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Found 5 results

  1. Much of anxiety coping recommendations, such as Claire Weekes’ (whose advice is so comforting), are about accepting that your body does feel awful and to ‘flow’ with it. Learn to trust that it is only a bodily sensation and you will in time lose the dread of it. That has been helpful for some of my anxiety, but I had an actual embarrassing occurrence brought on by anxiety a couple times in my life (many years ago) that have ‘proved’ to me that in some cases, though rare, more can happen to me than just cruddy bodily sensations. Has anyone else experienced something like this? Does anything work to help? I know my fears of this occurrence are largely ‘mental” but I just can shake it. I had been able to ‘forget’ this fear for a number of years while on Paxil, but once my withdrawal symptoms hit my body back in May of this year, and I got back to work in August (I am a teacher-we are back in regular school, not virtual), my WD anxiety whipped my memories back and I fear it every day that I got to work since I am in front of people all the time. Thanks for any thoughts or shared experiences.
  2. Hello All, Firstly, I've used this forum before, during and after my journey and it's been very uplifting and informative. I think I would have been lost without it, so thank you. Secondly, I am almost 4 months off Zoloft after 10 years @ 50mg for GAD/panic. I've learned many coping skills and practices that help me manage my anxiety (meditation, cold therapy, wim hof), however I've been experiencing chest tightness fairly regularly lately. It typically lasts all day, but doesn't interrupt my sleep (i finally got the insomnia under control). I exercise regularly, eat decently clean, take supplements (omega3/magnesium), CBD, meditate, but can't kick the feeling of someone sitting on my chest or the feeling of a lump in my throat. I also attend therapy weekly. Last week, I felt great for about 6 days and then it came back on. I typically ignore it and go on with my day, but it lingers on. Any tip/tricks on how I can relieve the tension. Is it possible this is my waves and windows phases?
  3. One of the tools I have found that really help me when I am feeling anxiety is binaural beat sound waves that I found on-line and then downloaded onto an MP3 player. You do need headphones to get the full effect. I was pleasantly surprised how much this helps! Here is just one of thousands of links I found on youtube. You can found the countless others listed on the right side of the page where I found this one video: I am grateful to those who allow us to download for free and then donate to their work in this area. I have downloaded several types for different brain waves. The theory is different sound waves like the theta wave, for example, can persuade our brains to either relax or they can help the brain/mind move through and clear our chakras. There is a plethora of information on this theory on-line for you to read. Look at the links below the videos for more information. It is a great way to meditate when our brains are just all over the place and our regular meditation session is just not happening. This method helps my brain to follow the waves and calm down and then I am either ready to meditate or, it has helped me to fall asleep at times. There are binaural beats for sleep too. Happy hunting on this subject. It is amazing how I have found such wonderful help in using different modalities for anxiety and sadness here on-line. It is valerian root through my headphones!
  4. Hey everyone 2 days ago I changed brands due to pharmacy they said it’s same ingredients ect! Its giving me extra anxiety, I’m not sure if it’s the overthinking of it, that I’m going through withdrawal/updose so I’m not stable and I’ve had to increase sleep meds last 2 night even before the change, so could be a number of things should I find a pharmacy with original brand of just keep on it as it’s probally from not being stable yet. Anyone had had issue with brand change and what should I do.
  5. Rockingchaircat

    Ways to cope with daily anxiety

    Here's a video I just encountered that promised to help with my Anxiety. It's Called: "Weightless" by Macaroni Union. If it's a placebo, it's a darned effective one. My just watching it, made my blood pressure drop for the first time in days. Apparently it was specifically designed to lower one's heart rate, reduce blood pressure, and reduce cortisol levels. Give it a shot. And be sure to share any other videos in this thread that have worked for you.
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