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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all I’ve tapered diazepam over three years now 5weeks off, towards the end baclofen was added at 30 mg per day now 8 months ago. I cannot Find much except 5mg per week reduction? To taper ? any knowledge here on tapering baclofen at all
  2. I am beginning a nortriptyline taper and cut from 20mg to 18mg two nights ago. I started nortriptyline 3 years ago for migraine prevention, post concussion issues and nerve pain. Fast forward to now. I have started having severe migraines much more frequently. I had brain surgery a year ago to remove a tumor. I also started having hemiplegic migraines (they can resemble a stroke or seizure). An ER trip for a migraine showed some EKG abnormalities. My neurologist and cardiologist said to start tapering off the nortriptyline as it might be causing cardiac issues and is obviously no longer helping with migraines. I am extremely worried about what I am facing. I went through benzo withdrawal 10 years ago and it was hell on earth. I also got off baclofen (affects gaba b receptors) in December after a 4 month taper. I have been told brain surgery takes 2 years for your brain to fully heal. I have a lot of stress in my life and other health issues. I have heard tricyclic antidepressants are a beast to get off of and am pretty scared. I am already struggling and not looking forward to another drug withdrawal. I have learned my body is quick to addict to meds and slow to regain normalcy after getting off them. Any help, guidance and support is very appreciated. I know from experience that doctors discount the severity of wd syndrome.
  3. Hello all, My story is a bit jumbled, I apologize. I am new and plan on doing a signature soon. Back story: Zoloft for panic attacks- Severe adverse reaction in 2004 after 10 days. Started on benzos as a result of this reaction. Klonopin- developed tolerance after 4 weeks. Doctor kept me on for 5 months then rapid tapered in 10 days. Experienced akathisia, disabling brain zaps, intrusive thoughts, phonic tics. On and off Klonopin- 15 years. Multiple rapid tapers and cold turkeys (Before I knew better). Off benzos for good June 2020 Currently- Gabapentin 1200mg (got down from highest 6,000mg. On Gabapentin for 10 months) , 20mg Baclofen (On 1 month) 50-100mg Benadryl (on Benadryl over 2 years). I am suffering from severe occipital neuralgia (on the left side of my head), vocal tics, and horrific intrusive thoughts. My pain seems to be somewhat managed by my current medication combo, but my relief is inconsistent at best and at my worst I feel disabled. I am terrified of starting my gabapentin taper. I have gotten down to 800 but I went too fast and went back up to 1200. I would say my intrusive thoughts are my WORST symptom and I have had times where I felt completely psychotic. My hold on reality feels tiny and I pretty much never feel normal or relaxed. My question is, should I even start to try to taper now or do I wait to stabilize? I’ve been on gabapentin almost 10 months so I’m worried there won’t be some magical time that I stabilize and I’m just prolonging my misery. Any insight much appreciated. Rose
  4. I am a 65 year old recovering female alcoholic with history of amphetamines, hallucinogenics, cocaine and cannabis. I have not used any of these substances for 34 years. In recovery, I went into a full-blown four week unrelenting panic attack in 1985 three years sober, and was put on pamelor for the first time for depression and was given ativan PRN for panic disorder. When prozac came out, I was switched to that in 1988 and was on prozac for 8-9 years. I got off prozac and was put on the newer SNRIs off and on for the next ten years, the usual ones, as each new brand arrived on the market.I had a round with wellbutrin in 2004. By that time, I was diagnosed as bipolar, not depressed, and started on topomax and then lamictal, taking the topomax on and off. I was on this combo until 2012 . By this time my ativan was long gone and I was given klonopin BID for breakthrough bipolar symptoms. I developed tinnitus and severe dystonic style muscle spasms in my hands and feet. I had these spasms hit me full body twice and the pain was unreal. I went to Lahey clinic regarding this and was placed on baclofen 10mg BID. I was sick of all this and this last spring was able to get off everything for the first time. Don't ask me how I detoxed as I have no idea, just kept the klonopin for PRN and with that in place went for it. HOWEVER, I was diagnosed with bone on bone arthritis simultaneously with fibro and I was off and running again. I went back on lamictal and klonopin and the.When I reported back to the fibro doc he was upset and me titrate 50 mg a week one week at a time for a total of three weeks. This was in November and when it was all done I flipped into all the detox symptoms. That was when I looked online and found out what was happening. He reluctantly put me back on 50 mg for one week and then gave me 25 mg pills til I see him Jan 17. I was supposed to drop from the 50 mg to 25 mg lyrica two days ago but was really frightened read somewhere about splitting the pills for a slower titration. I did that and yesterday was my second day on 37.5 mg gram. I still am feeling horrible, shaking, anxiety, crying spells, feeling crazy, all the garbage along with horrible nightmares along with anger and agitated too. Unfortunately, I will not have enough of the 25 mg pills to do a 10% titration and I doubt this doc will write another prescription for the lyrica. I also have to deal with getting off the tramadol next and he is the doc for this one. I am sure he will be uncooperative with this also. My psych nurse is willing to prescribe neurontin if it will help. I am still on 100 mg lamictal and 0.5 klonopin every day. I am still taking baclofen when my body says it needs it. Any and all suggestions and support would be a welcome relief. My husband is no support and my mother keeps calling via facetime from Florida three times a day to "chat" and I have to rally up as she is elderly. Just to add to the mix this week, I also have a funeral on Saturday as my brother-in-law died (too young) and this is an already unpleasant situation because of family dysfunction. I apologize for the long post but want you to know me straight up and need as much help as you can offer. I'm sure I've left some out.. Regards, Ro
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