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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, everyone. I'm new here and wanted to tell my story in hopes of getting help with something I do not understand. I was originally diagnosed with dysthymia, a type of depression, probably back in 2010? Hard to recall a lot of details because I was so out of it. My doctor prescribed me Fluoxetine 20mg and I did fine, felt better. I had to be moved to Celexa 20mg due to some financial issues and still had no issues with the change. Early this year I did notice some problems, mainly just some depression coming back but it was pretty easy to deal with, hardly noticeable. Once again due to problems with moving, money, and getting into a new medical group I went off Celexa. It was a slow taper, can't remember exactly how, but I was only taking it one every other day to help make it last longer so maybe that's why it was easy to taper. Three months later, October, I was able to get back on it. Wasn't a bad depression but I felt I needed the drug, maybe because I was on it for awhile and was afraid to go back to my high school, depressed self. Worst decision of my life. I had my first panic attack, scared me so bad I thought I was having a heart attack. Had them again the next day and discovered it was the Celexa. Anxiety attacks and panic attacks were constant the rest of the month. My psychiatrist decided to try me on Paxil 20mg (let me throw in she didn't even speak to me, just had a relayed message to her that I was having bad reactions) and a week of that made me suicidal for the first time in my life. I was so scared of myself, the way I thought, the crying spells, and even chest pain, shivering like I was freezing, couldn't eat much, even scared to go to the bathroom because of how it made me feel. P-doc decided to try me on Buspirone 5mg twice a day. I was scared. Terrified to try anything else, but my counselor told me I couldn't do this on my own. So I tried it. It definitely helped with the anxiety, to the point I didn't need someone in the bathroom with me when I showered. I did end up feeling like I got the flu and my chest pains scared me to the point I went to the ER. I was give and they said it was from anxiety, stay on the Buspirone and talk to my p- doc. Was getting better, but still had derealization. So, I decided to try the Venlafaxine XR 37.5mg that I was supposed to be taking around the same time as Buspirone. First day gave me a bad migraine that carried on to the next day. Second day I was a zombie. Today, the third day I was supposed to take it, I couldn't. Woke up panicky, severely depressed, chest pain worse, and couldn't stop crying. Still couldn't talk to my doctor, couldn't get anyone to tell me if I should or should not try it, despite the fact I was a bawling mess. I've never felt so bad and so scared, with the terrible intrusive thoughts, the headaches, the blurred vision, the racing heart. Didn't want to go back to that time of taking Celexa again. So I'm not taking it anymore. So that's my story, but I'm left with confusion and many questions. Why do I have anxiety now despite me never having it? Can medication really cause it? Will it go away? Will I get better? I know my situation is so light compared to others and those who are dealing with worse are so strong. They give me encouragement! But now I'm wondering if I should go off Buspirone too or if I should stay on it while the Venlafaxine is working it's way out, then go off it? Should I stay on it? Kinda don't have faith in my doctor or counselor, always leaning towards meds, meds, meds. Can anyone give advice or experiences? Sorry if the post is long. I'm on a phone and can't see it's full length. Thanks ahead for reading and responding!
  2. I had been placed on Escitalopram (Lexapro) to help me get off a benzo for anxiety. I had a horrible reaction to it (mood swings, hysterical crying spells, anxiety)...I was told to keep on it as this would level out and I would reach the "therapeutic dosage". I had been on it in the past with good success but this go round, I was non-functional the whole time. I reached the 40mg dosage but could no longer take the constant crying, brain fog/dp/dr...went to Psych or PA under Psych who dropped me to 10mg and added Buspar. When I continued to complain about tearfulness/mood swings, he told me to "Stop it for a week and see what happens". I stopped and it's been hades (more hades) every since then; continued mood swings, hysterical crying, high bp/fast pulse, increased anxiety. I'm wondering what might be the best approach-to ride it out (this has been a month free), try a new med and hope for the best...If I reinstate, it will be the same..b/c on it, I was miserable...had horrible foggy feelings ...Anyone know a time line after stopping a med after having been on it for 3-4 mos?
  3. Hi everyone. Thanks for reading this! This is my first post but I've read a lot. I'm in the south. 28 year old male. around 3 years ago I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder and started seeing a therapist and psychiatrist at the same office. I have a great relationship with both and I really trust them 100% with my care. I currently take 300 Wellbutrin, lamictal, buspar, abilify and cogentin Wellbutrin has been awesome over the years and so has buspar and lamictal. I was not diagnosed bipolar but they are using it as a mood stabilizer and it works well However over the years I've had some pretty bad circumstances and been on and off abilify. It works I guess in the way it can stop my obsessing andrew my mind slow down etc. I had been on about 10mg a year ago or so and then I stopped when I started lamictal. I had a bad turn around October last year and the cycle started again. Right now I'm on 5mg split between morning and night. 2.5mg. Oh and add the cogentin for good measure I have started to be quite foggy and started having some short term memory issues I think. The only thing we have changed in the last while was adding the cogentin and abilify back. I'm so worried my memory will not come back. I also need to talk to my pdoc this week as I want to start tapering off it. Thanks for reading! My mood was up and down and we started
  4. Hi there, I'm a long time SSRI user, over 10 years on Lexapro, currently taking Mirtazapine and Buspar. I have been feeling pretty crappy the last few days and it has been on my mind to taper off of these drugs. I have a few questions I hope someone can help me with. I replaced lexapro with mirt in January and was wondering if some of what I'm feeling could be withdrawal from the lexapro? I was taking 40mg a day when I switched, it made me nervous to be on such a high dose. Also, I'm taking 7.5mg of mirt and 45mg of buspar currently. Is there a recommendation as to which to taper first? And why? I think the buspar is waking me up. For a while I was taking 15mg of mirt and 30 of buspar and slept really well on that, but the mirt was making me really irritable, so I reduced the mirt and upped the buspar. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.
