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Found 62 results

  1. Hi i am new here so let me introduce myself and give you the history of why i have become member. I originally got tinnitus about 18 months ago from noise. I was a sound engineer when younger so my past had caught me up. I went and had all tests and was told nothing could be done. I started to get headaches and siatic pain down left side which seem to come on at same time thetinntus did. The doctors prescrided me 20mg of amitriptyline to be taken at night to help prevent migraines and help with sleep. I took it for about 11months but for last couple months i started feeling anxious, paranoid and suicidal in waves. I attended to A&E department who said that only way to tell if the symptoms were side effects of drug was to come off them and that i would have see GP. I went see the GP who didn' t believe the drugs were causing issues and that i had aggitated depression and needed to take different anti-depressent and stop the amitriptyline. I wasnt feeling well and did what GP had said and stoped the amitriptyline with no taper and started citrolpam. I took citrolpam for 4 days but just felt out of it so i stopped it. I didn't sleep for 14 days and had massive waves of syptoms. Went back doctors and he said i was ill like he had said and looked anxious. Tryed get him understand it was withdrawl syptoms. Doctor told me i needed to go back on amitriptyline but 50mg this time. I questioned the dose increase but as i wasn't feeling mentally or physically well i got tablets. I reinstated back onto the amitriptyline but only took 25mg for first week. The withdrawl symtems were still there but slowing a little. Decided to take the 50mg as doctor said as i really didnt know what i was doing by then. Made feel even worse than i was feeling. Friends told me to go back to GP but get second opinon from different doctor. Changed doctor and explained i was in withdrawl and i wanted to come off amitriptyline due side effects. She listened but still really didn't want say it was in withdrawl altho see did agree if i felt i wasnt depressed i should drop back to the 25mg as only been on 50mg for few days. I have had to take 9 weeks off work and am taking 25mg amitriptyline hoping i will stabilise to some kinda human being. At first i was having the windows and waves were as last few weeks i feel like the windows are getting smaller and waves bigger. I saw the mental health team who again avoided the whole withdrawl thing and tryed blame me. I advised her i want get off the drugs and after reading many forums realise i need to do a very slow taper as i am super sensative. I come here as many do in hope of some feeling like i will be able to come off the amitriptyline at some point and regain the person that i feel i have lost.
  2. About 5 years ago I took a lot of antibiotics for what turned out to be a jaw infection. This resulted in continuing gut problems, (gastritis, esophagitis) and also a condition called burning mouth syndrome. During this time repeated use of acid-reducing drugs (PPI's) started giving me side effects, particularly insomnia and anxiety, and I wound up being given psych drugs (all at low doses) as well. During 2017 I got better, with mixed results on weaning: - February 2017: My first attempt to go from .25 mg daily clonazepam to .125 mg clonazepam resulted in almost immediate withdrawal symptoms, such as insomnia, anxiety, extreme nausea. I went back up to the original dose and the symptoms quickly disappeared - September 2017: Stopped taking 10 mg. Celexa cold turkey, with no withdrawal issues. - October 2017 through December 2017; under the direction of a psychiatrist, reduced from .25 mg to .125 mg with minimal side effects, using alternating doses according to a schedule developed by Cara Tannenbaum. Very minimal nausea, worked quite well. December 2017: Happened to skip a dose of amitriptyline and realized how refreshed and energetic I felt the next day. Decided to take it every other day for two weeks, then stop. Felt great - my dry mouth (a side effect of the drug) disappeared, and so did my burning mouth! I was over the moon. Then at about week three I started having stomach pain, and was waking up with acid in my throat; I was even burping up acid. I had a vitreous detachment in my right eye. There were two solid days where my body shook and I had constant diarrhea. I felt manic. PPI's helped with the acid, but again I developed insomnia and anxiety, and more stomach pain. The psychiatrist suggested Benadryl, which did not help much. It seemed like everything I tried caused stomach distress. I had to resume taking 10 mg. of the amitriptyline , and also eventually went back up to .25 clonazepam to help with anxiety. These are the only drugs I currently take. Since then I have not regained my health. I lost 20 lbs. those first couple of months, and am considered anorexic. I eat six small meals a day, trying to gain weight but without success. During an endoscopy in May 2018 my GI doc at the time suspected gastroparesis, since he did not observe any stomach peristalsis during the procedure. Since I was already following eating guidelines for gastroparesis, I decided not to be tested since I would probably not want to take any drugs for it. With resumption of the amitriptyline, dry, burning mouth came back in a much more severe form - it flares all the time. Could I have become hypersensitive to this drug? I now routinely have swelling in my throat, mouth, and belly. I have also been recently diagnosed with SIBO - small intestine bacterial overgrowth, and IBS. A nutritionist I am now seeing suspects I may have histamine intolerance, which the amitriptyline probably makes worse. I have a very accurate (to 0.1 mg) analytical scale and can shave the amitriptyline pills down. In March 2019 I went down from 10 to 9 mg., and had manageable nausea. I held at 9 mg for six weeks. When I went down to 8 mg. the nausea and and mouth pain were intense - but this particular time I alternated between 9 and 8 for a week, which I didn't do with the first taper. Maybe that was a mistake. At this point, the doctors look at me like I am totally out of my mind - how can such small doses have such big effects? I feel the amitriptyline is hurting my body, and making my gut dysfunctional (it slows motility, for example, which is bad for both gastroparesis and SIBO). So I need to get off of it, but this last taper scared the heck out of me. Words of advice and/or encouragement are appreciated! Thanks in advance ...
