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Found 1 result

  1. After speaking on the phone to the practice manager of the health centre of our town, she passed me her email (not available on website, by the way - it does not seem to encourage emails, surprise, surprise) and, apparently sympathetic and understanding, she agreed to circulate this link among our GPs. I have been using this health centre since 1978. Currently, and for the last couple of years, my GP is supporting my attempted tapering down of the beast that is Effexor. Our GPs are mostly very good to us, but, it is clear to me, that they are firefighting and do not have the resources available to get people like us, support from, say, nutritionists and other potentially useful therapists. Nor do they have the lived experience so many of us have acquired. Here's hoping actions like this can someday help other desperate, suffering folks. At almost 73 I am not at my peak, but if even I can do this, perhaps many others can, too - maybe we can help turn the tide? I have to confirm at this point that I am only doing this after gaining knowledge myself, through research, and that includes visiting the wonderful survivingantidepressants.org site, its admirable moderators, leader and fellow sufferers. http://cepuk.org/2018/03/01/royal-college-psychiatrists-challenged-burying-inconvenient-antidepressant-data/
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