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  1. Hello all, I'm new. And I'm scared. You have all been a tremendous source of strength. I'm trying to figure out how to fix my signature so sorry if I'm putting it all out here. I have been on 150mg amitriptyline for 6 years and tapered off of it in 8 months. During that time, I didn't realize I was going through withdrawal symptoms. Now, I realize I had, and three days after I went off, the severe depression/anxiety set in. I was reinstated at 25 mg by psychiatrist's orders for a week, and then another 25 mg this week. I realize I had broken a cardinal rule of antidepressant withd
  2. Excuse me if I'm being vague / chaotic, it's too hard to focus or think about anything, also I apologize for not researching much on the site, it takes a lot of effort just to type this and I'm too desperate, however I'll take as much as time as needed to follow through any reply / references I get, thanks in advance. It's been years and I didn't know the cause was antidepressants, I only remember a few names (Clonszipam, Fluxtonin[I think], Seroxat, Alprazolam..) I've been through 10 different doctors and each gave me a different pack of 4 meds, I don't remember many of the nam
  3. I started taking MMJ two years ago to help “manage” my anxiety so I could come off of 50 mg of Amitriptyline and .50 of Klonopin. My doctor was completely on board with this as he said it’s “natural” and really wanted me off Klonopin. This past February I ended up accidentally overdosing on MMJ and started to hallucinate. I was told my metabolism must have changed and that I would have to readjust the dose. Even in my state of mind I knew that was a horrible idea and CT’ed the MMJ. I had NO idea what I was doing or what was in store for me. I was put on 2 mg of Abilify and was told that it wou
  4. Hello, I have been on 50mg of Elavil daily for seven years for Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome. I had tried backing off slowly numerous times and never was able to. Recently, I forgot to take elavil two nights in a row and didn't really have any side effects, so I thought what the hell, I'll just try quitting it. Went thru a pretty rough withdrawal in the next 2-3 weeks. Almost got back on it but stuck it out. Symptoms were body aches, sweating, BAD chills, restlessness, fever, Weird thing is while I was on Elavil, I had Tachycardia with a high resting heart rate usually in high 90's. My pulse wo
  5. So here I am, I've gotten some good information from the site before but mostly remained a lurker, right now I think I need a little bit of support from people that truly understand what I've been through While this journey starts in 2007 I have to clarify that it wasn't my first time dealing with ADs. Much younger, in 2001 I was hooked up on Zyprexa for what I feel was an irresponsible reaction to something that required another set of actions (heavy bullying, and I'll leave it at that). That experience made me very weary of the effects of antidepressants and how fast medical pers
  6. About 5 years ago I took a lot of antibiotics for what turned out to be a jaw infection. This resulted in continuing gut problems, (gastritis, esophagitis) and also a condition called burning mouth syndrome. During this time repeated use of acid-reducing drugs (PPI's) started giving me side effects, particularly insomnia and anxiety, and I wound up being given psych drugs (all at low doses) as well. During 2017 I got better, with mixed results on weaning: - February 2017: My first attempt to go from .25 mg daily clonazepam to .125 mg clonazepam resulted in almost im
  7. Hello all! I have been reading a lot on this website. I am a 43 year old woman from the Netherlands. Because of face ache after a rootcanal at the dentist that caused extreme pains for over a year they gave me lyrica and amitriptyline. 450 mg lyrica and 50 mg amitriptyline was built up within a year. Because of many bad side effects I had to taper my meds. In 2017, 29 th july I tapered 25 mg lyrica. Everything was fine. My dose was at that time 100 mg lyrica and 25 mg amitriptyline. When I tapered my last 25 mg tablet in september 2017 everything went wro
  8. Hi, and thanks for so much letting me join the community here. Below is my current history. AMITRIPTYLINE HISTORY (PUT ON THIS FOR GUT ISSUES) - - All these symptom/severities are atypical for me. - - Early Dec 2019 - 10mg, ~6 weeks - depressive episodes started, foggy, gut slower than normal Late Jan 2020 - 20mg, ~1 month - depressive episodes, foggy Late Feb 2020 - 10mg, 2 weeks - flu-like aches, foggy Early Mar 2020 - 5mg, ~4 days - very strong flu-like aches, emotionally ragged, foggy Mid Mar 2020 - 10mg, ~1 month - flu-like aches, after break emo
