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Found 41 results

  1. I have been on citalopram since 2009 then it stopped working. The Dr put me on citalopram and mirtazapine combination which worked for a while then that stopped working. The Dr then put me on mirtazapine and Venlafaxine 150mg XL combination which workes for a while again ans then stopped working. The Dr put me on amitriptyline 50mg saying thay would be the best drug for me while i took 8 months to slowly remove each bead from Venlafaxine capsule to come off it. As soon as I took my last beed i went into crazy angry depression. The dr increased my dosage of amitriptyline from 50mg to 150mg but the side effects were horrible and at this point i got sick of these meds and decided to quit CT. I had horrible withdrawal symptoms and i started acting like a child and not being able to walk, had balance problems. I reinstated back to 50mg amitriptyline since april 2018 and i have been getting worse. I cannot sleep. My vision is so badly affected that i have grainy vision and floaters have increased dramatically . I see after images and it's as if the lights have been turned off. When i begin to fall asleep, i start to have dreams before i actually fall asleep and my brain keep. Waking up just before i am about to sleep. I cannot follow conversations, I mishear things all the time. I am totally dependant on others and i feel people think i have gone crazy. I don't know what to do i am getting worse and worse. I often trip, lose my balance. I hardly have any short term memory and cannot do simplest of things. I cannot even watch anything on TV as i cannot follow.it I'm having major concentration problems. I don't know how. I'm writing this. I cannot work or drive. Please you have no idea how i am putting these sentences together. I need urgent help. Please advice. I have no energy, no appetite. If I'm posting this in the wrong place, please accept my appology as I can hardly read and understand things. P
  2. Hi i am new here so let me introduce myself and give you the history of why i have become member. I originally got tinnitus about 18 months ago from noise. I was a sound engineer when younger so my past had caught me up. I went and had all tests and was told nothing could be done. I started to get headaches and siatic pain down left side which seem to come on at same time thetinntus did. The doctors prescrided me 20mg of amitriptyline to be taken at night to help prevent migraines and help with sleep. I took it for about 11months but for last couple months i started feeling anxious, paranoid and suicidal in waves. I attended to A&E department who said that only way to tell if the symptoms were side effects of drug was to come off them and that i would have see GP. I went see the GP who didn' t believe the drugs were causing issues and that i had aggitated depression and needed to take different anti-depressent and stop the amitriptyline. I wasnt feeling well and did what GP had said and stoped the amitriptyline with no taper and started citrolpam. I took citrolpam for 4 days but just felt out of it so i stopped it. I didn't sleep for 14 days and had massive waves of syptoms. Went back doctors and he said i was ill like he had said and looked anxious. Tryed get him understand it was withdrawl syptoms. Doctor told me i needed to go back on amitriptyline but 50mg this time. I questioned the dose increase but as i wasn't feeling mentally or physically well i got tablets. I reinstated back onto the amitriptyline but only took 25mg for first week. The withdrawl symtems were still there but slowing a little. Decided to take the 50mg as doctor said as i really didnt know what i was doing by then. Made feel even worse than i was feeling. Friends told me to go back to GP but get second opinon from different doctor. Changed doctor and explained i was in withdrawl and i wanted to come off amitriptyline due side effects. She listened but still really didn't want say it was in withdrawl altho see did agree if i felt i wasnt depressed i should drop back to the 25mg as only been on 50mg for few days. I have had to take 9 weeks off work and am taking 25mg amitriptyline hoping i will stabilise to some kinda human being. At first i was having the windows and waves were as last few weeks i feel like the windows are getting smaller and waves bigger. I saw the mental health team who again avoided the whole withdrawl thing and tryed blame me. I advised her i want get off the drugs and after reading many forums realise i need to do a very slow taper as i am super sensative. I come here as many do in hope of some feeling like i will be able to come off the amitriptyline at some point and regain the person that i feel i have lost.
  3. Floss


    Hi I’m new here, and have had a very rough time unfortunately involving prescription drugs. I had my baby last year and was at a very happy time in my life already have two little ones , husband and renovating forever home , I have had anxiety in the past over health and miscarriage but always got over it and have never used meds so always felt great and happy with a few bumps along the way as I’m sure we all do. After 8 days of being out of hospital with my baby I started to feel unwell achey , flu like and I went to doctors who gave me antibiotics for mastitis I took two that day and the next day I woke up my heel was completely numb I shot up out of bed and panicked as I’d had an epidural during birth and stupidly googled worse case and spiralled into panic ended up back on post natal treated for a womb infection on intravenous antibiotics which explained the fluey feelings my feet felt strange and I felt really weak when home again, my foot started burning and throbbing and hurt after walking on it for so long. Went to doctors again and they said it was a side effect from the rip and will go. I couldn’t get my head around it and panicked, regretting it thinking it wouldn’t go or get worse. I burst in to tears when the health visitor came over and she suggested I go to the doctors and start antidepressants, even though I wasn’t depressed just had awful anxiety about it. After refusing she came again the following week and I still was in a panic so she booked me an appointment which I didn’t attend as I knew there was nothing they could do at this point I just needed to ride it out but unfortunately the doctor rang and said it was a sign of postnatal depression and wrote me a script of Celexa. I had so much worry over my feet o was struggling to function and started thinking maybe they were right and my hormones were making it worse( I know this wasn’t the case and it’s just me as I always panic but calm down eventually) I stupidly started it as I wanted to feel well and they kept saying I would miss out on my baby etc etc so I kind of did it for everyone else really. After 3 days I noticed I was having pins and needles in my feet and legs and arms getting hot flashes and my anxiety was through the roof even worse and while watching tv I had a panic attack and was sweating so I went to bed and stopped taking them. The symptoms carried on for the next two days but seem to calm down abit and my foot still throbbed so I got really upset and my mum took me to the doctors and now my symptoms were worse. I asked her if the celexa could have caused the pins and needles and she said no and I would be feeling any side effects from the tablets two days later she said it was my anxiety. She prescribed me gabipenten and said it would help my foot and stop me worrying basically. I resisted taking it but my foot throbbed and ibuprofen wasn’t working I couldn’t stop worry and my mum said to try them to see if it helped so I did and after the first pill I got a lightning bolt sensations through my head I lasted a week on them and had the following side effects muscle spasms in thighs crawling sensation tingles through limbs muscle pain all over body when I stopped the side effects persisted again after a couple of days at this point I started thinking I must have a terrible disease or something! I went to the doctors about it and said I now had pain all around my body and he said I’m going to give you something to help it and prescribed me celexa I couldn’t understand why and he said it was to help the postpartum depression which was causing my symptoms. I felt totally helpless at this point and stupidly took them again as didn’t know what else it could be, that’s when it all went so badly wrong after about five days I started feeling extremely paranoid, anxiety through the roof scared of even feeling water drops on my skin the air on me etc and my arms and hands started burning out of control to the point I had to run them under cold water. I spent the next day unable to get out of bed had panic attacks and didn’t want to live. My husband took me to the doctor who contacted mental health team and prescribed me Lycra for the burning as it was like patches around my body I took it and the burning did subside some but I suddenly got muscle pain again and weakness in my one leg which the doctors said was sciatica I could bearly walk on my one leg and suddenly got back pain too so after one week my doctor said just stop taking it and the muscle pain and leg weakness went completely but the burning skin came back it was like patches all over it would last a few seconds and go somewhere else on my body. The sad thing is by this point my feet were completely better and no longer throbbed but I had all these other issues it was just terrifying I didn’t know what was happening to me. I went back to the doctor