offer in response!
  2. Hi my name is Alberto and I’ve tried a ton of ssris and antipsychotics over the past 7 years. Most recently I had a really bad experience with rexulti that gave me akithsia (which went away once I discontinued thank gawd) and my current ongoing bout with Effexor. I’m in a bit of weird situation in that I wasn’t in it for long and am looking for help as I’m at wit’s end and am seriously inching closer to suicide due to my symptoms. I started Effexor June 24 75mg. I immediately noticed really bad headaches and nausea but stayed he course as “that’s the side effects for 2 week”. By 5 days in the headaches had gotten really bad but I also had started getting burning sensations across my whole body and head. After dealing with this for a few days we reduced my dose to 37.5. The symptoms continued and got worse so we discontinued Effexor Monday 7/4. The first two days were a continued hell of body burning headaches nausea anxiety shortness of breath etc. The intense while body burning thankfully went away 2-4 days later tho lighter leg burning remained. The anxiety and shortness of breath have slowly gone away too but the headache and nausea feel worse/like they’ve stagnated. I’m two weeks post stopping this hell drug (for me) and almost a month since starting it but my nausea and headaches are just insane and making it impossible for me to live a good life and function well. It’s really impacting my work but most importantly my wife and kid. Has anyone every heard of or experienced anything like this? Did it go away, when? Did anything help you manage the symptoms til it did ? I have this fear that this is going to be a chronic thing I have to live with forever and tbh I won’t live long if that’s the case. The klonopin, zofran, and advil I take to manage do a meh job and I’m at wit’s end. Guess I’m looking for some success stories related to this and advice to help me get on the right track and ultimately save my life. Thank you and sorry for the really dramatic post, I’m just really hurting.
  3. Hi, I am in crisis right now and desparate for help. I tapered off effexor 1 year ago and have had no psychiatric meds since. The past year has been rough with prolonged withdrawal and bouts of anxiety along with way, but for the past 3 months I have been doing very well (working a stressful job and handling it well, traveling, etc). For the past week, seemingly out of the blue, I am having severe, debilitating anxiety and insomnia. I also have odd physical senstations that I haven't experienced in quite this way before (odd nagging nausea-not the anxiety kind, but the flu kind; extreme muscle pain; periodic cramping of my hands and feet; a buzzing or tingling sensation in my arms and legs; weakness. I saw my doctor, who ran blood tests- everything is normal. I saw her before the anxiety started- at first, I just had the flu-like symptoms, then the anxiety hit. I don't know what to do....I am going to have to resign from my job (a well-established, successful career of 9 years). I aleady took a leave for 1 month 6 months ago when I was having a bout of bad withdrawal. I feel desperate for relief, and am so desperate that I would even go on meds again (although I swore they were the worst thing I ever did to myself and that I would never touch them again). Is there any chance this is still a delayed withdrawal? Please if anyone can offer me advice, I really need help right now. Thank-you.
  4. Hello guys , please spare a few minutes to read it and help me with this. I am from India 25 male In April of 2019 ,during my 3rd semester break, I had a breathing issue (one side nose block )and a sleep (cycle )problem,so I went to ent doc- dx with right sinusitis (not severe ) . For the sleeping cycle issue ,he told to see psychiatry (his wife ) and she prescribed DEP®@n L combination of ( Le×@pro 5 mg + clo≠zepam 0.25 mg ) for 14 days and told to stop After stopping , I had symptoms like - heart pounding ,anxiety , concentration issues, irritability . So I expected it to go away, but it didn't .So I went to another psychiatrist after 6 month (oct 2019),and he prescribed p®@xil (p®@xidep cr 12.5 mg ) ( oct 2019 to Jan 2020) i took for 3 months. while taking this durg my irritability ,anger increased .After stopping the drug I had symptoms of acid reflux ,pounding heart , muscle twitching,anxiety ,anger issue , irritability , indigestion i couldn't eat like before my food consumption decreased,sweating at night , waking at midnight 2am ,mild erectile dysfunction , orgasm decreased slightly ,mild heat intolerance . These severe affects lasted 6 months (aug 2020) and gradually decreased ,but the following symptoms did not -anxiety ,acid reflux, sexual side affects Somehow, I graduated in 2020 Feb 2021 due to exam pressure my sleep cycle changed - anxiety increased so I decided to take it again p®@xil (p®@xidep cr 12.5 mg ) this was the biggest mistake that i have ever made. . While taking the drug I felt dizzy all the time . on 12 th day I got severe gi distress and complete sexual dysfunction that shocked me so I stopped (Feb 2021) that drug cold trukey after that I had total sexual dysfunction ,can't feel emotion,severe acid reflux, heat intolerance ,throat pain ,blurry vision ,fatigue ,muscle pain , shivering, frequent urination ,fear increased , social anxiety ,panic attack,bloating , inability to burp , indigestion,muscle twitching, heart palpitation , headache,bounding pluse , wake up at midnight , can't able to sleep at right time always varies , exercise ability decreased , anger to the peak , irritability, confusion,can't concentrate ,eyelids felt always tired ,anxiety increased . this lasted about 7 to 9 months severely (June 2021) and gradually decreased .now this is my 17 th month slightly improved i can exercise more than 20 mins but still have most of this symptoms especially total sexual dysfunction ,anxiety ,indigestion ,muscle pain , concentration problem . In my first 2 attempts I couldn't study properly and in my 3rd attempt I did some but not enough, so I failed in all my attempts. I am going to write another one this year .my problem is that i can't study for long (8hrs-10hrs) and have concentration problem .Almost wasted a year and a half of my life .i have read "withdrawal and tapering 101".i am planning to reinstate very low dose ssri ? Anyone here been through something similar and recovered ? What lab tests do I have to take ? Can anyone help me with this ? I am obsessed with my sexual dysfunction always thinking about it makes me sick . My friends passed the exam a year ago ,but I am still struggling . I shouldn't have taken antidepressants 😔 What should I do ? Plz give me some suggestions