  3. So here I am, I've gotten some good information from the site before but mostly remained a lurker, right now I think I need a little bit of support from people that truly understand what I've been through While this journey starts in 2007 I have to clarify that it wasn't my first time dealing with ADs. Much younger, in 2001 I was hooked up on Zyprexa for what I feel was an irresponsible reaction to something that required another set of actions (heavy bullying, and I'll leave it at that). That experience made me very weary of the effects of antidepressants and how fast medical personnel relies on them. Thankfully I got off them (mostly) fine So let's fast forward to 2007 I was getting very preoccupied by a girl thing during that period and had no one to talk to. I decided, sure, why not? and went to a psychologist. I got to say it was a very pleasant experience and overall it helped a lot But then this happened. I've always had trouble with insomnia since I was a kid. Out of nowhere I had a whole night episode of insomnia. It was like something popped in my head and the feeling of sleepiness was removed. I had never pulled an all-nighter before. It coincided with a trip to the psychologist He over-panicked and took me to the psychiatrist office, saying that wasn't normal and he prescribed me two meds: Amitriptyline, 25mg and Perphenazine 10mg. I really wish to know what would have happened if I had, you know, just tried to sleep normally that night again In short, those pills felt like magic, they were like sleep on a pill, for someone with sleep issues all his life it was very tempting to continue using them. Sure, they made me sleepy in the morning, but nothing a cup of coffee couldn't solve A couple of years later I had to change doctors again, the new doctor prescribed me with bipolar II and added 500mg of valproic acid, sometimes more. I have no idea how he reached that conclusion since valproic acid felt like a placebo to me Over the years the side effects started to get more noticeable, specially after my doctor made a mistake and gave me 4mg pills of perphenazie instead of 10mg. I pointed this out but he told me it was "impossible" to put me on 10mg again since I would get more sedated. To him, my insomnia was caused by bipolarity and everything working was the perphenazine and valproic acid. For some reason he claimed that amitriptyline was only making me drowzy in the morning. He tried to remove it completely and playing with varying degrees of the other drugs. But I was already working by that time, my job requires me to have a good mental performance. So I never tried any of his variations or new drugs for more than 2 days of zero sleep The last two years The side effects ended up being unbearable. Before that I had bad days sprinkled here and there, from now one I graded the days by how bad they were. I had depersonalization, lost the train of thought, got extremely dizzy, physically and mentally tired all the time, this made my job unbearable. On top of that I started to develop serious bladder and gastrointestinal problems, both urologists and gastros I visited not only agreed that the drugs were the culprit, they pushed me to start questioning what was going on. My doctors (and really all doctors after that) are very prone to minimize side effects or downright deny them and give the most useless advice (change your coffees for something stronger like a redbull) With this doctor I tried to quit the meds completely with what was a fairly "normal" taper of a quarter of a pill every two weeks. Side effects continued and insomnia got worst until I lost the ability to sleep when I went off them completely. Lasted 4 days until I got back to them (job responsibilities couldn't wait). He told me to not take the valproic acid becausee "maybe it's not bipolarity". His las try was using midazolam but it didn't work November last year Reached a breaking point and quit my job, there was no way I was going to be able to fix this and work at the same time. My plan was to do a slow taper and see how it went. Sadly, I ended up listening to some family members that took me to "two of the best doctors in the region". From november to february I took, in really short periods of time: quetiapine, mirtazapine, pregabaline, estazolam, agomelatine, levomepromazine, trazodone, sulpiride. They either didn't work at all or gave me way worst side effects The last doctor was particularly bad, not only did he denied I had insomnia and returned to "everything is just bipolarity" but he also gave me diazepam, it didn't made me sleep and he only gave me amitriptyline again until I begged him I need to start sleeping again. I told him I didn't want diazepam, I knew the risks, I had reacted terribly to benzos before, but he insisted in exchange of the amitriptyline, and told me it was "a soft med, I give it to old people". Anyway, after a month he took me cold turkey off the diazepam and for 2 months I had the worst withdrawal symptoms I felt in my life. He insisted it was all in my head. I had to convince my family to take me to another shrink I personally researched who obviously said I was suffering from benzo withdrawal and in his opinion "nothing in my medical history sounds like bipolarity" He gave me the same meds (amitriptyline and perphenazine) and have been "stable" the last two months. "Stable" means feeling exactly how I was feeling in November with the exception that the gastro issued haven't returned at full intensity again So, next week, I restart work again, maybe it was a bad decision, but I haven't worked in 9 months, bills don't pay themselves and don't see an end in sight. I see my doctor in August, I want him to agree to a 10% a month taper. He laughed about it saying it is "too conservative" and was petrified when I told him about dissolving the pills on liquid. I read about the scale method and plan to order one and hope he will agree to it On top of that, I'm going to a CBT-i doctor. I have tried it before and can say it helps greatly with sleep, sadly, it does nothing for the side effects. I can say without a doubt my only problem is insomnia. The last few months, the short periods I've been off zero meds I have felt great, I can think again, my body feels right. Sadly, I can't sleep and it starts to take a toll around the 4th day. My record in January was a 9 day period of zero or close to zero sleep time, I expected that the brain would just shut down if I force it, but it didn't So, any help would be appreciated, specially in the side effect department. I need to function normally in my job again. I've read about taking modafinil, huperzine or other cholinergic agonist to see if they might counteract the amitriptyline symptoms
  4. Hi guys, I have been on amitryptyline 2 years now. It was for my stomach disorder. 2 months ago I started weaning off and developed severe migraines. Ended in ER and they gave me IV antiemetic that caused severe akathisia. I landed in psych ward. They upped my ami doze back and gave me meds to calm down and I was fine. When I came home I started weaning off ami again, but slower. Unfortunately it wasnt slow enough, I went down from 15mg to 13,5mg and 10 days later from 13,5mg to 12mg. And I developed severe migraines again. I didnt know what to do, painkillers wasnt working, so today, 10 days after weaning the doze to 12 mg I took 15mg again. And I developed severe akathisia back, Im so agitated and restless. I took propranolol, which was helping some before, and it helpes some, but its not a cure. Can You tell me whats the safetest option now to do? Should I take tomorrow 15mg again and try to stabilize on that doze? Or take 14mg, something between previous 12 and 15? I cant go back to 12 cause migraines were so severe that I was vomiting and was non functional, but also cant handle akathisia and if 15mg will give me permanent akathisia I dont know that to do. It wasnt my offending drug, Im shocked I reacted that bad 😞
  5. Can people please share with me how there journey was when discontinued amitriptyline ? I am currently 11 months of & feeling so ill & desperate right now ... the symptoms did ease but this las 4 weeks have been horrendous .... please is there still hope it will all go away .... I want my life back I was put on this drug for nerve pain . i
  6. Hello all! I have been reading a lot on this website. I am a 43 year old woman from the Netherlands. Because of face ache after a rootcanal at the dentist that caused extreme pains for over a year they gave me lyrica and amitriptyline. 450 mg lyrica and 50 mg amitriptyline was built up within a year. Because of many bad side effects I had to taper my meds. In 2017, 29 th july I tapered 25 mg lyrica. Everything was fine. My dose was at that time 100 mg lyrica and 25 mg amitriptyline. When I tapered my last 25 mg tablet in september 2017 everything went wrong! I got extreme muscle pains in my arms and legs and sometimes just all over! My pain specialist said that I just had to wait and be patient and that the pains would disappear. So I waited. My pains improved a tiny bit. But not much. 9 th february 2018 I felt so dizzy. I was dizzy for weeks. When I forgot a 25 mg pil of lyrica the dizzyness went away. I jumpt to the conclusion that the dizzyness came from the lyrica. So I decided to taper from 100 mg lyrica to 75 mg lyrica at that day. (Now I doubt if it was from the lyrica, maybe the dizzyness was withdrawal from the amitriptyline.) From then it became even worse. I have musclepain and nerverpain everywhere especially in my arms and legs. Sometimes I am burning all over or just in my torso. I cry a lot. I can hardly function and suffer a lot of pain every day. 6 weeks ago I spoke to my pain specialist. She wanted me to wait for improvements and did not like to updose. But the daily pain is still horrible. Some other symptoms have improved: Insomnia (from hardly any sleep to a few bad nights a week) Tinitus (only very mild every now and then) being irritated (gone) fear (only very mild every now and then) tingling (only mild every now and then) electric feeling in my head (gone) Now I doubt what to do. Should I wait (mayby a few years) and hope everything settles down? Or do a small reinstatement on the lyrica? Maybe a small reinstatement on the amitriptyline? (I doubt that because I am allready totally off the med since 22 september 2017) I cannot make up my mind and don't know what the best option would be. So I hope you can give me some advice.