and asked if it could be the medication and they said h they couldn’t see how no I’ve stopped it and it was most likely all anxiety. I was about to go on holiday which was all booked and desperately wanted to feel well for my children she suggested mirtazapeine and diazepam I thought I’ve got to try it as my anxiety is out of control even though I’ve never experienced anxiety like this before in my life! After I week I had to stop again side effects were ice cube/metal sensations on skin feelinging things on skin that aren’t there water drops my baby’s milk etc extreme anxiety electric feelings in limbs sore skin like sunburn prickling sensations on skin constant hunger after stopping I stayed off over a week and thought it must be the medication me and my husband were at a total loss by now I was convinced I had ms. I didn’t feel too bad after a week still some of the sensations my mum suggested I take cbd oil from Holland and Barrera for my anxiety so I tried it a few drops throughout the day I started getting the prickling sensations on my skin that afternoon not sure if it was the cbd or the meds still I went to the cinema with my children and friend and my arms and hands started burning out of control again I was having such an panic attack. I started getting muscle twitching too in my limbs and a sunburnt feeling in arms and hands. The next day I had my first appointment with the mental health team the physiatrist diagnosed me with ptsd from the birth and postnatal depression ad said that all feelings were part of this illness I couldn’t understand how this was happening to me , I was so happy before this all happened and I’ve never suffered postnatal depression before. She prescribed me 30mg cymbalta and 25mg quiteapeine A’s by this point I Dudley was having night anxiety too. I said I didn’t want to take any more medication but she explained how people recover from this illness so much quicker if taking medication to help and they couldn’t offer me therapy until I was taking it. I went home feeling helpless and took it and decided to do what they said as I was at a total loss I also reseated postnatal depression and read lots of ways they helped women to recover. I got the following side effects intense burning patches all over body hot sparks landing on me mainly at night feelibg of ice being injected into my limbs feelings of hot liquid being spilled on my legs visual hallucinations and at this point I attempted an overdose and ended up in hospital. I was told to carry on with medication and this was all part of my illness 😢 i ladtedtgree and half weeks and told my physiatrist I was stopping and did I need to taper as I was at 60 mg of cymbalta she said no and just stop and we will discuss a plan in the new year. I decided to taper with the meds I had left and then stopped I was Med free for three weeks over Xmas and felt ok I had flu symptoms for a week sickness and the intense burning patches were getting less till practically stopping. I though I was getting better but it all came back full force I suddenly stared getting night mares mainly about my children and could feel heat all over my body like burning but only at night it was like being tourchard in my sleep like night terrors. I also would wake up with shooting full pain in my fingertips and struggle to open my hand same in my leg and feet , my legs felt like rubber to walk on after two weeks of this I was back panicking at the doctors asking could this be from the medication I was pleading to be admitted into hospital thinking I had phycosis of some sort from my illness. She ordered a big batch of blood tests and referred me for a mri and well as prescribed me amitriptalyn 10mg she say it was a tiny dose just to hel the night terrors. I took 10mg that night and woke up the next day having slept fine and all the pain and stiffness and rubber legs had gone! I couldn’t understand what was going on I carried on taking it for two days and then had an appointment with my physiatrist she said it was a smartie dose and not helping mummy illness and to start 50mg of the quietipeine for the night terrors prescribed zolof. She said they couldn’t help me until I started stocking with the medication and to push through the side effects as they will go. I went home and took the quietiapene but started getting burning like heat flitting around my body again so I stopped it and went back to the amitriptalyn to help sleep instead and didn’t start zolof and waited for mri. My mri came back clear and my neurologist suggested acupuncture and suggested not much else. I was on the amitriptalyn 10mg for 4 weeks while all this went on side effects were Stinging sensations sunburn sensations icey hot sensations random prickling sensations i asked the doctor if I should taper he said as 10 mg is so low no as they don’t do a lower dose. After stopping I had electcal zaps around body, stinging on skin or in muscles , sunburn feelings , major anxiety , hot sweats , agitation when driving or trying to watch tv , not being able to rest at all. I have been med free for almost 11 weeks and a lot of my symptoms have got less severe but I still live in constant fear of them coming back, I am also now suffering exstreme depression. 11 weeks out ongoing symptoms are icey hot sensations normally lasted two-3 days coming on in the later part of the day mostly. electrical feeling on skin and dull pains around body normally lasting 2 days together , maybe two days a week completely symptom free. I am so upset about what is happening to Me and worry it will be permanent damage of some sort. Looking back I still can’t process how this is happened and feel so much guilt. I would never have done this being in my right mind I feel so angry that no one was listening and keep telling me I was ill. After being on your site for a month I realise to was probably the drugs causing my illness 😢😢😢 thank you in advance if you have the time to listen
  4. Hello everyone, I'm in desperate need of some help and advice. I have been on Amitriptyline for 3 and half years at a dosage of 100mg, this helped me to sleep because of anxiety. Exactly 4 weeks ago I went to see my GP as my anxiety has been increasing. They suggested trying Mirtazapine. So for the first week my Amitriptyline was dropped from 100mg to 50mg, them for the second week it was dropped from 50mg to ZERO. Then I went straight onto 30mg of Mirtazapine. During all this I have had the worst time ever, I have not slept during these 4 weeks, complete insomnia! and flu like symptoms! And my body feels like it's been hit by a bus. I have lost faith in my GP surgery as I get different information from each doctor and they dont seem to care at all, they never explain things clearly enough and had I known all this I would never have taken the medication in the first place. Can anyone offer any help or advice, I'm desperate?! Will the insomnia get better? I'm at the point of stopping the mirtazine and just going back to 100mg of Amitriptyline. 😕
  5. Hi All , I need your help ! I was on low dose of Amitriptyline ( 10 mg ) from Sept 29 th to Nov 9th , approx for 1 month. Was given this for low grade vascular headache Now I am 2 months off the drug , but still have issues. Approx 2 weeks post stopping the drug i started having severe tinnitus in both ears and still have it now , light sensitivity , brain fog , difficulty in concentration I had anxiety which I feel has been reduced since beginning of January. I got my tests done for MRI and all health tests everything came out clean , visual tests and macula degeneration tests also done Opthamologist message : Amitriptyline is neuro and ototoxic : your body will wean it eventually , he said it will take a month and I was actually getting better but BAM ! Jan 3rd week I was down in dumps again November Post stopping the drug : No Changes , just little bit of fogginess , headache Dec 1st week to 2nd Week : Muscle pain /drowsiness dec 3rd week to Dec 4 th week ( worst ) : i had grainy vision ( visual snow ) only on walls may be and then night vision was pathetic , brain zaps I was miserable was in dumps . Jan 1st week to 2nd week : On Jan 2nd when I work up my anxiety was gone ( its been better ) and getting better and my grainy vision I felt had subsided , I continued to move on ahead with the tinnitus and less snow Jan 3rd week to now : Suddenly I felt my vision dimness has got better ( I could feel this ) , the places i thought was previously dim was bright , and along with this the snow also became more , for example I an see sparse dots in day light and also when I look at my computer screen , and the walls have gone bad, not sure why this happened, shoulder pain , eye fatigue , dizziness , like when I close my eyes I see patterns and circle , when I m in REM braiz zaps after images ( both negative and positive)[ the symptoms I faced in Jan was not faced before in my life ] All the above symptoms Never had them in months of Oct, Nov Tinnitus : More Muscle Pain More Due to which : I'm nervous and anxious Issues I have now : Tinnitus more on left now , previously more on right , afterimages , vision snow ( bothers me the most ) and I know its not more than many of ul here , lil bit anxiety due to all this issues Disclaimer : I didn't know amitriptyline was an antidepressants until the 7th day of me taking it , I forgot to check it up online . Never done drugs in past , not smoked , no alcohol , I was a independent girl doing things on my own but now I'm so dependant on my family for everything I hope I get over this , I'm only 29 never had issues like this .
