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Found 2 results

  1. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and after some advertise reactions to other options, I was prescribed Ritalin and Olanzapine. After three years, I was told by the treating psychiatrist to cease taking them. There was not a problem with Ritalin, but great difficulty with Olanzapine, which resulted in severe insomnia. My general practitioner prescribed Amyitriptaline to be taken in the evenings, which worked in respect to the sleep problems. Now concerned about what might happen when I stop taking this medication.
  2. Hi - I've been on a myriad of psych meds for PTSD/chronic pain for 31 years. Have only been on Amitryptaline for a SSRI in the past six years, as I tried many antidepressants and they never helped. Tapered off all of them slowly with little problems. Almost two years ago I decided to slowly wean off the 22 meds I was on (includes opiates, benzos, nerve pain meds, muscle relaxers, PPIs, diabetes meds, sleep meds, etc). I am off 17 of them. I went very slow in my taper, taking 6Methadone was easy - 60 mgs in 12 months (but I'm still on Dilaudid). Only two have been hard - Lyrica and
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