  7. I was told I needed to start an introduction post. I wanted to ask about Depakote anyway. I did a fast taper of paxil from 10 mg to 5 about 13 months ago. I am still having symptoms. My main problems are head pain around my ears, head pressure, ear pain and pressure. I have panic in my sleep. That was present before but it feels more pervasive now. I had tried a slow taper of paxil before the fast taper, starting at 25% which was too much, then 10%, then 2-3%. It wasn't great but was more manageable than this fast taper. This has been pure hell. I added amitryptiline out of pure desperation because I had so much head and ear pain. That was about 7 months ago. I was already taking 1/4 pill of depakote. My question is about the depakote. I want to avoid adding more meds if possible but the brain activity in my sleep has amped up. I feel more irritable kind of the way I used to feel on paxil which is telling me it's probably from the 2 antidepressant (possibly interacting). I am not ready to taper again because I'm still having symptoms and I know I will be much worse. So has anyone increased (or added) depakote a year after a taper to help? What happened? I need something to help my sleep and generally calm down. Thank you.
  8. Admin note: link to benzo forum thread - Ichabod: Could somebody help? Benzo problems Hello guys, I am new here. I do apologise in advance for my English (I am italian). I would prefer not to bother you with my personal experience as it is probably similar to many others you got across, but I d need some encouragement because I am alone in this struggle. Briefly... I went on Paroxetine ten years ago for panic attacks. It helped but the side effects were brutal. I tried many times to quit it but I experienced all the withdrawal symptoms that my doctor confused with relapse and that scared me to hell and he always put me back on it. Two years ago I met a girl I felt in love with and I decided to quit it once for all, no matter what (primarily because of the sexual side effects). I asked my doctor to help me and he said to come off of it in a month (like I did the other times). I tried it again but what I felt was overwhelming. So I decided to do it by myself tapering slowly using a liquid form. It took me 7 months of pain but I really didn't know what to do and I couldn't find anybody to help while my doctor continued saying to go back on it. I felt really debilitated but after I finished tapering I noticed I was still in prolonged withdrawal. That was a shock because I was always reassured that once the drug was out of my body I would have been ok. I took my last dose on july 2019. I kept using klonopin as prescribed but I noticed I was really sick. Finally, in january, after a lot of research I found Professor Giovanni Fava who told me that I was in post acute withdrawal syndrome. It was a sort of relief being validated finally but also terrifying. I started researching and what I found out was shocking...people in withdrawal for years, pssd... it was to much. I started thinking about suicide. I was in a really bad place. Giovanni Fava's plan is to help me get rid of all this addiction so he put me on 5mg of amitriptyline in order to stabilize the situation a little bit while tapering klonopin. Then he will take me off amitriptyline . I am writing you in order to ask some encouragement and reassurance because I am completely alone (I have no family) and I don't know how long my girlfriend will stay by my side (she is getting tired of seeing me sick and she would like to plan a future. I don't blame her... plus, sex is pretty bad. I had moments when it was great followed by long periods of time when it was non existent. I don't function like I did and I really don't know if this is pssd or still withdrawal and if I will ever get back to normal). I feel betrayed by the modern medicine... if I knew what could have happened I would have never took Paxil in the first place. I came across this website and decided to write you in order to find some tips on how to go on in life and to ask you if it will ever get better. For sure I developed now sone sort of ptsd. Sorry I bothered and thank you in advance.
  9. I discovered about Cardiac Coherence one week ago and I thought it could be helpful. I started to reinstate Amitriptyline 25mg (30yrs use) 3 weeks ago after stopping cold turkey last October. My protocole now is 10mg am and 15mg night with some progress: 1st week-no sleep, 2nd week-slept 5 nights, 3rd week-slept 5 nights,4th week-slept Jan 11 only. No sleep since. So it could be Cardiac Coherence breathing which has excited my nervous system, yes? I’m 72 yrs old. Since last August, I lost all my bad eating habits, and lost weight, no more high blood pressure. So I thought I could stop Amitriptyline 25mg prescribed to me for insomnia in early 90’s. Few years ago, I took only 2/3 to sleep. I thought I could stop. I failed. Very bad side effects. Finally, I saw the light, and Amitriptyline reinstatement. And tonight, I stopped cardiac coherence breathing 3xday. I’ll update my progress. I've read some topics and will read more. I discover very needed new info every day. Thank you to all for contributing to this peer support forum.