  6. WuGang

    WuGang: hello all

    Hello, I am new to this website. A little about me; I suffer anxiety, panic attacks and was diagnosed depression. Many years ago, when I was around 14-15 years old, I was placed on antidepressants (Seroxat). I was later put on Fluoxetine and Amitriptyline for close to 20 years, I'm now 33. This year I made the decision I didn't want to keep taking these drugs and arranged with my doctor to slowly stop them, one at a time of course. It took a couple of months in total with his instructions. It's now been around 2 months off the Fluoxetine and a month off the Amitriptyline. I have been struggling with the side effects since. On and off sleeping difficulties, wild mood swings, constantly angry and easy to temper, and a really bad temper! Depression. But also, problems with my mind, brain fog, difficulty concentrating. It's really hard to explain, I feel dumber since stopping the meds, I know my mind, know how it works and I can tell it just isn't right. I don't recognize my own mind anymore. I struggle to enjoy anything that I used to, struggle to understand or concentrate on the things I used to like. And to be honest, it's been scaring me, I've been really tempted to go back on the drugs just so that I can be me again. Still struggle with anxiety and panic attacks. Anyway, that's a little about my story.
  7. Hi everyone, In March 2018 I started taking antidepressant pills. I when to visit a urologist because I had a pulsing feeling in my bladder, and years before I had continuous urine infection problems, he thought this pulsing feeling was due to the nerves and he prescribed me amitriptyline 10 mg. In no more than a few weeks I started feeling side effects, nausea, a tremendous thirst and dryness of the skin of my face that started to peel around my chin, I noticed the dryness in my throat and inside my nose, it dried the mucosa and soon after I started breathing very badly, it was like I couldn't heat the air or something. A month later and because my General Practitioner though that all those symptoms were because I was anxious, he recommended me to go to see a psychologist, but previous to that I was referred to a psychiatrist who prescribed me Cipralex 5mg than then increased to 10mg. I told him I was taking the other medication amitriptyline 10mg and also told him that I was a poor metabolizer because I had done a DNA test and I was having already some side effects from the amitriptyline. He told me I can discontinue that drug and use just Cipralex, I thought, well , I should contact the other doctor who prescribed me the other medication first, but he insisted, that if I want I can stop using, so I did, but there was a time I was taking both at the same time ( He said it was ok too ), and I started feeling very bad ( insomnia, electric shocks in my arms, numbing in my hands at night...etc ) so I stopped the amitriptyline at that time and some a weeks later I stopped Cipralex too, but then the withdrawal symptoms came and everything got worse. During the summer, June, July, and August I was feeling terrible I had terrible nightmares, I one day I had a hallucination!! , numbing and electric shocks in my arms and hands when I was sleeping... Today I still have the dryness in throat and nose and I can't breath well, It get worse at night, I've noticed that it's less intensive but I don't know how long it will take to go away completely. I wanted to know more so I did a mitochondrial test ( private service ) to know what was going on, There was a fluorenyl compound found possibly from Cipralex. I show the test to my General Practitioner he told me that that was fake and he doesn't believe it, and told me I have to stop this situation. It was here when I understood that I was gonna be alone on this and nobody in the NHS would believe me.
  8. I've successfully tapered off other medications in the past, but am really struggling with this one. I was on 25 mg Amitriptyline since 2015. Last year, I tried tapering off and ended up back on, but gratefully, only at 12.5. I was originally put on this to help with IBS-C pain and found it helped my migraines as well. I'm 64 and am seeing cognitive issues and complete constipation, both of which are well-documented as side effects and why seniors should not be on this drug. So I really want to see how I do off it. Last week, I went down to 10 mg (I have those pills as well). But I'm really feeling withdrawal effects. The problem is that I'm not sure Amitriptyline HCL is stable in water. Here's what I read: http://www.pharminfotech.co.nz/manual/Formulation/mixtures/amitriptyline.html Indeed, as the article states, the liquid was really bitter and had a weird localized effect when I tried to taper this way last year. And I can't cut the pills down to make small enough doses because the pill is already tiny. The best I can do is cut the 10 mg into four (2.5 mg), but from what I'm reading, that is too big of a jump. My doctor is useless about these things. He says the drug can't cause these problems because of the low dose and that I can just stop taking it at this point because the dose is so low I won't have withdrawal. I'd appreciate any suggestions on what I can do to taper under these circumstances. Thanks, Susan
  9. Mea


    Hi guys, Just wanted to introduce myself. After 21 years of being on several types of anti-depressant medications I am determined to completely stop (see history in signature). I am taking 150mg of Effexor at the moment and managed to stop taking it for 8 months last year but the experience was extremely traumatic. I spent about 4-5 months tapering off and then was completely off Effexor for 8 months. Unfortunately I went back on Effexor after the 8 month mark as I was worried about suicide and could literally not function or work or get out of bed. I have never experienced any type of severe depression until this point in my life (2015 when I attempted to go off medication). I didn’t understand what was happening until I found this - https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/mad-in-america/201106/now-antidepressant-induced-chronic-depression-has-name-tardive-dysphoria I would be super interested to know of any individuals or moderators on here who have some knowledge or experience in tardive dysphoria/oppositional tolerance. I am hoping there may be someone out there with theories/solutions on how to go off an anti-depressant like Effexor with some sort of support instead of just going off and suffering for years and years until one day you hopefully might start to feel better? I would like to believe that that the neuroplasticity of my brain will definitely get me there eventually but I am really scared after my last experience and not sure how long I could tough it out. At the moment I am looking into st johns wart, saffron, lamictal and transcranial magnetic stimulation. I find Dr Kelly Brogan's work quite fascinating as well although I have already done everything I can nutritionally. She did her fellowship at NYU Medical Center after graduating from Cornell University Medical College, and has a B.S. from MIT in Systems Neuroscience and has some pretty fascinating things to say about antidepressants worsening the long-term course of depression, anti-depressants actually working via being an anti-inflammatory as well as the treatment of depression through nutrition. She has recently released a book but main stream media outlets have basically blacklisted her, likely because of their primary sponsorship by pharmaceutical companies. My aim is to try and go off of Effexor again but I want to have a better strategy in place this time and some sort of back-up plan so I don't panic and go back to Effexor. Last time was pretty traumatizing. Any suggestions, ideas etc are very very welcome!
