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Found 4 results

  1. 22 year old male, this is my first post here, but I have been lurking here for awhile and have read many other peoples experiences... History of mild depression, anxiety, cannabis use had a overall great life and had no reason to take ssris Jan 2017 (17 years old)- Prozac 10 mg by family doctor for a single panic attack and some anxiety. This didn’t do much, maybe lifted my mood artificially for a few months May 2018 rapid taper, had no withdrawal besides some anhedonia and felt pretty good through the summer October 2018: reinstated 10 mg Prozac had a cycle of some anxiety which isn’t uncommon for that time of year, could have either been delayed withdrawal or just seasonal December 2018: began taking the legal supplement Kratom (partial opiate agonist, serotonin receptor agonist) for back pain. Soon started taking it every day Jan 2019: upped to 20 mg prozac August 2019: upped to 40 mg prozac Through 2020 I slowly worked up to my maximum dose of Kratom being 25 grams per day (a moderately high dose) September 2020: had a serotonin syndrome like reaction from the double whammy on my serotonin system of Prozac and Kratom. I dropped my dose instantly by 10 grams ( to 15 gpd) this ended the serotonin syndrome like effects but left extreme anxiety and depression. Sept 2020- January 2021: tapered my Kratom dose ton 7 grams per day, had a tough time but it was bearable, I had good and bad days Jan 2021: my doctor suggested I switch to lexapro because the Prozac “wasn’t working” so he put me on 10 mg per day (under half of the equivalent dose of Prozac which I had been taking) and told me no need to cross taper. Feb 2021: Had some mild accutes in the first 2 weeks (anxiety, trouble sleeping) which subsided march 2021: had a mild window, felt better than I had felt in months may 2021: window slowly transformed into extreme fatigue, weakness, horrible internal agitation (not akathesia more like a sick disgusting uncomfortable feeling in my body), insatiable appetite and thirst crushing depression and low self esteem like I’ve never had before etc. At the time I thought it was from either the Kratom taper or lexapro adverse reaction, I now suspect it was delayed withdrawl) the majority of days were absolutely terrible then I would have some days where I randomly felt pretty good, almost manic summer 2021: continued tapering Kratom, had a pretty brutal time with withdrawals sept 2021: had a window all fall (not complete remission of symptoms but I felt better, much much less internal agitation, and had much more goodish days) which I think was a combination of moving to Montana for school and doing a bunch of fun new stuff, and possibly from taking a supplement for gut health which contained grapefruit seed extract which enhances absorption of ssris december 2021: window ends and symptoms went back to almost as bad as they were in the summer, this exactly coincided with both me stopping the grapefruit seed supplement and also going home for Christmas break and going from occupied with fun stuff to being very bored Jan 2022: continued terrible symptoms February 2022: complete my Kratom taper at 0.8 grams per day (from 25), continued terrible symptoms but slightly more clear headed after getting off Kratom March 2022: continued terrible symptoms but had a week long window while I was in a fishing trip in California (possibly triggered by the warm weather and fun stuff) April 2022: continued terrible symptoms, feeling very frustrated, seemingly little progress may 2022: I decide the best course of action is to try to go back on the Prozac because I was on it for the longest and at the highest dose (I thought it could be an adverse reaction from the lexapro, or Prozac specific wd). I also had a fainting incident that was related to that internal agitation feeling I have had since I cut and switched to lexapro. I requested to be put on 20 mg Prozac (about the equivalent to the dose of lexapro I had been taking) my doctor agreed to give me Prozac but refused to give me the 20 mg equivalent dose because he said it didn’t work last time and said I would be fine taking 10 mg. May 2022: within days of switching to 10 mg Prozac my worst symptoms alleviated, I felt more clear headed and less depressed, but much more anxious (this was a welcome change, and an overall improvement) this improvement continued into a window in which I haven’t felt as good since the beginning of this all. I still was/am depressed (but not nearly as bad) and have more anxiety/ocd but overall I don’t feel sick, brain dead, and internally agitated I don’t feel 100% but I feel like I can actually enjoy my life. June 2022: I am greatful for the improvement, but I know if it is too good to be true then it probably is. I am expecting this window to end with a crash of delayed withdrawl a month, two months or three months out. I don’t understand how I could feel better by further dropping my ssri dose unless it was an adverse reaction to lexapro which I find unlikely at this point. I spent much of June worrying about this July 2022: it’s now July and I have been worrying a lot about what to do, either wait it out and see if it was a bad reaction to lexapro and see if delayed withdrawals come. Or see if I should go up to 20 mg Prozac (the equivalent of the dose of lexapro I was taking) and not run the risk of letting my CNS get out of wack. It could totally be in my head because I’m worrying but I feel like symptoms have been starting to come back the last few days. I feel like the odds of this window lasting and not turning into an even worse wave than before I cut aren’t great. The internal agitation/sick/brain dead feeling have been gone since a few days after the drop, my fear is that coming back far worse. I can deal with regular depression and anxiety but this crushing agitation and sick feeling paired with the depression is my greatest fear should I see if I can go up on the Prozac? should I wait? has anyone else had similar experiences? Has anyone else felt better after a drop only for delayed withdrawl to come?
