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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All, Been away for a while. Got into a very bad place where i could not be alone anymore and felt like my life was worthless. Got suicidal thoughts. Went to a psychiatrist. Who told me this was not only caused by withdrawal (withdrawal paroxetine 2,5 mg at that time). It was a relapse of my depression. So she convinced me to start with Fluoxetine (prozac) and to taper off the paroxetine when the prozac works. On Prozac now for 5 weeks. With 1,5 weeks on 10 mg and then upped 3,5 weeks to 20 mg. Stayed on on paroxetine 2,2 mg (1,1 ml of the liquid form) all these 5 weeks. I noticed less fear and most off my withdrawal effects improved. I sleep good but the depression is still heavy, lack of energy and not wanting to socialize or answer my phone. I am numb and have a restless feeling in my chest and extreme jaw clacking. I seriously am doubting if adding the prozac has been the right move. I feel so stupid that i agreed to give it a try. Please if anyone has a good advice let me know. Should i best come off the prozac and give the paroxetine more time ? And how to do this? Or should i give the prozac a try to kick in before tapering off paroxetine and then slowly tapering off the prozac later? thanks greetings Julia
  2. Topic title: Reinstating Ecsotalipram Will it help? Today is my second day of reinstating Ecsotalipram that I tapered off of for 3 months and spent 18 days completely without. My last tapper was from 2.5mg down to 0mg. So to reinstate I took 5mg yesterday and today. Yesterday and last night went well I felt a little nauseous and jittery. I did feel pretty great for a few hours. Today hasn't been so well I feel very anxious and nauseous. Feeling some of the same symptoms as I did with the 18 days of withdrawal. I'm afraid I took too long to reinstate the drug and now it wont work like it did before. If I am too late and it wont work is there still hope? Or is it too soon to tell and I should give it a few more days? I have tried to contact my doctor but with no answer. Her office is in Aspen and I am almost 2 hours away from her. Not sure what i should do.
  3. Hi, I am 37 years old woman, having one kid age of 7 and was put on Effexor 4 years ago since I got very anxious due to the lack of sleep and tiredness (the child did not sleep well at night for the first 3 years of his life). I was feeling very good for 1 year on Effexor 150 mg. So, I asked my doctor if it is ok to get off the tablets because we wanted to have another baby. She said yes and said to gradual discontinue the tablets for 2 weeks. I took longer time and gradual tapered them for 1.5 month. In last days of tapering I got withdrawal symptoms and was put back on the Effexor again. That was 3 years ago. I could not stabilize at the previous dose (having waves and windows), so additionally I got mood sabilizer Quetapine 100 mg to take at night . I still could not stabilize. So the doctor raised my dose to 225 mg. The anxious was getting bigger and bigger. The waves and windows still remained. One year ago I realized that I am a victim of the combination of withdrawal symptoms and symptoms of raising the dosage. This combination stressed my nervous systems so much, and I have decided to start to live without the tablets, since I have never experienced such symptoms before taking the first tablet. So this is how I went: - In one month I gradually won off the Quetapine for sleeping and slept good - in 3 months : from 225 mg to 150 mg of Effexor - in 3 months: from 150 to 75 mg of Effexor - for last 6 months I have been tapering my last 75 mg of Effexor (I have only 8 beads to get off, 1 bead / per week) 2 months ago I was hit by a major withdrawal symptoms, but that did not get the courage out of me. All of my last 3 years I have windows and waves and have learned alot through them. They do not frighten me anymore, although they are very hard to deal with sometimes. And now I have a question: I still want a second child and since I am 37 I do not have much time. I hope I get off my last 8 beads successfully. BUt what I am afraid is that: - what if I continue to have waves and weaves for another years and got pregnant: can my waves have any affect on my child? (I know this is not a medical forum, but any advice from women being in the same situation would be fine to hear) - if my nervous system settles, do you think the birth of the child and lack of the sleep can trigger the nervous system again to start to react as it does today? Some people say: go ahead, have another child! But I am afraid what consequences this withdrawal symptoms can leave to my body. Despite to that my wish to have one more kid is so strong!!! And that keeps me going on in the waves. I just wish I was at least 5 years younger and have more time to heal my nervous system. What is your opinion? Thank you.
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