  10. I took 10 mg of amitriptiline three times.aftet experienxing side effects I stopped the drug. After a month I am still experiencing muscle twitches and tingling. The doctors think I am crazy and the drug is not the cause. They have proscribed steroids but I am scared to take them thinking these effects might worsen. Help!
  11. Hi everybody, I thought I'd introduce myself, and let you know that I'm going to be starting a weekly withdrawal log to map my progress, support others and hopefully receive support. Below, I've included a few points, and I'll be adding different things as I go on. For now, I wanted to keep it simple and get the ball rolling. Who am I? I'm currently taking 35mg of Amitriptyline for sleep, and as of today (01/01/18), I am starting a very slow taper off the medication. I have taken Amitriptyline since May 2016. Why am I doing this? I've had two withdrawal attempts prior to this, and in my last attempt, I stumbled across this website and realised that it was going to be something of a pilgrimage rather than a quick affair. I've also been interested in writing since I was a kid, and I've recently started up a creative writing practice again and thought that it would be great if I could start capturing my withdrawal journey because it'll hopefully be useful to somebody else in future and also provide me with context and a wider understanding when things start to get tough. My medication history / explaining the situation? I'll try to keep this as short as possible, so I'll use dot points: I have an OCD personality, I enjoy feeling good and things being perfect. I obsessed about sleep a lot. I moved out of home, couldn't control as many variables around sleep and started to get really frustrated when I didn't feel well rested. Cycles of frustration continued for 6 months, before I stopped being able to sleep altogether. This resolved, and was replaced by a 2 - 3am panic attack, being completely unable to fall back asleep. The 2 - 3am rising continued for 4 months, before I started waking 2 hours after falling asleep and being unable to fall back asleep. Tried everything, nothing worked and in my defeat, tried Amitriptyline 30mg. This worked, however the somatic and psychological impacts of the nightly panic attacks and sense of being "broken forever" remained. Withdrawal # 1 I had been taking the medication for about a month, and I was worried about weight gain and felt like a failure for taking it. I was also obsessed with "proving to myself that I could sleep without it now" because I had previously thought I was broken forever. I tried to taper off quickly, using a variety of other sleeping aids to mask the taper. In October 2016, when I had tapered down to about 5 - 10mg, I had a huge panic attack and reinstated, ending the withdrawal attempt. Withdrawal # 2 This withdrawal started in March 2017, when I tried to taper down much more slowly (but not slow enough). I fully came off in October 2017, however due to having family commitments and still working with a high level of anxiety in evenings, I reached my capacity and ended the withdrawal attempt. I reinstated to 35mg because I was so anxious and uncomfortable that I felt like I couldn't relax unless I took a larger dose. What I'd like to achieve? So now that I've had two withdrawal attempts, I realise that the challenge is going to be a combination: The physical and psychological fear of being permanently broken, and unable to sleep again without medication. The physical and psychological fear of feeling tired and how that triggers me. The obsession to feel in control re: sleep, and the fear of relaxing into a sense of flowing with life. The chemical experience of withdrawal. I believe that the process of withdrawing is going to be therapeutic in that it'll trigger each of my fears, and allow me to soothe them directly and rewire my nervous system over the withdrawal period. Hopefully, once I'm fully withdrawn, I would've also cleared out and rewired the triggers around sleeping. Eventually, I would like to be in a position where I am able to relax into the knowing that sometimes I'll sleep well, sometimes I'll sleep badly, and not reject one experience and try to cling to another. What will my taper look like? It's going to be a slow taper, going from 35 -> 32.5 -> 30 etc, in increments of 2.5 per month. I'm aware that I have a limited capacity to approach challenge with composure, so if I need to hold or reinstate, I'm completely comfortable with doing so because this'll be more like a marathon than a sprint and ensuring that I maintain a healthy capacity is going to be key for this. The goal is to feel comfortable at each reduced dose, and spend enough time at each increment that I feel completely confident that I could sleep with this amount. I need to do this, because when I have withdrawn at a quicker rate, I realised that I wasn't certain I could sleep on any of those increments and when I reinstated, I had to go back to the beginning to feel comfortable again. Please note that I'll be sharing more stuff, like the supplements I take, practices I use - for now, I just wanted to keep it simple
  12. Hello everyone, I first got started on Celexa in May 09 after my mind slipped into an inescapable panic state induced by an accidental overdose of the anti-histamine diphenhydramine. I should of know way back then, after a few weeks, then I should of stayed away from all drugs and given my brain a chance to calm down and repair itself on it’s own, but I was truly, truely frightened that I had down some serious damage or I was on my way to the depths of psychosis. So I went to my GP got diagnosed with anxiety disorder. I switched to Cymabalta in November 09 after a personal event triggered an intensification of agitated depression which had never really left despite treatment with Celexa. Sticking with Cymbalta was, again, an irrevocably stupid decision - but I had faith in the psychiatrist who was prescribing me these things. Suicidal ideation was commonplace both in an experiential context and in circumstantial context – my anxiety was so severe I just wanted out and I was astounded to what life had been reduced to. On cymbalta I felt tired but wired with a generalised irritability and massive cravings for sugar, which when I gave in and ate only triggered an intensification of irritability. I look back during this period and I’m struck with just how bizarre and Kafkaesque the whole experience was. Why the hell didn’t I get of the ******* thing earlier? I weaned off Cymbalta in in June 2010. However, the suicidal panic now morphed into a suicidal malaise and all-consumng tiredness, severe anhedonia, and an inability to concentrate - which has stuck with me since. I got put on Zoloft in Oct’10, 4 months after my last drug, and after a visit to a GP where I told me him I was suicidal and planning to go through with it. He sort of shrugged and just told me to go back on a med. The Zoloft induced both akathisa and a “despair beyond despair” at my situation. I flew out to Thailand with the intention of having a last hurrah and then taking myself down to one of the gun ranges and putting a .357 round into my frontal lobe. (Guns aren't readily available in the UK) I flew home when my parents found out where I was, despite my (I thought) well-constructed plan to deceive and explained to them the extent of which I was struggling. We sought the services of a psychiatrist whom I thought was progressive and looking at the bigger picture. By now, I was mostly concerned with the brain fog and chronic fatigue - which prevented me from most activities which might have led to an improvement with my lot in life - which led me to conclude my problem was neuro-endocrine based. I agreed to a low-dose of Lexapro, some compounded thyroid hormone and about 20 different supplements to treat any bodily pathologies. Despite this ambitious protocol, there was very little change in mood. I tried to stay working but got overwhelmed again and my suicidal ideation reached a zenith. I flew back out to Asia with my father, this time to Cambodia but to join a volunteer project building houses. I figured a dose of 3rd poverty