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  1. I'm 40 years old and have been on ssri's since around 21-22 for ocd depression and anxiety Background: First med I was on was luvox 125. "Cured" me 99.8 percent of ocd. I was on it 14 years and had a break through. Rather then go up doctor wanted to try Prozac. I was put on 60mg of prozac Prozac "cured" me of ocd 99.8% June of last I wanted to try quiting.. I went down every 2 months to end up at 20mg Prozac. I had a breakthrough in Feb. I then went back up to 60mg of Prozac. This aggravitated my ocd and I started to have my first issue with eye pain. I was titrating off Prozac and eyes started to feel better. After 9 weeks at 60mg my eyes were burning. First eye Dr said try a different drug. I went to zoloft 120mg severe eye pain was experienced. I went lower on zoloft and eye pain got better.Went to luvox 75mg I had I pain also . Went lower and have less pain. 3 regular opthamologists 1 retinal specialist 1 glaucoma specialist 1 dry eye specialist 1 neuro opthamologist Currently I'm on 43.75 of luvox and need some help. My eye pain has forced me to go lower on meds and searched for a site where others who have lowered there meds have experienced similar issues with strange feelings and everything else that goes with it. I have read a great deal on this board the last few days. My question is I can only assume my body was used to higher doses of ssri'so that's why I'm experiencing these strange feelings and thoughts. I have thoughts happy thoughts from childhood that seem to have been almost blocked by my ssri usage for all these years. It's like a flood of childhood memory's have come back. I have vivid dreams now. I have bad disassociation. No interest in sex . Feel detached have anxiety in the morning and at 5pm. At night I almost feel normal. My ocd and bad thoughts have not returned. Is what I'm experiencing withdrawl?or am I getting used to this lower dosage? I tried 37.5 mg but couldn't take the flood of thoughts. That's why I went up a little bit more and that's where I am now. I take .25 or .50 xanax a day. I tried stopping but can't. I can go max 3 days without .25 or .50 of xanax . Which I use once a day.
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