  10. Hi there. Im new to this and am posting cause im worries that im never going to get better.... Had chronic headaches star from out of the blue c3.5 years ago and have had lots of drugs and every therapy, holistic, Physco treatment going. Now, headaches are less of a problem, still there 95% of time, but have anxiety, depression, anger, extra sensitivity to sounds and movement, disassociation, hopelessness etc. This has / is ruining my life, and I pray it will go back to normal - soon! For chronic headaches - amitriptyline - Started 10 Nov 2019 - 10mg up to 30mg. On that dose for 6 months, up until 10 days ago. Helped a bit with head pain, but bad and constant anxiety, depression, disassociation, (particularly awful). At the same time, for above symptoms, Escoltalpram 5mg - 10mg. Was on that from 1 Dec 2019 - mid Feb 2020 as it didn't help with anything. Since start March, on Sertoline (100mg) and Quetiapine 25mg daily). In the past I have been on Topirimate (had very bad side effects), Pregablin (helped a bit but stopped working) - all for chronic headaches. Ive decided, alongside a new psychiatrists (all of which i think are pretty useless tbh, im on my 4th), to stop the amitriptyline because i think its that which has increased any anxiety, moods and denationalization. Although its very difficult to know as all the symptoms and side effects are the same! Over the last 10 days, ive gone from 30mg, to 20mg, to 15mg and last night stopped altogether. I am now very worried about withdrawal, which seems to be all the same things i have already! So how is anyone supposed to get better, when no one can say whats what! I appreciate the complexities in all this. I think im looking for some advice if ive tappered off too quickly, what to expect and how long it might last. Also, if there is any hope of going back to "normal", how i spent the first 39 of 42 years! The only real time i feel sort of ok is when i drink a lot of alcohol - which i know isnt a great thing to be doing. any thoughts or comments welcomed. Rob
  11. I developed laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR) as part of a post surgery complication from transoral robotic surgery for sleep apnea. The pepsin (digestive enzyme) from the reflux was digesting my throat and causing me a horrible burning sensation so i was prescribed Amitriptyline to alleviate the pain. Meanwhile, i discovered Melatolin and i decided immediately to stop taking 10mg Amitriptyline after 11days of use. its been 13days now since the stoppage and i have not been able to sleep one bit. I started using 3mg of Melatolin yesterday and having discovered safer treatments for my LPR, i really do not intend to use Amitriptyline anymore for the throat pain but i am now left with this unbearable insomnia. Has anyone ever experienced this with suddenly stopping Amitriptyline? if so, i would appreciate any useful advise to overcome my insomnia predicament. Thank you Kind regards
  12. Hi everyone! I'm here because I'm about to start to taper Amitriptyline 75 mg that I've been taking for my migraines. This is not my first drug-tapering rodeo, but I'm still not looking forward to it. I was first prescribed medication for my migraines in 2004. I was put on trials of amitriptyline, depakine and then topamax. None of these worked, and I had a severe reaction to the topamax that resulted in panic attacks, agoraphobia and suicidal ideation [i had a plan]. During this crisis, I was prescribed Ativan, but I became addicted to it after 8 weeks. I crossed over to Valium 10 mg and tapered off that in 7 months. I was off all migraine preventative drugs for 6 years. Then my migraines started to become much more severe and frequent. After a lot of procrastination, I agreed to start Depakine again. Amitriptyline was added because I was having scalp allodynia – my hair and scalp always felt like it was on fire. I tapered off the Depakine in 2013 because I was starting to feel very ill taking it and the side effects were becoming worse. I stayed on the amitriptyline and needed to increase the dose as my migraines and allodynia continued. Last year, I tried to do a 10% taper of the amitriptyline, but was unsuccessful and needed to reinstate. In the meantime, I started to do the program of Dr. David Buchholz, “Heal Your Headache”. Between the dietary prescriptions and the radical reduction of my migraine rescue remedies, my migraines became significantly better – less frequent and much less severe. The funny thing is, now that my migraines are more under control, I feel quite well on the amitriptyline. The side effects – chronic constipation, chronic dry mouth and weight gain – are annoying, but manageable. Nevertheless, I don't like the idea of being on it and would like to see if I can taper off it and still have good migraine control. If I don't, I'd rather try a calcium-channel blocker like verapamil or diltiazem. Having done this before, however, doesn't make me any less apprehensive about starting the ordeal again. I am planning to do a very slow taper this time, starting at a 2.5% taper and seeing how that goes. I also plan to do a liquid taper. I didn't know about this option in the past, but I think it will be ideal for me this time around My plan is to begin next month. In the meantime, I am upping my supplements, getting my diet lower carb, so that I can get into ketosis, and preparing myself mentally for the long slog. I do have a question: at the present, I am taking tablets for my daily dose. Would it be preferable to start to take my doses of 75 mg as a liquid dose before I start the taper? Or is it advisable to continue with the tablets until I'm ready to start my first cut with a liquid dose? Thanks for any counsel. I've been reading the forum for a few weeks now and already I have gotten so much information. Thank you for all you do!
  13. Hi All 58 year old female. Prescribed ADs about twenty years ago for combo of anxiety and depression. (Mainly Venlafaxine, citalopram etc. Nine months ago I changed to amitriptyline (v minimal taper off ven) Came off amitriptyline about five weeks ago, when on 25mg as v undesirable side effects, unable to properly function and work etc. V bad physical and mental issues, so used this site to understand more about cold turkey and reinstatement etc. Didn’t know about appropriate reinstatement rate so agreed with Doc two weeks to restart at 5mg amitriptyline. This made me a lot worse, so last Friday agreed to issue oral suspension so I can reinstate at 2.5mg to see how that is. (25ml/5 solution so I have to take 0.5 ml to equate to 2.5mg) This will only cost surgery £20 pm, so shouldn’t be a problem. My question: It will take the pharmacy a week or so to obtain liquid med. I don’t think I can tolerate current symptoms for that period. Should I somehow try to get by, or reduce 5mg to every other day etc? Thanks for reading. S
  14. Hi All , I need your help ! I was on low dose of Amitriptyline ( 10 mg ) from Sept 29 th to Nov 9th , approx for 1 month. Was given this for low grade vascular headache Now I am 2 months off the drug , but still have issues. Approx 2 weeks post stopping the drug i started having severe tinnitus in both ears and still have it now , light sensitivity , brain fog , difficulty in concentration I had anxiety which I feel has been reduced since beginning of January. I got my tests done for MRI and all health tests everything came out clean , visual tests and macula degeneration tests also done Opthamologist message : Amitriptyline is neuro and ototoxic : your body will wean it eventually , he said it will take a month and I was actually getting better but BAM ! Jan 3rd week I was down in dumps again November Post stopping the drug : No Changes , just little bit of fogginess , headache Dec 1st week to 2nd Week : Muscle pain /drowsiness dec 3rd week to Dec 4 th week ( worst ) : i had grainy vision ( visual snow ) only on walls may be and then night vision was pathetic , brain zaps I was miserable was in dumps . Jan 1st week to 2nd week : On Jan 2nd when I work up my anxiety was gone ( its been better ) and getting better and my grainy vision I felt had subsided , I continued to move on ahead with the tinnitus and less snow Jan 3rd week to now : Suddenly I felt my vision dimness has got better ( I could feel this ) , the places i thought was previously dim was bright , and along with this the snow also became more , for example I an see sparse dots in day light and also when I look at my computer screen , and the walls have gone bad, not sure why this happened, shoulder pain , eye fatigue , dizziness , like when I close my eyes I see patterns and circle , when I m in REM braiz zaps after images ( both negative and positive)[ the symptoms I faced in Jan was not faced before in my life ] All the above symptoms Never had them in months of Oct, Nov Tinnitus : More Muscle Pain More Due to which : I'm nervous and anxious Issues I have now : Tinnitus more on left now , previously more on right , afterimages , vision snow ( bothers me the most ) and I know its not more than many of ul here , lil bit anxiety due to all this issues Disclaimer : I didn't know amitriptyline was an antidepressants until the 7th day of me taking it , I forgot to check it up online . Never done drugs in past , not smoked , no alcohol , I was a independent girl doing things on my own but now I'm so dependant on my family for everything I hope I get over this , I'm only 29 never had issues like this .