might take my mind….off my mind. This time I also agreed to start lithium. It was a humbling experience for sure but I was still weak, foggy, anxious and depressed. I also felt intensely guilty at being in my depressed state amongst so much poverty and in a country with the worst auto-genocide in history. I also picked up a stomach infection which led to post-infectious gastroparesis which I have been struggling with since. Early in 2011 I discontinued the lithium, at the time we hadn’t worked out the stomach problem and where concerned the lithium could be causing the GI stuff. I continued with Lexapro in the AM and 25mg amitrypltine to get me off to sleep in the PM. Life was just a haze punctuated by bouts of panic and despair. My ability to work and socialise properly had all but disappeared by now, so I got used to life being what it was. At the beginning of 2012 I decided to take a break from AD’s, they didn’t seem to have improved my lot in life much, maybe coming off them would do some good. This was when my concern, finally, about TD started - I continued to feel like absolute ****. What if the drugs were the problem all along?. It wasn’t until a few months ago that the epiphany really took hold and I realised the full horror of what I subjected myself to. I realised the whole thing was being exacerbated by the very treatment that authority deemed to be of help. Back when I came off Cymbalta in 2010 I just assumed this was my depression anxiety ramping up and the exhaustion was a natural extension, but now I was still horrendously depressed and the other **** kicked in. I curse myself that I didn’t see the connection the first time round and have spent another 2.5 years on psych drugs….. Note, I tried a few drugs of now more than about two weeks duration in 2012. Again this was before the idea of drug-induced harm became cemented in my mind. My last drug ingestion was Tianeptine in November. My question to anyone who has any suggestions and or experiences is in my title – what the hell do I do now? I’m a complete invalid. Living at home with a parent at 25, unable to enjoy much of anything at all, I can’t lose myself in a movie like I did years ago, my mind is just inexplicably turned inward and focused on it’s own arid desolation and fogginess. Reading is a significantly challenging endeavour and writing is difficult (it’s taken me about a week to knock this up into something coherent and semi-legible). I’m just having such trouble formulating a strategy which might give me a chance of getting well again. Just reading this site has given me a bit of hope in that people can get their lives back on track. There’s people here that appear to have got off far harsher drugs and had been on them for longer periods, so I need to keep a perspective of sorts, I’m just terrified at this stage that I’m past the point of no return and that putting what was a fragile brain/mind to begin with in drugs might just have been…… Any help or words of wisdom are appreciated. Thanks for reading. Jack
  13. Hello everyone, I am so glad I found this forum. I feel so lost and alone struggling to navigate this withdrawal. Here's my story: I started 10mg of Amitriptyline on November 1st 2017. I was originally prescribed this for sleep when the doctor took my off my pantoprazole 40 mg cold turkey and I ended up very sick ( I was put on that because they thought maybe I had H. Pylori so once the test came back negative they took me off of it cold turkey.) Due to being so sick coming off the pantoprazole they decided the taper me off it properly by reinstating it and lowering the does by 25% each week. In the mean time he gave me amitriptyline 10mg to help me sleep as I felt so sick. I came off the pantoprazole properly this time, and decided I didn't need to be on the amitriptyline it was making me feel sick to my stomach and making me VERY dizzy to the point where I passed out and hit the floor. So I called my doctor who said just to stop the amitriptyline, it is not an addictive drug and he has never heard of withdrawals on this med. After his last cold turkey mistake I dropped down to 7.5mg of Amitriptyline and felt fine...until day 10 then was I sick!!! After 9 days of this (extreme nausea, headaches, anxiety, aches etc) I couldn't take it anymore and reinstated to 10mg, within 24 hrs I was feeling much better but back on 10mg. Of course when I saw my doctor after this he rolled his eyes and said I must have had the flu. So fed up I got a new doctor. The new doctor also felt that 10mg was such a low dose and withdrawals are impossible on this med. However the fainting and bouts of nausea concerned him, I explained this all started once I began taking this pill but he told me there is no way I could have such bad side effects on 10mg. He sent me for a CT scan on my head, lots of blood work, hooked me up to a blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor etc. In the mean time I passed out a few more times and continued to feel sick, finally he decided that I must be having an allergic reaction to the meds (im sensitive to meds anyways) since it was causing my blood pressure to drop VERY low. He then told me I must come off them tonight!! 10 to 0 ill be just fine and he refused to give me any more refills because this drug is too dangerous for me this was in March 2018. I refused to go cold turkey (as i had no support on this) so I tapered off of 10mg over 50 days dropping .2mg per night which brought me to the end of my pills. I have been off of Amitriptyline for 2 weeks now as I took my last dose on April 14 2018. For the first 2 weeks I experienced headaches, fatigue, aches, nausea, anxiety etc. I am now dealing with an emotional roller coast and nausea that comes and goes throughout the day. Some days are okay, some days are bad. I have not had any fainting spells since I started tapering which is great but how long will this wax and wane nausea last? Im feeling really low at the moment. Everyone expected that once i was off the drugs I would be perfectly fine within a week or two and the doc will never admit there is withdrawals and just put me on another med :( No one really understands, im hoping someone on here does <3
  14. Hi everyone! I'm here because I'm about to start to taper Amitriptyline 75 mg that I've been taking for my migraines. This is not my first drug-tapering rodeo, but I'm still not looking forward to it. I was first prescribed medication for my migraines in 2004. I was put on trials of amitriptyline, depakine and then topamax. None of these worked, and I had a severe reaction to the topamax that resulted in panic attacks, agoraphobia and suicidal ideation [i had a plan]. During this crisis, I was prescribed Ativan, but I became addicted to it after 8 weeks. I crossed over to Valium 10 mg and tapered off that in 7 months. I was off all migraine preventative drugs for 6 years. Then my migraines started to become much more severe and frequent. After a lot of procrastination, I agreed to start Depakine again. Amitriptyline was added because I was having scalp allodynia – my hair and scalp always felt like it was on fire. I tapered off the Depakine in 2013 because I was starting to feel very ill taking it and the side effects were becoming worse. I stayed on the amitriptyline and needed to increase the dose as my migraines and allodynia continued. Last year, I tried to do a 10% taper of the amitriptyline, but was unsuccessful and needed to reinstate. In the meantime, I started to do the program of Dr. David Buchholz, “Heal Your Headache”. Between the dietary prescriptions and the radical reduction of my migraine rescue remedies, my migraines became significantly better – less frequent and much less severe. The funny thing is, now that my migraines are more under control, I feel quite well on the amitriptyline. The side effects – chronic constipation, chronic dry mouth and weight gain – are annoying, but manageable. Nevertheless, I don't like the idea of being on it and would like to see if I can taper off it and still have good migraine control. If I don't, I'd rather try a calcium-channel blocker like verapamil or diltiazem. Having done this before, however, doesn't make me any less apprehensive about starting the ordeal again. I am planning to do a very slow taper this time, starting at a 2.5% taper and seeing how that goes. I also plan to do a liquid taper. I didn't know about this option in the past, but I think it will be ideal for me this time around My plan is to begin next month. In the meantime, I am upping my supplements, getting my diet lower carb, so that I can get into ketosis, and preparing myself mentally for the long slog. I do have a question: at the present, I am taking tablets for my daily dose. Would it be preferable to start to take my doses of 75 mg as a liquid dose before I start the taper? Or is it advisable to continue with the tablets until I'm ready to start my first cut with a liquid dose? Thanks for any counsel. I've been reading the forum for a few weeks now and already I have gotten so much information. Thank you for all you do!
