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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all, I’m Oona and somewhat new here. Thank you for this truly amazing forum. Also thank you to Frogie who has been immensely helpful to me today already. I was guided by Alto to post in this section to get more feedback. I am tired of feeling sick for so long and very afraid of what is happening to me. I’m an MD myself but have found little support in the mental health provider community (including several supposed "benzo savvy" providers I've turned to for any clue recently) who seem to have little to no grasp of psychiatric medication withdrawal. Please kindly refrain
  2. Can someone help me to withdrawal Trazodone and Fluoxetine? I’m also in protracted Benzo WD. (22 months off after 4.5 yeras on Lorazepam). I’ve also been 5 months withdrawing pregabaline (225 mg) since march to august, and I have also been able to reduce Trazodone from 50 mg to 22.5 in 5 months (extremely difficult) . I’m also taking 1 capsule (20 mg) fluoxetine every 10 days because I can’t afford WD symptoms. I need a proper plan. Even if it’s 1 or 2 years. I’m exhausted and suffering. I find it hard even to write. I feel I can’t do this anymore. My sleep is fractured and poor (no REM sleep
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