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Found 3 results

  1. Its been 17 months since I last received a Risperdal injection. 5 or 6 in total in just a 2 month period. I'm completely GONE. Most of my mind has disappeared. Imagination/visualization/creativity is gone. As is memory, for the most part. Just the faintest of memory remains. My brain (frontal lobe mostly) feels ripped, torn, ruptured, shrunk, numb, dead, burned, etc. It also feels like rubber. I've lost most of my intelligence. I feel damned. Can barely understand anything anymore. Feel nothing except mostly fear. It's just really hard to think about the simplest of things now and if I o
  2. Hello I am Sam. I am 44 and was a mother to 3 sons until I stupidly went to hospital in may 2012 with stress and self harm. got diagnosed with depression and psychosis total rubbish. Prescribed Olayynzapine and anti depressants and they simply melted my brain. I didn't know what I was taking because I was too stressed to find out. I got put iin hospital by my ex who treated me very badly. Well what haven't I lost. 100% emotions gone, 100% motivation gone, 90% memory gone, 100% appetite gone, 90% sleep gone, no hobbies or interests, eyes changed colour,, veins shrunk, heart rate of
  3. Hello community! TL;DR I'm tapering off Risperdal, experienced improvements while tapering off, improvements faded away after a few weeks again, worried about permanent brain damage, wondering if I can ever recover from it. (Warning: This is quite a wall of text) After searching for information on Google a lot, I decided to create an account here. I had trouble finding an answer to my specific problem. The whole point of this post is to ask about permanent brain damage and if there is any hope of restoring from it, but I will explain everything I think it has ruined before asking, ju
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