  5. Hi I am presently very foggy and unsure how to go about composing this but I’ll do my best. About eight days ago (May 20) I took one dose of a 20mg adderall XR prescription I had recently been given for ADHD. If I’m remembering correctly my focus was improved and I was able to get a lot of things done without incurring much fatigue the way I normally do, but it immediately caused some pretty intense side effects, including elevated anxiety (nearly to the point of panic frankly), sexual dysfunction, appetite suppressing, GI problems, numbness/tingling in my extremities, and insomnia. I discontinued after the first dose and some of the symptoms subsided, but many didn’t and fairly quickly some new ones emerged. Presently I’m experiencing severe brain fog, anhedonia, sexual dysfunction (v low libido and genital insensitivity), difficulty w speech, heavy fatigue, dissociation (maybe depersonalization/derealization? It’s hard to tell), tremors in my hands and head and some involuntary movements, numbness/tingling in extremities (different from when on the med, less of a squeezing more like “drained”, I think I read that adderall affects blood flow), difficulty eating (also a different quality to the appetite suppressing effects of the meds), occasional insomnia, altered perception of time (everything feels much slower) and very intense depression and anxiety. I am very distressed ab these. I’m a trans woman w a history of sexual abuse and medication-induced sexual dysfunction (both very distressing! tho the dysfunction was never quite persistent iirc) as well as long term dissociation due to dysphoria who has only within the last year (since I fully came out and started hormone replacement therapy) that I’ve begun to heal and enjoy being present in my body and to experience a sexuality that doesn’t feel poisonous to me, and it has been more or less heartbreaking to feel as though the like. Fruits of my progress have been taken away from me. Additionally, I’m a survivor of long-term withdrawal from other meds, most notably lamictal, and it’s very triggering to be experiencing symptoms that so closely parallel my experiences with that. I’m hoping very much I’ll experience some relief soon because I don’t feel remotely like myself. I haven’t been able to engage with any of my interests in any sustained way since the dose. I’m very afraid I’ve given myself a case of PSSD in a roundabout way, though I’m trying to stop myself from jumping to conclusions. I am going to pursue specialized treatment for PTSD w/o meds in the meantime. I would appreciate any comfort, reassurance, advice, etc — (until I figure out how to pin a signature I’ll just put one here manually) extensive history of prior psych meds usage for adhd, depression, anxiety lamictal march-august 2018 (abrupt taper over latter four months, don’t remember dose) abilify, three days september 2018 concerta September-October 2018 reinstated lamictal at microdose, then tapered off probably too abruptly May 2019-July 2019 Estradiol, Spironolactone, Progesterone April 2021-present 💗 Adderall XR 20mg May 20, 2022
  6. Hello everyone I developed an anxiety disorder during the pandemic. I didn’t know I was having anxiety at first because I never had it before so it took forever for me to actually start treating it. My anxiety was so bad it caused silent acid reflex. Anyways with time it got better naturally & then I started meditating everyday for about 3 weeks & it really got better the acid reflex was improving too. I got impatient because I wanted my life back already so I thought that taking 10mg celxa pill for a few months to finally get rid of the acid reflex would be ok. I took the pill at night time & felt calm when I woke up, I also noticed my reflex was like 95% gone which just proves it was from anxiety. Anyways later on that day I all of a sudden out of no where I got a headache, rapid heartbeat & shaky hands then I got a “s” thought ( I don’t wanna say the word) which I never had before it was like a voice in my head. I immediately threw all the medication down the drain & didn’t take another one. So I only took ONE pill. After a about a week my acid reflex came back. Since then I’ve had intrusive thoughts, ocd thoughts, brain zaps, memories of bad things that have happened, thoughts focused around violence, fear for no reason, mood swings sad for no reason, crying for no reason, extreme anxiety, frequent urinating, increase of my acid reflex, unable to sit still for long etc. This is obviously all from the pill. this is ridiculous & super scary that just one pill can cause all of this. I don’t know what to do besides wait. I do yoga every morning & breathing exercises & sometimes ride my bike. I had to quit my job. I’m only in my 20’s. Any advice or similar story is welcomed. I took the pill on April 25th so it’s been about a month now
  7. ADMIN NOTE If you abruptly quit your drug without tapering (cold turkey), see I thought I'd write something up for the CT/ADR crew, as those who are tapering are often able to manage their symptoms well through a gradual hyperbolic taper. For those of us cast out to sea, so to speak, and with no choice but to endure suffering, I think the only thing we have control over is our attitudes and our relationship to what we're experiencing. This means that though we have no choice over what we experience, we have the power to decide whether we suffer it. I may only be 30 days into my ADR experience, but I think given the intensity of my symptoms I've done remarkably well. Part of the reason that's the case is that I'm already well versed at managing suffering by virtue of struggling with CPTSD. One of the most helpful resources I found in my trauma recovery has been Pete Walker's 13 Steps for Flashback Management. I feel Pete's strategies could similarly be helpful for those suffering symptoms from Withdrawal/ADR. CPTSD flashbacks often resemble Withdrawal/ADR symptoms in their overwhelming and intense quality, and are similarly difficult to assign meaning to. Pete's steps help people to endure and manage their suffering, and support people to develop a healing attitude towards a complex and often lifelong syndrome. So here I present to you, adapted directly from Pete's steps, Scrountz's 10 Steps for Managing Withdrawal/ADR Symptoms: 1. Say to yourself: "I am experiencing a symptom." Its important when symptoms arise to name them what they are. When in a wave it is easy to lose perspective and believe that what we are experiencing is a sign that we are going crazy, mentally ill, that our brains are broken, or that we are dying. Symptoms are not characterological defects, nor are they signs of a deeper problem. Symptoms are time limited experiences that will gradually resolve. When you name what you are experience as a symptom, you are reinforcing what is real. 2. Remind yourself: "I would not be feeling this way if it was not for the medication." Withdrawal/ADR symptoms are compelling and have a tendency to pull us in to a unique physiological reality characterized by interminable suffering. Neuro-emotions, ruminating thoughts, and unrelenting physical ailments feel so real it is sometimes hard to believe that we are experiencing is drug induced. Falling into this pit can send us into a spiral of googling symptoms, experimenting with remedies and endlessly theorizing about our condition. Reminding ourselves that it is the medication (or for withdrawal, its absence) that is causing this experience grounds us in the appropriate context for recovery. When we remind ourselves it is the medication, we open the door to taking the right action to promote recovery. 3. Own your right and need to have boundaries Remind yourself that you are injured, and have a right to do what is necessary to heal. Respectfully communicate to others when you are distressed/overwhelmed/debilitated and need space or freedom from responsibilities that may burden your already over-sensitized nervous system. Own your right to take care of yourself and put your wellness first. Remove or reduce distressing factors in your environment and focus on finding a space for you that is safe and conducive to healing. Remember you are free to leave overstimulating situations and to protect yourself from the dismissive behaviour of others. 4. Seek reassurance When symptoms arise, they can be incredibly distressing and debilitating. Many people in withdrawal feel as though their lives are ruined and they may never feel better again. Seek reassurance from loved ones and compassionate others to remind you that you will heal in time. Call your parents, talk to your spouse, connect with your counsellor, or phone a friend. Journal in your introductory topic or reach out to other members of this forum. Find whoever you can to reassure you things will get better. Often just hearing that from someone else is enough to provide some strength to keep going. 