  2. Hi everyone! I'm very pleased to find this forum! Congratulations for the initiative! It´s shocking how many people are suffering from withdrawn. : ( Last year I became absolutely miserable after trying taper Seroquel and start Lyrica. My anxiety is out of control. I haven't slept in months. I feel numbness in my feet and hands. I lost more than half of my hair. The tinnitus is unbearable. My memory and cognition are very bad. And I'm sensitive to everything...food, supplements, light, sound... Also, I developed some movement disorders like restless legs and akathisia. One of the worst symptoms is crying and screaming that lasts for hours. Could it be psychosis? All the doctors keep saying I have hypochondria. But I know these symptoms are real. Has anyone else received this diagnosis? I'm from Portugal and I'll do my best to be able to communicate in English! I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone all the best and say that I´m ready to learn whatever is necessary. I´m Chemical Bachelor so I understand a little about drugs but absolutely nothing about the human body. My first question is: what is the proper dose of seroquel should i take? I decided to start slowly with 0.5mg. It´s enougth? Take care everyone. (And please let me know if my English is not understandable.)
  3. Hello everyone,❤️ I am a 36 year old male. Today I will be sharing my journey through withdrawing my over 20 years use of Effexor xr 150mg. I was first giving Effexor for depression caused by a separation anxiety. This was during my high school years wile I struggled with feelings of social phobia. Effexor seemed to blunt just about any fears and anxiety I had for a number of years but as time went on more and more side effects emerged some very scary. I tollirated most of sides just from the fear of withdrawal. I had previously had failed at least 3 failed attempts and one cold turkey in 2003 for 6 months unaware of what was happening to me both physically and mentally. Doctors were clueless and just represcibed the Effexor after that 6 month ordeal indefinitely. Fast foward 2016 a had gone under a few surgical procedures for a lumbar disc herniation with the last two resulting in a fusion. Around that time 2017 2018 I was having more and more increasing side effects from effexor and felt it was no longer working. I would have exercise intolerance,moments of narcolepsy type episode's, increased nerve pain. Visual snow, poor circulation diagnosed as Reynolds syndrome and more. I decided to seek help in disscontinuing effexor and was given an option to try to reduce from 150mg to 115.5mg immediately regretted as I could not drive my vision was on a rolorcoaster and I was having moments of just needing to pass out. So I went back to 150mg. Fast forward a few weeks my physciatrist introduced zoloft at a low dose and had me try again. At this time I was determined to muscle through. During a six month cross taper to zoloft max 100mg dose. My Final dose 37.5mg of effexor was February 20, 2020 and the withdrawl have been dibilitating waves and windows ever since. Lost job, home and hoping to keep my family around. Things seemed to have gone terribly wrong on July 12, 2020. On June 13, 2020 i dropped the zoloft to 50mg. One month later I was hit with an inability to walk or maintain any strength. I decided that day to updose back to 100mg zoloft. The days that followed were complete hell and multiple ER visits. Parkasins symptoms bobbing head neck weakness studdering speech spastic gait, spine spasticity, calf muscle cramp and faciculationts just a nightmare. One of the last ER visits left me with a diagnosis of post lateral sclerosis to be determined I guess because most my weakness was in my left side. New medications added since July included 5mg Valium twice per day and 2mg tizanadine or Zanaflex 3x a day I reduced two weeks later to only 2 times a day for the sake of staying awake. I have been bedridden since July after that episode. Waves and windows still apparent but very much less because of all the other medications. Psychiatrist is continuing the withdrawal plan keeping the other medication to reduce symptoms. She feels I may have had an adverse reaction or serotonin syndrome. Holding on to hope and my faith you guys are not alone 🙏 ❤ Present Dosing Regimen: Oct 9 [v] 7am 50mg Zoloft 5mg Valium [v] 12pm 5mg Valium (v] 3pm 1mg Zanaflex( mod. note- tizanidine, muscle relaxant) [v] 8pm 2mg Zanaflex Effexor Xr 150mg for 22years, discontinued from 37.5 mg February 2020 Discontinued because of Increasing side effects - Anhedonia. Blurry vision, exercise intolerance, weird adrenal fatigue episodes, increased anxiety, left sided weakness extending to feet, increased nerve pain, weird zoom Out episodes.