  15. I have been on citalopram since 2009 then it stopped working. The Dr put me on citalopram and mirtazapine combination which worked for a while then that stopped working. The Dr then put me on mirtazapine and Venlafaxine 150mg XL combination which workes for a while again ans then stopped working. The Dr put me on amitriptyline 50mg saying thay would be the best drug for me while i took 8 months to slowly remove each bead from Venlafaxine capsule to come off it. As soon as I took my last beed i went into crazy angry depression. The dr increased my dosage of amitriptyline from 50mg to 150mg but the side effects were horrible and at this point i got sick of these meds and decided to quit CT. I had horrible withdrawal symptoms and i started acting like a child and not being able to walk, had balance problems. I reinstated back to 50mg amitriptyline since april 2018 and i have been getting worse. I cannot sleep. My vision is so badly affected that i have grainy vision and floaters have increased dramatically . I see after images and it's as if the lights have been turned off. When i begin to fall asleep, i start to have dreams before i actually fall asleep and my brain keep. Waking up just before i am about to sleep. I cannot follow conversations, I mishear things all the time. I am totally dependant on others and i feel people think i have gone crazy. I don't know what to do i am getting worse and worse. I often trip, lose my balance. I hardly have any short term memory and cannot do simplest of things. I cannot even watch anything on TV as i cannot follow.it I'm having major concentration problems. I don't know how. I'm writing this. I cannot work or drive. Please you have no idea how i am putting these sentences together. I need urgent help. Please advice. I have no energy, no appetite. If I'm posting this in the wrong place, please accept my appology as I can hardly read and understand things. P
  16. I have had several journeys off of meds . Lexapro/ celexa took me 3 attempts with a succesful tapering off of 6 months and then being off the med for a couple of years after. I never was the same I felt but I did make progress living without meds. Sadly in 2018 I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor . Radiation treatment left me with 90 % hearing loss in one ear and then tinnitus( ringing in my ear) that was maddening . Catapulted me into panic attacks that were debilitating. It was horrible. Loving with single sided deafness/ tinnitus. I dont know which is worse ..... anyhow the only remedy to help me was an anti depressant and the tryciclic one was chosen because the other ssris have tinnitus as a side effect so that was out . 🙄 I started on 25 mg of Elavil with a 1/2 of 0.5 xanax when needed for severe ringing . Felt so defeated having to go back on meds . I was living this past year settling into my med regimen and then I felt that I would like to try lessening my elavil to 10 mg . Everythi g was going well and then I hit a wall. So upset. In my heart of hearts I I want tombe off all meds . And I need hope . Someone to help support me to regaining my life without meds and living with my dissability without them . Or If at best the minimum amount that will enable me to feel like im living and not dying . The withdrawal is making my life impossible.
  17. I’ve been taking 300mg of lamictal for years. It was given to help with neuropathy . Currently tapering off of Ativan- and I have always taken them together-8-12 and 6:00. I thought the first thing to do was get off the benzo, but joining this forum I’m not so sure. I also take 25 mg of amtriptyline and 12.5 of ambien for sleep.
  18. I have been on 25 mg Amitriptyline for 15 years for chronic insomnia, which has stopped being as effective in the past two. I am considering quitting - but afraid of returning to the scary dark days of before being introduced to the medication. Alternatively up the dosage and hopefully get some sort of life back. Reading through the forums it seems it is not an easy process! The articles certainly have raised some questions regarding the source of the initial insomnia, as what is described here as ‘withdrawal symptoms’ is exactly what I experienced prior to starting the medication. Insomnia started after I had a drink drugged at a party and now I am wondering if what I experienced is a withdrawal reaction from that drug, obviously clueless to what it may have been! And scary that it lasted many years.. may sound crazy, but no doctor has ever managed to explain the sudden source of initial brain fog/insomnia/loss of emotion/wired brain. Cannot sleep more than about an hour without Amitriptyline... thanks for this wonderful site!
  19. Hi There,I've been on a low does of Amitriptyline for almost 19 years - 10 MG. I have been slowly tapering off for about 11 months. About 2 months ago I got down to 2mgs. While i had withdrawal symptoms for about two weeks each time i lowered the dose previously with the last reduction from 2.2 - 2 mg's I have been experiencing more severe and protracted symptoms. It has been about 2-3 months and the symptoms have been changing and actually getting worse over this time. At first I was feeling anxious, then I had feelings of just being slightly not myself, not here and very , very flat. Now I have nausea and severe headaches, insomnia and fatigue It seems surprising to me that these symptoms should kick in after such a gradual and small reduction. And I wonder if something else might be the cause of my symptoms? Has anyone else had similar experiences?