5. Deconstruct eternity thinking Withdrawal/ADR symptoms are incredibly compelling. Often when a wave of symptoms arises, one feels they will always feel this way forever. I know for me, when a wave of depression hits, I have a hard time believing it won’t last forever. The reality is that symptoms change over time. Recovery follows an unpredictable course, yet no feeling is final. Waves will always end eventually. Remind yourself that symptoms are not forever, and you will feel differently eventually. Symptom journals can be incredibly helpful in this regard, as when eternity thinking sets in, you can revisit past journals to see how your experience has changed over time. 6. Remind yourself of the resources you have While time is the only factor that truly resolves Withdrawal/ADR symptoms, there are numerous resources available to help with coping and reducing symptom severity. When distressing symptoms arise, remind yourself of the resources you have to cope. It can be helpful to make a list of the things you find helpful in managing symptoms (for me it's talking with loved ones, journaling, Qigong, Acknowledge/Accept/Float, CBT exercises). In withdrawal/ADR, you are out of control but you are not powerless. There are ways to increase comfort and help manage your experience. 7. Ease back into your body (this is copied verbatim from Pete’s flashback management as it is just as applicable to us) Gently ask your body to relax: Feel each of your major muscle groups and softly encourage them to relax. (Tight muscles send unnecessary danger signals to the brain.) Breathe deeply and slowly. (Holding the breath also signals danger). Slow down. (Rushing presses the psyche's panic button.) Find a safe place to unwind and soothe yourself. Wrap yourself in a blanket, hold a stuffed animal, lie down in a bath, take a nap Feel the fear in your body without reacting to it. Fear is just an energy in your body that cannot hurt you if you do not run from it or react self-destructively to it. 8. Resist drasticizing and catastrophizing Withdrawal/ADR symptoms throw us into a state of high distress, where it is easy to begin catastrophizing (believing the world is ending) and drasticizing (believing that something needs an immediate and severe response). It’s important to forcefully resist this, as this kind of thinking only serves to increase distress and reinforce the notion that recovery is not possible. Use whatever strength you can to push back against this thinking, reminding yourself that symptoms are not life threatening, and that this is not forever. CBT techniques that challenge catastrophic thinking are particularly helpful in managing this dimension of symptoms. 9. Allow yourself to grieve Withdrawal/ADR can be a debilitating, life altering experience that has robbed some of us years of wellness and prosperity. For many the loss of a sense of safety and trust in the medical system leaves one feeling existentially exposed. The symptoms of withdrawal/ADR can impact our relationships, sense of self and life direction. It is important to leave space to express the healthy feelings that come up as a result of this demoralizing, often traumatic experience. Pain, sadness, anger, despair and anguish all have a place in the recovery process. Give yourself permission to express whatever feelings are present in relation to the inevitable loss that withdrawal. 10. Be patient with a slow recovery process I was sobered when I read on this site that recovery takes longer than you’d like. The truth of iatrogenic injury is that there is no clear timeline for anyone’s recovery process. Everyone experiences a unique healing trajectory, with some going very slowly and others experiencing more rapid progress. Whatever the pace, it is important to be patient. You simply cannot rush your healing. Most of us will be at this for months or years. Raging against this fact only engenders needless suffering. Though in many ways the hardest step, this is the most important, and feeds back positively into the other steps. If you can take things one day at a time, you’re more likely to successfully manage your symptoms as they arise. If you’re fixated on getting well NOW, you’re less likely to do what's actually helpful (see steps 1-9). This list is far from exhaustive. I’d love to hear from the collective wisdom of this forum about other necessary “steps” in coping with hard symptoms.
  8. Hello, I am a 27M. In January 2022 I was prescribed generic Bupropion 150mg XL off label for ADHD. Before this I had no major mental health issues other than mild anxiety/depression and ADHD and had never taken any psychiatric medication, or any real prescription drug beyond cold medicine and antibiotics. I did have Covid 2 months prior 11/2021. I wonder if Covid could have prompted this adverse reaction somehow. While taking the medication I experienced fatigue and slight dizziness at first. On the 6th day I experienced complete euphoria that felt like some kind of psychedelic trip. Colors were brighter, things were funnier, It felt like my brain was flooded with dopamine. On the seventh day, I continued to feel euphoric but also fell emotionally flat. I also noticed that my sexdrive was non-existent and I experienced erectile dysfunction for the first time in my life. I immediately stopped the medication. I was not made aware of problematic cold turkeying and didn't think it would be necessary after just a week of medication. Since then, I have experienced all sorts of horrific symptoms that have destroyed my life including: Severe brain fog Complete emotional Anhedonia (Music, food, movies bring zero enjoyment) Loss of inner voice Loss of inner visualization Sexual Anhedonia (feel little to zero sexual pleasure). No sex drive, or feelings of attraction POTS feeling very hot or cold. inner restlessness (mild akathisia?) random "SI" thoughts headaches that last for hours visual snow DP/DR colors appear dulled and I get tunnel vision when over stimulated. waking up many times in the night. These symptoms have all remained for the last 5 months. With some minor improvements in brain fog and some days being better than others. It feels as if my dopamine system is completely broken. I have somehow managed to continue working through all of this but my performance has seriously plummeted. Everyday is a battle. I fear for my future, my career, and my relationship. I fear that I have irreversible brain damage at the age of 27 from simply trying to resolve my ADHD. Id appreciate any advice or words of encouragement. This has by far been the worst experience of my life.
  9. Hello. I'm 21 y.o. male. My story with ADs. I was taking Cytalopram ~8 months in 2019, then I stopped it myself as I was not seeing any effect. 07.07.2022 I took first 30mg of prescribed duloxetine before sleep. (Also I was prescribed it with Lamotrigine, Atarax. I strated them a week or two before.) After 2.5h of sleep I woke up with strange feeling. It was difficult to focus, it was getting dark in my eyes. Seems like my pressure got low so I even called to ambulance, but they said ti is just adverse effect and it's ok. Then it got better, but it was a strange feeling in my head all next day. I drank a lot of water (~6 liters) to decrease this drug effect. I was trying to sleep, but wake up every 1-2 hous. I read about a possible PSSD, even after a few days of taking it. Fortunately, yesturday I tried and it seems like it was ok with orgasm. Also I slept today and seems I'm feeling better, but have slight kind of lightheadedness. Of course, I wouldn't take this drugs anymore. Maybe you can reassure me that nothing terrible will happen to my brain from one pill? I would like advice about some lifestyle changes/supplement/diet to minimize effects of this drugs and reduce anxiety. Btw last few months I used to go to the gym and eat healthy diet. When is the best time for me to exercise? Thank you in advance. I appreciate this community.