  5. I was put on buspar last year. Was on 5mg for 2 months, then 10mg for a month before I stopped it cold turkey on January 16th due to side effects.. The panic attacks and anxiety that hit after stopping were wickedness. Was calling my dad at all hours begging him not to die cos I was terrified of losing him. There was gradual improvement, if you can call it that, but then a week ago, well, I don't know if it was the magnesium (unlikely, I'm sure?) or the buspar withdrawal, but I started having issues with akathisia to the point I can't sleep at night. I took too much magnesium, the recommended dose on the bottle which was 800mg. I had a calm for an hour and a half, then it faded and an aching started in my kidney area. I googled and found the recommended daily dose should be no more than 350mg. The akathisia started a day or 2 after that, hence why I don't know if it's connected, but figure the timing is just coincidental. I've been going thru this hell for 2 months now. The anxiety and panic seemed to worsen a bit when the akathisia started. My question is for those of you who've gotten the akathisia as the result of withdrawal from a medication ...how long before it stopped? I don't know how I can hold up, but having a potential time line would sure be helpful, it would put a light at the end of my tunnel again, even if my symptoms do end up lasting longer. This is the scariest and hardest thing I've ever been thru.
  6. Hi, I'm glad to be here, I have been here before, had to do withdrawal way too many times before. I could really use your encouragement and support, I feel so alone, not too many people understand this nightmare. I'm now tapering Abilify, I was on 5mg now Im on 2mg, for almost one year now. Im also on 50mg Amitriptyline and 20 mg buspar. I went on these meds because of a con man pharmacist, that told me I could take high doses of progesterone to help ease withdrawal from a muscle relaxer I was tapering off of. My story is long and complicated, in a nutshell, progesterone in high doses can act as a benzo, with my 20 year history with benzos, that wasn't good. I was on 800mg of progesterone cream. Then I was cold turkeyed off of it,estrogen and the muscle relaxer (zanaflex). I was a complete mess!!! I wound up in the hospital, where they put me on amytriptaline, then later the buspar and abilify. Anyway, Im now tapering the abilify, I feel very anxious,nauseous, morning adrenaline surge and depressed, its horrible! I may have tapered too fast. I have read your posts on tapering to go at a rate of 10% per month. I know all to well about this, with my benzo history and all. I cut the 5mg pill, in half, and was at 2 1/2mg for a couple of months, now Im down to 2mg, been here for about 15 days. Its weird, I had a couple of good windows while on the 2 1/2mg dose, but it was up and down though. Now at this 2mg dose, I'm REALLY struggling. What do you think??? Any advice would be welcome. I know cutting is not the best way to do this. I now have a gemini scale, and plan on taking it down much slower. I would titrate with water, but I don't think abilify is water soluble. I sleep really good, the amytriptaline help with that. I will eventually taper that and the buspar. I don't think buspar has done much for me. Thanks for reading, look forward to hearing from you.
  7. I have been off of lexapro for 2 years after being on it for 20 12 years. The withdrawals were horrific! Jello legs, migraine every day, rage, anger, insomnia, body pains. I was still on wellbutrin but waited to taper off of it until the lexapro withdrawals were tolerable. I have tapered completely off of the wellbutrin from a 450 mg dose and it took about 6 months. I had to rush the tapering process because the manufacturer quit making the brand name in my milligram strength and the generic put me into immediate withdrawal. There IS a difference between generic and name brand. I thought I had made it through all withdrawals. For the past month, I have been experiencing insomnia, severe anxiety, rage, anger and headaches. My husband made me go to the doctor yesterday and the doc has prescribed prozac, 10 mg. to be increased to 40 mg. a little later on. I do not want this at all, but my anxiety is through the roof. I am non-functional. My question is this: Is it possible to experience lexapro withdrawals after being off of it for 2 years or could it be from being off of the wellbutrin for 6 months, or both? I thought I was better, but I don't know if I'm experience a relapse in anxiety or post withdrawals. Thoughts? Thank you so much! JackieLouBlue
  8. Hi last may I started seeing a psychiatrist because I was having some anger issues and I thought meds would help, the Dr put me on xanax 2x a day, buspar 2x a day, dispersal.5 1x a day, and celexa. They seemed to be helping me for a time but I started seeing a new Dr who took me off celexa and started wellbutrin and upped my risperdal to 2mg a day. I read an article on here by Jim24 from 2015 and how he said he felt was like taking the words I couldn't find right out of my mouth. I want off all my meds and am scared and wonder if I'll ever be my old self again?
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