  20. Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and i am so grateful that it exists. I have been on 50mg of Luvox for 4 years after falling into a depression after a serious health condition. I have completely recovered from that. I have been very well recently and decided that it was time to free myself from Luvox. I am also on 17.5mg of amitriptaline which was prescribed for pain which i no longer have but i plan to taper off that after the Luvox. I made my first cut 7 days ago of 1% and good god its been awful. The symptoms i have had so far are: - brain fog - no motivation - feeling like my body is melting - feeling of shooting energy from my heart all the way down my arms - fatigue - sadness -apathy -irrittation - anxiety - nausea I am shocked that from such a small cut that i could feel this terrible. I must admit though that i am incredibly sensitive to medication. Id be happy to hear your thoughts, comments and advice on my taper. I dont plan to make another cut until i have stabilised from this last cut. I know this is going to be a very slow process for me. Thanks!
  21. Hello there, I am currently 7 months off from stopping sertraline which I took for 6 years, before that citalipram and before that sertraline again as well as a number of other antidepressants going back to age 14 (I’m nearly 36) I had weaned off the sertraline very quickly from 200mg to zero in just a few months. Looking back I didn’t think I had any withdrawals from the sertraline at first in fact I felt pretty good for a month after. I certainly didn’t have any physical symptoms although looking back, around 1 month after stopping my health anxiety went into overdrive and I spent the coming months in a very anxious state on and off with panic attacks and time off work. I’ve also just remembered that in November last year I was beginning to try to reduce my sertraline dosage by using cbd oil and by the end of December I ended up in hospital with a heart rate of 170bpm. This was put down to my thyroid being out of whack and I was started on beta blockers which I still take. Maybe the heart thing was in part related to the sertraline being lowered. I was lowering them by large amounts which can’t of helped. So fast forward to end of October this year when I started with what felt like a bladder infection, I couldn’t stop peeing all day. Next came the bladder pressure and feelings of crawling and tingling on my private area along with weird muscle twitches. I also had an unwanted sense of arousal which I figured out was Pgad. Over the weeks this died down and I began with this internal vibration in my legs one night. This carried on and then I began to tremble all over. My anxiety went sky high and I felt like I couldn’t keep my legs still. Then muscle twitches and vibrating all over my body even my face. I’m still experiencing this vibrating which comes and goes often starting in my legs and I have a tremor which is often in my whole body where my arms and legs and head even shake. I’ve had pulsing electric sensations in my thumb and leg/groin as well as the ongoing crawling/pins and needles sensations down below. I’ve also had intense feelings of terror which come and go along with what feel like adrenaline surges starting around my bottom and going up through my body. I’m so frightened especially as my legs often feel like jelly and like I’m about to collapse. I’m still struggling to accept that this is withdrawal from the sertraline but the good news is I’ve found a gp who believes it could be related. I’m being referred to a neurologist but this could be a while. Could these delayed symptoms which didn’t start until 6 plus months later be due to sertraline withdrawal? I currently take propranolol, amitriptyline and levothyroxine. I’ve been on the amitriptyline for well over 2 years but it really helps with already existing nerve pain so I’m very scared to stop taking it. Just looking for some reassurance and support xx
  22. VRTR


    Hi just looking for some support tapering amitriptyline after long term use. I was on 125mg for major depression in February 2006, tapered to 50mg in October 2007 and should in hindsight (after eighteen months of recovery and therapy) have tapered to zero at this point. However I was happy to take my doctor’s advice to stay on for longer (he assured me amitriptyline was safe long term) as it was my fourth episode of serious depression and I had a young child to consider. I desperately wanted to avoid another episode... In 2009 I had pneumonia and my general health deteriorated with chronic fatigue and memory lapses (I was 48 and started the menopause then too...). I was diagnosed with CFS/ME and never really recovered my health although I continued to do some part time work and care for my family. Whenever I complained of tingling sensations and other neurological symptoms it was put down to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I reduced my dosage to 10mg in 2013 and not realising I had withdrawal symptoms was given a tentative diagnosis of Sjögren’s syndrome (luckily I refused medication!). In 2016 I decided to withdraw from 10mg which I was told would be straight forward. Four days after stopping I was in excruciating neuropathic pain and reinstated straight away. Two years later and having become more informed about withdrawal I decided to withdraw (2018) over six months to 2.5 mg (quarter tablet). I started suffering from severe nerve pain and have seen a neurologist with a diagnosis of probable short fibre neuropathy (which I think is caused by withdrawal...). I stayed on 2.5mg for six months and have seen some improvements. Now under a new sympathetic doctor I have a prescription for liquid amitriptyline and she has assured me I can take as long as I need (they do not normally prescribe it at my surgery but she is the senior partner and we have developed a good relationship...my previous doctor who didn’t believe me is now in special measures 😐). But I am struggling with insomnia, restless legs, tinnitus, headache, brain zaps, anxiety and more...in addition to the burning pain. I am trying to drop 0.2mg every month with the hope of getting off by the end of 2020. I am on 2.2 mg...but it is like drawing blood from a stone. Should it be this difficult? I have had windows of a few hours when my nervous system feels normal (about once or twice a month!)...but feel pretty desperate after every tiny drop. I am nearly 59 and started on the drug aged 45... Do the moderators on this site have experience of tricycle antidepressants? I would be grateful for some insight and feedback. Have tried CBD oil but it didn’t help...magnesium and fish oil seems to be all I can tolerate, my brain feels fried and my nervous system on high alert and hypersensitive. Can I really do this and recover at my age? I am psychologically stable and feel if I can get through this I will remain so. Am doing gentle yoga swimming and mindfulness. Thank you VRTR