  10. Hello everyone I apologize if I don’t write so good I hope I made sense in my writing , English is not my main language … I was at the emergency room last month i. The middle of May due to panic attacks and they refer me to a mental clinic and when I was there last month I had no choice that to take the meds that they were giving me first lexapro 10mg with klonopin I don’t know the mg that was on my first day. on my second day the give me lexapro 10mg and gabapentin 3 times a day I don’t know the mg but it was 1 big pill of gabapentin and the nurse keep giving me the same doses of lexapro and gabapentin for the following week then After that 1 week I got discharged and when I was at home I only took lexapro for 2 more days the I stop cold turkey because of the awful side effects like racing heart ,brain fog ,increased anxiety and insomnia I didn’t sleep at all those 2 days ,,and then like 5 days after I quit I started experiencing weird feelings in my throat(feels very very very dry all the way to my stomach) it’s really hard for me to sleep now I keep waking up with this weird sensation and I have it all day but is more uncomfortable at night also my nose feels kinda dry as well I been having weird stools very soft but the main issue is the feeling of dryness that I feel in the throat I feel like is hard for me to breathe even though I went to ER again recently to see what is going on and they told me my oxigen levels are perfect they check my lungs and they are fine idk what to do i don’t know if I will feel better I regret so much that I took those meds because I feel worse now after I took it than before … oh and also I have slightly head pressure specially in the nights … I had ringing in my right ear the very first days that I stopped taking those meds and it seems like the ringing of ear has been fading .. I forgot to mention that the 3 days after of me stopped the med I was waking up with chills and sweating but I was feeling a little bit cold …I been searching if someone have similar issue as me of this weird dry feeling in the digestive track and throat after stopping lexapro but I haven’t found anything and I’m scared because I only took those meds for just a short period of time I don’t know if a person can experience withdrawal when they only took a few doses it’s been 3 weeks now that I’m feeling this way I stopped taking lexapro on May 26 and this weird symptom started like 5 days after = ( I feel so hopeless
  11. naturegirl

    naturegirl: please help

    Hey everyone. Things are really brutal for me right now. I started having insomnia and anxiety around my cycle each month. It was quite bad. In retrospect, I think it was the 5mg melatonin I had been taking every night for over a year that messed up my hormones and triggered all this. I would also take an additional 5 or 10mg if not sleeping, which after doing a lot of research I now know was really dumb. Anyhow, I should have known better, because I have tried psych meds in the past with disastrous results, but I was feeling badly enough that I sought help. Long story short....After 2 weeks of trying gabapentin, trazodone, doxepin, hydroxyzine and ambien and getting sicker and more mentally destroyed with each new drug, I agreed to start Prozac 5mg. I took it for 5 weeks, and every day was hell but I was trying to hang in there and let it work. After 5 weeks, I cut to 2.5mg for a week, then discontinued. Felt pretty good for 3 weeks, then the gates of hell opened. I feel a horrible chemical anxiety and a crushing feeling in my chest constantly now. I don't sleep much or well. My GI tract is really messed up. I only eat to stay alive. I have a constant vibrating/shaking feeling in my entire body. From 5mg, how is this possible???? My husband is out of town and I am caring for our two small children by myself. I'm also working 3.5 days per week at a high stress job. Please help me, I know the only way through this is one day at a time and no more prescriptions, but this feels impossible right now. I won't even take supplements, I really feel like the melatonin had a part in the initial problem. I really need support...
  12. Hello I have been on Anti Depressants since 2016. The only one that made any difference for a few months was Duloxetine 50mg. That stopped working for both depression and anxiety so I discontinued it back in 2019. I was ok for a couple of months but then started feeling anxious again, and the GP reintroduced it. Fast forward to 2021 and a bad dose of Long COVID, and I had to stop the Duloxetine as it was giving me heart disregulation. I then tried Escitalapram for a few weeks but was unable to tolerate it, so the GP prescribed me Mirtazapine. This was put up to 30mg in March 2022, then I developed severe anxiety and discontinued, having a cross taper to Duloxetine again. Whilst cross-tapering, I discovered that the combination of Duloxetine and Mirtazapine seemed to stop my anxiety and so the GP has prescribed this combo. I am only in week 1, but some days I feel fine, and then like today, all I want to do is crash out. I have no job at the moment and feel pretty hopeless. After reading the report in today's news regarding the lack of evidence for the Serotonin hypothesis, I feel like just binning the whole lot of antidepressants, and using diazepam to withdraw off the lot. However, every time I come off antidepressants, I feel like my symptoms rebound. I am starting to feel like a chemistry play set, and don't want to feel this way. I am 47, wife a family.
  13. Just thought I’d share my story and see what your opinions are. (Sorry a bit long) I was diagnosed with panic disorder and GAD back in February, After going to the ER thinking I was dying or was having a nervous break down. I then took some clonazepam .25 mg 1x for two days which really seemed to help me For a couple weeks, then again i experienced the same bad panic attack in March where i took the clonazepam again this time for 4 days 0.25 mg 1x per day. I then felt better for a couple of days. After that i started reading on benzos and decided i should stop taking it and that no matter what panic attack arrised i couldn’t take it again to not become dependent. Well around day 7 of not taking it anymore my body went into full panic mode, i was experiencing light sensitivity , depersonalization, constant nervous and screaming crying worrying i wasn’t going to get any better not knowing what was happening to me. I then said okay it’s time to get on something else that will help me with anxiety. Immediately my doctor prescribed me zoloft. Which i was freaking out about starting it and obsessively reading things online abt peoples experience with it. starting zoloft was hell in itself . I felt all symptoms you name it. It started with feeling of worried for a couple of days aand then feelings of being okay normal self for the next days and it would just be up and down up and down. I did start to notice that around my menstrual cycle the first month i would get deep feelings of sadness. Like a sadness i had not felt before. That would last until my period went away. the second month again, around my menstrual cycle is when i finally decided to cold turkey as per my doctor . I told her i had been experiencing weird thoughts on it, and that i would get moments of like racing thoughts where my mind wouldn’t shut up and I’d wake up with so much anxiety in the morning like in was going to go into another attack. So she suggested it might be some hormonal issues interfering with the med and told me to just stop taking it. I asked her if i could taper since i didn’t want to just stop. She said i wasn’t on it long enough to get any withdrawal .I went down to 25 mg two days and then just stopped. When i stoped i felt instantly better back to my normal self For about 2 days and then around 5th day of stopping is when i started having crying spells, , brain zaps, body shocks ,more wnxiety, feeling like i was losing my mind again very worried about my self and getting better. It was just hell. Fast forward to a month from withdrawal of zoloft , im still having the really bad down depression 10 days before my period started. Idk what to do at this point. I just feel really angry because i shouldn’t have been put in Ssri if i had no symptoms of depression prior to the zoloft. my doctor told me to go on a mood stabilizer which i thought was for bi polar but I’ve never been diagnosed bi polar or had any episodes of mania/ hypomania. I don’t want to go back to the same doctor that prescribed me the zoloft because. I know they will want to prescribe me something else. It’s getting really hard , i just keep trying to find a solution. Seeing that my vitamin d levels are low trying to bring that up. Just looking to see if there’s something else going on. But i cannot think about going another menstrual cycle feeling like this, it’s unbearable i cannot function it makes me feel like a bad wife and mother.once my period stop i noticed my mood starts to slowly lift back to being my normal self. Can someone share their story or a similar experience to an Ssri
