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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I commenced Sertraline at the beginning of April 2021, two weeks after the birth of my baby. This was recommended by my doctor and a psychiatrist in response to a traumatic event during pregnancy that created extreme anxiety about the health of my baby. I was very hesitant but I understood the effects of a depressed and anxious mama. I was reassured by them that it was safe to continue breastfeeding. I commenced on 25mg for one week and then moved to 50mg. 10 weeks later I am doing a lot better and believe this is not necessarily down to the medication and rather the progression of time and seeing my baby thrive. I would like to get off Sertraline asap for both my health and that of my baby. I have read about the 10% taper of the last dosage every 4 weeks and understand the principle for harm reduction. However, I would like to get my dose down asap in case there is a risk for the baby and to minimise my dependence on it. As I have only been taking the medication for 10 weeks would a quicker taper be possible? Is there a chance my baby may experience any withdrawals? Many thanks.
  2. My two children were exposed to my (25mg/day) dose of generic Prozac (Fluoxetine) during our pregnancies and through years of breastfeeding. My 8-year old daughter experiences severe mood swings and complains multiple times a day about stomach or headaches, usually in conjunction with dreaded activities like school. I found out my seratonin levels were half what they should be, and my dopamine levels twice that of normal during a urinalysis. I'm considering testing her neurotransmitter levels, and am also needing advice on how else to support her. I've taken her out of school and we are now homeschooling. So many of her symptoms/complaints were mine as a child, which makes this situation extremely difficult for me. Also, I'm worried about withdrawal symptoms when I wean my little boy.
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