  23. Hello everyone, This is my ever first time writing in a forum , I decided to reach out because I am feeling a bit lost.... Excuse if my english is not at it's best as I'm not a native english speaker. I have tried to make my signature, which became far too long and I had to delete so many things that it felt to me that there were too many things missing, but as I am new to "this", I am hoping someone might help me. First things first I am going to write down all my history with anxiety and panic attacks, at least all I can remember, as I'm very forgetful lately. 2005- cypralex due to panic attacks and GAD (can’t remember dosage) gained 46 kgs 2006- August quit cypralex cold turkey no symptoms that I can remember 2007- January started exercising and diet to lose weight by December i had lost all 46 kgs 2011- Panic attacks and anxiety emerged after break up of a relationship that broke my heart. Psychiatrist put me on Paroxetine 40mg trazodone 50mg bromazepam 3mg x2 day hated trazodone and the way it gave me vivid nightmares so I’ve quit it after a while always with doctor supervision 2012- September quit my job, had gain almost 20 kgs, was super depressed still but no panic attacks nor anxiety. 2013- Moved back in with my ex , in march I started the tapering of paroxetine, extremely slowly, and by December 31 I was done. 2014- June massive relapse, anxiety, panic attacks, was living abroad and flew back home to see my psychiatrist, started Prozac 40mg because I had put on so much weight that was unable to lose, worse choice ever, prozac made me have even more panic attacks during my sleep..... Bromazepam 3mg and trazodone 50mg 2014 September 2nd - Another huge panic attack during my sleep, took me to the ER, where the psychiatrist there put me on xanax xr 0.5 3 times day October 28 2014 - Tried to reduce the xanax from 1,5 mg xr a day to 1 mg a day t but i got extremely sick nausea shaking and dizzy my doctor switched me to diazepam 20 mg a day, and also I gave up on Prozac and went back to paroxetine November 2014 - Had terrible shaking nausea headaches, I suspected it was from the xanax switching 2015 - Had 1 panic attack in June but was stable and still on paroxetine 2016 January - I decided that it was time for me to start reducing (tapering) the paroxetineI had moved to another country living happily but the weight that I had gained i could never get rid of, I went from 64kgs in 2011 to 100kgs. September 24 th - Found out I was pregnant and still tapering the paroxetine 2016 December - By the end of December I was done with the tapering and was done 1 year reducing. 2017 - Was totally fine 2018 - Totally fine 2019 June - Panic attack during my sleep, caught off guard, tought I was free from it... 2019 July - Anxiety rising so much I could not leave the house, could not enter any store, or supermarket I would start feeling like I was going to have a panic attack 2019 July 25th - Decided not to fly back to my homecountry to my psychiatrist and went to a psychiatrist here. Prescribed me amitriptyline 10 mgat night, plus gabapentin 100 mg 3 times day and xanax xr 0,5 2 times a day and xanax 0,25 IR in s.o.s 2019 August - I felt a bit less edgy, calmer but still couldn't leave the house alone nor enter supermarkets. I could walk outside IF I wasn't alone but I never felt safe alone and was always afraid of leaving the house. Gained weight 2019 October 2nd - Went to the doctor and the previous psychiatrist had been moved to another district. The new pychiatrist prescribed me Paroxetine 20mg, Lyrica 75 mg 2 times per day and diazepam 6 mg a day. Since end of July gained 6 kgs After my last appointment with the new psychiatrist , I start taking the meds on the 3rd of October, but I did nottake the 6 mg of valium he prescribed because I simply knew that it was too low of a dosage and I would have to keep on with the xanax at least a month til I feel that I was stable enough with the paroxetine to switch to a higher dose of diazepam. But when I mentioned to the doctor the 1mg of xanax xr i was taking a day switching me to 6mg of diazepam wasn't very smart not would it be helpful, he said replied to me saying that the lyrica would amplify the effect of diazepam... I was so upset.... truth is and on that very same day after taking Lyrica 75 mg, I start to feel itchy. I tought it was ok, and on the second day I was still itchy, so I decided to call the doctor to ask him and he told me that it couldn't be related nor an allergic reaction. I knew it wasn't the paroxetine because I had taken paxil before, and I knew it wasn't the xanax as well, so it could only be the lyrica. When I asked my doctor why was he putting me on lyrica his answer was that he could not just stop me the gabapentin, so he said he would switch me to a lower amount, and then reduce more and stop. The thing is, I am itchy every single day all the time, I have to use creams for eczema/atopic skin, and I am drinking 2 liters of water per day, no coffee, no alcohol, nothing with caffeine....... I feel like reducing the lyrica in half, from 150mg a day to 75mg, since I am taking it for not even 4 weeks, but I am afraid of how could it affect me. And about the Xanax, I am still taking the 0.5 xr twice a day but I want to switch to liquid diazepam which I have so I can reduce it and manage dosages better. I am taking the xanax since 25th of July, it's a good while, can any of you advise me? I have read the ashton manual, but I am still afraid. What about the lyrica making me itchy like a dog with fleas? Any help would be so appreciated.
  24. Hi I’m new here, and have had a very rough time unfortunately involving prescription drugs. I had my baby last year and was at a very happy time in my life already have two little ones , husband and renovating forever home , I have had anxiety in the past over health and miscarriage but always got over it and have never used meds so always felt great and happy with a few bumps along the way as I’m sure we all do. After 8 days of being out of hospital with my baby I started to feel unwell achey , flu like and I went to doctors who gave me antibiotics for mastitis I took two that day and the next day I woke up my heel was completely numb I shot up out of bed and panicked as I’d had an epidural during birth and stupidly googled worse case and spiralled into panic ended up back on post natal treated for a womb infection on intravenous antibiotics which explained the fluey feelings my feet felt strange and I felt really weak when home again, my foot started burning and throbbing and hurt after walking on it for so long. Went to doctors again and they said it was a side effect from the rip and will go. I couldn’t get my head around it and panicked, regretting it thinking it wouldn’t go or get worse. I burst in to tears when the health visitor came over and she suggested I go to the doctors and start antidepressants, even though I wasn’t depressed just had awful anxiety about it. After refusing she came again the following week and I still was in a panic so she booked me an appointment which I didn’t attend as I knew there was nothing they could do at this point I just needed to ride it out but unfortunately the doctor rang and said it was a sign of postnatal depression and wrote me a script of Celexa. I had so much worry over my feet o was struggling to function and started thinking maybe they were right and my hormones were making it worse( I know this wasn’t the case and it’s just me as I always panic but calm down eventually) I stupidly started it as I wanted to feel well and they kept saying I would miss out on my baby etc etc so I kind of did it for everyone else really. After 3 days I noticed I was having pins and needles in my feet and legs and arms getting hot flashes and my anxiety was through the roof even worse and while watching tv I had a panic attack and was sweating so I went to bed and stopped taking them. The symptoms carried on for the next two days but seem to calm down abit and my foot still throbbed so I got really upset and my mum took me to the doctors and now my symptoms were worse. I asked her if the celexa could have caused the pins and needles and she said no and I would be feeling any side effects from the tablets two days later she said it was my anxiety. She prescribed me gabipenten and said it would help my foot and stop me worrying basically. I resisted taking it but my foot throbbed and ibuprofen wasn’t working I couldn’t stop worry and my mum said to try them to see if it helped so I did and after the first pill I got a lightning bolt sensations through my head I lasted a week on them and