  4. I'm in a really dangerous situation, suffering akathisia that is off the chart at times. Some waves I get are horrendous with suicidal thoughts and these are bad but yesterday I had a wave where I had physical impulses that were near on impossible to stop, it lasted 2 hours, I don't know how I stopped myself from acting and nearly called the emergency services. I have a complicated story and lots of drugs in the mix but the main problem happened while tapering amitriptyline and participating in a cocaine binge. I did not know what I was doing, very naive and stupid, I know that now. Anyway, I was tapering Amitriptyline and was relatively stable, some agitation first thing in the morning which was irritating, I should have not rocked the boat but it's done now. I had a couple of nights where I took quite a lot of cocaine and smoked some crack, makes me feel sick thinking about it. I've never done it before and it was facilitated by someone who I now realise was dangerous to be around. On the second night I started having breathing difficulties and agitation in my body and some unbearable rushing feelings and insomnia. I continued taking my Amitriptyline at the dose that I had been on for 4 months and had been mostly stable on. Lots of investigations by the doctors showed nothing significantly wrong though I do have mild emphysema but doctors saying that my breathing symptoms were not a consequence of that as some of the sensations I had are not emphysema related. I had a spasming feeling in my diaphragm, feels like its in my chest rather than my abdomen where it should be and it has been continually difficult to take a full breath, though there is nothing wrong with my blood oxygen levels. I also developed inability to sleep more than 4-5 hours always waking up with rushing and agitation in my body and all day agitation continued through out the day. I struggled on. On Christmas Day I finally flipped out, unable to contain my distress and shook my whole body really hard in frustration, I think I had some kind of adrenaline surge and then things got a whole lot worse. I still continued to take my usual dose of Amitriptyline. However, I then developed bladder pain and urine retention and couldn't pee, nerve pain in my hips and shoulders, total insomnia, really bad agtitation (which I later discovered was akathisia), head pressure, gripping sensation in my neck. I realised that after taking medication either the Amitriptyline or my inhalers that the rushing in my body got worse. I called the doctor and he told me to stop taking the Amitriptyline 20mgs, which I did on 2nd Jan 2022. Since then my bladder pain eased, not gone but better but most other things got worse. My symptoms are horrendous but there were also horrendous before I stopped taking the Amitriptyline. Now my situation is every time I put anything in my body I go into full blown akathisia episodes. This includes any food or anything other than water. I don't know what's happened to me but my system can't handle anything anymore. When I eat anything I start to feel my bladder tighten up (n I can pee now but still get pain), a cool rushing sensation in my chest, my heart starts to pound, I get head and neck pressure like a gripping sensation, blurry vision, dizziness, nausea, I only sleep for 2 hours a night then I 'm up with agitation that slowly builds, I'm pacing, rocking, writhing, suicidal thoughts that yesterday after eating something tipped over into physical impulses that were very hard to control, burning skin on my legs and arms, increased breathing rate and shallowness of breaths, diaphragm spasms that are sometimes relieved a bit by stretching, a weird inability to produce tears (I'm crying all the time but tears seem to have stopped being produced, is this some kind of cholinergic effect/rebound). There's probably some symptoms I 've missed and I don't know what I'm asking here. I don't think anybody can help me. I'm not sure that reinstating would given that I was having symptoms before stopping the drug. Even if I manage to get through the intense impulse to harm myself I still can't eat or take my inhalers as I need to, I feel trapped and isolated and alone (though I am gratefully receiving support from some facebook group members). I can't see a way out for me because everything I put in my body reacts badly. It seems hopeless and I'm terrified of the next wave of akathisia that has me physically unable to not act on the impulses that consume me. I don't think there is any hope for me because I can't eat either. I've tried to be as thorough as I can with what happened but, yes there's a lot of crap in the mix and I can't believe that a mixture of my own stupidity and pharmaceuticals have got me to this point. I'm looking for any help whatsoever, right now I don't see how I'm ever going to be well again, ever. Drug History Prozac 20mg from 1995 10 years, switched to Effexor 2005-2007 75mg, then 150mg 2007-2012, then 225mg 2012-2015, then 150mg 2015-2017, tapered over one year and came off in 2019 and was fine, no withdrawal Gabapentin 1200mgs 2014-2015, 2400mgs 2015-2016, 1200mgs 2016-2019, 800mgs 2019-2020 tapered off 2020 some neuropathy, hair loss Amitriptyline titrated up to a dose of 100mgs 2018, came down to 80mgs 2019, down to 50mgs 2020 and was stable. Tapered down over 8 months in 2021 to 20mgs which I was stable on but some agitation in the mornings.
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