  15. Hi to all. I am so relieved to find this site. I think I have just put myself in to a toal horror story. I have been taking 25mg amiltyptiline for 3 years for back pain and sleep. I was also taking ophenadrine 100mg twice a day for back pain whilst in the middle east but on return to UK i quit the ophenadrine and replaced with cannabis with no problems at all. have since cut right back on this and only have it when my pain is really bad. I also cut down the amiltriptyline to 12.5mg with no problems a year ago. I have Graves disease and just been diagnosed peri menopause, low ferritin and currently having tests for low bit B12 due to symptoms I've been having. Anyway long story short I am starting to feel like I rattle when I all due to all the meds and vitamins i take so so 12 days ago I decided to quit the Amityptilne as it no longer seemed to be helping me asleep anymore. I was fine for the first week then began to have what I have now read is most likely withdrawal symptoms. Then three days ago BANG hit me like a ton of bricks. tinnitus like i never had before.vertigo,nausea,huge panic attacks,limbs feel like lead to name but a few things. I rang my gp as i was terrified and literally can not get out of bed. He has told me to go back on the meds and ring him in 3 days if i don't feel better. He said if i want to come off them to do it slower like 1/2 my dose every 2 weeks . I am terrified i have done permeant damage to my brain! I don't want to go back on the meds but feel I have no choice so can here hopefully for reassurance that going back on the meds will make these symptoms subside. I have found the site road to recovery which says reduce by 10 percent very very slowly but also wants to sell you lots of supplements. has anyone tried this? Any advice etc would be much appreciated . Thanks for listening Tigger x
  16. Link to: Santino's success story topic Dear friends. I am right now in a very big of a situation. My second daughter is coming into this world due in two weeks and i am as much as a wreck as evere. I had used xanax for on and off very small doses but after two weeks of continuous 0.25 mg usage it seems i got hooked and started to have a lot of anxiety and panic attack. Before that i have had twice problems but i managed to pass them with personal power and sort of other CBT. This time was a bit harder. I Somehow stabilized at start of April on 6 MG Bromazepam and 20 MG Anmitryptiline. After the stabilization i started tapering and failed the first time. The amount went big again up to 6 MG and after a period of 10 days i developed some kind of depression even though i managed to stay at work. Doctor prescribed Remeron 15 MG and i was a bit reluctant to take but i am in a very difficult position right now as my wife is giving birth to my second kid within two weeks and apart from that i have a loan to pay and could not afford to be off so i agreed with the doc to start it. Psychologicaly in the beginning i felt good because with Remeron help i started to make big jumps on the Benzo (Bromazepam) and within 3 weeks i have gone from 6 MG to 0.75 Mg currently. I am still scared though because i have never been on an antidepressant before and there are horror stories all around web about all types of them as well. This is the fourth week i am taking Remeron and is not helping to much with sleep some nights due to my worry thoughts, some more it has side effects (high cholesterol and triglycerides are a trend in my family, me no exception to that) and i am only 40 Years old. There are days when i really feel very bad and hopeless in this situation but somehow manage to push it forward. I need help whether i am doing the right thing and in case yes after i am done with bromazepam most probably in 3-4 days how long should i wait to start tapering Remeron.... One mor thing friends... i have never been depressed for all of my life. OKKKK... i have had difficult moments or periods here and there... but only mild situations. This time the doctore tried to cure me with the reason of my fears.... and i think she failed miserably. Anyway.... i was scared out of proportion after three weeks of xanax and some drinking sessions and all went berserk. Give me some opinions on what should i do???!! Should i wait some days and try taper fast Remeron??? (i will be on them total 4 weeks this tuesday). Maybe i am one of those persons who by chance do not have withdrawals... All the best and keep it tight.... WE WILL PREVAIL.... 🙂
  17. I was on Paxil 23 years, prescribed as a result of a car accident/mild brain injury - talk about adding insult to injury......my mood was low, I had chronic pain, raising three young boys while also running a family business......I regret the day I put that first pill in my mouth. I had tried to go off them a few times over the years, always ending up pleading to go back on I felt so terrible...”clearly, my condition had worsened, or so they said” i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 10 plus years ago and amitriptyline was prescribed, in addition to my Paxil. Surprisingly, this condition resolved once i stoped the Paxil? I have recently weaned myself off - drug free Feb/18....during tapering I carefully supplemented with amino acids to avoid the brain zaps (caution needed with amino acids * serotonin syndrome* can cause life threatening event*)......I felt amazing, the unrelenting fatigue was gone for the first time in 23 years, no more fibromyalgia, I was able to easily get out of bed in the morning, no long naps, the likes of which, had become my trademark .......more access to my feelings......unfortunately, this did not last.... Then came the violent persistent suicidal thoughts - from out of nowhere and very unlike me.....the thoughts felt like they were coming from a source other than my own mind if that makes any sense....they became so frightening I stopped all supplementation for fear it might be worsening it, I then tried homeopathy (this is way off the beaten track for me) this has lessened the intensity, they are much more gentle instead of violent but still suicidal thoughts none the less......could this be progress? Feelings of having ruined my life, absolute, utter despair, nothing left to look forward to.......cannot focus - no interest or ability to finish a novel or movie - who cares how it ends.....anger at people ,places and things way out of proportion.....it feels as if all my unfelt emotions over the years are coming to the surface, all at once......I was once very people orientated, enjoyed a good chat and keeping up with friends......now it seems a real burden....some days I do not think I can bear it......but then I get an easier day and it gives me hope that I can heal from this terrible science experiment....and I wonder how many others are struggling just like me........someone mentioned windows and waves - I feel this to be a very helpful way to think about what’s going on ....looking forward to my next window........could it be today? Usually I know almost before I am fully awake if it’s a wave or a window.........I have joined a couple forums such as these and find them to be of tremendous help - Just knowing others have made it to stable ground and that maybe I will too, gives me Hope.
