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Found 1 result

  1. I'm just really curious about my drug cocktail n other people's cocktails or doses. It appears to me that my pdoc was over eagerly prescribing meds. I was never started on low doses of my meds. I started at 6 mg of invega then upped to 9 mg in two weeks My Prozac started on 40mg My wellbutrin was started at 300 mg then upped to 450mg Lamotrigine was started at 300 mg Trazadone lowest dose 150 mg Xanax 2 mg Ritalin 30 mg 3 times a day!! It just seems like my pdoc went crazy on prescription meds n doses. Did anyone else experience such high doses initiated right up front? I am sorry to vent. I just feel like that doc had n still has no right to be practicing. N to add to that the over 50 shock treatments I had!! It just doesn't add up to me. It seems so risky to start people at such high doses.
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