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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all, I've already told my story on a pssd forum, but I am not sure I have pssd so I write it here also. My story : In 2008 I started citalopram at high dose to treat depression, 60 mg/day. My libido was immediatly increased by this drug. i know it is not common, but it was a big effect on me, increased libido and very good erections. My ejaculation was a litlle retarded, but not so much.In 2015 I started being worried about taking a so high dosage so I decided to go down to 20 mg. At this time my libido was still high, but not so high as at the beggining of the tre
  2. Hello -- I'm so glad to have found this site. I really need help. I was prescribed 7.5 mg Remeron about a year ago (I think February 2020) due to health anxiety. Before being prescribed this drug, I had never had any sleep issues whatsoever. The Remeron was great for my anxiety for awhile (I think I was on it about 7 months), but then I began to notice that, when taking handwritten notes in interviews with clients (I'm an attorney), I was frequently skipping over letters (e.g. would write "cient" instead of "client" and then immediately notice and go back and add in the letter) --
  3. Hello, everyone. I'm new here and wanted to tell my story in hopes of getting help with something I do not understand. I was originally diagnosed with dysthymia, a type of depression, probably back in 2010? Hard to recall a lot of details because I was so out of it. My doctor prescribed me Fluoxetine 20mg and I did fine, felt better. I had to be moved to Celexa 20mg due to some financial issues and still had no issues with the change. Early this year I did notice some problems, mainly just some depression coming back but it was pretty easy to deal with, hardly noticeable. Once again due to p
  4. I had been placed on Escitalopram (Lexapro) to help me get off a benzo for anxiety. I had a horrible reaction to it (mood swings, hysterical crying spells, anxiety)...I was told to keep on it as this would level out and I would reach the "therapeutic dosage". I had been on it in the past with good success but this go round, I was non-functional the whole time. I reached the 40mg dosage but could no longer take the constant crying, brain fog/dp/dr...went to Psych or PA under Psych who dropped me to 10mg and added Buspar. When I continued to complain about tearfulness/mood swings, he told me
  5. Hi everyone. Thanks for reading this! This is my first post but I've read a lot. I'm in the south. 28 year old male. around 3 years ago I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder and started seeing a therapist and psychiatrist at the same office. I have a great relationship with both and I really trust them 100% with my care. I currently take 300 Wellbutrin, lamictal, buspar, abilify and cogentin Wellbutrin has been awesome over the years and so has buspar and lamictal. I was not diagnosed bipolar but they are using it as a mood stabilizer and it works well However o
  6. Hi there, I'm a long time SSRI user, over 10 years on Lexapro, currently taking Mirtazapine and Buspar. I have been feeling pretty crappy the last few days and it has been on my mind to taper off of these drugs. I have a few questions I hope someone can help me with. I replaced lexapro with mirt in January and was wondering if some of what I'm feeling could be withdrawal from the lexapro? I was taking 40mg a day when I switched, it made me nervous to be on such a high dose. Also, I'm taking 7.5mg of mirt and 45mg of buspar currently. Is there a recommendation as to which to taper first? And
  7. I was put on buspar last year. Was on 5mg for 2 months, then 10mg for a month before I stopped it cold turkey on January 16th due to side effects.. The panic attacks and anxiety that hit after stopping were wickedness. Was calling my dad at all hours begging him not to die cos I was terrified of losing him. There was gradual improvement, if you can call it that, but then a week ago, well, I don't know if it was the magnesium (unlikely, I'm sure?) or the buspar withdrawal, but I started having issues with akathisia to the point I can't sleep at night. I took too much magnesium, the reco
  8. Hi, I'm glad to be here, I have been here before, had to do withdrawal way too many times before. I could really use your encouragement and support, I feel so alone, not too many people understand this nightmare. I'm now tapering Abilify, I was on 5mg now Im on 2mg, for almost one year now. Im also on 50mg Amitriptyline and 20 mg buspar. I went on these meds because of a con man pharmacist, that told me I could take high doses of progesterone to help ease withdrawal from a muscle relaxer I was tapering off of. My story is long and complicated, in a nutshell, progesterone in high doses
  9. I have been off of lexapro for 2 years after being on it for 20 12 years. The withdrawals were horrific! Jello legs, migraine every day, rage, anger, insomnia, body pains. I was still on wellbutrin but waited to taper off of it until the lexapro withdrawals were tolerable. I have tapered completely off of the wellbutrin from a 450 mg dose and it took about 6 months. I had to rush the tapering process because the manufacturer quit making the brand name in my milligram strength and the generic put me into immediate withdrawal. There IS a difference between generic and name brand. I though
  10. Hi last may I started seeing a psychiatrist because I was having some anger issues and I thought meds would help, the Dr put me on xanax 2x a day, buspar 2x a day, dispersal.5 1x a day, and celexa. They seemed to be helping me for a time but I started seeing a new Dr who took me off celexa and started wellbutrin and upped my risperdal to 2mg a day. I read an article on here by Jim24 from 2015 and how he said he felt was like taking the words I couldn't find right out of my mouth. I want off all my meds and am scared and wonder if I'll ever be my old self again?
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