  14. mod note: Lzieb's introduction topic here (additional topic by Lzieb: Lzieb's son: Withdrawing my 11 year old son from fluoxetine ) I just want to share my story to everyone who has had an ADR and is looking for hope. 2 years and 3 months ago I had an immediate ADR to Zoloft. Like many of you reading this, I was terrified I wouldn't heal and swore I must be the worst. My injury and suffering was profound...something I didn't know was possible to experience. I was literally in the worst place I've ever been but by God's grace I've recovered. I started climbing out of that pit at 6 months and then by 10 months, I really had turned a corner. By 12 months life had begun to return to normal and since then has only improved. At this point I'd say while I'm not 100% who I was prior to injury (minor memory and occasional dr/dp), I am doing well, life has moved forward and this is behind me. If I didn't heal the last minor things, I'd be ok. I know if you are reading this, it seems really dark and hopeless and maybe you're afraid...but I promise you it's not hopeless. Time is our friend...slowly our brain returns to homeostasis. We get there so just hold on and don't give up. I want you to know I've personally been in contact with many ADR survivors who have recovered. I know of doctors who have treated hundreds over the course of their practice...we get there and you will too. So don't give up! Press on everyday and just get to the night. Every morning gets you closer to having this behind you. Some tips and truths that helped me: - Eat well. I ate food that was healthy and good for my brain. - Rest as best you can (insomnia is difficult but your body can rest some without moving even if you're not sleeping) - Avoid alcohol, recreational drugs, more psyche drugs, ..let you body heal itself. Be very careful with supplements too! Stick to the magnesium and fish oil. - Be careful on how often you are on forums...especially if you can't filter. Remember many people on forums only post while suffering - Adrs are similar but not exact to WDs. We really don't cycle through totally different symptoms. Often the symptoms we have, we keep and feel them to a greater and less degree during the healing process - Some people who speak about having an ADR, may also have a history of other psyche meds so be careful assuming you are similar even if they took the same medication as you for the same amount of time. Everyone here is different - Recovered adrs are out there...it's just we stop posting and don't update once life gets back to normal...also this is traumatic so not everyone returns to share their updates - Be mindful who you listen to...protect your subconscious - Everyone heals on their own timeline. - Your body will do whatever it needs to recover. - Distraction and being busy is your friend. Serving others gets your focus off yourself. Also, doing a gratitude journal really helped me. - Find safe people to help you and be gentle/kind to yourself. This experience is very hard. - It gets easier...You will get there! ****If I can heal, you can heal!!!**** Thank you to everyone on SA that helped me. Thank you to the moderators who answered all my questions. I am so thankful for everyone of you. You helped me tremendously. I thank Jesus for giving me another chance and healing me. He is able! Please feel free to contact me if you need encouragement. I would love to help if I can! A Survivor of ADR, Lzieb
  15. Hi all, I have been a lurker on this forum for a while and I think it’s finally time I tell my story as I’m started to get very scared. I underwent gallbladder surgery in October 2020. I always was an over thinker and an anxious person but it never affected my life. I started to develop a little bit of health anxiety due to the surgery and I also found out from having gallstones that I had an ovarian cyst (it eventually went) so I became stressed about my health. My surgery went really well but I was stressed about blood clots afterwards etc. And I noticed I developed shortness of breath. At first I thought it was from the surgery and it went away about a week later. It then came back again (after I convinced myself that my cyst had returned) and I started to panic thinking something was truly wrong. After a trip to the GP and then to hospital to undergo tests I was told it was anxiety. I actually didn’t believe it at the time as I have never experienced any sort of physical symptoms associated with anxiety. I had asked my doctor for a Xanax to test this theory but instead she prescribed me lexapro 10mg for a month. I took the prescription but decided I wouldn’t take it just yet. However over the weekend I became so fixated on my SOB that I couldn’t leave the house and started to get really sad panicked about it not going. I decided I would start taking lexapro. Looking back I wish I had never even taken that step but little did I know what would happen. the first two days I was a complete zombie and my mam told me to cut the pill in half to 5mg. So for 6 weeks I was on 5mg. I had the first week of horrible flu like symptoms but a week in I got the worst heightened anxiety. My time on lexapro was absolutely horrendous (with the odd few days of feeling great from time to time) and I kept sticking it out to the 6 week mark as I kept telling myself and reading things that suggested that i just needed to adjust to it. I ended up getting depressive crying episodes on it and I just said enough is enough. My SOB actually did go but that was after I found out my cyst was completely gone and I had nothing to worry about. I went to my gp and see agreed i quit and told me to drop to 2.5mg for 2 weeks. Because I had 2 weeks off work and I knew I would have some sort of withdrawals I quit a little earlier after 10 days. Looking back I should have quit more slowly but I just thought I had only been on them 6 weeks. the first 2 days off were fine. I felt no different. Then the feeling of on edge hit and feeling so nervous. This feeling of heightened anxiety I had experienced throughout taking lexapro. The first 2 weeks were awful and I felt very depressed. The next week it got better and then I hit a slump again. Some symptoms have come and gone, some have lingered. I now know what’s been happening is the waves and windows. My windows recently had been a lot better from my symptoms becoming manageable to feeling nearly 100% with the odd symptom here or there. Recently because my windows had been so great I thought I was getting out of it. The past few days I am having a wave. The thing about this wave is mentally I’m just exhausted. The past few weeks in my waves I was still rational and had hope and even when I was crying in despair it would only be for a few minutes and I’d be back to being rational. This time I’m having negative thoughts about never getting better and scared and really fearful for my future ( job, losing people). I wouldn't say I am suicidal but sometimes I have scary thoughts about not being able to get through the days or overcome this. Now I feel like it’s consuming me and I just need some reassurance. I’m scared that maybe it’s not withdrawal and that maybe its just me and I need to get help for it before it gets worse. I feel like I can’t reinstate because I was never myself on this drug and I fear it is the cause behind all of this. I am going to CBT and she has suggested that between the trauma of surgery and adverse affects from getting on lex and coming off of it my whole nervous system is oversensitised which would make sense I guess. basically my symptoms right now are tingling arms and shoulders, jolts at night where I am about to fall sleep and get jolted awake, negative thoughts, pins and needles in my legs and feet, thumping heart and the worst one is this deep emotional sadness in my chest that becomes so overwhelming that I end up having crying spells. The sadness and the constant crying spells are the worst and with that comes the negative thoughts. Im just so scared that I won’t be able to get though this. I was only on lexapro for 6 weeks for crying out loud and at such a low dose. I literally looking back didn’t even need it. I was never this type of person before lexapro. I was such a happy person. I had never experienced depression. EVER. None of the symptoms I have now I ever had before lex. I just feel like it’s never ending. I just want my life back and to stop crying. I haven’t felt fully myself consistently since my surgery back at the beginning of October. I am now coming up to 3 months off. any success stories are most welcome.