  18. Evss


    Hey everyone, I would like to introduce myself and hope to get some personalized support. I've been reading through much of the content and only wish I had done so earlier this year. Alas, I find myself in a very difficult situation now. Thanks in advance for having me here. My situation is a little unusual so bear with me, please. I had a health crisis last July (2017) that resulted in severe fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, heart palpitations and brain fog. This came after years of health issues that compounded into an unsettling of my nervous system. I was so freaked out that on the advice of the Amen clinic, I flew down to California in July and had 3 ketamine infusions and was prescribed low dose seroquel for sleep. The ketamine seemed to take the edge off the anxiety, although initially it made things worse. I used an alpha stim right after which really helped and continued using seroquel for sleep for the next few months until it finally stopped working. Sadly, my health crisis lead me to give up completely on life and become reckless. Now I understand it wasn't so much the health crisis but the underlying unresolved emotional conditions that made it so. So from that point on until middle of February 2018, i was adamant that I would end my life and even though I had a lot of support, I really didn't care anymore. I didn't have the guts to go through with it, however and finally decided in February i wanted to live. That's just some background. In late October 2017, I started taking amitriptyline that my Dad had- it had helped him when he went through a severe health challenge and I was desperate for sleep. Because I was so careless, I would take it sporadically and in various doses, up to 150 mg. It's hard to remember but I believe I took it at least every other day. I tried stopping it a few times but couldn't sleep well without it. Looking back, I can't believe I ruined my nervous system with my own two hands- no doctor prescribed me this med So when I made the decision to live, I decided no more amitriptyline because it made me sleep too long and left me feeling foggy, depressed and just generally off. I stopped taking it around mid February and for the next 5-6 weeks, continued to try not using it but would end up having to take some every 5-6 days because the anxiety and insomnia were too much. I then learned that antidepressants shouldn't be abruptly discontinued and decided to reinstate at 25 mg which I did for the next 3-4 weeks. Even with that, the anxiety, insomnia, OCD, fatigue were not improving much so out of desperation last week, i took a big dose of 125 mg and immediately experienced a negative reaction which I believe was serotonin syndrome. Heart palpitations, anxiety, loss of balance, muscle twitching. I got really scared and took about 4 grams of phenibut to counteract this. I then slept for about 15-16 hours and woke up with a crazy mental state- I was crying and screaming uncontrollably the whole next day. Then, because of fear of withdrawals, I took a 25 mg dose 2 days later and again developed anxiety and heart palpitations which I again counteracted with phenibut. The next day, I developed brain zaps and have since not been taking it because i'm afraid my body is now sensitized to it. I saw my doctor today and had him muscle test it on me and my body really doesn't like it. So now I have to cold turkey it and I'm so upset at myself for doing this and worried about how I'm going to make it through with my already super sensitive nervous system. To give some perspective, I needed to sleep at least 12 hours before I ever started this med due to my health condition and even with that I had severe fatigue, light/sound sensitivity and POTS symptoms. Now I have to deal with all that on top of the drug withdrawal which hasn't even started yet and I already have so many symptoms. Has anyone experienced cold turkey amitriptyline withdrawals? I hope and pray I'll have the strength to survive these next few years of my life. I'm already barely holding on.
  19. Moderator note: link to benzo thread - Marsx: Am I not taking into account a clonazepam withdrawal? Hello I'm a 28 year old female with a history of anxiety and depression which is mainly caused by severe insomnia persistent since childhood. My insomnia was always my first condition which caused the others. I've been on numerous antidepressants since age 18 being a guinea pig for many psychiatrists over the years. I always felt like crap on antidepressants as I told the doctors I wasn't depressed, just i had severe insomnia. Anyways, for the past 4 years I have been on amitriptyline which was God sent for my insomnia. In hindsight it was just the antihistamines drowsy effect that was helping me. I was on a very high dose of 150mg. Reason is because b4 the amitriptyline I was on Seroquel and again the antihistamine effect and drowsiness put me to sleep and changed my life. But Seroquel was pooping out very fast. I would increase weekly until I was taking 500mg. Finally switched to amitriptyline 150mg and produced the same effect. Was stable on amitriptyline for 4 years until it completely pooped out in helping me sleep. At this point I was tired of all the drugs. I had severe constipation from amitriptyline that caused a bowel obstruction and hospitalization several times and I was sick of it.i was sick of my doctors who were unhelpful. I was sick of my psychiatrists. Everyone sucked. So I completely cold turkeyed off 150mg of amitriptyline. That was 14 months ago to this date. I have been in a living nightmare of suicidal depression along with a host of physical symptoms and brain feeling like it'll explode. Fatigue has been so bad I quit my really good job. I obviously didn't know anything about tapering and thought I was doing the right thing. I hate myself for it. I only got through it telling myself it's just withdrawal and give it one more day. I've been saying one more day for the past year or so and realizing it's not just one more day. Things never got better. I have never been as suicidally depressed as I've been in this past year. My insomnia has not improved in 14 months. I get maybe a max of 5 hours of sleep a week. My hair has fallen out from stress and I'm bald in certain spots. The fatigue has been so bad lately that my body feels it weighs 1000 lbs. I hate my family so I have no support. I finally read about PAWS and realizing how bad my life is and probably won't get better. So I decided to reinstate at 14 months because I simply have no choice. I just can't do it anymore. I can't. I know I can't and I know my only other option besides reinstating and it's not good. So I reinstated at 5mg and I am getting severe tremors. I remember now even trying to reinstate at 4 months in and getting tremors but feeling like the reinstatement helped. The same thing happens when I try Seroquel. In fact when I try a drowsy antihistamine the same thing happens. These tremors are seriously noticible in my face and hands. But otherwise I think the reinstatement helps right away. My entire body is twitching but it almost feels like I'd rather have this then the hell of withdrawal. On a side note I've been doing a lot of research on amitriptyline. I found literature saying it has the same chemical properties as the old antipsychotics which caused people tardive akthesia, taken long enough. It makes sense as all these drugs have a seditative antihistamine in them. I believe it's all connected. I've tried reinstating with Seroquel and the same tremors are appearing but Seroquel also seems to be too much for my system to handle. Ive lost my job. I look like in 50 years old, and just remembering over a year ago I actually still had a joy for life before going off the amitriptyline. QUESTION: checked myself into a psychiatric hospital and obviously they don't recognize paws as a real thing so they suggest ECT therapy for my depression. I'm wondering if anyone has tried ECT for PAWS??? I've never had depression quite like this and it's 100 withdrawal. The physical symptom of brain exploding/burning which I don't know how to explain seems to be the most severe along with being completely bed ridden. I'm willing to do ECT if it helps.