  9. Hello. In February 2020 I was a new mom and was prescribed domperidone for lactation: 50mg/day. Which affects dopamine. I took this until April 2020 and then tapered by 10mg/week until off. During my taper I became extremely anxious and was started on sertraline 25mg increased to 100mg in June 2020. In July I fell and hit my head and sustained a concussion. Sertraline made me feel weird so I tapered off over 4 weeks. then the headaches started. I blamed my concussion but in hindsight I think it was the sertraline withdrawal took nortriptyline 10mg and sertral
  10. Hi all, I am new. I am unsure how to add my drug history in my signature, apologies - I added info to my profile but that's not working. Any guidance as to how I do this welcome. I am going to start a Bupropion 150mg XL taper. I have been taking it for 30 months. I am also taking Amitriptyline 50mg nightly Diazepam 5 - 10mg, 3-4 times a week (try not to take daily, am mildly physically dependent) My goal is to come off everything (I have already stopped a cocktail of psych meds this past 2 years, having been polydrugged at an inpatient rehab in 2019, includi
  11. Hi everyone! I am very glad to have found this forum and am hoping to get some insight or words of advice from the awesome people here. TL;DR at the bottom. I will try to keep this as brief as possible though that probably won't happen lol! I have been diagnosed with dysautonomia a few years back during a very bad episode. Dysautonomia is a catch-all term for any dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system. The most common condition is POTS which is not quite what I have but I won't go into too much detail here. I was fine for a few years wh
  12. Hi i am new here so let me introduce myself and give you the history of why i have become member. I originally got tinnitus about 18 months ago from noise. I was a sound engineer when younger so my past had caught me up. I went and had all tests and was told nothing could be done. I started to get headaches and siatic pain down left side which seem to come on at same time thetinntus did. The doctors prescrided me 20mg of amitriptyline to be taken at night to help prevent migraines and help with sleep. I took it for about 11months but for last couple months i started feeling anxious, pa
  13. Hi there I am new to the group. I have been on amitripline 20mg for about 3 years and want to taper off. My doctor says no need just stop it. I have contacted my compounding pharmacy as I have used them for my Klon taper which I have finished 7 months ago and they agree to taper but think it would not be as bad the K taper and maybe over 2 months could be done. I am very sensitive to most meds. They will go with whatever I feel comfortable with. My doctor scripted the pills for a year to another pharmacy I use and when I asked for the liquid suspension she only scripted 2 months bec
  14. Hi guys, I have been on amitryptyline 2 years now. It was for my stomach disorder. 2 months ago I started weaning off and developed severe migraines. Ended in ER and they gave me IV antiemetic that caused severe akathisia. I landed in psych ward. They upped my ami doze back and gave me meds to calm down and I was fine. When I came home I started weaning off ami again, but slower. Unfortunately it wasnt slow enough, I went down from 15mg to 13,5mg and 10 days later from 13,5mg to 12mg. And I developed severe migraines again. I didnt know what to do, painkillers wasnt working, s
  15. I discovered about Cardiac Coherence one week ago and I thought it could be helpful. I started to reinstate Amitriptyline 25mg (30yrs use) 3 weeks ago after stopping cold turkey last October. My protocole now is 10mg am and 15mg night with some progress: 1st week-no sleep, 2nd week-slept 5 nights, 3rd week-slept 5 nights,4th week-slept Jan 11 only. No sleep since. So it could be Cardiac Coherence breathing which has excited my nervous system, yes? I’m 72 yrs old. Since last August, I lost all my bad eating habits, and lost weight, no more high blood pressure. So I thought I
  16. Hi, I've joined this group because I'm seeking support for withdrawal from low dose amitriptyline for pain. Since my final drop from 2 mg to 0 mg on June 21, I am experiencing air hunger (shortness of breath or dyspnea), even after 5 weeks. To make a long story short, I've been dealing with gastritis (stomach pain/inflammation) since 2017, but had a very unexpected flare-up with no (at the time) identifiable trigger starting in December 2021, and was subsequently diagnosed with "functional dyspepsia" and put on amitriptyline 10mg (in the form of 2mg drops) for nerve pa