  16. Hi, I want to stop using this awful drug. My doctor wants me to try something else. I don't want to try anything but stopping. I have only been on 25mg of Zoloft for 6 days. Can I just quit? I need help
  17. Posting this success story is long overdue. I am pleased to say that I am fully recovered. I was mostly recovered at around 18-24 months but still suffered the odd niggling wave. I have been entirely symptom free for over 2 years now. I have so much respect for the people on here, giving support to those who are suffering. Thank you. I don't come on here much but I do check in. I'm open to PMs, especially if I can help anyone suffering during and after a reaction.
  18. Hi guys! Its been almost 7 months since I ct Lexapro, having only used it in 1 month om 5 mg. Its only now for the last weeks that the zaps, vertigo, flu-sympthoms and burning are starting, and becoming more severe by each day.. And I have a constant low fever since one month. (No virus.) Im burning all over my body, not sensitive to touch really.. Just feels like im on fire. And feels like breathing.. Sulfur. Not a refluxprob. (Also kinda blushing in face) All worse in my belly. Having attacks where it kinda knocks me with burning nerves all over and then goes back to constant medium-burning.. My cold sheets in bed is a blessing to naked skin! Also, notice aches and getting weaker in all my muscles.. 😕 Im so afraid! Whats going on! Have someone felt like this?
  19. Hello! I am new here. Back in May 2021 I took ONE dose of Zoloft 50mg. After about two hours of taking it I new something was wrong. My heart was beating uncontrollably. I was restless all night long and had a hard time sleeping. In the morning it felt like I was not even on this earth. My body temperature changed from hot to cold frequently. The next day I felt more disconnected then ever... then the next day after that my brain physically hurt and was zapping constantly. It felt like I was going to have a seizure. I also had dizziness. In the coming days, weeks, and months, I had depersonalization and derealization, blank mind, crying spells, feeling really depressed. I am almost 7 months out now and the depersonalization and derealization have gotten a lot better. My memory and concept of time have improved some. I also have brain fog. I am now experiencing a new symptom anhedonia. I cannot feel happy or music when it comes on in my car. I would like some feedback on supplements or lifestyle changes that helped people. I hope people have fully recovered from one dose so I can have more hope. Thank you!!
  20. I have been lurking here since June. I had been having a really hard time with anxiety building as the pandemic escalated. My anxiety wasn’t all from the pandemic itself, I have had anxiety and depression for years and it was exacerbated when I had my babies. With my third and fourth, in 2014 and 2017, I took sertraline. It gave me about a week of heightened anxiety and a few blips here and there, but it did help overall with my depression. I was on 25mg for most of the time I took it - about 18 months with one baby and about six months with another. But invariably got anxiety flare ups, especially when I would try to go up to 50mg. I never had a problem going off of it. The last time I took sertraline consistently was probably 2018. Starting in mid-May 2020, my anxiety and depression, but moreso my anxiety, was just becoming worse and worse and I felt like I couldn’t function as a person, parent, etc. I talked to a telehealth doctor who prescribed me buspirone, 7.5mg twice a day. My anxiety got worse and I was trembling and felt almost drunk. Sort of unsteady when I walked, little twitches in my toes, really shaky. I stopped within a couple weeks. I felt really scared. I have had health anxiety since I was a teenager and was so worried about my brain. Talked to telehealth again a couple weeks later and went on 5mg escitalopram in the second week of June. I had an immediate adverse reaction. Sickest I have EVER felt and I had four awful pregnancies so I know sick. I was basically bedbound. I read everywhere that it could make me feel worse before it made me feel better, and that had been my experience with sertraline, but this was so much worse. I was nauseated, shaking inside (I felt like I was vibrating), had a bad tremor in my thumb (which I also had with the buspar), a tingle in my lip and chin and my ear felt twitchy. I would get waves of panic and hot flashes. Diarrhea, zero appetite. I finally had to quit. I called telehealth back and they advised me to stop immediately. And I did. I took 5mg of escitalopram for six days total. My constant nausea eased and the diarrhea stopped. For about a month after, my legs felt like they were buzzing inside. My torso felt like it was shaking inside. I had waves of panic and night sweats. Insomnia. My calves would twitch. It was terrifying. My chin felt tingly for at least a month. The most alarming problem was that I would feel shaky and sweaty and sick to my stomach if I stood up for more than a couple minutes. If I moved around it wasn’t as bad, but I would get really sweaty either way. It started to ease up and I got some real windows starting around 4-6 weeks. But when my twitchiness and anxiety were at their worst, I was afraid to sit down or be still because I knew I would focus too much on my physical sensations. It has now been almost five months and it is not dominating my life anymore, but I get waves which seem to correlate largely with increased stress as well as my menstrual cycle. My remaining symptoms are very faint muscle twitches in my legs, mildly shaky hands, and a tingle in the corner of my mouth that seems to be related to a very mild ear twitch that I experience only in certain positions. I have severe health anxiety and likely OCD and sensory processing issues, so I tend to feel and fixate on these sensations. I believe I have come a very long way since June, but I still worry that I actually have some other issue that caused everything I went through and all those symptoms will come back someday. From reading here, it does sound like I experienced an adverse reaction and my nervous system became hypersensitized, so I am “hopeful” it really was “just” that. I always read people’s posts on here who have adverse reactions because it helps me realize that my experience was real.
