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Found 3 results

  1. anyone had any success with these for Palpitations & anxiety.I have just gotta get some relief
  2. Hello, For the past 3-4 weeks I've been taking 160mg of propranolol for agitation/restlessness/akathisia (whatever it is) - 80mg slow release every morning and night. It's really just a short-term means of managing some (mainly physical) symptoms while I stabilise. I'm tolerating it well so far, though I don't particularly want to take it long-term. My question therefore is - how should one taper off beta blockers? I know that they should be tapered because of the risk of rebound palpitations, hypertension or tremor, but as far as I'm aware nobody has ever experienced long-term/protrac
  3. Hi All I'm relieved to find a forum out there that fits my situation. The doctors say withdrawal symptoms should stop a month or two after stopping ssri's but I think they are wrong and I'm sure many of you agree. Thanks for listening to my story, I'll try to keep it brief. 13 years ago at age 25 my anxiety got the better of me I developed social phobia in the form of constant blushing and shaking when interacting with people. It psychologically crippled me. I lost my job and could barely leave my house. I left it a year before I went to a doctor by which time I was a complete
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