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Found 12 results

  1. Hey guys! Im 34 yo, Im on amisulpride for the last 4.5 years and trying to get some information about withdrawal..but didnt find any evidence online that someone did withdrawal completly from 400mg or similar dose. i've read one of the users topic, she calls herself Whitlly, but she didnt withdrawal completly from this medication Today im on 400mg for at least a year.. My first question is how to taper off amisulpride? Do i need to scale it and mix it in water or something like this? Big thanks in advance
  2. Hi! I will keep this post pretty plain for now, as my WD symptoms (the pains, mainly) make it hard to even use a computer for long. I will also try to make a short "signature" version of my history later today. When I was signing up, I was asked to provide a history of my case. I'm gonna paste it below. So, here goes. ---------------------------------------- All of the following changes/switches were done in 1-2 weeks each (except where otherwise noted). I.e., very quickly (which is bad). - Started Amisulpride 600mg and Escitalop
  3. I've been on antipsychotics for nearly 20 years after I had a psychotic breakdown whilst I was taking an antedepressant and experiencing several major life stressors. I've tried to withdraw numerous times but have always become psychotic very quickly. My memory has been affected, I now have diabetes and my weight soared as I put on 10 stone. I'm here because several people recommended this site. I currently take 300mg amisulpride plus medication for diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
  4. Greetings all, Starting off, a brief background on myself: Developed a condition known as DPDR back in 2014, after a bad experience when smoking weed once. Weed is a known trigger for DPDR, especially for individuals prone to anxiety. Basically, I had a panic attack on weed, which spiraled me into DPDR. For those unaware, DPDR consists of the world feeling unreal, like in a dream, perceiving the world as if it was a movie, etc etc. Often also comes with emotional numbness, but I was spared of that back then. I was relatively young back then (under 18), immed
  5. Tomash


    My psychological issues started in high school - I experimented with halucinogens, for a higher knowledge. However, later on I started to participate in techno parties and this destroyed my sensitive psyche. First depression, then toxic psychosis. I was hospitalized 6 months, for schizophrenia, then addiction treatment and received several diagnosis since then. My self-esteem lowered quite a lot. From my childhood, I am a personality and anti-authoritarian, I did art and so on, which made psychiatrists always confused (literally, they often didnt know completely what to do with me). During
  6. Hi all. Below is a brief history of things. A lot has gone on. As a kid, around the age of 5 to 6 i was very contented. Age 7 onward there were difficulties. i had a bad accident, a severe head/neck injury, i don't know how that impacted things? i started getting nightmares/problems with sleep. i experienced with hindsight what i think was a psychotic episode around age 7 as well. Age 11 i first got drunk & smoked cannabis. By age 15 i was habitually drinking/drug taking. There had been increasing anxiety, depression & problems with sleep. When i left school i went to art coll
  7. I will try to resume my whole psychiatric story. I started taking Risperdal for the first time when I was 18, they prescribed it to me without any clear diagnose. I was socially isolated and I didn´t know why, that´s the reason I went to the psychiatrist, I think at that time I didn´t have depression (maybe I was just "a bit sad") but Risperdal induced it to me, it was a terrible experience with suicidal thoughts included. I took it only for three months and then left it, without tapering. Then my doctor decided I had obsessive-compulsive disorder and she put me on Seroxat, I took it for a
  8. Hi! My story, feel free to skip it, it's long - as a child I had allergy problems, was a frequent user of various antihistamine drugs, as well as corticosteroids. At 12 I had a psychotic outbreak, coupled with severe depression, outbursts of crying, apathy, I was briefly hospitalised after a suicide attempt, diagnosed with schizophrenia and put on risperidone. During the next 3 years I was put on other antipsychotics, as the risperidone wasn't making any difference, at 14 years old I was put on olanzapine, also around that time the psychosis passed and things began looking
  9. hello, so about 5 years ago i was taking bath salts(stupid, i know), a lot of bath salts, and i developed a symptom like bulging eyes which destroyed my life this symptom lasted for one month but already i developed an obsession with how my eyes looked to other people which is still present in my life so i got depressed and isolated still obsessing over my eyes so what to do next? with my mother persisting in going to get help i ended in a psychiatric hospital, after 5 minutes of describing the symptoms and telling the cause (bath salts)
  10. I wanted to know of someone who has left amisulpride, or is in the process of leaving, I'm at 400 mg, try decreasing 50 mg but could not sleep, I will try with 12 mg, I scare me to return psychosis. Excuse the English but I speak is Spanish.
  11. Hi folks. I'm called Sally, 59 years old, from the UK. I've been taking 200mg every night of Amisulpride since 2008. I am desperate to come off this drug, for many reasons, but find it impossible due to the rebound depression I always experience. I'd be very grateful to hear of anyone who has also had problems with this drug and of anyone who has successfully been able to stop it, and how. Thank you, Sally
  12. i am from the neighbouring county to you whitelily and i want to come off from 300mg amisulpride per day and 40mg prozac per day as they make me obese.
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