  20. Hi all, I am in a pretty decent place in life, and I have a few weeks with very few ”responsibilities”... I’m thinking it’s the perfect time to finally try to get myself off of my psychotropic of choice, Amitriptyline 100mg 1xday. Ive attempted to get off it before and made it a few weeks before feeling overwhelmed and going back to the pills. I would love some support and a place to vent throughout this process. Looking forward to meeting all of you.
  21. Hi I'm new to the forum. I am having awful trouble coming off Amitriptyline. My doctor is absolutely useless and no help at all. I am currently on 25mg of Amitriptyline. I have been on it for 2.5 years. For irritable bowel syndrome. I have put on a stone in weight, I feel so fat and unhealthy. I have tried 4 times to slowly come off Amitriptyline. But I have really bad side effects when lowering the dosage, even when I go from 25mg down to 20mg I get side effects, I can't sleep and get really anxious that's from just a 5mg drop. I really need help coming off them, because I can't stand being on them any longer. I want to come off them really slowly this time, but I don't know how to start. Can anyone please help. Thanks
  22. Hello, Everyone here seems really wonderful and pretty knowledgable. I am trying to get off Lithium and Risperidone. But I need to do it safely as I am in college and can't take time off like I would like to. It seems it is hard to get off of these meds for many people. I got the "ok" from my doctor to get off of them, as I was only on them to begin with because of some traumatic things that happened in my life and I needed help adjusting.. however my doctor isn't really practicing anymore it seems.. its impossible to get ahold of her, so I am trying to figure out how to do this on my own. I really feel I am ready to be off of them yet cannot find a clear answer on the web as the how to do it. Can anyone help me? I have a very long history with medications (I was pretty sick for about 10 years.. only some of the meds are listed in my signature, mostly just ones during my worst) and while getting off of them, I never had withdrawals from any of them besides Citalopram. Currently, I am on 4.5mg of Risperidone and have been for a couple of years and I am on 1200mg of Lithium and have been on it for the same amount of time. I'm not sure if weight/height/age matter for getting off medications but in case it does I am 5'2 124lbs and am 24 years old. I would like to know how slowly I have to go off of these in order for it to not really effect much of my life or if I just need to be prepared to feel awful. Also, should I go one at a time? And if so, which medication should I start with? I am also on Amitriptyline. I deal with depression sometimes. Will going off of Lithium and Risperidone effect my mood? Also, when I was sick those years, I lived in a room and never left, it effected me very much. Thats why I am on Lithium and Risperidone now. When I re-entered society, it was pretty scary and created a lot of anxiety. Just having to ask someone a question was so foreign and startling to me that I decided to go on these drugs to help lower my anxiety and urges that I would get because of fear. I have readjusted really well, am doing great in school, finally able to talk to people, and hopefully will soon be able to better make friends, but these medications effect parts of my brain that I think I need. These medications make me feel less and I miss feeling what is around me. My art practice has kind of crumbled since I've been on them. They were helpful when I needed them but as I have said, I just feel it is time to be off of them. However, I am worried that going off will effect my ability to think clearly. I have come across this information in a few different places. But all in all, I just need some advice as to how to get off of these. If anyone has any advice for me about anything I have shared in terms of these medications, why I am on them or what to do to get off of them, I would really appreciate it. As I am worried I will fall back into a bad place if I don't go off of Lithium and Risperidone carefully. And although I don't have many withdrawals, I am very prone to side effects. If you have shared experiences or stories with either of these medications that would help me, please share them with me.
  23. Hi - My 10 yo daughter had acute stomach pain for several months (4/13 start). The GI put her on 25mg Elavil daily (7/29). She took it for 2+ months, but ultimately, it was surgery (9/23) that relieved the pain - they found and clipped an adhesion that was pinning her colon to her abdomen, and removed a normal looking appendix. The doctors won't speculate on which or what caused the pain to start or stop, however. She stopped Elavil 5 days before surgery (9/17) and had a very hard weekend, I didn't realize there would be a withdrawal effect, but her heart was racing (initial EKG was bradycardic and by the end, she was at the very high end of normal) and we were a bit panicked about the drug, and knew surgery was a few days away. As noted, surgery was successful, and she spent a couple easy weeks healing from the laparoscopy. All was great until 10/17: four weeks after stopping Elavil she got some acid and nausea. It is now 12/6 and she has constant heartburn and reflux. She has trouble sleeping, she's nauseous when hungry, refluxing after she eats. GI wants to... try another SSRI! Is it possible she is suffering form something related to the Elavil? Has anyone seen something like this? Many thanks!
  24. Hello, I was diagnosed with fibro in 1994. I was just diagnosed by a rheumatologist with CSS - central sensitivity syndrome. A central nervous system disease/disorder that makes people hypersensitive to almost everything. Here are two studies that might be of interest: Fibromyalgia and Overlapping Disorders: The Unifying Concept of Central Sensitivity Syndromes by Muhammad B Yunus, MD -also: clinical review and education- JAMA April 16, 2014 volume 311, number 15 - Fibromyalgia A Clinical Review by Daniel J Clauw, MD. These articles show how the central nervous system plays a huge role in why so many of us have fibromyalgia CFS/ME, MCS-Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, etc. This explains why I've had so much trouble with antidepressants, benzodiazepines, and withdrawals, along with so many other physical and emotional symptoms
  25. Very long taper of 2 years coming off Venlafaxine, last dose 22 months ago. Took Amitryptaline for a while to soften symptoms. Still taking 45mgs Mirtazapine. Struggling with depression and anxiety but managing to carry out most everyday functions. Is it normal to be still struggling with these symptoms and should I wait for things to calm down befor I start withdrawing from the Mirtazapine. In touch with the Bristol Tranq. project who are very supportive. Many thanks, keep up the excellent work.
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