  21. Hello all, In 2009 I had an adverse reaction to only 4 pills of Lexapro (Escitalopram) which took me around 4.5 years to recover from. My road was a very bumpy one as I had lots of waves, so it was very difficult for me to see where I was in the recovery process. And though it took a lot of time to really feel recovered, in the end I did. So to everyone who is still in the thick of it, keep on going and remind yourself that even if you do not feel well at the moment, the next big recovery step can be right around the corner. I cannot recount how often I was about to lose hope when the next bad wave struck and I thought that this is my life now. But it isn't. I wish you all a steady recovery. As hard as it may seem now, it will get better eventually! All the best, Maybe
  22. It started in December 2018. On 17th of December I took my first (and only pill) of lexapro 10 mg. I have never taken drugs (not even alcohol). I desperetely took an AD because I was depressed and suffered from extreme anxiety attacks, due to malnutrion, being out of work and the loss of what I felt was the love of my life. I wanted talk therapy but the waiting list was so long and I got desperate. 1 pill made me suffer terrible insomnia and crazy mania. I was so afraid because I couldn't feel any emotions and I started sweating like crazy. My doctor ignored my, and after a few days without sleep I ended up in the hospital where they drugged me with Olanzapine for my anxiety. I wook up feeling even more terrible. This time I had vision problems, metallic taste in my mouth, angry violent impulses rushing in combination with being like a zombie. I was numb in the left side of my body, had poor co-ordination and couldn't move the fingers in my left hand. I told doctors this, but they didn't listen. "You really need your meds" was the answer.After 4 days on olanzapine I quit CT. During this period my health anxiety and mania around it skyrocketed. I ordered a lot of supplements to heal my brain, went to the ER asking to get my brain was damaged from the stroke. The reason I believed it was a stroke was that when I googled my symptoms "intense headache like you never experienced before" , "numbness on one side of the body", so I thought my brain One of the supplements I ordered was Mucuna Pruriens, an indian medicine with L-dopa. And with the effects of the other drugs still in my system I reacted really badly. I got this extreme euphoria from nowhere and then I totally crashed. I ended up in hospital, after trying LLLT-therapy. No doctors believed my theory that the drugs had done this, and that I got an dopamine-overdose, and now a broken reward system. At first I at least had some energy in January. But after the hospital, where they gave me a cicordinol injection along with benzos, I completely disconnected from my self. There is no now anymore, and the damage/experience is so much worse than it was when it started with Lexapro (which was an enough traumatic experience). No one has listened and only now do my family believe me, when they got to witness live how i developed tardive dyskenisia from the injection at the hospital. My lean and healthy--looking face and body, is now pluffy/swollen. I have gained weight despite excellent dietary habits. I have never before been able to gain weight, no matter what I eat. My hospital stay was in February-April. The injection was against my will, my family and doctors aswell. The doctor said I'm not psychotic. The doctors on the otherhand gave me "delusional disorder" and other labels for simply criticizing modern medicine and how telling them how sick I became because of the drugs. One of the sleeping meds made me totally loose my vision and I got muscle spasm, but the nurse's didn't bother. After the injection my neck starting twitching and I couldn't hold it straight. I could not talk. I was drooling and couldn't open my jaw. I stood drooling in front of the whole medical staff team, and they ignored me and told me to go back to my room. The doctor didn't give me any meds after that, stating, "Well you are obviously sensitive to drugs". Well, that should have been plain, given the reason I was there in the first place. During this time I also suggested to be treated with Zoloft. I think it was for 2-3 weeks, can't really remember anything from this time really. Only didn't to escape more antipsychotic poisoning and because I felt my life was already over anyways. Been free of medicines since April. 1 pill Escitalopram (10mg) December. 4 pills olanzapine (10mg) December. Sleeping meds: imovane (december-march/april). Benzos: Mitrazepan 1-2 times. Theralen, 2 times. (Really damaged me) Cicodirnol injection (don't now the dose, but low dose). Reasoning for it was that I stopped showering at the hospital. Why? Well it was traumatic to see yourself naked and in front of a mirror, and not being able to feel the water on your body... I live at home. With wellfare (thanks Sweden, but your healthcare is like the medieval ages). Every day I'm slowly loosing touch with reality.I have friends and family. A yoga teacher supporting me to go to an Indian Ayruvedic hospital in June. But my health is detoriating. I can barely move my neck (that problem I didn't have before when the worst of the injection was behind me). I have no feelings whatsoever. Anhedonia. Nothing gives me pleasure. I am against porn, but tried it to see if I react, I did react at the hospital (not a normal reaction, but something happened), no nothing. Porn was an easy test due to dopamine and how powerful it is on our brains. But nothing happens. I have no higher concioussness. No feeling of the now or my-self. This was severely damaged by the drugs in the first place, but it is just getting worse. When it all started I had racing thoughts, flashbacks, anxiety etc. And even hope when I started to improve after quitting Olanzapine. But the Mucuna Pruriens sent me back to something that is not worthy a life at all. So body has shut down. Memory. IQ. Everything declining. I have a hard time writing and coordinating everything I do. I don't know if this post belongs here, but I most say it does. Everything started with Lexapro. Got worse with Olanzapine. And finally ended me with the dopamine overload and later on injection. My background: 26 year old from Sweden. Musician, graphic designer, have master's degree in Media Production, worked as a teacher, have been a top-performer but also really anxious and low sense of self, I have not valued my self at all despite everything external going great for me. Loving, caring and really emotional. Now I'm flat and liveless. My face has changed. Eyes are dead.No curiosity for life. Deaf in one ear after the meds. I can't read or listen to music, or watch films. That was possible in the beginning before my self medication. It feels lonely. Lonely to have had such a strong reaction, not being taken seriously which made the situation much worse than it should have been. I know some of you have been on theese drugs for years, I have not, but the damage has been imense. What has happened? Can this be turned around? I am lonely in this? I just want my life back. So I wanted to share this. I should have done that in December. Maybe then I could have been warned, tapering, avoiding interactions etc. Need your support. Hope everything makes sense. I can't remember what I have written and have no energy to proof-read. / Albin
  23. I’ve occasionally lurked here over the past 7 months, and I didn’t think I’d end up making an account, but I’m at the end of of my rope, and I could really use some peer support. Here it goes… I(male 22) have struggled with severe depression for most of my life. It wasn’t an easy road, but, by the age of 20, I had managed to overcome it for the most part with lifestyle changes and psychotherapy. However, by the end of my first semester of college after a 2 year hiatus from my studies, the depression began to read its ugly head once again. Worried that another major depressive episode would affect my academic performance, and not wanting to to put in the effort to implement rigorous lifestyle changes with an already busy schedule, I decided to take a shortcut that had been recommended to me by therapists for years: an antidepressant medication. Near the end of the winter break, I received a prescription for fluoxetine and 20mg/day, and took my first dose on December 23, 2020. Within a few days, I was feeling great. I had more energy, my mood was consistently positive, with only two noticeable side effects - some sexual dysfunction and mild derealization. Although these effects were bothersome, I was happy with the positive effects, and was confident that getting on medication was the best choice I could have made. However, that would change in just a few short days. The derealization became more intense over the next several days until January 2, when things turned sour. I was on a hike with a friend of mine when a wave of symptoms stuck me like lightening, as if my brain had somehow blown a fuse. The