had the following side effects muscle spasms in thighs crawling sensation tingles through limbs muscle pain all over body when I stopped the side effects persisted again after a couple of days at this point I started thinking I must have a terrible disease or something! I went to the doctors about it and said I now had pain all around my body and he said I’m going to give you something to help it and prescribed me celexa I couldn’t understand why and he said it was to help the postpartum depression which was causing my symptoms. I felt totally helpless at this point and stupidly took them again as didn’t know what else it could be, that’s when it all went so badly wrong after about five days I started feeling extremely paranoid, anxiety through the roof scared of even feeling water drops on my skin the air on me etc and my arms and hands started burning out of control to the point I had to run them under cold water. I spent the next day unable to get out of bed had panic attacks and didn’t want to live. My husband took me to the doctor who contacted mental health team and prescribed me Lycra for the burning as it was like patches around my body I took it and the burning did subside some but I suddenly got muscle pain again and weakness in my one leg which the doctors said was sciatica I could bearly walk on my one leg and suddenly got back pain too so after one week my doctor said just stop taking it and the muscle pain and leg weakness went completely but the burning skin came back it was like patches all over it would last a few seconds and go somewhere else on my body. The sad thing is by this point my feet were completely better and no longer throbbed but I had all these other issues it was just terrifying I didn’t know what was happening to me. I went back to the doctor and asked if it could be the medication and they said h they couldn’t see how no I’ve stopped it and it was most likely all anxiety. I was about to go on holiday which was all booked and desperately wanted to feel well for my children she suggested mirtazapeine and diazepam I thought I’ve got to try it as my anxiety is out of control even though I’ve never experienced anxiety like this before in my life! After I week I had to stop again side effects were ice cube/metal sensations on skin feelinging things on skin that aren’t there water drops my baby’s milk etc extreme anxiety electric feelings in limbs sore skin like sunburn prickling sensations on skin constant hunger after stopping I stayed off over a week and thought it must be the medication me and my husband were at a total loss by now I was convinced I had ms. I didn’t feel too bad after a week still some of the sensations my mum suggested I take cbd oil from Holland and Barrera for my anxiety so I tried it a few drops throughout the day I started getting the prickling sensations on my skin that afternoon not sure if it was the cbd or the meds still I went to the cinema with my children and friend and my arms and hands started burning out of control again I was having such an panic attack. I started getting muscle twitching too in my limbs and a sunburnt feeling in arms and hands. The next day I had my first appointment with the mental health team the physiatrist diagnosed me with ptsd from the birth and postnatal depression ad said that all feelings were part of this illness I couldn’t understand how this was happening to me , I was so happy before this all happened and I’ve never suffered postnatal depression before. She prescribed me 30mg cymbalta and 25mg quiteapeine A’s by this point I Dudley was having night anxiety too. I said I didn’t want to take any more medication but she explained how people recover from this illness so much quicker if taking medication to help and they couldn’t offer me therapy until I was taking it. I went home feeling helpless and took it and decided to do what they said as I was at a total loss I also reseated postnatal depression and read lots of ways they helped women to recover. I got the following side effects intense burning patches all over body hot sparks landing on me mainly at night feelibg of ice being injected into my limbs feelings of hot liquid being spilled on my legs visual hallucinations and at this point I attempted an overdose and ended up in hospital. I was told to carry on with medication and this was all part of my illness 😢 i ladtedtgree and half weeks and told my physiatrist I was stopping and did I need to taper as I was at 60 mg of cymbalta she said no and just stop and we will discuss a plan in the new year. I decided to taper with the meds I had left and then stopped I was Med free for three weeks over Xmas and felt ok I had flu symptoms for a week sickness and the intense burning patches were getting less till practically stopping. I though I was getting better but it all came back full force I suddenly stared getting night mares mainly about my children and could feel heat all over my body like burning but only at night it was like being tourchard in my sleep like night terrors. I also would wake up with shooting full pain in my fingertips and struggle to open my hand same in my leg and feet , my legs felt like rubber to walk on after two weeks of this I was back panicking at the doctors asking could this be from the medication I was pleading to be admitted into hospital thinking I had phycosis of some sort from my illness. She ordered a big batch of blood tests and referred me for a mri and well as prescribed me amitriptalyn 10mg she say it was a tiny dose just to hel the night terrors. I took 10mg that night and woke up the next day having slept fine and all the pain and stiffness and rubber legs had gone! I couldn’t understand what was going on I carried on taking it for two days and then had an appointment with my physiatrist she said it was a smartie dose and not helping mummy illness and to start 50mg of the quietipeine for the night terrors prescribed zolof. She said they couldn’t help me until I started stocking with the medication and to push through the side effects as they will go. I went home and took the quietiapene but started getting burning like heat flitting around my body again so I stopped it and went back to the amitriptalyn to help sleep instead and didn’t start zolof and waited for mri. My mri came back clear and my neurologist suggested acupuncture and suggested not much else. I was on the amitriptalyn 10mg for 4 weeks while all this went on side effects were Stinging sensations sunburn sensations icey hot sensations random prickling sensations i asked the doctor if I should taper he said as 10 mg is so low no as they don’t do a lower dose. After stopping I had electcal zaps around body, stinging on skin or in muscles , sunburn feelings , major anxiety , hot sweats , agitation when driving or trying to watch tv , not being able to rest at all. I have been med free for almost 11 weeks and a lot of my symptoms have got less severe but I still live in constant fear of them coming back, I am also now suffering exstreme depression. 11 weeks out ongoing symptoms are icey hot sensations normally lasted two-3 days coming on in the later part of the day mostly. electrical feeling on skin and dull pains around body normally lasting 2 days together , maybe two days a week completely symptom free. I am so upset about what is happening to Me and worry it will be permanent damage of some sort. Looking back I still can’t process how this is happened and feel so much guilt. I would never have done this being in my right mind I feel so angry that no one was listening and keep telling me I was ill. After being on your site for a month I realise to was probably the drugs causing my illness 😢😢😢 thank you in advance if you have the time to listen
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