  17. Please help! I was on 30mg of Celexa for 3 months for generalized anxiety. After coming off of Celexa, I developed PGAD which I’m learning is unfortunately happening to people a lot. My doctor put me on 10mg Amitriptyline for 9 days and I had terrible side effects - brain fog, heightened anxiety, no appetite. Day 10 they switched me to Nortriptyline at a low dose of 2mL (liquid it’s such a small dose). Took it for 3 days and felt angry/mood swings, emotional, extremely depressed, agitated (couldn’t handle any mental stimulation or it made me so anxious - none of this is like me!) o
  18. Admin note: link to benzo forum thread - Ichabod: Could somebody help? Benzo problems Hello guys, I am new here. I do apologise in advance for my English (I am italian). I would prefer not to bother you with my personal experience as it is probably similar to many others you got across, but I d need some encouragement because I am alone in this struggle. Briefly... I went on Paroxetine ten years ago for panic attacks. It helped but the side effects were brutal. I tried many times to quit it but I experienced all the withdrawal symptoms that my doctor confused with relapse and
  19. Hi, I took amitriptyline for 2 weeks starting at 10mg moving up to 50mg within 2 weeks, this was all for the purpose of trying to treat my chronic cough, which was suggested by my cough specialist. After those 2 weeks my symptoms did not improve and my doctor told me to stop the medication abruptly, which i did. 5 months on and my only post withdrawl symptom i'm still suffering from are stomach issues, specifically mild pain in the lower abdomen area. The pain is constant every day and has subsided but is still bothering me. I've gone to see a Gastroenterologist who suggested havin
  20. Hi dear members, Earlier in february 2020 i was prescribed amitriptilyne for some slight sleeo desorder, nothing serious too, but start feeling lik it gives me head pressure. I took 15mg at night during 3 months then i quite off suddenly. After 17 days of being off i start having bad insomnia, so i was advised to resinstate at 10mg, there where my life just become unmanageable, cause i start developping all kind of withdrawal symptoms you can possibly imagine. I suffered, ans still suffer from multiple withdrawal symptom, such as awful headaches/bad Tinnitus, urine retention, ev
  21. Hey all, So I have been taking amitriptyline 10mg for 2 years, and just recently tapered off fairly rapidly. I was prescribed them for severe OCD, which I conquered about a year ago. I don't know if how I'm feeling is down to withdrawal from this drug, but I feel awful. Depressed, moody, very irritable, and most annoyingly of all - internal tremors that feel like my bed is constantly vibrating. I tapered down from 10mg to 5mg and then took one every other day, this process was about 3 weeks until I stopped completely. And it's been 4 we
  22. Hi there. Im new to this and am posting cause im worries that im never going to get better.... Had chronic headaches star from out of the blue c3.5 years ago and have had lots of drugs and every therapy, holistic, Physco treatment going. Now, headaches are less of a problem, still there 95% of time, but have anxiety, depression, anger, extra sensitivity to sounds and movement, disassociation, hopelessness etc. This has / is ruining my life, and I pray it will go back to normal - soon! For chronic headaches - amitriptyline - Started 10 Nov 2019 - 10mg up to 30mg. On tha
  23. Hi everyone, So a couple of years ago, I was in a really bad place with anxiety. I was prescribed amitriptyline at 75mg, which definitely helped. I also did a lot of therapy. I've been doing much better since. Around 6 months ago, I thought I'd reduce to dose of the amitriptyline, in order to reduce side effects such as tiredness. So I dropped from 75mg to 50mg overnight, and initially felt better. But around a week later I got really incredibly severe anxiety along with mood swings and insomnia. so I went back up to 75mg. However, the severe anxiety didn't go off straight away, an
  24. Hi everyone, my name is Chris and I I have been on 40 mg Amitriptyline for 5.5 years for IBS. Started my taper 10 days ago. I am on 4 x 10 mg tablets and my first reduction is quarter of a tab so, 2.5%. I felt normal last week but this week I have headaches, body aches and am SO tired. Not normal for me at all. Is this to be expected? I won't make another reduction until these feelings pass.
  25. I’ve been taking 300mg of lamictal for years. It was given to help with neuropathy . Currently tapering off of Ativan- and I have always taken them together-8-12 and 6:00. I thought the first thing to do was get off the benzo, but joining this forum I’m not so sure. I also take 25 mg of amtriptyline and 12.5 of ambien for sleep.
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