derealization became incredibly intense, and I had suddenly had lost a good deal of cognitive function. My thinking became fuzzy, and it was as though I could no longer process information; information seemed to simply bounce off me without being registered in my brain. The next few days were terrifying, as I was convinced that the pills I took had damaged my brain. After talking to my psychiatrist about these issues, I took my final dose on January 5, 2021, being told that these effects would wear off within a few days. Contrary to the beliefs of my psychiatrist, my condition worsened over the next several days, with new symptoms such as extreme fatigue, numbness, tingling and burning sensations, complete loss of emotions, intense anxiety, and panic attacks. After two hellish weeks, it seemed as though I had finally reached a climax, and my symptoms slowly began to improve. Unfortunately, this improvement did not last. On February 4th, my symptoms rapidly intensified with even more symptoms appearing such as depersonalization, exercise intolerance, impaired coordination, visual snow/retinal after images, migraines, dizziness, disorientation, confusion, phantosmia, anhedonia, aphasia, muscle twitches, “hangover feeling”, inability to regulate behavior, sensitivity to light and sound, intolerance or cold and heat, feeling of “nervous system overload”, impaired memory, and extreme mental fatigue. After these new symptoms set in, I was forced to withdraw from school and move back in with my parents. Since then, I have for the most part remained in the same condition. The sexual dysfunction, phantosmia, muscle twitches, and strange bodily sensations have remitted, but most of my symptoms have either remained constant or worsened over time, though I have had brief windows where the headaches, dizziness, aphasia and some other symptoms have remitted. The DP/DR has not remitted, although it is far less intense that it was a few months ago. So that’s basically it. I’m sure I’ve left some things out, but I’m losing steam over here, and this post is long enough already. I’m sure it is normal to feel this way, but it is worth mentioning that I am absolutely terrified that I’ll never recover. I have become so suicidal that my parents have made me surrender my rifle, debit/credit cards, and car keys so that they can make sure I won’t attempt suicide. I haven’t felt a genuine emotion in 7 months, and I’m so mentally fatigued and cognitively impaired that I struggle to complete basic tasks such as doing laundry, showering, or eating. And even when I can muster the energy to complete such tasks, my executive function is too impaired to organize a schedule for myself, and I spend most days watching cartoons, picking the same few songs out on my guitar, and laying in bed. I no longer have the energy to socialize, and I have stopped talking to many of my friends. I feel completely and utterly dead inside, as though I am merely a ghost of my former self. I spent the past few months stressing out and agonizing over my symptoms, which I now realize probably only made things worse, so I am currently working on keeping my nervous system as calm as possible. I have also recently started a mild exercise regimen with a physical therapist. I’m hoping that these are good first steps to take towards recovery, and any advice would be greatly appreciated! For reference or TLDR, here’s a little timeline 12/23/20 - started fluoxetine 20mg/day, noticed mild symptoms immediately 1/2/21 - severe adverse reaction symptoms set in 1/5/21 - stopped fluoxetine 1/19/21 - symptoms began to remit 2/4/21 - symptoms greatly increased in intensity 7/29/21 - most symptoms still present
  24. It was 1980, and started to develop severe headaches (Clusters?) like a hot knife in my head on a daily basis. I thought I had a brain tumor. I wound up at a neurologist and was prescribed Tofranil, for head/neck pain, without being told about side effects. There was no internet/side effects papers with the meds that I could look up. Shortly after taking them I started to feel foggy, (which I thought was normal) then I experienced ringing in my ears, electric feeling in my nerves, nightmares, feeling depersonalized, hallucinations. I remembering saying to myself it cant be Torfranil, the doctor said it was for pain. After 1-2 months I stopped taking Tofranil, and anything else (vitamins etc). It took a year plus, for the symptoms to subside, some quicker than others, yet it was like I was at times observing myself when I would be at work or home. Very scary/unnerving experience. Lots of exercise, progressive relaxation helped me, but there was a lot of trial and error. I recently saw somebody from that time in my life and these memories flooded back. I felt the need to understand what happen to me, and with some Google research I discovered the symptoms were a adverse side effect to Tofranil. I wanted to share this, to provide some insight/hope to others that are experiencing troubling symptoms.
  25. HopefulDawn My medication and health history before I took sertraline just in case it is relevant. I realise I might be recognised by some of this but I feel if my experience can help others and possibly help research it is worth it. . Have mild athsma but rarely took inhalers. . Took antihistamine certraline 1 per day for allergic rhinitis for a number of years. . Took cocodamol fairly soon before starting sertraline. . Have a mild case of cerebral palsy from birth. spastic hemiplegia . Autistic (aspergers type) Brief overview of when things happened and symptoms: January 2018: Was struggling with a breakup, had an anxiety and issues getting to sleep; I really was hoping for counselling or someone to talk to and I believe that would have helped me but instead was given sertraline. First day I took it I was fine, second day I took it I was fine and on the 3rd day morning I began feeling unwell. My jaw started biting together on its own (like when your very cold but much more forceful), I was having numbness in different body parts, had mydriasis (really dialated pupils) I felt like I was dying in a way and I suppose that was when my personality was changed and my emotions changed. My sense of time altered. Began having movement issues where my body would freeze up and I couldnt carry out actions as my body would stop as if I was playing musical statues. Weird feelings when I moved sometimes and weird kind of pain in my body which was very uncomfortable. Feelings of terror. Emotional lability where I could not control my emotions they would just happen.Twitches. Went back to the dr: was offered propanolol but I refused it not wanting to take any more drugs. Got an MRI on my nerves as I thought I was developing MS but that wasn't the case. April 2018: I believe I developed depression which I had never had before; this lasted until January 2019. During this time I was having waves of feeling uncomfortably physically and also spells of emotional lability, movement issues and some others. Each day they would be less severe and less frequent though. During this time I pushed myself to keep busy a lot even though I could not feel positive about things as much. If I always did something like drawing or talking to a friend it would keep me distracted. I will not go into all the symptoms because there were sooo many. All of these things occurred in waves and windows pretty much like how a lot of you guys experience things. Slowly things got better and most have gone away 2019 I was back at uni but I had to take a year out as I am not as resilient physically anymore and get cognitive symptoms.If I do too much symptoms come back. Before I took sertraline I would not have considered the things I did as too much. My grades dropped as I kept having fatigue, difficulty completing actions, weird feeling skin and weird pains. I am hoping to go back to complete the year September 2020 but I feel it will be quite a struggle. April 2020 I feel as if my personality is back 100% which kind of seemed to happen overnight. I decided to join as I am still having issues mainly fatigue, weird feelings/pain in my skin and through my body, sometimes internal vibrations and tremors if I do too much (too much being walking to the shop and carrying shopping which I used to have no problem with, doing too much fitness), sometimes muscle stiffness and twitches, heavy feeling limbs, I seem to get worse with exercise, often delayed and I thought perhaps i'm developing chronic fatigue, my mum thinks I have signs of fibromyalgia but now I think it is still side effects from this drug. I still get cognitive issues sometimes which makes me worry I won't be able to go back to uni and also feelings of terror but thankfully they are much less frequent. Official diagnosis from the dr now is: movement disorder due to anxiety 😕 however my anxiety has basically gone now so I now know it is not only anxiety at all it is definitely physical. Thanks for reading I hope this helps someone
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